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Thanks for checking out my podcast! I'm Lindsay, and I am obsessed with helping women find their purpose, build a successful online business without working all the time and avoiding burnout (aka sprinkle in the pixie dust!). Be sure to subscribe to my podcast to stay connected!

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Building a Personal Brand

How to pivot gracefully in your business when you build a solid personal brand

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Productivity Mastery

Building a business while also working full time

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Business Strategies

Lessons we can learn from Disney about building an iconic business

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Why is finding the perfect podcast, mentor and community is so important...

Before I started my business, I didn't realize how lonely it could be building a business.

No one necessarily understands your dreams or your desire to up-level.

There are so many programs I could buy or people teaching out there. It can be easy to get lost.

Not anymore. I wanted to create the Purpose and Pixie Dust podcast as a place where women could come together to cheer one another on. To get the support we all so desperately need when making our dreams reality. And to sprinkle that pixie dust into our lives and businesses so we don't get burnt out.

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