Scheduling your week right can make a HUGE difference!

Alright, friend, it’s time to talk about why all those nagging tasks are not getting done. Maybe you have a passion problem (oh, another blog about that later!) or maybe you just have a scheduling problem. I want to give you some of my strategies for planning my life so I am most productive when I need to be, and also schedule in the breaks when I need to. Both are very important, especially if you’re trying to build a business!

Plan Backward

What I mean by this is, start planning your week/month/year by thinking about your goals. What do you want to achieve this year? This quarter? This month? Then work backward to break those goals into baby steps. So, say I would like to make $100,000.00 this year with my side businesses. If I break that down into quarters, it’s $25k a quarter I need to make, and if break it down by months, it’s about $8300 a month, and weeks that is about $2100. Perfect. With that I can write down my daily sales goals and then start...

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