Delegation, Automation. & Productivity in your Life (Training Replay)

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Delegation, Automation. & Productivity in your Life (Training Replay).
Hey girl, welcome to the Purpose and Pixie Dust podcast, the podcast where we dive deep into our passions, our purpose and really unlock our potential with some pixie dust thrown in. What is pixie dust you might ask. It's the fun and joy that gets unlocked when you're creating and owning your magic. I'm Lindsay, Dollinger dog, mama, Disney lover and high school Spanish teacher who has used my magic to grow businesses while also working full time. I'm on a mission to help other women create and own your magic by building not only the business of your dreams but also the life of your dreams while still juggling life, your full time job and all the things. So if you want more than this provincial life, let's use our glass slippers to break those glass ceilings and Sprinkle lots of pixie dust into our lives and businesses. Let's do this.
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This episode is a recording of a training that I did as a beauty boost ambassador for, well, I guess it's for all of the beauty boost chapters across the United States. So I'm an ambassador specifically here in Columbus, Ohio, and I get to do one virtual event a year. So I just did this one last week, It is all about automating, delegating. You're not just your business really, not much with your business at all, but your life and productivity and what you can do in your everyday life. So I hope you enjoy this and let's dive in.
Oh, I'm not muted. So you still like taking myself off mute Hello everyone before we dive in. I would love to hear if everyone wants to just drop it in the chat where you are from and if you feel comfortable, a goal or two that you have for this year or an intention, if you don't like the word goal um, I would just like to have kind of an idea of what everyone is kind of looking forward to or aiming to do this year um, as we get headed in. So if you want to start dropping those in the chat, I will quickly read through them and as you're doing that, I will introduce myself. So I am Lindsay Dollinger, I am in Ohio, I'm between Columbus and Dayton. So it's actually just saying, I tend to do more of the Columbus, Ohio beauty boost events, but I am planning on checking out some of the Dayton ones as well. Um I know I'm getting distracted by the chat. But I am a business coach for women who are building a business while also working full time. And so that is where the productivity delegation, automation has really become a huge part of my life and um so I'm excited to share all those things with you guys tonight. So I normally do all of this in the realm of specifically geared towards business. However, I have realized that a lot of the things that I'm doing my personal life have allowed me to have that free time in my business. So you definitely do not have to have your own business to take advantage of any of the tips that I am presenting tonight. Um also, I am a high school spanish teacher. I just ran my first and last marathon on sunday at Disney World. I am a huge Disney fan and I don't know for some reason, I thought if I did a Disney it would be less difficult and it wasn't. So um I have been juggling all of those things this fall um and I also a podcaster, so if you are a podcast listeners of my podcast is the Purpose and Pixie Dust podcast and I'm a dog mama. All right, let's see what we have.
Um, Baltimore biggest goal is to grow new business, financially stable Cleveland Ohio goals is to build self confidence. I love that since the not great at making goals, but hoping to be more assertive, Oh, that's good Dayton, incorporating more discipline in my life. Actually, discipline is one of the huge pieces I have found with time management. That can be one of the things that often derails us. So I love that I'm in columbus my goal this year is to get healthier and lose weight. Yes, Sarah from columbus a goal this year is to completely update, renovate my clothes and closet situation capsule wardrobes that are organized. That's actually one of the things that we're gonna talk about tonight do um, Nashville, I would love more time for writing. Yes, Buffalo new york continue to grow my business. Norwalk columbus um, right, Norwalk, um, columbus beauty boost member biggest intentions to get married. Great, Yes, Ohio living Cincinnati Asheville trying to be more specific. Okay, so we do have quite a few with their own business. Okay, clarity and scheduling time and focus. Love it. Princess runs, Yes, I'm actually signed up to do the princess half marathon next month, but we will see how that goes down because the blister situation is currently not good. I live in, since I'm looking at learning new skills and hobbies making new friends. I love that. That's totally what beauty boost is for Sue, my intention is to focus on myself, meet more people and Cincinnati Ohio intention is learning to focus. Okay, awesome, great. I am so excited. So if anyone is just now joining, we are putting in the chat where we are from and then sharing some of our goals and intentions for the year. So I'm going to go ahead, we have another one sustainability with all things that I want to do. Business, fitness, nutrition, fund finances, finding a way to live life fullest. Yes and develop, maintain a healthier lifestyle Yeah, and that encompasses so much. Okay, I love this.
Alright guys, so I will not be able to see the chat while I am doing like I'm sharing a presentation but I will toggle between the presentation in the chat from time to time, so I make sure that I'm not just talking with you, so feel free to put any questions in the chat as we're going along as well. So let me go ahead and share my screen and this is on canvas. Uh let's see present. So we are talking delegation automation and then also productivity because I think those really go hand in hand with a lot of um you know the pieces of our life, so this was about me again and this is what we're going to cover. Not necessarily in this order because as I was creating this um there's a lot of things that kind of go in several of the categories, you'll see that so hopefully my organization makes sense as we're going through this. So the very first thing and this is why I asked about your goals is I have found with productivity delegation automation, making those intentions for what we really want to get out of our life is we have to get super clear on what we actually want, so you know, what are your priorities in this season? And I like to say in this season because you know like I for example, I just ran that marathon so my fall, my business wasn't my number one priority, my number one priority was the training for that so that I didn't injure myself and so that I could check that thing off my list and now that that is done now I am back and able to just shift my gears so you know being able to look at that like just because something is getting more time and more of your attention and you know this month or this quarter or half year or this year doesn't mean that that is going to be your thing forever. So getting really clear on what you want in that self awareness I think is going to be super important and helping you achieve that like flow that we are really wanting to achieve.
So here's a couple of questions that I would love for, I'm just going to give you just a second to kind of think about, where do you feel that things in your life are going really well right now, like you're like I have this under control, you know, I don't need to worry about this, I don't want to change anything with this, where are you feeling maybe overwhelmed or frazzled or like you can never get caught up or that you are under performing in some sort of way. And how are your current habits supporting the goals that you guys just shared with me that you have? Um and again, there's no judgment here at all for any of these things, just like being really aware, like almost like you're a third party looking at in your life, what are you doing? Well where can we improve and how is what you're currently doing? Supporting your goals? So I'm just gonna give you like I said just another or like a minute to kind of think about that, if you have pen and paper and you want to drop that down and you want to screenshot this to journal about later, feel free to go ahead and do that. Okay, and to continue with that, raise your hand. Well if your videos on, if you have heard of the wheel of life or if you've ever done that with a life coach or the beauty boost event, awesome. Yeah, I see some people raising their hands, so if you haven't and you want a copy of a wheel of life, I have one there, you guys can't hyper click on it, but you can type that in or screenshot that for later, basically what a wheel of life is and let me show you because I have one up and this again, I think really helps get clarity. Um so just hold tight with me if you're like, this is not about productivity yet, this is why, okay, this is what it looks like you share again as it is loading, just thinking about loading. Um so it basically it takes these areas, if I can, There we go and you rate them one being like your lowest and 10 being your super fulfilled in that area and um this can kind of help you decide where your focus gets to be in the upcoming year, so personal growth, health, your friends, some of this sometimes you'll see this. U
m I guess relationships is here, sometimes you'll see these together and there will be another column for faith if that pertains to you feel free to change that recreation. I guess spirituality is there um career and finances. So this is something that I like to really think about in these areas, like where my feeling and ranking myself in order to really start thinking, okay, where do I need to start cleaning things up and setting boundaries for myself in the coming year. So that's what that looks like if you want to download that. So once we have that, once we have that figured out is where we get into the fence staff. So let's talk about time saving hacks. So with scheduling, first of all, I feel like everyone has their own preference and their own way to do it. So I'm just going to share a couple of the ways and things that I do, um feel free to write in the comments. How do you currently schedule your time out? So first thing and I had a coach and you guys have probably heard this before, especially if you were in the entrepreneurship realm, but I had a coach one time tell me that, you know, if she looked at my schedule, that would show me how successful I'm going to be at the things that I was trying for because the schedule is going to show her my priorities and that just really, really stuck with me. Um because for example when I was on a weight loss journey and I really, you know, losing weight meal prepping, going to the grocery and getting in workouts was really important to me. It showed because it was in my calendar, like it was in my, my apple calendar, it was in my google calendar. I set reminders, it was in my written planner, it was in all of the places and I actually made that a priority when I sat down on Sunday to plan for the week ahead. So that is my first step is to pick a time each week to plan and prep for the following week, so I prefer to do this on Sunday mornings. Um pretty much when I wake up when I'm eating breakfast, I will pull open my phone um I have a written planner as well as I do and I time block, I do hourly time blocks.  Obviously not not in my phone app because my phone up I can actually just put the time, you know that you know my appointment's at 9 24 or 215 245 or whatnot. Um But on my paper planner I time block things out and this is mainly for my time like before work and after work and I will put things in there like meal prepping phone calls or zoom calls that I have with clients.  My Peloton rides, you know really anything that I want to make sure is a priority to get done while also scheduling in extra time because I think that is a big place if you are like me, especially if you're used to time blocking your like okay my palate in reds an hour, so you schedule it from 210 to 2250 but you're not giving yourself any time to change your clothes, go to the bathroom, go get water, you know, clean up afterwards or doing things like that, so really making sure that you're not only scheduling the things that you want to have time for, but also scheduling your downtime, which sounds really silly, but give yourself more time. Um, you know, and some people even say to schedule like leave one day for like catch up for the week. Um so you know, friday's might be the day where you are calling and making appointments, you were paying bills that you didn't get paid for the week. You are, you know, looking at the next week schedule, like kind of like tying up loose ends. So some people prefer to do that as well, but I just like to time block and give myself extra time in my time blocking, uh find a plan or a calendar that you actually use. So that's why I mentioned, I use my phone, the calendar on my phone, I have a google calendar, I have a written one as well just because I'm a super visual person, so I like to see how things play out and you know, I can cross them out and move them around.
Another thing, if you have a specific goal that you are working for color code, so if you have your written planner and you see that you're writing in red every time you're working out and you're writing in blue every time you have a business commitment and you're writing in green when you're seeing your friends and purple with your family or whatever and one of your goals this year was to spend more time with your family and friends. But when you're looking at the color, everything is not those colors, then that can be a really quick way for you to again kind of self assess, okay, am I really spending time on the things that I want to make a priority or am I doing other things with that time? Another thing that I like to do, and again, it sounds really simple and I promise not all of my tips are this simple. Um but setting reminders on your phone, so I have reminders on my phone. Um you know, I have an Apple Yeah, Apple phone, it's called Apple an iphone. Like this is not going to have an iphone. So I'm assuming Androids have a similar feature, but there's a reminders app that just comes on your phone, I use it so much. So any time, especially if I'm in the middle of another task and I'm like, oh I need to ask my boss about this or I need to make sure that I cancel my gym workout for tomorrow night before I get charged. I will set a reminder in there for five minutes before I want to do the actual thing and then I will hop back into whatever I was currently working on because I find if I don't set myself that reminder, then I will be like, okay, I need to go cancel that at this time. Like I'll go and cancel that right now while I'm thinking of it and then I've lost all my productivity and all my momentum with the thing that I'm currently working on. So the reminders has been a huge thing. 
Another cool thing that you can do with reminders and is you can set them up to be reoccurring, so if you need to set a reminder for every Sunday at seven PM to sit down and look at your schedule, do that. If you need to set a reminder for eight p.m. At night to make sure that you are meditating, do that. Um So you know don't think that it's too like simple or basic um to use those reminders because it can be a really really awesome tool. Um And save you a lot of a lot of missing appointments or on not being productive etcetera trying to move around the same thing so I can see my presentation. Okay um let me move this as well. Another thing designated time to check emails also sounds really simple. It saves so much time. So not only do I try try to only get on my email like four times a day, I also turn off and this is on another side but I turn off all the notifications on my phone. The only notifications that I get are for um a phone call and text messages from certain people. Other ones I have to like it'll still um like show on my phone that but it won't vibrate, there'll be no noise, anything like that. Um No social media gets any sort of notification. I have to actually physically go into the app to click on it to look at it. Especially if you were in a business and you were getting lots of messages, you need to do this to save your sanity. I promise your life will be changed. Like I got to the point in one of my businesses that I was getting so many facebook messages that I was like I'm going to quit like I can't handle this anymore and I turn off those notifications and it was like because there's no such thing for most for most cases there's no such thing as a social media emergency that you have to be tied to your phone to be checking that stuff all the time.
Here are some apps and I have another slide down the road but this ones are specifically to save some time if you, if your bank has an app, download your app for your bank or for your credit cards. So you can super quickly schedule payments, check on things and you don't have to drive to it anymore. Like a lot of these tips couldn't weren't tips 250 years ago because now we can do things like automate and do so much of our stuff online that we don't have to make a trip to the bank. Um You know if you are someone that ships a lot of things look into a shipping site like pirate ship where you can print labels out way things at your house A lot of times they even send you a free scale um you can schedule them to be picked up, so again you don't have to be running to the post office to do those sorts of things because it can take a really long time. Um And and I want you to start thinking about what can you order online that you don't already do? Now. There are times where like I love to walk through Target so like you don't have to give up those things if they bring you joy but if you're like I don't have enough hours in the day or I'm looking for ways to streamline things. That's when we can think more about ordering online what we can and finishing up the time saving hacks, um stacking errands. So this is one that I got really good at. I used to live in columbus like actually in columbus since then since I've moved outside of the city um I have gotten really good at stacking my errands because it's not a five minute drive anymore to the store, it's a 250 minute drive to the store, so I'm like okay if I I'm going to drive to the store after work, what other steps can I do? Okay I do actually need to run into the post office because I need to ship my passport or you know um I know I'm going to go to the doctor's office tonight. I'm going to go to the grocery store on my way home and I'm going to do this while I'm out. So like stacking those errands where they make sense. You know what can you run through and get when you come home from the gym tonight instead of making a separate trip for that because that's most likely an hour round trip of your time when you are making multiple trips in one week. Plus it saves you guys. So win win. Right?
Another thing depending on your thoughts on your house and organization. Um And again it sounds really simple but putting things back when you're done with them in your home. So how many times have you been looking for the scissors or I don't know, the can opener and it's not in the door where you normally put it right because it's in another drawer or it's in the counter or you're looking for that bottle of carpet. So you know just random stuff like that. But if you just when you're done with him, take a minute and put it back to where you got it, you know doing those things and this is going to come up later to if something will take you less than five minutes to do, knock it out and get it done if you can like knock it out and get it done now that way it's, you know, things aren't building up and then your to do list is building up and then you don't want to do anything on that note, having boundaries that you stick to. So this goes really nicely back to that circle of life that we talked about or your goals and intentions for the year. Once you have those, it can be a lot easier to have some boundaries that you stick to. So like one of my boundaries for the past probably year and a half, I just know that I function better on more sleep. Like I am not one of those people can get seven hours of sleep and be a nice person. I'm like an 225, 220 hour person, so like I'm in bed at 220 30 so like my clothes are already out for the next day upstairs. Like my pajamas are ready to go when this call is done, I'm washing my face brushing my teeth and I'm reading Prince Harry's new memoir because I just got it from amazon today and I'm going to bed. So like, that's been a really hard boundary for me. Um but it's been one, like I have so much more energy, I feel better and so it's been really easy for me to stick to. So kind of think about those boundaries that align with your goals for the year that you get to create.
Maybe it's the number of times a week that you're going to the gym, maybe it's how much time you're working on your business. Um maybe you feel like you're not working enough, so you're adding more time in it, maybe you are on your phone too much, so you're going to set a boundary with that. So making those really clear boundaries um can be another thing that actually will end up saving you time in the long run and everything's just kind of flowing nicely. And the last thing with this is making a dreams list because we don't have time to do everything right now right? And we don't have to do it all right now because hopefully we have really long fulfilling lives coming coming up for us. So I don't want you to put things off necessarily that you can do now or push things away, but like just throwing it out there one day I would like to write a book. Is this the right season for it? No, because I have too much on my plate already. Um and you know, it's just not quite in alignment right now, but it's on my dreams to do list right? Um at some point I want to go to Disney World, I'm working towards actually Disney World, but you know, central florida. So I'm working toward that, Is it happening this year? Probably not, but it's on my dreams list. So you know, being able to decide what sorts of things you can put on this dreams list or your due later list versus what you get to focus on right now in this season can be super super helpful. So I'm going to stop sharing super quickly because I see some things in the chat and let me know if you guys have any questions. Let me see there's some more goals turned off. Audio notification isn't it? Reggie, Isn't that amazing? Like it is so triggering. Yes, perfectly coordinated. Errand trips are fabulous every time I find my passport exactly where it's supposed to be. Yes. That's another thing. I have a um actually my dad has it. I keep my passport in my dad's. That's how like I have done it my whole life and it is staying there because we have one set location where we put the passports and I'm like I we need to keep doing this like this. It makes perfect sense. I'm not going to change doing it. Passport is another one. Yes. You definitely want to be putting that up each time. Alright, so if you have any time saving hacks that I have not shared. Please drop them in the comments. I would love to hear them and I will stop to read them. So here are some helpful apps. So we already talked about turning off your notifications if you did not know, you can also set limits on your phone apps. So I believe it's under like bedtime settings on your phone on an iphone at least. Um, so you can set your bedtime, so again mines for 8 30 so at 8 30 everything grays out and I can go in and I can override it if I want to get on that app for some reason, but that's like one of my time limits that helps me set on my phone or that I set on my phone that helps me. So I'm like, okay, it's like it's time for me to turn off all the things. Um, I put on here Trail O trail o is like a sauna. Um, there's some other like click click up is another one. Trail. Oh, I used a lot on the business side of things, but I also have used it for planning out my week. Um, I also knew teachers who have used it to plan on curriculum. So basically trailer is kind of like a virtual board where you can put sticky notes and lists and move things around and set reminders. So if your brain works that way and you want to check that out, trail. Oh, is my personal favorite. Um, but again, asana, click up air table are other ones that are very similar. One thing that goes really nicely with automation that we're going to talk about is having device backups that run automatically for you. So for example, for my photos, I I pay extra for an iCloud upgrades so that it upgrades everything on my phone and my computer or upgrades, um, what's it called, backup. It backs everything up so I don't have to worry about losing it. But I also have amazon photos. It's free if you have Amazon prime and google photos as well. So it backs up everything and I never have to think about it. Like I just, I have a setup so it automatically does it, it does it every time I open up my computer as well, um, there was something else over here. com is also another way that you can back up your computer that should say sometimes not somehow if you are unfamiliar with Unroll dot Me this is actually not an app that I know of, but it's a website that you can sign up for. And it basically puts your, it puts emails that you like mark for like you, you will, you will pick the sender. So for example, my almost all my promotional emails I have marked so like Kohl's, Kroger's, Target, amazon, you know, different things like that. I will mark them in my unroll dot me account and it will take all of those emails and put it into one email, like almost like a round up like a newsletter for you that you can read each day. And they will also all go into a special folder in your, your gmail that you have to click on. But you can still search for it. So like if you're standing in the cold check out and you're like, I want to see if there's a coupon, you can still type it in and it will still come up in your gmail but you actually won't see it and it won't clutter your inbox anymore. So this is one of my favorites. Um So definitely look into that. Um Let's see what else. Um Any do dot com is another task management website where it's like um like list checklist that you can put for things that you want to get done and you can move things around and delegate them that way. So if you prefer to do that virtually is a nice website for that for if you're looking for something to help you stay focused while you're working, especially if you're doing something digitally. Um Noisily dot com is background noise but they have special songs that are like curated playlists for you to focus better or to be more calm or different things. So that is another one because some people have said focus, so that might be helpful for you and then one password, if you are someone who wastes a lot of time trying to remember your passwords. Anyone else besides me. Um You might try one password. So that's one where it will put all your passwords in one app so that you have them. And then I also have this website up here at the top and this this will be shared with you guys. This had Located so many time management apps I have heard of a lot of them and they all have really good reviews. So if you were looking for some more absent tools specifically for automation delegation productivity make sure to check out this article. It was great. I want to say there were like 30 of them and I was like I'm not going to put everything on this slide but this website was awesome for that. Um If you have a helpful app please drop it below. I would love to hear what apps you use for delegation automation productivity. Um I think we have some chats. Let's see I'm not able to open it when I'm sharing so I'll look at him just second.
Okay so we're gonna move into automation um you might have heard of habit stacking before but I think for automation specifically it can be a really good habit. So basically super short what habit stacking is is you take something that you you're used to doing already like brushing your teeth and you will add another habit that you want to start incorporating into your life like either right before that habit or right after that habit so you stack it so that that will also become part of that routine for you. So um for me for example going to bed that I was just mentioning, you know, taking my contacts, brush my teeth, wash my face jammies on, go into bed and then my next thing used to be a quick five minute meditation on my peloton app, but I started last summer reading right before that and I read for pleasure before bed. It's not like a business book or a personal development book or anything that I have to think about really hard. So um I started reading the Outlander series, so I just stuck it right next to my bed next to where my phone would go when I'm doing my meditation. So then I see the book, pick up the book and I started doing it. So those sorts of things that you can stack into things that you're already doing, basically become automation after a while, like I'm so used to reading, I have to get a couple of pages in before I go to bed. Um and so that is one really easy way to start automating those habits that you want to add into your life prepping the night before what you can. So like I mentioned my clothes are out, so I don't have to think about them. Um if I'm working out somewhere out of my home, those are also laying out or the gym bag is ready and that's really nice too because when you wake up in the morning if you're feeling rushed or you overslept or anything, like, you know, you have those things ready, You don't have to think about those things. We talked about reminders on your phone um for automating, which I think is a huge thing. Another thing that I like to do and I feel kind of silly doing it, but I email myself especially at work and I schedule those. So if it's something that you know, maybe I don't want to be on my phone all the time at work or like I'm trying to think of what I just got, it was about like a worksheet that I want to give my kids next week for this um contest we're doing, I set the reminder in december because I saw an email about it and I scheduled the email to myself to be sent next week. So you know, that can be something just to remind you to do something. Um I've also done these, if you need like a motivational talk and you're like, I need to remind myself in a month when Ohio is gray and dreary and icky and I don't feel like doing anything. I need to remind myself my why I need to remind myself my goals for the year or whatever, write an email to yourself and schedule it and send it and be your own cheerleader in that way, Like that's been a really, really fun thing for me to do this year. Um okay, another thing for automation that you might not think about Is what can you set up on auto delivery. So one thing as I was thinking about this making this um medicine, you know if you are if you have medicine that you're taking regularly instead of going to the pharmacy to pick it up every month or 203 days, can you do a mail in pharmacy? Almost every insurance company that I know of now does that save so much time? Same thing if your pet is on medicine, I just realized I could do this for my pet as well. So you know my vet office has an app. Now they have a store attached. So not only can I get my pets medicine there, but I can also get her prescription food which saves me like an hour and a half round trip to the vet by the time I get there, get it and get out. So pet supplies is a huge one. I know on amazon for example if you're an amazon user you can automate your cleaning supplies. Like I think they even have the button that you can put by your like your washing machine to reorder your tide pods or something like that. So you know can you do set up any sort of auto delivery or service subscriptions on any of the things that you regularly use, you know, toilet paper, tissues, your shampoo products. Um A lot of you probably support a direct seller or a network marketer with hair products or makeup or things like that. Most of them have some sort of a subscription service. So that can be really helpful too. Like you don't even have to think about it because your shampoo is already arriving, you know, once every four months or whatever. Another one that might seem kind of silly is a robot vacuum. So I have an off brand. Um, what is it? It's a shark guys, if you don't have one of these, um, you can get super cheap ones now on, you know, pretty much anywhere, you know, any of the big major stores or online saves so much time vacuuming, especially if you have a pet or if you have hardwood floors that get dust on them a lot. Um, you know, you can set this up for a certain schedule or like I just come home and I pick a different room in my house and I press go on it every day. So by the time the week is done, every room has been vacuumed with the robot. Um, so so much time. So that's probably one of my favorites if you have to pick any of these things to get started on, you need a robot vacuum. Um, Okay, let's see.
Let me move this again. And someone mentioned about clothes, wardrobe capsules. Um, I have to admit, I personally am not a, um, I'm not good at this one. You know do, as I say, not as I do kind of thing with the clothes, but less choices with your clothes. Now I do do less colors. So when I do laundry I have a load of black, I have a load of darks, I have a load of whites and I have a load of pinks, that's pretty much my colors when I do laundry. Um so not just for laundry, but I have read before that ceos of major companies was it steve jobs were like had seven outfits of the same thing and he would wear them every day to work without having to think about what he was wearing. So I don't know if you have to go that extreme, but you know, where can you have less choices in your clothes, your makeup, your hair products, those things that you're using every day that you know, do we really need 85 different um, eyeshadows or can you pick one palette and stick with it or two and then you have a little bit less to think about and you can do things just a little bit quicker in the mornings, does anyone have any questions about any of that? I will keep moving on then. So another one of my favorite things is meal plans. So, um if you love to cook, there are meal subscription boxes that you can get, like my favorite is Green chef, but I know there's hello fresh, there's all sorts of them so you can do that if you like to cook. The other thing though that I like to do because I'm not a huge fan of cooking and um when we would do the Green Chef, it would take almost an hour in the evenings by the time we made everything and cleaned it up um and I was like this is just an hour, I do not have, you know, while I'm working full time and building a business, so we recently switched to factor, I think it's factor 75. It might just be factor though, I don't know why I'm thinking 75 but factor meals and they come fully cooked um every week I get them delivered on Tuesdays and they're already portioned out, they're healthy and they're always two minute warm ups, so I get, I get six of them, so I take them for lunch the rest of the week and then I have them for lunch on the weekends and then like one evening meal. So you know what can you do? Either meal prep wise or can you get an actual meal plan? So I also belong to the faster way to fat loss. But there's other places you can get weekly meal plan sent to you and they send me a meal plan with a grocery list, so that saves me so much time. Like I'm like, I don't even have to think about it. I know that if I want to follow this meal plan for this week, I need to get five avocados. This, this is you know done and done. So if meal prepping or meal planning is something that is stressing you out or taking a lot of your time consider, you know the meals that already made for you. Um I found factor just by googling it, it was like pre made meals shipped and it came up. Um I know there are some awesome like there's lux and lemon um or might be lemons but local to columbus you know, I just needed to find something that shipped to my area but you know find something local in your community to support as well. That's a really awesome way to do that. If you have your own business or you need to keep track of receipts and things for taxes. Quickbooks might be something that you can, you know, just quickly upload receipts and take a lot of that time out of your tax prep workout plan in advance. So some ideas for your workouts, one if you belong to a gym or a studio, you know, Orange theory, Pilates whatever. Can you go ahead and go in at one time and be like okay I'm doing every monday class at 4 15, every Wednesday class and just quickly schedule him in. Um that way in that way, you know you're working out at the same time. So again, that's just like an automatic thing, you know, your significant other nose or your friends know like your time is blocked out between this amount of time on these certain days because you always go to the gym on those days. Another thing like I mentioned, I love my peloton, so I have my peloton app so I can actually go in there and stack classes and in vain. So um I know exactly when I get on the bike, how much time I work I was going to be around, I don't want to say round trip, but like, like the whole time how long it's going to take me instead of me, you know, sitting on the bike scrolling through things, which one do I feel like today maybe, you know, so I, again, taking as much of that decision making time out can really help with automation. It can also help with decision fatigue because I don't know if you're like me, but at the end of the day I'm like, I don't want to think about anything else. And then that's one more reason for me not to work out because I'm like, I don't want to decide what class to do, but if I went in and I scheduled everything out on my sunday when I sit down to schedule things, it takes that like that process out of it and I'm much more likely to actually do it and here's one um whether you use zoom for your workplace. But one thing that you can do is I have my zoom set up to auto record so I don't even have to push the record button and wait for that to start or whatever, so it's in my settings and whenever I open my zoom it just auto records it. So I don't have to think about it if I don't want the recording, you know I just delete it. So anything like that that you can take that one extra step and set up in an app, in a service, in a website on your bank, you know paying your bills automatically if that's something that works for you is a great way to save some time with automation. Um Okay. One of the questions for delegation as we move into this is what do you actually have to do? So we already talked a little bit about meal prep, like do you have to be the one that cooks especially if it's not enjoyable for you, You don't have to be the one that cooks. So that's one thing um house cleaning is another popular thing for people to outsource or to delegate. Um And I don't want you because I think a lot of us, if you're like me can feel a lot of guilt around these like you know, who am I to have someone cleaning my house or doing my laundry or prepping my meals or you know like why am I able to do those things? Um but keeping in mind that, okay, instead of that hour that I'm meal prepping every night, like that's my time for my workout. That's my time to work on my business, That's my time to spend time with my family that I get, instead of doing something that I don't enjoy doing that, I don't necessarily have to do. So that's one question that I'd like you to kind of ponder is what do you actually have to be the person doing? Like mowing was one of my first things to delegate and outsource and like, I do not have to be the person outside mowing my yard for three hours. And truthfully, the guys that do it get done in like 45 minutes, it looks amazing. You know, it's like there's only genius versus me doing something that is not my zone of genius takes me way longer and I could be doing something else that is moving me towards. My priorities are my goals. Um we already talked a little bit about subscriptions, you know, so what groceries supplies can you subscribe to so that you automatically get things. Um, and if you do want to cook on your own crackpot and instant pot is an amazing way for you to just throw things in in the morning, Your meals are ready for you when you get home in the afternoon and those of you who do live with family members, even if you don't live with them, you know, if you have a parent who will watch your Children, where can your family members kind of help you and those of you with kids who are old enough to help with chores, you know, who can help you in your house do these things so that you're not the one doing all of the things. Um I think that is also another thing that we as women especially were like, well I'll just do it myself or you know, I'm I'm the one responsible for these things, um but again, going back and asking like, what do you actually have to be the one doing and well you're going to wrap it up with productivity? No, is an answer. So another thing that I realized on my journey for productivity is when I found myself, you know, feeling overwhelmed or like I was doing a lot of things that weren't really, you know, going toward my goal, so like volunteering at school to do things or taking tickets at the basketball game, I'm like, is this is this anything that is getting me towards being healthier, building my business? Um you know, like making better relationships with people, I'm like, no, this is not so reminder that no is an answer if if it's something that is not serving you and don't feel guilty about it? Um another thing with productivity is an I don't think this is quite multitasking but what are things that you can double up doing? So if you're a podcast listener and I'm a huge podcast listener um or an audiobook listener like is there something else that you could be doing while you are listening to that? So you can't always do that, especially if it's something you know, you need to take notes on or you want to really be focused on honing in on, but you know if you are doing the dishes um I like to do it in the shower, I have a bluetooth speaker that I have hanging in my shower and I will listen to you know, a podcast and audiobook because that's often when I get my best ideas are like my biggest epiphany is in the shower or driving, um you know driving to work, what can you be doing during that time? You can be listening to some, you know some of these things I mentioned at the beginning as well, if it takes less than five minutes, just do it now or if you have lots of these tasks that you've been putting off, I will take an hour on a friday afternoon before I like log off for the day and do all these things. So I'll make that appointment for my mammogram, I will make that appointment for my dental exam. I tend to do like all my yearly exams, I schedule them like on the same day because I'm like oh I gotta do this one and my eye doctor appointment and all that, you know just just get them off, get them checked off the list, get it done and then you don't have to think about it again until your appointment. Uh Likewise don't put things off, you know, because if you do get sick, you do go out of town, you're going on vacation, You will regret not doing those things that you know, you have to get done packing for that trip, coming up doing all that laundry, you know, doing laundry sucks way worse if you are sick doing it. Um So gosh, what is the quote that I heard something about basically like setting up future you for success by having present, you get done what you can now? Um And on that same note, this is the last point on here is when is your energy the highest. Because that's another thing with productivity that I have found is like if I am like pushing myself through and like making myself get done work that I don't really want to do or like my energy is not good, I'm not feeling well or I'm feeling off, you know, it's going to take me longer, it's not going to be done as well. So really knowing and having that awareness of yourself? Like are you a morning person, are you a night person? Do you work better, mid morning afternoon, whatever. Um you know, if now is not the time my computer says it's going to update, that doesn't happen, um but you know, if now's not the time to do something, it is okay to table it, just knowing that it is your responsibility to be disciplined enough to come back to making sure it gets done um you know, so that goes for anything, your workouts, your relationships, if you know that you have worked all week and okay, I hope I'm here, Yeah, I'm here, my computer's doing weird things, so no, but if you know, you have worked all week and on friday night you are going to be a zombie and you're not gonna be a nice person to hang around, like that's maybe not girls night girls night on a saturday night or on a thursday night, right? So you know, being really aware of that and again, kind of like making that a boundary and like to know is the answer no, your energy and what really fills you up and lights you up and do those things in that time. So like, you know, when I immediately get home from school, my energy is still really high, I make myself get on the bike and do my workout, I make myself do those phone calls and follow up and work with my clients and things like that then, because I know that you know, a couple of hours later, I'm gonna be trashed, like I'm not gonna, you know it's not going to be the Lindsay that I deserve to give to people. So keeping that in mind too with productivity I think is a really huge one and super quick I did want to mention because we do have some ladies on here who are um starting their own business or maybe you are working in a career where these will be helpful, some delegation automation business tips if you have not yet, consider maybe hiring an M. V. A. Or an assistant to help you if you have not heard of fiber dot com, you can also outsource things on there. Um make social media templates and schedule your posts in advance. So I love camp up for this. So I just make templates like for my podcast, it kind of looks the same every week when I put it on instagram, I just have to go in and change the title, upload my guest picture and then I just upload it and I also schedule my post through um meta business suite. So that's another one that I love doing and repurpose content when you can so you know um like I have my podcast so I take clips of that and I put them in um like reels and different things like that. So I don't want to go a ton into business because I know not everyone in here that pertains to but those are some things, you know once you automate your personal life and you get your personal life productivity done, you can work on this in your business as well and it really helps things really flow super nicely. Okay questions what questions, what comments, what stood out to you guys. I want to hear all the things. Are you doing any of this already? Finding it successful? Has any of this not worked for you feel free to mute as well? Um and I will stop sharing my screen for a second so we can chat. There was a lot of me talking you guys are champs for still being on, I didn't realize how late it was. Who wants to anyone want to share or anyone want to share something that I didn't mention that you have found really helpful. I have my blue light blocking glasses on. Help me before bed like I mentioned oh blue my bluetooth shower speakers. Actually I think it came in my fab fit fun box but I bought another one too, it was like 10 bucks on amazon um but Kendra if you want to find me on social and send me a message I can give you a link, let's see my A. D. H. D. You forgot I needed to do two things to remind you of this Bridget. Did you set reminders while I was talking? Like I legit guys I'll see like right here reminders like they pop up. Oh I guess my things blurred, but they pop up on my phone all the time and they'll keep popping up until you do them. Um I need to do this for your podcast. Yes, Jessica. Yes. Let's see. Um Courtney says the things, oh, I recently heard a tip to go through your fridge and pantry once a week to get rid. Oh, I love that. Um I do that loosely on trash day. So when I'm getting my trash as I'm like pulling stuff out of the fridge, that's bad. Um but I don't do it as good. Like a deeply like I need to do, I had to interject and let you know that I have been multitasking during this, you know, I love it. I love it. I didn't even think to mention that. But yes, that is an appropriate use of multitasking. That's one that you don't have to pull over to do. I love listening to podcasts while working and doing homework. Housework here. I said homework. That's the teacher in me. Um Mexico faster. Yes. Love instant pots. Okay, let's see. Work week lunch. They don't specifically do. Never heard of that meal. Prep manual. Oh gosh, you guys have some really great tips in here. I didn't even see all these comments coming through meal plans. We buy a protein. Yes, I love buying a rotisserie chicken. That's another great one and like shredding it and making stuff with it throughout the week. Um that's great factor meals. Oh I love that you use them too. Yeah, they're so good. They actually are really good. Who has a newsletter? Oh, atomic habits. Yeah. That's a great book. It's a really big book. But great book. Robot vacuum for the win. We got one last year. End up getting another one. Yeah. We actually have on the second floor to which I feel like I'm like dude this sounds so bougie like why do I need to? But you do you need to if you have a two floor so you need to because they can't go down the steps um For my other ship things before I had a system down for things like trash bags. I like to write the date. I open the product up. Oh that's a good one. Um so when I run out I have an idea of how long it takes me. That's a really great tip. I love that. The shark is option. Yes. I got mine on Black Friday two um Lights were out on the reef. So it's got a reminder set, A reminder. That's so smart to buy new lights. Let's see. Oh my gosh you guys had so many. I didn't see any of these comments coming through. I would have stopped talking. Um I used black friday. Okay, another thing that I do for social media and this sounds really mean of me but I de friend people on their birthdays. Does anyone else do that? Like it pops up that it's someone's birthday and if it's someone that I haven't talked to or I have no idea who they are, you know, you know, you guys will have those friends to um or like I'm just like, I don't love their vibe. De friend them on their birthday um which is like one of my favorite kind of mean things. Okay, let's see. Okay, I think I'm getting um I think I'm getting through a lot of these and feel free to mute you guys. Um Yeah, the focusing your energy on when you, your energy is highest has been a literal game changer for me because I used to force myself to do morning workouts and it just wasn't my jam. But other things I like to do in the morning are you know, I like to listen to things so that'll be my time that I'm listening to a training or an audio book or something or you know, doing some social media or something like that. But early morning workouts are not my jam. Um Oh my gosh, listening to podcasts or tv is how I convinced myself to actually watch dishes. That's so funny. I like location based reminders. Oh yeah, that's another good one. I don't personally use those, but I know my sister does um I've used it a few times for work, like remind me when I get to work to do, blah blah blah because you know you're thinking in your mind of all the things you need to do the night before folding my laundry during this. I love how you guys are paid to asking, listening. I just deleted 250 email subscriptions. Un enroll me. Yes, Lindsey. Yes, get it girl. That's awesome. And it again like saves your energy too because when you open up your inbox and it's not completely full of all this clutter all the time. Yes. Okay. Pro tips is I share with my work group is to turn off the annoying alerts. Yes, game changer. I'm sure they did appreciate that. The simplified podcast. I like her book and relays book. Um Let's see. I usually listen to podcasts, I do laundry commute. Another tip is to do a load of laundry day, so it doesn't pile up and get more manageable. Yeah, it's something that you can put a loaded into another task. Exactly. Actually put um I don't know if you guys heard my dragon go off during this, but I put a load in while we were doing this outlook notifications might be the worst offender. Yes. Oh my gosh, you guys, this is so fun. Um Well if you think of anything definitely go into your beauty boost groups. Um feel free to find me on social. Two guys actually how to slide, I will show you really quick on how you can connect with me. Um but I would love to hear if you have any more of these because I love productivity, all the things, so here's how you can connect with me, there's my email if you need to email me or you would like to email me loving life with Lindsay, gmail dot com, my instagram lindzi da linger. And I'm on that on facebook too. So if you prefer facebook, my podcast, if you're a podcast listener is the purpose and pixie dust podcast, I had to put a little Disney twist on there and there's my website as well. Um and I do have a special for beauty boost members. If you are one of the ladies who is a business owner and you would be interested in business coaching, feel free to reach out with, feel free to reach out to me, not with me to me, and I will give you the hook up for that, so that will be 50% off, one on one coaching or my membership for the first month. I do have a membership that I do all this stuff with as well, so I'm gonna go ahead and stop my share there. I tried the Pomodoro technique for reading 25 minute timer. Yeah, so I didn't go through the palm adora um method because I feel like everyone has a difference, like some people can bust out stuff for an hour, some people, it's 25 minutes, some people, it's 20 if you're in network marketing you're probably familiar with like the power our method. So like I do that um still to my with my business To this day and I do 20 minute chunks so I love that. Um and definitely finding out what works for you, so I love that you're able to set a timer and I guess that's another a hack to is setting a timer for things um and only allowing yourself the amount of time that you want to allow yourself and then you know really stopping and holding that boundary when that timer does go off, if that helps you concentrate for sure. Alright ladies, well I don't see our beauty boost to go on. Oh yeah, there you are, you're under Rachel Kerr, I'm like but Rachel's not here. Oh you're muted. There we go. Look like a ghost. Thank you. That was so good, So many amazing tips, I definitely will be using some of those. Yeah, I'm so glad. And yeah ladies will share out this presentation in the follow up recap email with the reply to Alright everyone, Thanks for dropping on, we'll go ahead and end this and we'll talk to you soon. Thanks guys have a great night and that's a wrap on today's episode. I hope you're leaving today. Inspired princess to create own and spread your magic to the world if you found by you in this episode or no a girlfriend who needs to hear it, would you screenshot it and send it to her and if you're feeling really generous, pop it up on your IF. Stories and tag me at Lindsay Dollinger so I can see you loved it and tell you, thank you. I appreciate you. Now let's go do some amazing things bye bye.

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