The Social Selling Sisterhood Podcast Episode 66- Network Marketer turned VA with Megan Phillips

podcasts Apr 30, 2021

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Yeah. Hi friend. Welcome to the social selling sisterhood podcast. I am Lindsay Dellinger and I have many titles. High school spanish teacher, dog mom, world traveler and direct seller. I empower women to run your direct sales business is the right way. So you can earn the money. You deserve to live the life of your dreams and travel the world Now we got that out of the way. Let's get started. Hey everyone. Hello. Hello, welcome back to a live podcast recording of the social selling sisterhood squad. You also might be watching this on youtube or business page or facebook group, any other places. But anyway I am Lindsay Dollinger and I am super super excited for you guys to meet my friend Megan phillips. Um I'm going to interview her today all about honestly all sorts of things because Megan has um been my accountability partner for my direct sales business for a really long time. Megan. I was actually just trying to remember when I was doing that countdown, how we actually met. I feel like maybe it was a free group or networking group and we got did we get paired up as accountability park? Do you remember? I don't think we got paired up, I think I don't remember how we met, I think it was through probably nelly and chrissy one of them and it probably was maybe maybe a video challenge or something that Christie did maybe. Um and did the accountability thing on our own once we realized we were both um you know, with Color Street and not on each other's teams, okay, You know, and connected to the same up line, and we were like, oh yeah, let's do this, you know? Um But I don't yeah, I don't remember exactly, but I think it was probably like at least a year and a half ago around there because yeah, I remember chatting with you, I don't even know why I remember this, but I remember chatting with you like New Year's Eve ish time last year about like our business plan, so like it's definitely been more than a year. Um But yeah, so anyway, okay I'm skipping ahead, but um Megan, tell us more about you, tell us a little bit about your story, how you ended up doing what you are currently doing and what exactly that is okay, so um my name is Megan phillips and I am a mom of three. I have three little ones who are very close in age there 54 and one, and when our second one was born, I my job to be home with them and that has been you know my priority. And um for about two years of being home with just being mom, I started to like lose to motherhood. I felt like I was only um my only purpose was being a mom and being a homemaker and making dinner and you know, doing everything for everyone and nothing for myself anymore. That importance that I had at my day job, you know, and feeling like, you know, when I was good at something and I accomplished things that work and people counted on me that that was gone. And so I started to feel like I had nothing outside of being a mom. So that's when I started my side business, which was about 2. 5 years ago, it was in August of 18 and I started with Color Street and um it was great because it gave me something for me. It really helped me put myself out there and get used to and being familiar with like telling parts of my life and my story and sharing things on social media and getting comfortable via uh and learning a lot of things um how to figure out how to do things by myself, you know um that I never had to do when I had a corporate job, like you know, figuring out email marketing and how to do that yourself, increase this and you know, just random things that when you work for else unless you're in like the marketing department, you don't know how to do those things, you know? Um and so I did, I was the Colours. I've been with Color Street since then, so um for about 2. 5 years and um you know, I think like a lot of people that get into direct sales struggle to build a team and um I have always like, just loved the product and love so many aspects of having my own business, but I got into it because I wanted something for myself and then I found myself constantly comparing where I was at to how other people were doing, and forgetting that like, okay, it's not about the money, it's about impact, it's about you know, doing something for my, having something for myself, I'm feeling like I'm making a difference, so why am I comparing, you know, the fact that I don't have this huge team and all this money coming in and I was putting a lot of stress on myself too, do a bunch of parties and constantly, you know, all the things that I didn't like about my direct sales business, I felt a lot of pressure to do all those things when I'm like, but why am I doing this? Like, I don't really enjoy doing out of it and I'm, it's causing me a lot of stress when it doesn't align with the stage of life that I'm in and the life that I want for myself. So, um, I have recently kind of had a a realization that it's okay for it to just be a hobby and it's okay to do something else. And so I've kind of like taken that pressure off of trying to build a team and grow this big business because honestly I tried, I really did for a long time and I'm like, I don't know what it is, but like I just can't, I'm not good at this part of it. And so, um, you know, I Just recently over the last like probably 2-3 months or so had been like really reflecting at the beginning of the year, like figuring out like what do I want to do because this is just not feeling the fire is gone, you know what I mean? Um and so I started to, I started virtually assisting other business owners who have businesses that, you know, doing all the things that I enjoy doing all the behind the scenes things and creating social media content. I've kind of fallen into doing that a lot. Um even though I offer, you know, lots of other things, but I have been particularly, I can't say that were particularly hard, it's hard to um, you know, doing social media content, creating graphics, um, doing writing copy for people and a lot of those things, I guess. I didn't realize before that I really enjoy doing it, you know, and so I've been focusing on that and that's kind of rebranded and I'm continuing to blog because I love to share my life with others. I like people to know that they are not alone in their journey with whatever they're going through, somebody else has probably gone through it too. And so I never want, you know, to put on a false persona that I'm perfect because I'm not, you know, I'm human, just like, so in life with three kids is crazy and my first two are only 12 months apart, so like the first two months of their lives, it was chaos, like I don't even have a that's the best way to have to describe it. And so, um, you know, there's just been a lot of ups and downs in my journey and like, just like everybody has and so I really enjoy sharing those stories and so I'm going to continue to do that with my blog and I'm going to continue to um, you know, help support other businesses with virtual assisting. And I am going to try to take my passion of sharing my stories and um start doing speaking opportunities. So that's going to want to have going on. Um, so during this rebrand I'm just, you know, I'm doing everything under my name. Instead of coming up with a different business name, I'm just, you know, I'm Megan phillips and I'm a virtual assistant and I'm a speaker and you know, I'm a mom who blogs. So that's what I do that. I think the answer no, no, it was perfect because it really shows your journey and I think a lot of people think that like if we join a direct sales business or we say yes to one opportunity, like you're stuck with it for life and while you totally could do something forever. Um like I have no plans of leaving my color street business, but I'm also really passionate about and have pivoted my brand and what I'm passionate about so much since I started, I started what I started with a different network marketing company, but I was like all in and travel blogging for like a year, which traveling is definitely one of my passions. But for me, I I didn't like the writing part, so that's when I switch to like podcasting because I really love talking and it just fits better. So I think that that is so big, a part of everyone's journey is just figuring out where your passions really lie, pivoting some more figuring out again if you really like what you're doing or not, you know, pivoting even more. Um I'm just curious, have you ever taken a brand angiogram test or brand archetype test? Do you know what your your archetype? Wait, I've done the angiogram. Is that what you meant? What? Um Actually at the time. Okay, so there is the angiogram. Yeah I think I said around. So do you know your instagram number? I knew you were going to ask me that as soon as you ask me that question. I don't remember it. I have it on my computer. If I am just curious here. Let me look. I actually think I might have it up. I just did this the other day. Um and I think I saved it. Mhm. It was like I think I want to say I was like a four. Okay. Yeah. I guess I could only see more. Hold on let's see. 03. So I'm yeah I'm a three and then my like wing number I guess is a thing. Um Was a Okay. Mhm. Two. Okay. Okay. What about the brand archetype? I don't know what that is, I've never heard of that. Okay I will have to send it to you because you were saying that you really enjoyed like the administrative side of things or like creating graphics and doing that. Um I actually and I never really clicked for me before but I found out that my archetype is creator, which is why I like when you pull out my camera there's like 15 million graphics and stuff that I have created because I love doing that part of my business. Yeah, I love you. Yeah. Yeah I'll have to send you that. I'm just yeah I'm curious to, I've never heard of that one. Yeah I learned about it in a branding, like a Brandon course that I did with the boss ladies. It was really good. Um But yeah I have to send them to. Yes please do. So anyway, so you have done a really awesome job with Brandon yourself and speaking specifically to your audience of your mama's and um kind of like organizing the chaos and just being really open and vulnerable about your story. Um I think that's one of the things that your audience really knows and loves you for. Do you have, this is going to be like a two part question. Um Do you, do you have any tips for women who are moms and they're trying to juggle all the things? Well, let me just ask you that one first, before I overload me with something, I'm going to have to remember that. I'll probably Exactly, exactly. Um Okay, do I have your mama's for juggling all the things like, Okay, so um yes, I do have some tips. So that is one thing that I am still always working on, like I think it's an ongoing, you know, uh trial and error. It's a work in progress because I, you know, we'll set these goals for myself and I'm like okay, slow and steady is fine, you know, you want to be home with your kids, that's the goal. And then I'm like oh this person is doing a challenge, I need to sign up for that this person doing this, I'm gonna do that, I'm gonna do that. And then I myself back in where I'm like crap like why did I just do that? I just overwhelm overwhelmed myself again took on too much. And so since, you know, recently since my rebrand and all of that, you know, I'm very, I'm being very minimal about only allowing myself like of small number of hours to work a week on other for clients for virtual assisting stuff. And I have been putting in boundaries that help me not get overwhelmed. So like I am not allowing myself to work on my computer after the kids go to bed. You know every night the week like during the week I will do like two or three nights because honestly like my times that I can get stuff done is in the morning before they wake up or in the afternoon if I can get them to all have quiet time time. Yeah and I mean my two older don't always necessarily nap, but like the oldest is only in school part time, thank goodness she goes back to school next week full time and she hasn't been full time the whole year. So I'm so excited. I I know I know so but anyways um so I like I struggle because I'm like that's the time where I could be getting a lot done, but then it's also like okay, but if it's getting and spending time with my husband and my kids and my personal life, like I don't want to get to the point where I'm burnt out. So do you do you hear screaming? Here's no you're fine, but so I will try to put some rules in place and sometimes I do have to like tell my husband like okay, do not let me work tonight or tomorrow night, because if I don't say anything, I'll just, you know, if I he won't if I don't tell them to hold me accountable, then I'll just do it, you know? So I have been recently trying to be really good about this where I, you know, put those boundaries in place, whatever it is, decide with your whatever in your schedule, and then just tell your somebody in your family, your spouse, your whoever to help hold you account, you actually fit. Um And then the other thing like I am doing like on the weekends, I don't want to be worth people if I'm doing something on the weekend, it's to help its to create my content and work on my stuff maybe for a few hours on one of the days, not all day, both days, you know? Um Yeah because that was a hard one for me too because I would stay at home mom, so when my husband's home I feel like I have to take advantage of him being home so that I can get all this stuff done, but then I find myself being like okay well I'm like am I really, it does this align with the life that I want if I'm sitting here like not playing with my kids, not interacting with them, you know, just like completely at staring at the screen for several hours and you know, so there's got to be some healthy like breaks in that time and you know it a lot of it his mom guilt too, you know, and I need to take that off of myself because I'm with them all the time, like you know, like I should not feel the way I do, but I do sometimes, you know, so a lot of it is just like giving myself grace and reminding myself that even if I spend less time with them, I am still spending a lot of time with them and they know that I love them and I'm still the one primarily you know doing all the things and still making sure they are loved and eat and are cared for and all those things, so I need to like dial back, you know, the pressure, but putting in boundaries has really helped for sure. But yeah, there's no secret, like it's like we're all just trying to figure it out. I think if you figure it out, please let me know because I don't have the answer to that, I'm just trying to be better about putting boundaries in and sticking with them so that I don't, because I'm either either way and I was like this with my direct sales business too. I'm like, I either feel guilty because I'm not spending enough time with my family or I feel guilty because I'm not spending time with my business. And so it's like, there's no, I'm trying to find a happy medium. Yeah, I think you just said it perfectly, you have to find those boundaries, like you have to obviously work your business, so that's a priority for you and and schedule that time in and figure out when it works best for you, when it works best for your family. Also, that's definitely a huge part of communication, I think. Um do you have any tips on how to navigate that with your spouse? Okay, so I have a pretty supportive husband, like, he usually, unless I come up with this, like, off the wall, like, crazy idea, like, okay, you know, I'm we're moving to paris tomorrow, you know, something crazy like that, he's usually on board and like, go for it. Like, I support you. I may not understand what you're saying because a lot of times I'll use, you know, like words that have to do with running a business online. And he's like, I don't know what you're talking about, Okay, well it's going to cost this much money and it's this much time commitment. Is that okay? You know, like I'm gonna need you to take off work because you need to watch the kids or whatever it is. You know, he's usually so, so, so supportive and very rarely is it something where it's like, okay, maybe we should talk about this or maybe that's not a good idea. He kind of, you know, it's a good way to gauge whether or not something is a good idea because if he questions it, then it's maybe I should think about it some more because usually like 100% like go for it. So that is really, I'm super grateful for that. But I think we're like that because we are really good about communicating. I like to tell people that I'm confrontational. I've been this way my whole life, Oh, so people this, I've learned over the years how to like dial it back and do it so abruptly, you know, I think that people hear the word confrontation and they think mean, you know, but really it's like, I think I used to cut when I was younger, I would come off strong and it could definitely come across as like, I mean, you know, tone or whatever, but I I have learned, you know, how to, as long as you're coming out at a loving, caring way that someone that you have a really strong relationship with, it doesn't have to be negative, but confrontation brings resolution. And so I'm always like, well, I don't understand like how, you know, if you hear something about someone like me and I didn't see that coming, Like, I just don't like, you know, and then you have those thoughts like, I don't want that to happen to our marriage and blah blah blah and then it's just like yeah, no I don't think that will because I don't I don't sweep things under the rug. Like if it's bothering me you will not like about it 100%. Like I can't live my life like walking around you, staring at you, living life with you and just pretending that like I am not mad or frustrated at you or something like I don't I know that some people can do that. I am not one of those people. So our communication would be my best tip for that is like communicate like over communicate, talk about things you know and it's hard, especially if your spouse or partner isn't also an entrepreneur because they don't get it. So I would say definitely get like a business best year or try to get into a community of other business owners because yes, they're going to be supportive and they might cheer you on, but they're not gonna understand it from the same like mindset that you are because they don't understand, they don't do it, you know? Yeah, I do think it's really hard and you brought up a great point about community, It can be really lonely if you don't have a supportive group of people that understand what you're doing, like because you're using terminology or you're like, I'm trying to be cute. I mean like what the heck is BQ or you know, just everything. Yeah. And like, people don't understand the struggle sometimes for booking parties, building a team. Um and it's the amount of actual work that can go into building businesses online, whether it's direct sales, virtual assisting. Um, so share a little bit about how you have found your community and what kind of ways you have found that support. Um Okay. Sidebar I'm like, I don't know if I should look at the camera at you. I'm like, I know it's really hard, don't worry about it. Okay. So I um so my community, Let's see. I, you know, I I honestly I'm not sure how I got in the beginning, how I got pulled into, I don't know that, but I'll say pulled into the nelly network as I like to call her friends, I'm not really sure, I don't know if it was just seeing her posts on facebook and you know, um I actually went to high school with her, so I was friends with her before I became a business owner. So I think that once I I was like okay I'm going to have a side hustle, maybe I'll start to like learn. I'm also like I'm a very good um like I'm a hard worker type of personality, so like when I do something like I want to do it really well, I need to learn all the things I need to like, you know, taken, taken yeah and so like I need to like learn and so that I know that I'm what I'm doing and I want to do it well, so like I probably just I think I just started signing up for all of her things, you know, she was doing a lot of free or cheap challenges at the time with giving away a bunch of value and how to grow your business, how to run things on social media, I learned so much from her and chrissy to um So I think I just yeah, I think I just found them online. Yeah. And then the more the more things that I joined, like the more um like whether it was an accountability group or a challenge of some sort, I met more people then I just kept getting more and more people and so it just kind of grew it and then you know, this was before when things were still happening in person and so um I started to meet some of those people that I talked to online in person, which was really great to put the face of the name and um you know, start to just like really feel like I got to know people and it was really cool to be able to share other people on that you met through, you know, it's almost like, I don't know like the online dating thing, it's like oh well we met online, it's like the new thing to do, like especially now with things not really being in person, it's like I don't it's harder to meet people in person I think now. So yeah, but the facebook groups are really helpful, you know, any sort of community facebook group that you're in, I think it's a good place to start. There's like so many for um like businesses and also try to find some groups that relate to things you enjoy as just as a person, you know, like things that you like to do that have nothing to do with your business for. Uh so that you can, we're going to have a little buddy, fine for me and um okay, you can get water for you in phoenix, thank you. Sorry. No, you're totally fine. I was like, oh my gosh, is she going to have clothes because she was going to? That was the one thing I told my husband, I said, if they come downstairs, please make sure they are clothed ahead of time. Because I knew I was going to be on this video because yeah, that was like the last thing. Yeah, I'm always, you know what, I'm sure not, you know? Yeah. Anyways, I don't remember where I was going when you were talking about facebook groups getting in first. Yeah, Yeah. Facebook. And like it doesn't always have to be business related because you can connect with other people that just share common things that, you know, like maybe it's other moms or they live in my area, then it's still talking points. And so then that would help me start the conversation with them and say like, oh, hey, I saw you live in, you know, wherever I'm like five minutes from there and I have, I have, you know, I have two kids, two or three kids or whatever it is that they, um, I can't talk right now. Okay. Yeah. Yes. Right. Um, totally fine because it's about having fun too. It's not like, you know, part of your business should be about having fun as well. That's right. Well and real life, right? I mean, oh yes. She needs some animal crackers. This is my son, This is my son just now. Uh, he's so you know, whatever. Yeah. Can you guys please go catch a bubble and go over there? Ask daddy Mommy is busy. Daddy mommy disease. You know what actually make it like maybe we met at one of those in person huddle events or like the quarter we were already friends before that we might have. Yeah, I think we're already friends on facebook, but that was the first that was in person. Yeah, but along with those groups I think it's so important to take advantage of those things because so many times we join a free group we join a free challenge or whatever and we don't take full advantage of getting to know other people and networking and whatever it might be and we're really missing out. We're missing an opportunity to meet like Megan and I never would have met had it not been for those sorts of opportunities for sure. And we found so many ideas off of each other. Guys in the last year were not on the same team, we're not making money off of each other. Um And honestly it was just really refreshing to have someone Not on my team just to talk to you know to talk to about my business. So I 100 would recommend you reaching out and finding some sort of busy bestie, some sort of accountability partner um and especially not on your team if you can if you if you can find someone that you really aligned with for sure, I think that's good because like for you, you know, you have a huge team like under you, so it's like it kind of is a lot of pressure if it's it's like hard to put those boundaries in place if it's someone that you're also trying to coach and teach and you know, it's supposed to be all about them. So then you feel like well okay who's supposed to be helping me, you know who I share my goals with and where you know, all of those things because they're looking to me to lead them. So then it leaves you, you know, kind of like it can be a weird dynamic. Yeah, it's saying nothing about like, the individual women at all, like my team is awesome, but it's really hard to be like, like I want to let them know at the moment when I'm like struggling with something because I do think that's really real and showing people that everyone struggles is important, but at the same time I'm like, I don't want to come off as being negative, so like having someone else that you can bounce or bounce ideas off of or, you know, um I forget now what it was, but you shared something and I was like, oh my gosh, I've never thought about doing that and I did it and it worked really well. I don't remember either. It was some sort of party, I don't remember now at this point, I think even maybe added me to a group for it. Um It was like a training for a new party template or something and so I was like that's that's genius. Um And so just having someone like that you can swap stuff with is just really so good. Um Okay the last thing I wanted to chat with you about is um V. A. So yeah at what point in someone's business would you maybe recommend a virtual assistant or what sort of things do virtual assistants do for people? Because I know this is something that a lot it's actually we've talked about this a lot of my team recently with some of my leaders. Um And I just know it's something that to a lot of people I think they have one idea of what it actually is and it's not necessarily the same thing. Yeah so I think that it can be anything and everything that it is that you don't want to do or don't have time to do, you know? And so the hard part is figuring out the is it worth it financially? Like that was always a struggle for me too, because with my direct sales business I couldn't justify paying someone to do stuff for me when I wasn't making really much money, you know? So it's like, yeah, so there is that like a fine line, but on the other hand when you invest in growing your business, it will give you time to do all the things that you're doing which has the potential to help you earn more money, which would then make it worth it. So it's just like with any business, I mean a lot of times you have to, you invest like a lot up front and what I think what's the statistic about most businesses don't see a profit for after like three years. Yeah. And it's like I think in the direct sales world we don't, we kind of just like I don't believe that that is true because you see so many like quick success stories well and it's not quick, but you think it's quick your left. Oh that person made all this money, like you know, they just signed up two months ago and there are already a leader and they're already a little blood, but you don't know if this was their first direct sales business, You don't know if this was their first business ever. Like you don't know their story. It's it's probably like chapter 25 and you're on chapter one and you're comparing their, you know, chapter 25 to Eur one and thinking that you're going to instantly have about this income and not seeing the hard work that they put into it. And so it's a hard balance, you got to figure that out like based on what your goals are and what aligns with your life, you know and you're in what you want for your business, but as far as what you can do um as a virtual assistant, I mean everybody is a little bit different but I have been doing um you know admin things like you can go you can monitor and respond to people's emails if you say that you get a bunch of emails in your email inbox overwhelmed, you have somebody help you with that. It's really about what is stressing you out, like if even if it's something as small as responding to people's messenger and you know inbox or their email or you know whatever it is, taking that off your plate because it stresses you out, that's something that someone can help you with. Um you know, I mentioned email marketing earlier um so like that's something that I never would have learned if I didn't have my own business, so you know, I can help with email marketing. You know, maybe you don't have an email list and you want one and you want to start sending out email campaigns because you want to rein yourself as your business in the face of your business because um you know, you don't know where you're going to be in a few years and you want you want to start building that, you know, network of like your people so that if you do do something else, you've got this email list already, you've got people that are like already sold for whatever you do because they love you because you have given them value and shared your life with them and gotten to know them and they feel like they already like know and trust you, so they're going to follow you no matter what you do. So getting an email list is so important and so I can help, you know, setting up your email is sending out email campaigns, doing a welcome emails sequence. Um Writing your emails, you know, that's something that a virtual assistant can do is writing the copy for your emails or your social media posts, creating graphics for you. Um you know there's really so many things like the possibilities are endless, but I am focusing on doing those like admin tasks um and doing social media content, graphic creation, um running your facebook group. You know, maybe that's something that stresses you out as a business owner. Most direct sales companies especially they're all about VIP groups, VIP groups, you know, and so maybe that's something that stresses you out because you like you you're a leader so you probably have your V. I. P. Group and then your team group and then you know, you have your social sisterhood group, you have all these groups to manage on top of staying consistent on your own personal page and your instagram however other platform you're on and it's a lot so like having someone help you create either create that content or just repurpose the content. Maybe you go live all the time or whatever. A lot of people get overwhelmed by Realizing that hey, you can take that live video that you just talked about 20 minutes with some huge powerful like thanks, you can download that, you can upload it to order A I which will give you the text for it and then you can make sure it sounds right because it's talking so you gotta make sure it's like sounds like actual, you know, sentences, but then take that and repurpose it to like several other pieces of content on all your platforms. But like the thought of doing all of that for someone overwhelms it will just most likely not get done because it's overwhelming, you know, so that was a long answer. Again, I'm sorry. No, no, I like I tend to over talk, you're totally fine. It's definitely those things I feel like that like you said you dread doing or maybe you don't even realize you dread doing, but you you see yourself avoiding doing that and you're like, oh yeah, I haven't sent messages or oh yeah, I haven't done an email. Um and sometimes it's just lack of time or maybe the technology scares you, but also, you know, if you're not finding the time to do those things in your business that you feel like will really help move your business forward. I definitely think it's time for you to talk to someone um about being a virtual or having a virtual assistant. Yeah, for sure. And um you know, even like the things that we don't want to do as business owners like taxes, right? So many people wait to the last minute to upload goodnight. I love you to upload their expenses and into it like a spreadsheet so that they can actually file at the end of the year, like seamlessly, you know, um And literally most people have that stuff set up and they have the spreadsheet or they have the Quickbooks, they have the software, whatever, They're just not taking the time to maintain it. So it's like giving literally saying, okay here you go, here's all of my info. Please make it look pretty. That would be great. You know, doing all those things. Yeah. But again, if it causes you stress and you know that it's something that someone else can do, you know, like no one can go live for you. No one can do your podcast for you. All these things, those are things you have to do. But what are the things that someone else could do for you? You know, that's what it comes down to. 100% 100 awesome Megan. So one last question that I have been asking all of my guests recently, your favorite trip ever? Where did you go? Okay. Favorite trip ever. Okay, so I think that I have to say it would either be, it would be hard to, to pick from, so one because of the location because it was just awesome in such a fun time, was when my husband and I went to Nashville um which was before Children, I I wish that we would have traveled more but you know whatever too late now now I feel like we never get to travel as much but we went to natural way and yeah it was so much fun, like we actually got there right like during the, during the day and we were like walking around and it was somebody was on the corner of selling tickets to a concert and we were like we never like pay attention to those people you know but we just happened to hear what it was and it was like um yeah vince gill's all for the hall or keith urban somebody whoever's all for the hall, so it was like this, they try to raise money for the Hall of Fame whatever and that's in Nashville and so they bring like literally so many artists, there was like 30 artists, I'm not even kidding. So we got tickets to like the concert that was like bro three or four like it was floor tickets broke so close, they had just opened up extra like Rose and we got them like face value, we didn't have to pay extra. There was so many people there. I'm trying to remember brantley, Gilbert, Carrie, Underwood, Reba McEntire vince gill keith Urban. I can't even remember all the people. It was oh my God we're like we lucked into it and we're like how did we just come to the sponsor? I wish I could remember all the people. There was so many, it was like if you like country music, it was the best like country lineup ever. And every person just like one or one song or a song with someone. It wasn't like you were getting all of you know, every single hit. But it was still really cool. It was like the best country playlist live in person. So that was that was fun. Yeah, it was like awesome because it was unexpected, you know, it was like well hey we're here, why not? It was like on the wind and it ended up being awesome. So that was that was really great. Um Yeah, and the second one was put in bay, not because of the location, it was because it was before we had kids and it was just such a fun time and it was just a really great, like it was a long weekend like thing. Um And yeah, it was just like such a great experience and we stayed in a bed and breakfast and it was like this cute little um Yeah, so it was just like such a great time that it was like now it feels like a million years ago. And what was my favorite, you know? Yeah. Oh my gosh. Yeah. That's fun. Well, you got to have all those, all those opportunities again. Yes, I know. And I mean we still can't do things. Our kids are just now getting to the age. Like obviously we have the one year old so that makes it a little bit harder. But the older to you can start to do some things where like they would actually enjoy it and night remember? Yeah. So before this, it would be like, it's not, it's really not worth it. Like you were so much better to just get a baby. Yeah. Get someone to watch them and go by ourselves for a weekend trip or something, you know? But you know, then Covid, so not much traveling has happened anyway. Exactly. Well, you'll you'll be back and ready to roll as soon as we can travel. The right. Exactly. All right. And again, how can everyone connect you connect with you and then guys, I'll put this in the show notes as well. But where can we find you? Megan? Okay. Uh, I got on my website, it is Megan phillips dot co and I am also on these fucking instagram. Um, and uh, Megan phillips. That's many awesome. Well, thank you so much for your time and all your tips. I know everyone is going to really appreciate that. I'm in love listening to this. Um, and thank you again. No problem. Thanks for having me having good night. Thanks to you too.

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