Lindsay Dollinger

Welcome to my website and my tribe! Because, let’s face it — we’re going to be best friends.  You’re likely here because you’re wanting to grow your own business the right way and actually be successful while doing it without spending all your time on it. You’ve come to the right place!
I’m a high school Spanish teacher who started off building an online business as a network marketer, growing my team and business to the top 1% of my company. I quickly realized teaching business strategy was my passion and started coaching and teaching other women how to build their online businesses in pockets of time without burnout! I hope you’ll check out my resources or join my email list to get lots of free value.
There's lots of ways to work with me to help you up level your business and life. You can listen to my podcast, The Purpose and Pixie Dust Podcast. New episodes launch weekly! You can head over to my free Facebook group.  Or you can join my high level mastermind, The Confident and Ambitious Mastermind, for total support and accountability!
In addition to my love of helping women build a successful online business, I am passionate about living a healthy and fulfilling life.  I value my family, my doggy — Bella, a good book or podcast, an exhausting work out, traveling all over the world, and spending time laughing with friends.  I love supporting entrepreneurs (shout out to all my bosses out there!) and am a fierce advocate of many causes.
Thanks for being on this crazy journey of life with me! Let's CREATE and OWN our magic!



Some Ways To Work With Me


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