Facebook Jail Is Real--Three Steps to Keep Your Business Going without Being on Social

email marketing facebook instagram planning social media social selling Mar 11, 2022

Being closed out of my Facebook accounts this week has been a humbling experience and a great reminder to me that we, in fact, do not own our social media accounts.  It also allowed me to be insanely grateful for the email list and community I've worked hard to grow and be consistent at, as well as the presence I've built with my podcast (The Social Selling Sisterhood), my Youtube channel, my Instagram account, and my Pinterest.

Now, all those things have definitely taken a back burner to my presence on Facebook, specifically, but honestly being blocked from the site this week has driven me to really dive into presence in all those other places I mentioned, and I'm kinda secretly excited to have a real reason not to be attached to it.

Being in Facebook jail was a great reminder to me of three things:

1.If you don't have an email list and if you're not regularly communicating with it, you're really missing out on an insanely valuable client database.  Remember you own your email list but you do not own your social media.  There will be more email marketing tips coming your way soon, so look for those!

2. If you're not building an online presence in at least one other social media outlet, start that now.  That way your audience can keep up with you somewhere else in case one goes down, one closes you out, etc. I have lots of followers that are overlapping on my platforms (my true super fans) but I also have a slightly different feel and type of follower on each account. My niche is the same but the type of content shared varies slightly and how I interact with them varies.  Every platform we have cannot be our main platform.

3. Plan ahead.  This sounds cheesy, but the day before I was in jail, I got all the events I needed to have scheduled done in my Facebook group for my membership and scheduled out posts. NOW, my scheduled posts did not post since it looked like I was posting, but my members were able to look at the events I had pre-scheduled and still get on the events.  Also, another important tip, have someone else you trust be an admin in your group so if something like this does happen, you have someone who can help you communicate next steps.  You can have other admins in groups and business pages, currently.


This blog post is a continuation of the Social Selling Sisterhood podcast, episode 156, that shares these tips if you prefer to listen to your content. The podcast is available on all platforms you listen to podcasts, or you can listen here: https://pod.co/the-social-selling-sisterhood

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