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Set Your Week Up For Success

We are IN 2024 now, friend! Time to get intentional about planning your week to set you up for success!
If you don't have my Six Figure Social Selling Planning and Tracker System yet (comes with the version for any business, not just network marketing now, too!), you need it so you can get this really dialed down for optimal productivity in 2024. These are three tips, though, to help set you up for success this week right now!
👉 Schedule in all your must-do activities: day job, appointments, meetings, your weekly Mastermind call, etc. Make your business time part of this! Nightly working hour? Scheduled in! Make sure your family members know what responsibilities they have this week, too, so you're all on the same page.
👉 Schedule in your workouts AND your personal time. Time you're eating, time you're meeting your friend, time you're calling your mom. Schedule it in! Once you get in the routine of where and when you do some of these tasks (you make them a habit), you could probably stop being very specific and scheduling them in. For example, I block off 3:30-5pm most nights for doing these things.
👉 Each morning, pick your top three things you're focusing on. These can be specific tasks or three main focuses (sales, connections, content creation). For some people it works better to be super specific (batch a week of content or create ten graphics) and for some, just saying "content creation" works. Get aware of what works for you!
Having the discipline and doing this consistently in your business will help you see results so much quicker--and help you get time back!  
Let's make this week great!🫶

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