The Social Selling Sisterhood Podcast Episode 69- Seasons of our Biz

direct sales planning podcasts May 05, 2021

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Yeah. Hi friend. Welcome to the social selling sisterhood podcast. I am Lindsay Dellinger and I have many titles. High school spanish teacher, dog mom, world traveler and direct seller. I empower women to run your direct sales business is the right way. So you can earn the money. You deserve to live the life of your dreams and travel the world. Now we got that out of the way. Let's get started. Hello! Hello. Welcome back to an episode of the social selling sisterhood podcast. This is Lindsay Dollinger, your host. Hopefully you can hear me okay. Um, I am literally standing in the ocean. I now, I'm not saying beach florida on spring break, we are taking our morning walk that you'd like to take down the beach and um it's by pied. So I'm like literally out in the water because it's beautiful and clear and I had my headphones with me and I was like, this might be a perfect place to talk about. Today's topic is going to be a short one because I do want to um you know, management time and work smart while on vacation. So this spring break, which goes into my topic of which season of your business are you currently working in? Are you in spring mode? Are you in summer mode? Are you in fall mode or you in winter mode? And I mean like midwest, midwest seasons like Ohio seasons wearing from okay. So the spring is when everything is kind of coming to like write, everything is waking back up after a long um cold, dead Brigid winter. Um and this is the time where you know, you're you're making your plans for your garden, possibly your your flowers, you're gonna plant etcetera. And you are pruning out the dead ones, You are prepping for the feed need and the fertilizing you need, you're getting everything together. You are possibly making a straight great plans. You're thinking ahead for summer travel. You're just doing all the preparations right? Um But you're also going ahead and okay tips one above you are spring cleaning. You're getting all everything de cluttered. You are buying new clothes for spring break because your other ones so fit. You're getting back on a workout routine, all the things right? So lots of lots of newness, not lots of little routines, lots of putting in that foundation for your, for your life happens in spring and then summer comes and everybody, you guys tell your summer looks like if I'm a teacher. So my summers are off from teaching. Um Of course I was my business but I also travel a lot normally in the summer. So summer to me are mixed up getting things done. Um But also this way asking and having a good time. And so that would be the summer and then fall well okay, back tonight. Back to my um my garden example. I'm also watering all the seeds that I planted in the spring, watering them. Um weeding them from time to time unless we really don't really use. I just got to let it go, we put some stroll around it to prevent the weeds from growing up. So um uh I was really water them, you know, you water your plants fall, we harvest them, we go back to tool. Um everything kind of gets back to the normal daily routine and winter, nothing happens with our garden, it's dead, it is dormant under the ground, it can be revived. We know when spring comes, but when winters there were not briefing our harvest from our hard work and our planning and our preparation in spring and are caring for our plants in summer. Right, So thinking about that, in terms of your business, which season are you winning your business? And I'll give you a hint a lot of people think you can jump ahead to summer, fall winter a lot quicker than you should and you actually should be. So I heard I believe it was invested in this podcast. She said that mm the best business owner are gonna be in spring for the majority of their before. Are you in spring mode? Are you planting those seeds every day? Are you really putting down that solid foundation you need for your business? Are you doing all the things to teach your teammates how to duplicate and make their own garden? Or you're gonna be gardening for your team every time a new team member comes along, Are you just gonna let them have your uh we're gonna let them have your convenience when you're the one who's been planting them and taking care of him. That's kind of how I look at it. So in my business we can do things when we stomped her um new stylistic placing and I can put teammates that I have constant under another teammate who's who's growing their team as well, that's like in my eyes. But yet I have done all the work to plan to see you play that foundation, you know, pamper or paper Sprinkle in a little bit about my business and my opportunity with this person. So I want to be sure that I am planting my newest plant, my newest teammate with someone who is going to take care of them, who is going, who is going to help their family gonna feed their family rather than just someone where I planted it in their garden. But yet I'm gonna still have to come next door and water the plant every day. Does that make sense? Is that I want to make sense? I hope so. So when you think about that, which caesar anyone right now, if you can affect me like I think I'm kind of in summer fall, Well, can you afford to be in summer fall? Maybe you can, maybe you have a team of you know, 10,000 20,000 30,000 people and your, you know, your residual income is kind of set for life. But what happens? God forbid if something happens to your company or you get terminated for unknowingly not following your company policies and procedures. That could be really, really, really bad for you if you are not in spring load. If you are not still building your brand, Building your company, building your team, building your customer base because building your brand's, you're seeing your customer base that loyal following those writer die people, that's your security blanket. So if something does ever happen, your company goes under, they terminate you or you just decide it's not a good fit anymore. Those people can come with you, right? Because they love you. They respect you, that's so important with the team. They have to respect you. They have to see you sharing up. If they see you plant your seeds in your garden and let them all die. But yeah, you're looking at their garden saying, well, this is how you garden. You can't send any fertilize them and now you need, you don't need them with the week. Yeah. You're seeing in your booty, you're not doing any of that. Your team is not going to respect you and not only that, they're not going to duplicate what you're telling them to do because they're not seeing you do it. If you want your to sponsor, you have to sponsor. If you want your team to have more parties. Yes, I'm more parties. If you're telling them to go live every day on their personal profile, they've never seen you go live, you think they're gonna do it? Probably not. Unless you have someone who's just willing to child. I think tomorrow we do have to have that. So I just want to encourage you while I'm here. A nice spring break. Getting ready. We just got into spring mode right out of the long, hard winter in Ohio. Um and I don't want to see how long have dinner, but get into spring. Those start planting those seeds, each letter do those tasks that you've been putting off doing. But you know we're gonna make your life easier, outsource higher. V. A. Maybe it's time to hire a house house cleaner. We're looking into that when we get back. Oh from break. I know personally. So think about those things that you need to do in your business to get back into spring mode that you can cultivate later down the road in 30 60 90 days because you know that's how long you have to be consistent to see actual results in this business and watch your business. Go have a great day guys, if you love this podcast episode from screenshot it, share it in your I. D. Or face the stories having I will definitely re share it. And if you haven't yet give me a five star rating and review, I would really appreciate it. And I will see you guys over in the social selling sisterhood fraud, which is my three group over on facebook. Have a beautiful day.

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