Scheduling your week right can make a HUGE difference!

Alright, friend, it’s time to talk about why all those nagging tasks are not getting done. Maybe you have a passion problem (oh, another blog about that later!) or maybe you just have a scheduling problem. I want to give you some of my strategies for planning my life so I am most productive when I need to be, and also schedule in the breaks when I need to. Both are very important, especially if you’re trying to build a business!

Plan Backward

What I mean by this is, start planning your week/month/year by thinking about your goals. What do you want to achieve this year? This quarter? This month? Then work backward to break those goals into baby steps. So, say I would like to make $100,000.00 this year with my side businesses. If I break that down into quarters, it’s $25k a quarter I need to make, and if break it down by months, it’s about $8300 a month, and weeks that is about $2100. Perfect. With that I can write down my daily sales goals and then start listing out my daily methods of operation that can get me there.

Plan your essentials first

Okay, what are your must dos everyday? I’m talking…shower, prepare food, eat, work out, laundry or housework, drive to work, work, drive home, etc. Plan those in your calendar. Yes, until you know how much time these take, you need to actually write them down. I like to use a calendar that is blocked by hour so I can visually see what is going to happen when and how many blank aka free hours I have. Then on Sundays, I look at that week ahead. Is there a task I need to do outside and I know the weather is going to be perfect for it on Wednesday? Then I should schedule that in. Do I have any meetings or appointments this week that I don’t normally have that I need to shift things around for? Planning ahead is planning to be successful.

Work your business on theme days

What this could mean is Monday, I devote my business time perhaps to networking with new people and sending out samples of my product. Tuesdays I might schedule my posts for the next week and send out an email. Wednesday I could send PMs to create relationships and set up next week’s parties. Thursday might be my team day where I plan my team trainings and check in with everyone. Friday is always Follow Up Friday where I check in on my customers and also send out my nail strips for the week people have bought from me. Saturday I tie up loose ends, organize my business supplies, and reorder what I need to. THIS IS ONE EXAMPLE!

That Power Hour life

I am OBSESSED with working my business power hours. I host them for my team a couple times a month and I personally work a power hour I have perfected for me and my business once a day. On days I have more time or months I want massive growth, that power hour gets worked multiple times a day. What is a Power Hour? It is an hour you are devoting to your business where you have tasks written down that have to get down in a certain amount of time (5 minutes here, 10 minutes on that, etc.) that adds up to sixty minutes. You put away your distractions, get out a timer, and you get to WORK. Wanna see massive results? You gotta put in massive action!

Last reminder

If you want your business to be a business, you have to work it like a business. Otherwise, it is an expensive and time-consuming hobby, which is fine, as long as you are upfront with yourself about what it really is. How does that play into scheduling? You need to schedule in the appropriate amount of time on your business if it is one. I encourage you to look over your week coming up. If someone looked at your plans, could they easily tell your priorities and what you are trying to achieve? If not, it’s time to move some things around.

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