The Social Selling Sisterhood Podcast Episode 68- Repetition is the Name of the Game

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Yeah, mm Hi friend. Welcome to the social selling sisterhood podcast. I am Lindsay Dellinger and I have many titles, High school spanish, teacher, dog mom, world traveler and direct seller. I empower women to run your direct sales business is the right way. So you can earn the money. You deserve to live the life of your dreams and travel the world. Now we got that out of the way. Let's get started. Hey there. Social seller. Welcome back to the social selling sisterhood podcast. I'm Lindsay doll anger. You are host of this show and I'm super excited to just share a little nugget with you for this biz tip thursday episode. I hope you're having an awesome thursday. If you're listening to this on the day that it drops and I hope I will see you over inside my free group on facebook, the social selling sisterhood squad. It will be linked in the show notes. Head on over there. I post lots of motivational quotes biz tips and all the things that you definitely don't want to miss. So I hope I see you inside that free community. All right guys. So today we are digging into the word repetition so we hear so much in our business. Is that the key is consistency, right? But I don't think it's just consistency because I definitely think consistency and your content are so important as well as building relationships and the invite process, right? But also the repetition and repetition in a couple of different ways. So the first way is repeating those things daily making things a habit that you need to do to move your business forward. So this might look a little differently for everyone, depending on what industry exactly you are in um what your business looks like and what stage of your business you're in. But there are some key parts that we talk about in the social selling sisterhood squad that I highlight in my direct sales done, right, planner and tracker, which you can also grab on my um, on my website there. But there are a few key parts that we really focus in on and that is creating valuable, entertaining educational content. So content is one and then creating relationships with your customers, which is like a whole process in itself, right? Um, inviting and following up. And essentially those things that a nutshell are the things that you need to be doing consistently and that you need to be repeating daily to see that action and to see that growth in your business. Um, so I think sometimes like the word being consistent can be kind of thrown around a lot in network marketing, but I don't necessarily know that I hear the word repetition a lot. I feel like repetition can kind of have a negative connotation sometimes, but it really doesn't have to be. So you're just repeating those actions that get you your desired results. And the more often you are repeating them, the more desired results you're gonna get. So it is so important to have a daily list of the actions you need to do. You can find this in um, you know, my power, our inside my tracker. Those are the ones that I do and that I teach my team to do. But you know, make your own list. What do you need to do every day? You know what you need to do to move your business forward. And if you don't, then you definitely need to grab my planner. Um, but you know, the number of people that you've played around with and you have figured out, okay, if I want to see some massive results, my business, maybe I need to talk to more than one new person a day. Right? So you know what you need to do, you know, you need to be posting consistently on social media. So it's just getting in those habits of repeating those actions every day. So like I kind of, well I not kind of, I do have a habit now. One of my very first things that I do on facebook is I send birthday messages to everyone who is their birthday. Um, you know, at the beginning of the month, it's a habit that I always check in with my team about their goals and how I can support them. Um, every launch we have, it is a, it's a habit of mine. I repeat the same things. You know, we go over what a successful launch could look like. I repeat myself over and over again to remind people to send an email to. Um, you know, different ways to post, remind people on my team to jump on our power, our, and I'm repeating those actions daily in my power hour and that repetition is what is moving my business forward. Um, same thing with, you know, your personal development, You get in a habit of listening to your personal development. So whether that is listening to a podcast in the mornings, um, like my habit is when I'm driving, I'm always listening to a podcast like 99. 5 of the time, unless I've had like a truly horrible day in my mind is not there, then I'll listen to some music and like sitting in the car, you know what I mean? Um, but you know, that's my habit is in the car podcast time. The same thing with in the shower, I have my bluetooth wireless waterproof little speaker, it suction cups on the side. Um, I listen to trainings in the shower. So those are actions that I repeat every day and it has just become part of my daily routine. It has just become a habit that I do um in my life, which is me working my business, but it's so much a part of my life that I don't even realize it. So like to me when people like, well, how much time do you spend on your business? I don't even count that because that is just, that's just who I am now. I listen to trainings and I do personal development and that is part of me. I hope that makes sense. So you know, it might take a little bit of effort and conscious planning and habits stacking. We've talked about this in a previous episode. I don't remember which one off the top of my head, so sorry, but you know, um, for me to get into the habit of continuously listening while I was in the shower to my podcast, I had to be intentional, go on amazon purchased a waterproof wireless bluetooth speaker that construction onto my um side of my shower and I heard this somewhere. I might have even been on a podcast, let's be real. But I heard this somewhere and I was like, oh my gosh, that is genius. And so, um, you know, I bought it, it was like 10 bucks, which funny thing as soon as I bought it, I got another one in my like sparkle hustle grove subscription box, which if you don't have those, those are really fun. Um You know, for any kind of online seller, I'll put my link, I think you get some money off maybe like $10 off your first box. I'll put the link in the show notes for that as well. But so after I got one on Amazon, I literally got one in that box and I was like, Oh my gosh, it's like they knew what I needed. So I was intentional. I bought the speaker, I put it in my shower. And so now when I, like, as I'm getting ready to get in the shower, I see this bright pink, it's, you know, the size of my palm of my hand speaker on the side of my shower and I'm like, oh, I need to connect it to my phone. Like you just push a button, turn on a podcast and like that kind of triggers it for me. So that's what we call habits stacking. So something that's already a habit of yours showering every morning. Um, now we are adding to the shower every morning listening to a training podcast, whatever it is, e book, you know, inaudible. Um, while you were doing those activities. So that is a huge thing that has helped me with my rep repetition is that habit stacking the same thing when I'm on the peloton, I have, like when I get home from work, I automatically pull my air buds out of my purse. I set them on a table that is like, like kind of like my work table, my covid work table where I have like my laptop set up. It's kind of become my little desk. Um, so I set them there again, it's bright pink, y'all know, I love pink and so I see those and I have to walk by it when I go into my pellet on in the evenings to work out. So I see it. I grabbed those and I also have my phone. Um and while I'm writing any time it's like a cool down or um what do they call it? I guess it's a cool down, right? The in between the hard stuff, you know what I mean? I can't think of my words, but any time I have that, it's usually 30 seconds to a minute. I use that time and I know people like this probably sounds crazy distant people I use that minute I pull up my messenger and I either make a story about my workout which connects me to people and people are intrigued. Or I check my messages super quickly, respond to any that I have or I will like send a message to a couple people. I don't know, you know this, this workout was so crazy, this was fun, whatever like I use every ounce of time that I have, like I squeeze it out and the other time on the peloton I will have a training on. Usually it's something that is like you know company updates or something that I don't have to be super super focused on um and I will turn my Palestine music down to like halfway so I can still kind of hear it and I have my training in and I do both, that's how I have it stack and that is a repeated action that I do. So now I know like I am able to fit in all these trainings because my company, my company does like training monday through friday every day. Plus we have a leader call plus we have Tuesday training, there can be a lot of trainings, y'all plus I pay for my own group coaching and mentorship to improve myself. I believe every leader, every coach needs to have a coach like end of story if they don't have one, I don't even know what to tell you. So that's a whole, another podcast for a whole another day. Um but I have all these commitments that I have and I obviously don't want to sit down and spend all this time just listening to things and doing trainings all the time because we know that that is not income producing and that is not actually moving my business forward. So I have to find ways that I can do those actions. We're also getting some other stuff done. So anyway, that is a repeated action, making sure that you were getting in your personal development every single day. Um and I think that's it guys, that's all I really wanted to share was just the importance of those repeated actions starting small. But you're gonna have to be intentional about them. You're gonna have to really think, okay, where where does this make the most sensitive, fit it into my day? And those things will slowly start to become habits over time. If you allow them to me, if you put in that time up front that you really need to create those habits, it will just become so like when I get on facebook me going to my birthday's is such a natural thing. Now. I literally don't think twice about it now. I have been doing this um Gosh consistently every day probably for two years, but I started doing it when I very first started network marketing five or six years ago. Um but I wasn't consistent, I wasn't mentally in that spot to be consistent yet and I wasn't ready. But now I am ready, right? I've stepped into my next level me. I know that goal. I've got the goal, I can taste the goal and I'm going to get there. So this is one of those, um, you know, those stepping stones to get to that goal. So I hope you found this helpful um start off small. I would love if you would DM me or email me um you know my email, I think it is down there. It's loving life with Lindsay at gmail dot com, having life Lindsay at gmail dot com or send me a DM on instagram or on facebook. I would love to hear, you know what? You're probably in the social selling sisterhood squad, drop it in there right up, write a post, I'll prove it. So, um, you can tell us what small new habit are you going to start incorporating into your It's basically a daily routine, right? Because we're being repetitive, if we're being repetitive with our actions, it's part of our daily routine. So what habit are you going to add today? You're going to start today because if we put everything off until tomorrow, it's never gonna get done. Let's be real. Right, So what small habit are you going to start today that is going to help you move your business forward? And hey guys, some of this stuff doesn't have to be a direct income producing activity. You know, I'm all about income producing activities all day long, but I was just listening today. Um three things that millionaires or maybe it was billionaires I forget, which I kind of think billionaires do every day, meditate, work out and read, I'm pretty sure was read meditate workout and read or some sort of personal development. So maybe your thing is Adding in a workout, even if it's not a hardcore spin bike workout, maybe it's just a walk, a 20 minute walk, maybe it is yoga or something else like that. But I don't I think that those don't count and that those don't make a difference in your business because it's 100 does. So it can be anything so share with us what habit you are starting today that you are adding to your routine that you are committing to repeating so we can cheer you on because you got this girl, you are amazing, this is your year, this is your year, we are in quarter two, It's time to make those big, scary, audacious goals happen because you're going to rule the world. Let's do this. See you over in the social selling sisterhood squad. Thanks so much for listening. Please leave me a five star rating and review If you have not yet left me one. All you have to do is scroll down. You can literally do it right now. If you were listening, scroll all the way down, um, click the five stars, leave me like a one or two sentence review. It doesn't have to be anything crazy. I would so much appreciate it and check out my links and all the in the bio for all the links that I mentioned in this podcast, have a beautiful day friend to talk to you soon.



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