The Social Selling Sisterhood Podcast Episode 59- Focus the IPA's to Make the Money

blog May 05, 2021

Yeah. Hi friend. Welcome to the social selling sisterhood podcast. I am Lindsay Dollinger and I have many titles. High school spanish teacher, dog mom, world traveler and direct seller. I empower women to run your direct sales business is the right way. So you can earn the money. You deserve to live the life of your dreams and travel the world. Now we got that out of the way. Let's get started. What's up party people Lindsay da linger here with another episode of the social selling sisterhood podcast. Thank you so much for tuning in. I know you can listen to any podcast and have anything in your ears and you choose to listen to me and I really appreciate that. So anyway, I hope that you absolutely loved Our three Day EPA Workshop. Um if you missed it, the replays are up in the social selling sisterhood squad on facebook. That's my free group for this community of social sellers. And um we just, we just did all the things, you know, we talked about planning our week, we talked about content and connections, invites and follow ups. Um and I hope that those, that brief overview really got your gears ticking on how you can do your business basics even better, how you can schedule in that time to work your business, and also how you can schedule in that time to just be you to enjoy life, right? Because if we're not enjoying what we're doing is we're not enjoying the process and the journey of our business of really all the aspects in our life, like what's it, what's it for? Right? So I really want to encourage you to make sure that you are making your you time also a priority, but also knowing like these are the steps that I need to do in order to get my business to the level that I wanted to be at. And also remembering that overnight success is a total myth. Everything that we do takes time, it's going to take investing in yourself, It's going to take, um, you know, sometimes a few sacrifices you're going to be watching maybe a little less netflix or you know, maybe not going out to eat as much, even though I don't know how much you're going out right now anyway with everything going on. But especially as our lives are getting back to our new normal post pandemic, hopefully that'll be soon. Um, you know, make sure you have a healthy balance of your life and of your business so that you can live, you know, the life that you want to live and have all those freedoms that, that were really promised when we join a success or a social selling, um, a social selling company. Sorry, I was trying to look down and make sure my volume was up and I got distracted uh say lovey. Um anyway, so I really, really hope that by going through the workshop this week that you really were able to dial in on the things that maybe you have been doing, that we're not income producing activities. So um you know, things like graphics and gosh, graphics listening to trainings while I remember while those things definitely can help your building your brand and can help you learn some new things. Those are things that will at least graphics, um even email copy. Those are some things that you can outsource. Those are things that maybe you can borrow templates vomit from and quickly tweak in camba. Um and then as far as trainings, you obviously are a podcast listener, so finding ways where you can listen to things while you're doing tasks that don't take much thought now back in the day, I did try to uh do podcast and I still sometimes do, and then I remember like, okay, I can't do, I can't do do these two things at once because I'm not actually listening to this training. Um but if I'm going out for a walk, if I'm working out, um if I'm doing dishes, if I'm doing something that I can do without much thought, then I absolutely can listen to a training and then I just make sure deposit and got some notes down if I need to. Um but if I'm doing something like writing an email copy or messaging clients or follow ups or anything like that, that actually requires me to be a little more present. I've learned that it's just better to not have that going in the background. So anyway, your business basics, make sure you're doing a little bit of personal development every day. It can be something super short. Make sure you are finding things to be grateful in and for being positive in because that will help your mindset so so so much um you know and doing your basics, making your connections, your invites, your follow ups, scheduling and all those things that you need to schedule and really guys, that's it. All the other stuff is awesome. Um But it's extra, it's extra stuff that if you're finding yourself overwhelmed, if you're finding yourself not really sure what to do next, if you're finding yourself spending too much time um in your business or you know like I have a surgery coming up so I'm not going to be able to type with both hands. Um That's obviously gonna take me a little bit longer to do some things so I might have to tweak what my daily methods of operation are for those few weeks while I am recovering and no worries. Just a risk surgery. It's nothing um nothing super serious. Just trying to get things back in order from a break that I, I badly broke my wrist. Um Gosh, it was back in 2017 now. I fell up the steps of parent teacher conferences, which was so embarrassing. That's a story for another day. But hopefully this is my third surgery. Hopefully third time's a charm. But anyway, send me some well wishes for that. That's happening pretty soon. But so I just know, I know ahead of time. I actually message some leaders of my team today and I was like, hey guys, I know these two dates. Um you know when I'm gonna be on spring break in florida, when I'm going to be recovering from my surgery. I know, um, I might not be up to leading power hours that night would with somebody like to step up for that. So you know, planning a little bit in advance for those absences for those times where you might not be, you know, all in on your business like you normally are, can go a really, really long way. So you know, like my posts are going to be scheduled in advance for those, my power hours are planned out. I'm putting forth a little bit more work now so that I can afford to take off that time. And I don't mean afford monetarily, but I mean afford in that I'm not going to feel stressed because I'm not contacting the same number of people that I normally do or things like that. My business will still keep going without me actively being present which I definitely think is all of our goals. So anyway if you want to learn more about this friends um I really feel as though with all my experience in network marketing and direct sales um The past six years that I just really have been able to tweak dial in on um Honestly kind of perfect the systems that I have in place so that my business can run largely most days without me and um this is really what I am going to be teaching in the foundations of social selling. It's a four week small group mentorship we're starting april 12th and if you were on um and that's 2021 if you're listening to this in the future um but if you were on the three day I. P. A workshop you did get a coupon code. Um it's a discount code that is just like seriously the bus deal ever. Um I would have jumped at this had I found this honestly, even like a year ago with my business because having the systems in place and the clarity is just honestly priceless in our business. Um really in the past year I have been able to share this with my team to tweak it to modify it even more so that we're all able to see that duplication from the system that I teach in this. And I've got, I mean my my team has grown 400%. So anyway, I went to invite you personally to join us um heck you know, I'm just gonna give you the code on here. So the discount code is all caps sisterhood because I mean if you're listening to this podcast, you're my people, you're in my sisterhood um and I want to get you in there. So it's four weeks again, starting April 12, you got a small group um training coaching once a week with me, the replace will be posted on the website and then also once a week there will be a working zoom, all my templates, scripts etcetera that are referenced in our trainings and then any questions and you're gonna get a really supportive community that you can bounce ideas off of. Um you know, I love the community aspects of mentorship, so anyway, I don't want to spend any more time talking um but if this interests you, if you want to reach out and get some more information, please feel free to reach out to me. Um ask questions, you can ask questions also in the social selling sisterhood squad, but I really hope to see you in there if you are really looking um, for a super affordable way to up level your business. I think this is a friend, have a great day.

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