Lindsay Dollinger

Welcome to my website and my tribe! Because, let’s face it — we’re going to be best friends.  You’re likely here because you’re wanting to grow your direct sales business the right way and actually be successful while doing it without spending all your time on it. You’ve come to the right place!
I’m a high school Spanish teacher who has built a direct sales empire while working full-time since 2016.  I’ve switched companies a few times to find the perfect fit for me, and as I am building my own team of amazing leaders with the nutrition company I partner with (Le-Vel), I am also helping women of all companies grow their businesses the right way, without being spammy or salesy.  It’s so fun! I hope you’ll check out my resources or join my free group on Facebook, the Social Selling Sisterhood, to get lots of free value.
There are two ways you can work with me: by joining my team of amazing women (and men) who are leaders in our company, or if you're already in love with the company you are partnered with, check out my store for courses and products to really help take your business to the next level.
In addition to my love of helping women build a successful direct sales business, I am passionate about living a healthy and fulfilling life.  I value my family, my doggy — Bella, a good book or podcast, an exhausting work out, traveling all over the world, and spending time laughing with friends.  I love supporting entrepreneurs (shout out to all my bosses out there!) and am a fierce advocate of many causes.
Thanks for being on this crazy journey of life with me!



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If you ever meet me in person, you know I am obsessed with the team of women (and men) I get to work with and lead.  My company has allowed me to develop into the leader I am today and the opportunities are endless.  From a top notch compensation plan to a way to create lifelong friendships which are honestly more like a family, there's a lot I could share! Let's rock this beautiful journey together!

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