The Social Selling Sisterhood Podcast Episode 76- Rock your business during the dreaded J months

direct sales podcasts May 24, 2021

Yeah. Hi friend. Welcome to the social selling sisterhood podcast. I am Lindsay Dellinger and I have many titles. High school spanish teacher, dog mom, world traveler and direct seller. I empower women to run your direct sales business is the right way. So you can earn the money. You deserve to live the life of your dreams and travel the world. Now we got that out of the way. Let's get started. What is up? My social selling sister. It is Lindsay Dellinger the host of this podcast, the social selling sisterhood podcast. And I just really quickly want to thank you for having me in your ear buds, having me out in your car while you're doing the dishes wherever you listen to your podcast. I really appreciate your support and I hope that I am providing all the value that you are looking for in this podcast. And if I do, if you would please just take a second scroll down, leave me a five star rating and write like a one sentence review I would forever forever love you. Um, you know, screenshot this shared out in your stories and let your friends let your teammates let everyone know to listen in to learn how to do direct sales the right way. So today's podcast episode, we're going to be talking about the dreaded J months and if this is your first time in a network marketing or direct sales business, you might not have heard this term before, but it is said that traditionally the months to start with the letter j so january june and july again, traditionally are the slowest, lowest sales, lowest recruiting months that you will have as direct seller. This does not have to be the case though. Um, and quite honestly, I probably should have recorded this podcast and april to get out to you the beginning of May, which will make a little bit more sense here in a second as we're talking through some things. But I'm going to give you some, some tips, some reminders, some things to really strive for, to go ahead and start planning for these J months. So this is going to be airing the end of May. So when you hear this it's gonna be pretty imperative that you pull out that calendar, you pull out your direct sales done, right planner and tracker system because I know you have it and if you don't, you can grab it over on my website, www dot Lindsay Dollinger dot com, you can grab it there. Um It is freaking awesome. It's the one I use, it's the one my whole team uses. Um so anyway, it's gonna be a great time to go ahead and pull that calendar out and start planning because you're planning for these J months and then not only planning, but massively acting on that and I know I talk about that a lot. It's a massive action and being consistent in showing up all of these things are going to be so important throughout the summer to keep your business not only consistent and managing it and moving, but also moving forward. Right? And growing because that is our goal as business owners. That's why you are listening to this podcast is to grow your business not to maintain it, right? That's none of our goal. So, um, for the J months, I want you right now. So whatever you're doing for your power hour and I hope you are scheduling in that power our to work your business whatever you are doing whatever your target number is of new people, new leads, um new customers, whatever you wanna call it. Um, New connections, I want you to add on to that number, so I want you to be making even more new connections. Even more new leads getting in front of even more new people. Um and that can look like a variety of things that can look like being intentional, going into facebook groups, connecting with people there, that can be hashtags on instagram, this could be maybe you're doing more and more in person events as things are opening back up or is weather is nice and you're able to do things out loud um out loud, I said out loud because I'm sitting right by my clock and I was literally just thinking, oh my gosh, this clock is so loud, they're going to hear the ticking in the background. Um We're getting ready to do more events outside and you know, it's a great, great time of the year to go out and meet new people, more people, which is why we say our summer months are slower because people are not on social media and we are social sellers. So what we get to do right now is we get to shift from not only building a social business online, but we get to be social actually in person, which is a really magical thing. You know, I live in Ohio, so we don't get nice weather year round. So in the nice weather hits were like peace out computer. I'm not staying home, I'm getting out and I'm doing all the things. So yes, you can make more connections online and be really intentional about that, but you can also start being more intentional about meeting new people in doing events out outside of your home. So this could look like networking events, workout classes, meetups. Maybe it's even just you going with your friend and walking around a town or you're going to a girls night that your town has or craft fair or whatever, but you're going out, you're being visible in front of more people and you're connecting with more people. Um, and this relieves right into my next um tip is just to be more visible in general. So I'm talking specifically here about online, but don't forget and it can be really easy to forget when we are unplugged from the internet all summer. Don't forget to still be posting your stories regularly, your content regularly showing up and to do that. You might be working your business in a different time. So you guys know I'm a full time teacher, a lot of the women on my team or teachers um I just tend to attract birds of a feather flock together. I tend to attract a lot of teachers. So we're off from our traditional day job in the summer, which means that we get to work our business whenever we want to. We can work it even extra. We can indicate even more. I can go all in on my business during the summer because I'm off for my day job. So maybe that's you. Maybe your summer hours are different. So now it's time to work your business in dedicated time. Whether that is early before was unstable for school. Um, you know, early in the morning before your kids get up early before your day job because the sun is up. So you might as well be up. Um, maybe it's later hours. So I know during the winter I usually do my power hours from 8 to 9 in the evenings, but during the summertime and this goes for my team meetings as well. Those might be from 8 30 to 9 30 or even 9 to 10 because it's light later. I'm outside doing things later. I'm not in the house. And quite honestly, I am, I was attracted to direct sales, network marketing because of the flexibility because of being able to do it whenever I wanted to. Um, and so I don't want to have to and whatever I'm doing whatever kind of fun I'm having out with my friends or my family or whatever to stop and come back and do a team meeting. Right? So naturally my business time is going to shift during the summer. So my dedicated work time is going to be either earlier or later. Um, and I'm scheduling my posts though. I'm scheduling posts to make sure that my business is still running and then I am still being visible when people are on social media. So just because I'm not necessarily maybe logging in until 10 o'clock at night, that doesn't mean everyone is like that, right? Because not everyone that I'm attracting as teachers with the summer off. So some people still have their normal work schedule, right? They're not they're not staying up till midnight. Um, so I'm still doing things online and showing up, but I am being intentional about not only when I am working my business, but also when I'm scheduling my post so that people see me on line. Um, the other thing was scheduling and just planning in general is to go ahead and put on your calendar and start brainstorming, you know, our holiday events or fun things that you want to do in the summer. You know, maybe you want to do a summer sidewalk sale, do something for the fourth of july Memorial Day is coming up real real real quick If you're listening to this lifetime. Um, you know, even back to school sales, I don't even want to start thinking about it. But if you want to start thinking about back to school, a lot of our companies have summer conferences. So I'm sure you maybe you want to plan something special around that. Um, so just kind of started thinking, you know, what's going on, Not only that you can do for your customers that you can go ahead and start building content out for. Start prepping up, Start talking to people about Hostessing events for you. But also I want you to start thinking about when are you going to be off the grid? You know, when are your vacations when, um, even if you're not leaving and actually doing a vacation, I want you to think of like when you can have a staycation or a little bit of time off from your business. Um, If you were like me, I very, very much go, go, go, go, go push myself to the point of burnout and I do it all the time even though I preach not to and I preach all the ways to avoid it. Um, and I actually have a podcast and getting ready to record all about burnout. Um, but you need to take the time even if it's a long weekend, a couple of days to completely disconnect. Like I am not talking to anyone from my team, I'm not talking to a single customer. Nothing because I am planning out and I'm letting everyone know ahead of time. Hey, I'm taking off from my business um from friday till monday and I'll be back on monday night. I want you to take this time for you and then I want you to truly disconnect, Go out, go for a walk, go for a swim, go to the beach, you know, do your things. But especially if you don't have an actual physical vacation planned, I want you to plan in your own vacation from your business. Okay. When you do that, schedule your posts playing in advance. So go ahead. As soon as you get off this podcast, I'm being for real and look at your, your calendar for June July and heck. Even the first couple of weeks in August and go ahead and start mapping some of these things out. Okay. You know, 4th of July sale. I want to do for these three days. I should do maybe a live sale two weeks before that because I don't want to do too much. I want to do my sidewalk sale the first week in june. I know I'm going to be in Orlando for my conference, the middle of july. So I want to make sure, you know, like whatever you need to start doing, go ahead and plan it out because if you can plan it out right now, then I promise you it's going to be less stressful and you're going to actually enjoy your business again. Um, remember as you are, as you are starting to be more visible, you're making these more connections, you're doing all of these things that you're not going to see results immediately and this goes for all of the time in our business. So if you are just now like, oh man, I gotta start prepping for the summer honey, it's summer. So don't necessarily like, I don't want you to get down on yourself if it just so happens that your june is not the most stellar month because you didn't start prepping for it in May. Maybe you didn't know, maybe you did know and you're like me and you're a teacher and it's just been a crazy month. I mean we all have our things right? But just remember that our results are going to come and you're going to really see them In 30, 60 or 90 days from when you go all in and start doing all these things. So don't get discouraged. I'm not saying, hey, we're gonna put out into the universe where I'm going to have amazing J months. But I just want to let you know, you know that your results do take a little bit of time. Now I mentioned I'm a teacher. This is my time that I am prepared to go all into my business now. I also have several vacations planned. Don't worry. You guys know, I love to travel. Um We actually just plan a trip to Hawaii, which I am pumped about. So send me DME all of your Hawaii tips. We're only going to Oahu, which a lot of people are furious about that. We're not going to Maui. Um we're not going to Big Island. Um, a lot of it had to do with, we literally just planned this trip. I'm leaving in less than a month and so we waited completely until the last minute and um, like Mao is completely out of rental cars. So I mean there's lots of factors that went into it. This is our first time in Hawaii. So if you have any tips, um shoot them over. But I have that plan. I'm going with my team to Disney actually twice at the beginning of june for our retreat. I'm going back for our conference in mid july, so I have all these things going on. Um and I'm also planning on remodeling portions of my house and getting some things done around the house and going to Kings Island with my family, but I'm going to be able to spend dedicated chunks of hours working on my business, which I haven't really truly gotten to do since christmas break and before that since last summer break. So I'm excited. So this is a time if you are a teacher, if you have teachers on your teams to really support them to go all in and to spend this time either playing catch up for the lack of work you've been doing in your business in the past few months or just really use these few months to, to get the momentum going to have an amazing start to the fall quarter. Um, also if you have friends who are teachers, this is a great time to talk to them about joining your business opportunity because we have that little bit of extra time, whereas for a lot of people, it can seem really overwhelming to start a new business when it's back to school time, when it's christmas time, we always have an excuse. Teachers in the summer, we pretty much don't have an excuse, so keep that in mind. Um, and you know, what else? It's time to try something new. So like I said, you know, teachers, there's no excuse there, but just you and your business, I want you to use this time this summer as, um, you know, kind of an excuse to try something new. Maybe you want to host an outdoor event. Maybe you want to do something together with your team outside. Um you know, there's like literally the possibilities are endless. Maybe you want to have an open house and have potential customers come over and sample some of your products. This is a great time to try something new and have a lot of fun doing it. Maybe you want to have a pool party, I don't know, whatever you want to do, do it, try something new Planet Planet out on your calendar, something, you know, if something is on your heart and you've seen someone else do it or maybe you haven't seen someone else do it. So you think it's crazy, you know, do it and while you're at it, work your business outside. You know, we get so confined with, I think like working in a coffee shop, working from home, working from our couch. Use this time, enjoy this wetter weather, enjoy the vitamin C. Um. Work your business outside if you can if it's not too hot, especially if you're going out in the morning or late at night. Have fun with it. Bring the enjoyment, bring the fun back to your business. The summertime is an amazing time to really showcase the fun, the flexibility. Um All those, all those key parts of your business that most likely are the reasons that you started your business in the first place. Yeah. Friend. I guarantee you if you do these things that I mentioned, you're not only going to have an okay J. Month, you're going to have amazing J Month. So go ahead, get that, playing her out, start planning in your time. Um dedicate your work time. Make sure you're not working less in the summer that you do in your normal months, right? You want to at least maintain that time. Um But we really intentional about it. You know, spend one more minute making one more new connection, make one more post today. Um Maybe take those training classes that you've saved in your saved videos, on video, on facebook. You know what I'm talking about? I hope you have a saved folder where you put all your training videos you haven't got to watch yet, pull out that course that you bought that you have never taken. You know use this time really use this time to move your business forward and put your head down and just watch how it explodes Because you guys do this 30, 60, 90 days. Not only are you going to have an awesome summer, but you're going to have an amazing end to 2021 which is just going to explode your 2022 business. It's all about that dedicated consistent work time. Alright friend, I hope that you loved this podcast as much as I did sharing it, please share this out with your teams. Um you know, I'm always surprised when I'm talking about some of this, how much seems to be new to people, whereas at this point where I'm at with my career, with my career and I hear this, I'm like, oh yeah, that makes sense. Everyone must know what and that's totally not the case. So please share this, share this with someone new, share this with someone who's maybe getting discouraged because their sales are already starting to dip a little bit, their engagement starting to dip a little bit, you know, they're making all the posts and no one's commenting on him, It's that's a normal time for right now, especially since we are ending quarantine and all of those restrictions, people are going to be out and they're going to be more with people. So it's going to be our chance to pivot back into that reality which seems so far ago for so for so many of us. So friends, check me out over on the social selling sisterhood squad over on facebook. It's our free facebook community. I try to give lots of value in there. Lots of inspirational quotes and freebies and workshops and all the things. Um, please connect with me. Send me a message. If you listen to the podcast. I love to connect with my listeners. Um, and like I said, please leave me a rating and review. I would appreciate you so so much have a fabulous day and a fabulous summer. I know you got this, Bye bye. Yeah.

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