Six Ideas for Collaboration in Your Business

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6 business collaboration ideas

Collaboration with other entrepreneurs, brands and influencers can be a great way to get in front of new audiences. Here are six ways you may not already be participating in collabs that you could add to your visibility strategy in your business this year!


Have you been a guest on podcasts yet?  I love podcast guesting! Find podcasts you already listen to and love that you could give value to, and reach out the host. Make it about them and their audience. What can you share?  Once you go through podcasts you already know and love, start branching out to other podcasters in your niche that you can add value to.

Summits or Bundles

Pitch yourself/apply to participate in an online summit or bundle opportunity that makes sense for your niche and audience.  If you are in any collaboration groups on Facebook, lots of times people will put out calls for applications.  Some groups I am in to find collaborations include:

Bundles of Bundles

Women Entrepreneurs, Speakers & Coaches

Podcast Guest Collaboration Opportunity

Social Media Takeovers

This is a fun way to collab that honestly I haven't done much at all and should do more of.  So basically what a social media takeover is: you create content and send to the person who you are swapping with.  You both will post each other's content on your page (probably in your stories, but could be on your wall!) and provide value and introduce yourself to their audience.  I like to do these on the same day so that your audiences will head to the other person's to see you, too!  If this isn't clear, feel free to DM me, and I can explain there too.

Live Videos

This is probably the method that takes the least planning and time---just go live with another person! This will allow you both to post the video on your own profiles and talk to the other person's audience at the same time. You can talk about whatever makes sense for you both! So simple! 


Occasionally, I promote another entrepreneur's lead magnet (freebie) in my newsletter if it makes sense! Before I do this, I coordinate with them and they do the same with my freebie! This allows us to take advantage of the other person's email list and hopefully get more of a like audience on our lists, too.

Testimonial Swaps

This one is super fun!  One thing you can do to collaborate with another entrepreneur is swap access to one of your products and allow them to experience it in exchange for a testimonial/shout out post. 


The great thing about all of these is you can decide what works for you, your energy, your audience, your business!  

Which of these are you going to try first?  I'd love to hear! Send me a DM on Instagram and tell me! 

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