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Six Ideas for Collaboration in Your Business

Collaboration with other entrepreneurs, brands and influencers can be a great way to get in front of new audiences. Here are six ways you may not already be participating in collabs that you could add to your visibility strategy in your business this year!


Have you been a guest on podcasts yet?  I love podcast guesting! Find podcasts you already listen to and love that you could give value to, and reach out the host. Make it about them and their audience. What can you share?  Once you go through podcasts you already know and love, start branching out to other podcasters in your niche that you can add value to.

Summits or Bundles

Pitch yourself/apply to participate in an online summit or bundle opportunity that makes sense for your niche and audience.  If you are in any collaboration groups on Facebook, lots of times people will put out calls for applications.  Some groups I am in to find collaborations include:

Bundles of Bundles

Women Entrepreneurs,...

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