5 Lessons for Entrepreneurs from the movie, "The Little Mermaid"

This is part two of a series I'm doing on my podcast, The Purpose & Pixie Dust Podcast, on five lessons we as women entrepreneurs can learn from the movie, The Little Mermaid.

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In no particular order, here are FIVE lessons we can take away from "The Little Mermaid".


  1. Take risks to pursue your dreams - Ariel's desire to explore the human world and be with Prince Eric pushed her to take risks and leave the safety of her underwater world. As entrepreneurs, we must take calculated risks to pursue our dreams and goals.

  2. Use creativity and innovation to solve problems -...

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5 Lessons for Entrepreneurs from the movie, "Tangled"

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Five lessons we can take away from the movie, "Tangled".


  1. Pursue your passions - Rapunzel's passion for art and adventure led her on a journey of self-discovery and ultimately helped her achieve her dreams. As entrepreneurs, we should pursue our passions and use them to drive our businesses forward.

  2. Take control of your own destiny - Rapunzel took control of her own destiny by leaving her tower and seeking out new experiences. As entrepreneurs, we must take control of our own businesses and make strategic decisions that align with our goals.

  3. Build strong...

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