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How to Build Your Own Vision Board


Hey friends! My sister and I went to a girls’ event this week through a company in Columbus, Ohio, called the Beauty Boost. They have locations throughout Ohio and Pennsylvania, and the founder, Rachel, puts together amazing events for women of all ages. I haven’t gone to many of the events, but all of them have I’ve been to have been fun and I’ve left inspired. This week the event was no different! I made a vision board for the first time, I want to say, six years ago at a retreat for a language business I worked with on the side. I LOVED making my board and actually still have it. However, I haven’t made one since then, so it was TIME. So, if you’ve never made a vision board, here’s how to in a couple steps!

Vision board in progress

First, you need material for the actual board…this can be a piece of paper, poster board, push board, bulletin board…really anything you can put ideas and pictures on that you can hang or place...

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5 Steps to Choosing Your Word of the Year - 2019


Happy 2019! I hope you all had a great end to 2018 and are starting 2019 refreshed and ready to focus on being your best self. I stopped doing resolutions a few years back and started picking a word that would really help me remain grounded in my life for that year. The word can be hard to come up with, though. Here’s how to pick your word for 2019:

  1. If you haven’t yet, I highly suggest taking five minutes (uninterrupted) and doing a brain dump with pen and paper of all the things you would love to do or be this year. Where do you want to travel? What does your professional life ideally look like? What are your financial goals? Is your health and fitness going to be a priority? What relationships are you focusing on this year?
  2. Now you’ve written your list of everything ideally you want to accomplish, work on, and make a priority this year. NOTHING is TOO big to be on this list. Once it’s complete (and this list isn’t final–you can go back and...
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#Girlboss Podcasts I’m Lovin’


So I must have been living under a rock the past, I dunno, five years.  Or however many years my friends have been trying to get me on the podcast bandwagon.  The first one I heard of was Serial.  All my teacher friends were raving about it and even were doing lessons about it in their classes.  I also recall the beginning of summer this year listening to a teacher professional development about bringing podcasts to our classrooms, and while I was slightly intrigued, I just couldn’t get into it.  I liked reading what I learned.  I liked listening to music in the car during my thirty minute commute every morning and night.  I would not be a podcaster (is that a word?)…until now.

This summer I was introduced to the world of Rachel Hollis.  If you don’t know who she is, stop reading this post, log into Facebook or Insta and search her. She is the ultimate girl boss goddess, showing women everywhere that hard work can lead to...

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