The Social Selling Sisterhood Podcast Episode 75- Do ONE little thing to up-level your business

direct sales goals personal development podcasts May 20, 2021

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Hi friend. Welcome to the social selling sisterhood podcast. I am Lindsay Dollinger and I have many titles. High school spanish teacher, dog mom, world traveler and direct seller. I empower women to run your direct sales business is the right way. So you can earn the money, You deserve to live the life of your dreams and travel the world. Now we got that out of the way. Let's get started. Mhm Hello, Hello Lindsay Dollinger here and I wanted to come and give you just a little bit of motivation um just in case your energy is feeling a little off or you feeling a little lost and you're looking for something or someone to tell you that you can do the big things I am here for it. So um one of the most helpful pieces of advice for getting my mindset into honestly where I'm at now. Um but really to the next level was when a coach told me that it was my turn to start acting as though I were already the promotion, the rank, the position that I wanted to be in the future. So they were like, okay, what's your goal with your company that you're with? And I said, well obviously the top rank, right, who doesn't want to be that? And they were like, okay, how does that person act? And I was like, what do you mean? And they were like, well what's her daily routine look like? What does she eat for lunch for breakfast for dinner? When does she work her business? What does her working her business look like? Where does she go on vacation? What kind of house does she live in? What kind of car does she live in? How does she treat people, how does she show up? Um, Does she exercise every day? Does she get sleep at night? And she stressed as she calm as she realized, I mean just all these things like kind of like what you do when you envision like your dream life. But they were really asking all of these key parts of um of that life that essentially I'm saying that I want, right if I'm saying I want to be and I'm going to be a national executive director with my company. Well then it's time to start acting like it. And that was a huge mindset shift for me. That's honestly guys, that is the moment where I was like okay I'm getting and this sounds really crazy but I am not one of those people who can get like seven hours of sleep and function like a normal person or even less. I am like an 8 to 9 hours of sleep kind of gal. Um so I adjusted my team power hours because my team power hours were going until 9 30 at night and then I was chatting with people when we got off and I have to get up at five a.m. For my day job and I was cranky because by the time I then got to bed and got my mind calm down. Um so one of the biggest things that I did to start stepping into next level me was cleaning up my routine um was scheduling in my workouts and making sure that I was showing up for myself and getting that energy because I notice and you might be like this or maybe not, but I noticed when I'm really focusing on my business that I let my health go to the back burner, it's one of the easiest things for people to do right. Um I signed up for a meal service again, I adjusted boundaries with my team and just really like I actually wrote all this out, so I recommend if you have time if that's your jam, right, all of this out um and actually write out the first thing that comes to mind, don't let yourself set your own boundaries for this and be like, oh no, I can never have that or that's not part of my life, it can be okay, so share what comes to your heart, you don't have to share publicly, but you totally can. Um and this is kind of the first step to manifestation, so I don't know if you're a manifesto or not, um but I encourage you to go through this exercise or at least parts of it, you know, what does that leader look like for her team? Maybe start there, maybe that's easier for you, business minded people. Um and then start thinking about her daily routine and then start thinking about what she wears and how she shows up and what kind of confidence she has and what her hair looks like and all those things. Um, start envisioning that and then think, okay, what can I do today? What one thing from this list can I start working on today? And like I mentioned for me that was sleep. Um, and to get that sleep, I had to move some stuff around with my team. Um, for me that was turning off my facebook notifications and making sure my team knew that. Hey guys, I'm going to check my messages a couple of times a day I will get back to, but there's no such thing as a nail emergency. It looked like um, investing in exercise equipment and having a set routine with me getting on it and pushing myself. And that also then allowed me to get into some interest groups and network and meet some new people that way too. So when went right, so I want you to think of something you can do today. Maybe you are not in the habit of listening to personal development or reading personal development. Maybe it's an accountability buddy, you know that if you're getting going to get to the top of your company, you need an accountability buddy, maybe you need a coach. That's, that's definitely one of the things that invested in. Um, and it was, I had a lengthy conversation with the coaches I hired and they were the ones who walked me through this and it really pointed out, you know, they were like, what do you want? And I told them what I want and they're like, can you get there by yourself? I mean maybe I could, but it's going to be a lot longer, a lot harder. Um and I'd rather I'd rather do with other people than by myself. Right? So anyway, I hope this helps do one of those things today literally today. I don't care what time you're watching this before you go to bed. What one thing can you do? Can you adjust? It can be something really, really small to really small. Maybe you're you're Next level Self Meditates for five minutes before you go to bed. Or maybe next level self does a face mask once a week. You know something. It can be something, but you can do something today. I know you can do something today for next level you and then start adding on something else and something else and and watch next level. You just start happening. All right frank, go out there, do big things you are meant for. Greatness, share, let me know about it. So I can cheer you on, bye bye.

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