The Secret to your Side Hustle Success

It’s been a while since I really considered what makes a side hustle successful. My first direct sales company used to always say “be a product of the product” which was very key to that business, but the company I’m with now that I love is nail polish strips and of course, I wear them daily–but just wearing nail polish doesn’t mean I’m going to be a success! So what can take a product based business like this to the next level? Here is the not-so-secret “secret”:


This can look like a lot of different things, depending on what your business is. In general, though, I have two words to make part of your business goals: be PROFESSIONAL and be CONSISTENT.


Women with side hustles who are successful, even though it’s not their main stream of income or maybe not their only “job”, treat their customers as though they ARE their only stream of income. They return...

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Have your first vendor event? Here’s some tips!

There’s something totally intimidating after you’ve just signed up for your first vendor event, craft show, etc. and now you’ve paid and you’re like…”Now, what?” Here are some quick tips to help you plan for your day in advance so it goes smoothly and you make your vendor fee back in profit…and then some! The linked items below are affiliate links but I only link items I really love and use! Thanks for supporting this website by clicking through the links. Now on to the tips.

Solicit help

Unless it’s a very small vendor event, you’re going to want to have a back up person with you to help. It’s especially nice to have someone with you to help unload and reload your supplies which I’ll list below. Additionally, it’s nice to be able to run to the bathroom or grab a quick bite to eat without worrying about leaving your tables unattended. As an added bonus, when your booth gets really busy, having a helper...

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Want to be a Color Street Stylist?


In April 2018 I tried Color Street nail polish strips for the first time. I was at home sick and a friend was having an online nail bar, and I was intrigued. I had tried another company before that were more like nail stickers, and I hated them, so I wasn’t setting my bar super high but figured I would help my friend out at her party. I got the sets in the mail, googled the company, and joined as a stylist that weekend. When you know, you know, I guess! Here are some top questions I get about becoming a stylist. I hope these help answer some basic questions! For more info, please send me an email or request to join my closed, private Facebook group with lots of info about becoming a stylist! Curious just what the nails are? I have my VIP Facebook group linked here.

Is there a minimum monthly sales goal I have to meet?

Each month, no. At least once every six months though, you need to Bonus Qualify, which means selling $300 in one month.

What is included in the stylist kit?


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2019: My Year in Review


Hey, friend! I can’t believe it’s December 31st and it’s time to reflect on another year. I partially can’t believe it because time flies and also partially because this year I’ve done a much better job at reflecting each day, week, month, quarter, etc. so this doesn’t seem like such a daunting task. I’m excited to share with you what my 2019 has looked like, in a few words!

Lots of Personal Growth

Since I joined a network marketing business for the first time in 2015, I have always been a believer in personal development. This has evolved over time. It started with reading lots of books on mindset, beliefs, setting goals, etc. and now looks like a lot of podcasts and videos I listen to while driving or doing things around the house. Most the trainings I listen to now come from my podcast or Facebook apps, but in the past they came from YouTube. If you don’t already take time each day to grow personally in whichever way works best for...

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Why You Need to Attend Your Company’s Conference(s)


I don’t know about you, but I’m a professional development junkie. Give me all the podcasts, books, trainings, conferences, you name it–as long as they are interesting! I love to learn, which is a huge reason why I’ve always known I would be a teacher. However, we all know teacher salary does not pay all the bills if you love to travel, so I’ve been involved in network marketing since 2015. If you’re in network marketing, my guess is your company has an annual conference, summit, shindig, whatever they want to call it. Your teammate in your company probably tell you that attending the conference is non-negotiable. And I totally agree! I’ve gone to my fair share of conferences for my businesses (and with my teaching job–I never miss a year!). Read below to share some of my top reasons I never miss my company’s conferences.

Recognition at the Color Street Conference in Orlando 2019

Network, network, network

I never leave a...

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2019 Female Entrepreneur and Empowerment Conferences


Maybe I’m an odd ball, but I love going to conferences. I love feeling inspired, learning new things, and meeting new people. I like how I can go to a conference and no one knows my background and basically I can be an amazing, confident woman with no insecurities. I recently realized a lot of the women influencers and business owners whom I look up to host conferences and weekend getaways for women around the US. While I haven’t been to any of these, they all sound amazing and several are on my goals list, and I encourage you to sign up for one! Grab your bestie or go solo and soak it all in. No matter what, you’re sure to leave rejuvenated and ready to take on anything.

She Did It Her Way Summit

This is sponsored by the creator of the She Did It Her Way podcast (one of my faves by the way), Amanda Boleyn. It is in April in Chicago this year and Amanda has divided the weekend into two days, one for for the Emerging Entrepreneur and one for Side Hustle Saturday....

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Celebrating My Women Role Models this International Women’s Day


Happy International Women’s Day, friends! Whether you are a woman or not, we all know some powerful and strong women who have hopefully influenced our lives for the better. I want to quickly shout out a handful of the boss babes who have helped shape my life to be what it is now.

My mom

I know, I know, this seems like a trite answer, but my mom really was the complete definition of a kick ass boss babe. My mom was an incredibly hard-working woman. She worked a day job, then did all her mom things (you know the things, getting us to practices and meetings and hair cuts and classes and helping us wash chickens…all the things), then helped around the farm we living on. Additionally, when I was ten, she was diagnosed with breast cancer that ended up taking her life when I was 27 and she was 54. Even with a poor prognosis, she didn’t alter her schedule any. She just added doctor’s appointments and chemo treatments, and back to work she went. Also, my mom...

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New Blogger or Influencer? Join Style Collective!


Not too long ago, I heard about a community called the Style Collective on a podcast interviewing the woman who began it, Annie. Her story had a lot of similarities to mine, including her mom passing away of cancer and her ambitious spirit. When she was describing the Style Collective and I heard it was only $15 a month to access it, I decided to give it a try.

If you’re a new female blogger or wanting to became an influencer of any type, you definitely want to try Style Collective. There is a closed website and Facebook group where women support each other by giving feedback, offering support, offering products and affiliations, and more! The resources on the web page along for anyone starting out or revamping her site are worth way more than the $15 fee. I’m talking free worksheets, affiliate links, media kit templates, stock photos, and the best networking!

If you’re interested in trying out and joining Style Collective, click this link to get started: Style...

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How to Build Your Own Vision Board


Hey friends! My sister and I went to a girls’ event this week through a company in Columbus, Ohio, called the Beauty Boost. They have locations throughout Ohio and Pennsylvania, and the founder, Rachel, puts together amazing events for women of all ages. I haven’t gone to many of the events, but all of them have I’ve been to have been fun and I’ve left inspired. This week the event was no different! I made a vision board for the first time, I want to say, six years ago at a retreat for a language business I worked with on the side. I LOVED making my board and actually still have it. However, I haven’t made one since then, so it was TIME. So, if you’ve never made a vision board, here’s how to in a couple steps!

Vision board in progress

First, you need material for the actual board…this can be a piece of paper, poster board, push board, bulletin board…really anything you can put ideas and pictures on that you can hang or place...

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5 Steps to Choosing Your Word of the Year - 2019


Happy 2019! I hope you all had a great end to 2018 and are starting 2019 refreshed and ready to focus on being your best self. I stopped doing resolutions a few years back and started picking a word that would really help me remain grounded in my life for that year. The word can be hard to come up with, though. Here’s how to pick your word for 2019:

  1. If you haven’t yet, I highly suggest taking five minutes (uninterrupted) and doing a brain dump with pen and paper of all the things you would love to do or be this year. Where do you want to travel? What does your professional life ideally look like? What are your financial goals? Is your health and fitness going to be a priority? What relationships are you focusing on this year?
  2. Now you’ve written your list of everything ideally you want to accomplish, work on, and make a priority this year. NOTHING is TOO big to be on this list. Once it’s complete (and this list isn’t final–you can go back and...
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