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5 Lessons for Entrepreneurs from the movie, "Tangled"

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Five lessons we can take away from the movie, "Tangled".


  1. Pursue your passions - Rapunzel's passion for art and adventure led her on a journey of self-discovery and ultimately helped her achieve her dreams. As entrepreneurs, we should pursue our passions and use them to drive our businesses forward.

  2. Take control of your own destiny - Rapunzel took control of her own destiny by leaving her tower and seeking out new experiences. As entrepreneurs, we must take control of our own businesses and make strategic decisions that align with our goals.

  3. Build strong relationships - Rapunzel's relationship with Flynn Rider was built on trust and mutual respect, which helped them overcome many challenges. As entrepreneurs, we should build strong relationships with our customers, employees, and partners to foster collaboration and success.

  4. Perseverance pays off - Rapunzel faced many obstacles and challenges on her journey, but her perseverance and determination helped her overcome them. As entrepreneurs, we must be persistent and resilient in pursuing our goals and overcoming setbacks.

  5. Embrace change and growth - Rapunzel's journey led her to discover new perspectives and change her perceptions of the world around her. As entrepreneurs, we should embrace change and growth in our businesses, staying open to new ideas, approaches, and opportunities for innovation and improvement.

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