Facebook Jail Is Real--Three Steps to Keep Your Business Going without Being on Social

Being closed out of my Facebook accounts this week has been a humbling experience and a great reminder to me that we, in fact, do not own our social media accounts.  It also allowed me to be insanely grateful for the email list and community I've worked hard to grow and be consistent at, as well as the presence I've built with my podcast (The Social Selling Sisterhood), my Youtube channel, my Instagram account, and my Pinterest.

Now, all those things have definitely taken a back burner to my presence on Facebook, specifically, but honestly being blocked from the site this week has driven me to really dive into presence in all those other places I mentioned, and I'm kinda secretly excited to have a real reason not to be attached to it.

Being in Facebook jail was a great reminder to me of three things:

1.If you don't have an email list and if you're not regularly communicating with it, you're really missing out on an insanely valuable client database.  Remember you own your...

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