[INTERVIEW] Consistency and Authenticity Over Everything with Melissa Penfold (The Purpose and Pixie Dust Podcast Episode 208)

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This is a complete transcription (done with AI) of [INTERVIEW] Consistency and Authenticity Over Everything with Melissa Penfold (The Purpose and Pixie Dust Podcast Episode 208). 

Hey girl, welcome to the Purpose and Pixie Dust podcast. The podcast where we dive deep into our passions, our purpose and really unlock our potential with some pixie dust thrown in. What is pixie dust? You might ask, it's the fun and joy that gets unlocked when you're creating and owning your magic. I'm Lindsay, Dollinger dog, mama, Disney lover and high school Spanish teacher who has used my magic to grow businesses while also working full time. I'm on a mission to help other women create and own your magic by building not only the business of your dreams, but also the life of your dreams while still juggling life, your full time job and all the things. So if you want more than this provincial life, let's use our glass slippers to break those glass ceilings and Sprinkle lots of pixie dust into our lives and businesses, Let's do this.

Hello, welcome back to another podcast episode of the Purpose and Pixie Dust podcast. I'm Lindsay Dollinger and I am so excited for you guys to meet my friend Melissa Penfold. She is a well, I'm gonna let her introduce herself, but I have known Melissa um I don't know a couple of years ish, I think we're like two years now, right? Yeah, yeah, I feel like at least because we met through another friend of ours who is a drug seller and I feel like that's kind of the beauty of not just, well, yes, direct selling network marketing industry, but also like all the online business nowadays or just online world in general is like, I know a friend and I'm gonna connect you with this friend because you guys have this in common and your sphere just grows really organically. But anyway, Melissa tell us who you are, how you got started doing what you're doing and all of the things!

okay, well, hi, this is my first time, so I'm nervous and everyone says that is so funny. And then we get out and everyone's like, oh my gosh, that was so good. I'm like, yes, no, you got this. So all right, well, I'm Melissa. I live in Long Island, New York. So you will absolutely hear my accent 110% I've lived here my whole life. So you will definitely hear that I live here with my husband and 11 years we've been together. I mean we've been together 20 but 11 married, so I haven't killed him yet. Anyway, well we have a dog 20 years, isn't it? We have a five pound Chihuahua, he's 12 years old, his name is Buckley, which is where Sean and I met. So that's how he got his name. And and I have been with Lularoe for now, almost six years, we're going on six years come December, which I just find mind boggling. So I was like, oh this is just gonna be a little side hustle. And now here I am six years later, still doing the dang thing, right? So that's about it. I started because of course just with the whole entire thing. Everybody loved the leggings? I tried the leggings and I was like, wow. And then I'm like, you know what? Let's try it, why not? One of my friends was like, you can do this. And I tried and here I am, six years later, I will tell you to my husband put on a pair of the leggings and that's what completely sold us. He put it on one day and came out in the living room. I'm like, what are you doing? And he was like, these are amazing. So that's how I got him on board. Oh my gosh, that's hysterical. No going, that's what we've been doing for six years. He is my little sidekick in all of this, which is very helpful, he does all my heavy lifting and all the, you know, all the hard stuff. I I do the easy stuff, I connect with the, you know, the people and then he does all the hard lifting.

Um love that and I especially love that because I feel like one of the things I hear so often from women is they struggle getting their husband on board or they do not have husbands support. What did that kind of look like for you? I know you mentioned that he put on the leggings, I was like, okay let's do this. But like really behind the scenes, was there anything extra? Did you have to, you know, explain what the business model? What, like, what did that look like for you guys?

The good thing with him is he's always just been my biggest cheerleader and vice versa. So that's the one good thing with our relationship.

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In general is that we've just been each other's cheerleaders. I came to him and I was like listen, you know it was a different model when I started six years ago to like, so the on boarding was a little bit more expensive and that kind of stuff. So it was, you know, yes I did go to him to say listen, you know this is what we're thinking about and he was like let's try it. You know, like it was just very simple, it was very easy. He is like I said, he's my biggest cheerleader. One of the things is like, one of the things I was talking to Lindsay about too is the fact that so I I of course like everyone else has a story and why and all of that kind of fun stuff. So I am disabled and being disabled and trying to do things. He that's why he's my number one supporter. He's he pushes me to do everything like go, you know, shatter the glass ceiling, Like do everything, do everything you possibly can. So there that is my one thing that I can absolutely say that he is my biggest cheerleader, like he's pushing me all the time to always do more.

I love that. I love that so much and I'm not married. So whenever I have conversations with women, like I'm like, I don't it's so hard for me because I'm like, I don't know what to tell your girlfriend because like I feel like your husband should be supportive. Like, you know, I know. Yeah, so it can get really hard. But I know I hear that from so many people. Yeah. Yeah, it kind of makes me sad. But so we're gonna put it from that so melissa guys just so you know, she did an amazing training in my membership group that she is also in this month, it was it wasn't this week, it was last week. Last week, I'm like, oh my gosh time last week. And it was all about engagement and V. I. P. Group. So Melissa has an amazing V. I. P. Group without going into the entire training here. Can you tell us a little bit about what you have done in your group that sorry, my dog wants to play right now, what you have done in your group to keep your engagement going to build your group and how you keep it so engaged. And first tell us your engagement percentage because I think that's a really awesome number, too.

Right now I just looked, it was yesterday I looked again, so I have 860 people in my group right now. And you know with the whole Facebook world and how your numbers go up and down and all of the things. Um so I used to have a lot, I started minimizing that because people are dead weight with people that aren't Speaking, they're just dead weight in your group. So I did learn that over the years because in the beginning it was like I had as many people as you can and now it's changed. So um so the other day I looked and I had 557 active people in my group out of the 860, which I was like this is great. And what I do. Yeah. So what I was saying is that engagement is the, I think the biggest part of social selling in general, like you're building a community and honestly, yes, sales of course with all of us, sales is great, but with the whole community thing and building these relationships with people and I always say like internet friends, you know, people that I've never met in real life, but I built these relationships of people that now I want to meet, like I want to go hang out with them. So engaging in being your authentic self is definitely one of the number one things that I can say that has totally changed my business. I can talk to these girls. They message me outside of the group, you know, we marco polo, we do all these different things where now I've connected and I've made friends and I always feel like as an adult, making friends is hard, like it's not like you're in school anymore and you're around all these people and now that I work from home, I'm not around anybody, like I'm home all the time. So meeting these women and some men to, you know, like it's just been absolutely incredible. Like I said, I've connected on such another level and I just, I truly believe it's just to be your authentic self, show them like the hot mess side. Like right now I got on before and be like, oh you look pretty like just for you. She knows in real life hot mess express always like lipstick, hair done. What? No, I stay at home all day. I don't need to get right.

Yeah, I love that. And um, it's so funny when I very first started really posting about myself online. Um, well it was before the pandemic, but then the pandemic hit and I'm like, I'm not putting on make like, why would I make up if I'm at home? Like, this is ridiculous. And at first I was like, wait do I post? How do I, how do I show up on social media now? Like if I don't have my lashes done, like, and then, you know, you start doing it and you're like, this is me guys, this is me. Like take it or leave it, you know? But that's what they like, I feel like that's what they want to show up for. They want, they don't want to see the picture perfect. They see that enough on television. They want to show up to be like, you know what I did today?

You know, like I dropped an entire bowl of ice cream on the floor and chatter again. It's all over the place. Like, they're like, oh, yes girl, I've been there. You know, like that's what they want. That's what they always want and share with us a little bit about what kinds of things you post because so I'm just going to be a little backstory and I know because I know a lot of people that listen to this or color street stylist and we had a big launch today of lipstick, we're adding lipstick into the Color Street family and I'm talking to women and they're like, the launch completely failed for me. Launch completely failed for me. And then of course it didn't for some people. And I'm thinking to myself like, I haven't specifically talked to them one on one, but I like see their posts and I'm like, I have not seen you post a single or you posted one flyer about it. Like that is not how we are going to get sales. Like that's not. But it's also the copy paste thing that I had talked about in the training.

Um, I have a lot of color street friends. So I saw the same exact over and over and over again and then you get to your feet and you're like, I don't want to see this anymore. And that has nothing to do with the Color street people that's in general. You know, like that's for any of us. Social sellers like, yes, I know that we all have a pool that we can go and we can look for different things, but step outside of your box a little bit, you know, if you see something you like, that's such a cool idea. Think of a way, you can make it a little bit better or make it more of your own change your colors, your branding colors on it, you know, go in and just redo it, rewrite it, take the pictures, there's so many websites and apps out there that you can do anything, so that's what I posted. My group. I try to be as authentic as possible, don't get me wrong, there are times that I'll go through, like, even my old post to try and grab something super quick to throw up on my page, but I truly, truly, truly like to just make it my own, my own colors, my own, you know, like I love the boho rainbows, I want to make sure they're somewhere in there, so that kind of stuff, but make it authentic. And I always say to like, like my group now looks for posts at nine o'clock in the morning, 12 o'clock in the afternoon, five o'clock at night at eight o'clock at night because they know I'm going to post at all those times, so they'll look for them, like they know I'm gonna do a sale sometime at eight o'clock at night, so they'll go on at eight o'clock at night and be like, because Facebook sometimes doesn't push you, so they'll be like, oh let me go look, that's what you want, you have to train them to do it though, like you have to know to train them.

Yeah, Yeah. And one thing that I think you are the queen of is that consistency because that's what I see so much is I'm not gonna post for a while. Um and then I'm gonna just post about this launch and expect to, you know, make these big sales and it's like no, you gotta show up, you got to fill in the blank girl girl. Now. I'm not sure if it's the same way like where we find out about a launch and then we have to wait for it to come and stuff. I know it's a little bit different like with you guys and stuff with with Color Street and even anything else.

But like, like, like for instance, I found out today about something that's gonna be happening. Like so now I'm already prepping like I'm ready to like start putting it out there a little bit. I mean we can't say anything yet, but start put putting it out there a little bit and start getting some insight, some feedback. You'll start seeing me do some stuff and then when it's here now and then I'm gonna start blowing it up and everybody's like, oh I can't post that again, I can't post that again. For instance, I know that you guys launch the Halloween right? So my girlfriend posted it and well I just posted, I can't post it again. Like why? That's how many people are in your group. That doesn't mean that they saw it when you did it the first time posted again. Like that's not crazy. Do it again, right, Different wording. Do it again, Stand behind your brand. That's what I always say. Absolutely stand behind it. I made bomb outfits the other day. I have not showed them five times because they did not sell and I'm like, well that's because nobody saw them. Yes, I love, yes, I love that. I love that attitude, which is so true by the way, because I'm in your group and I'm just thinking right now, I'm like, I think I've seen like two of your posts at least show up on my feet. You know what I mean? Right there showing right now that some of my, like, especially like my sales posts and that's Facebook and I know that and it's like you have to battle with it, but it says zero reach and you know you have to fight Facebook and I'm going to fight tooth and nail and that's, you don't give up. That has always been my model motto. I will never give up. You know, like it's, it's you know, nature of the beast social media, whatever. But then there's also other platforms that you can post on as well while you're doing this and I know you've said it before, use something that you've used on Facebook and use it over on Tiktok and use it over on Instagram and it's super easy and it doesn't take much work. It takes an extra five minutes. Really seriously.

Now tell us a little bit about Tiktok because I know you're a big fan.

I am a big fan. I move more of a scroll. Er and again, I found it during the pandemic, just like everybody else. I feel like I'm too old for Tiktok because I am 44 like my little nieces on it and she's 12. So it's like, I have issues with that and I, you know, like most people, but sometimes it's just for fun and for me, I don't use it for my business. I use it more for the engagement part of it because it does help me to connect with other people and then other people are like, she seems cool and they want to connect with me more. One video go viral, which had to do with a concert. It had nothing to do with anything I sell. But it made people see me more and like I said, it's just for fun. Have fun with it. It's not so serious. Do silly things and like do it to make and set a goal for yourself. It's so silly. I made one with Starbucks because I love Starbucks and I had a Starbucks Cup and like, I just did the transition because that's huge and I did the transitions. Starbucks liked my video like that. My whole purpose of doing it. I'm like, why not? Let's try. Let's have fun. So I tagged them in it. Sure enough, it was in 15 minutes Starbucks liked my video.

That's so fun. It's for the fun of it, how fun it is. And I do love how much fun it's evident that you have in your business, like not just a new group but another thing, you know what I mean? Like you can do all that and I do feel like that's a huge part that is missing from so many people is like we put so much stress and pressure on ourselves to hit these things or to show up in this perfect way and we're like almost sucking the fun out of it for not only us, but also our clients because they can feel that energy for sure. Absolutely. And you can tell to like and I've learned that too like on a live sale when I am not in the mood and I don't want to go live, I sell nothing that night on a night where I'm just like in a good mood and I'm ready to go, I can pull things off the rack that I've had for years and they'll sell and it has all to do like you said with your attitude if you don't bring it. No, they don't, they are selling from you, you are their reality tv star. They are buying you. I know that sounds so silly but it's true.

It's true and I didn't realize that as much actually until so for everyone listening, I was also the retailer um, years ago now this way. It's like five years ago now at this point, but I am, I am so glad for that. I was probably about a year now, about a year and a half because that's where I really kind of perfected the live selling, which I don't live cell per se as much more about live video and different things like that. Um, and so many people. Well, first of all I realized that in live sales about my energy, like if I went into it, I was dreading it all day or I was tired or whatever versus when I went in and I was going to have fun with it or I took that pressure off myself and sometimes I would do Goofy things. I would put on my mickey mouse ears and chat or I would, you know, people love talking to my dog or my sister walked by and we would interact and then people I didn't even know would hear me talking at Costco, I will never forget. I was talking to my sister at Costco and I was like, hey, grab whatever it was. We were in some ill and this woman turns around and she was like, "Lindsay?", and I was like, and I'm looking around, I'm like, yes, I love your live videos. I just sit in bed with my husband and we watched them and I'm like, I have no idea who this woman is. Like I still do, I still have no idea. And I was like, oh thank you so much. I don't think she actually bought from me ever. Which find whatever right? But if they're there and they're watching it's just another thing like you never know. And I went and somebody told me once that it takes somebody like I forget it was like seven views or something before they like trust you and that maybe and then then they'll buy from you.

Like I will tell you right now I'm not alive seller. I don't I get too nervous. I don't like looking at myself. It's just one of the things I know but you wanna know something. The thing is that when I do go live I do very well. So it's like I love that high of it. So it's like I don't want to lose that. So if I go live all the time and then it just becomes money but I don't want to lose like that whole part of it. So I feel like it's like an excitement because I feel like that's the biggest thing with engagement to is to bring the excitement. Bring something different when I first started doing mega links when it's like different I. P. S. That I was doing once, I would do something different. They were like okay tell me more. And they would be so into it. So it's like even when I have the live sales, I have like the punch cups, I have the wheel, so there'll be fun things that we can do if I want to, but then some days I'll be like, we're going live, we're gonna do 15 outfits and 15 minutes, right? So I go, and they're like, okay, yep, yep, yep, I like that. I like that that variety of mixing things up too, because it does, you need to switch it out, because if you do the same thing, what do they say? The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting the same results, yep, yep. 100%. Um super quick. You saying that about, You need to see things eight times or whatever to like them. Um it's 81 now. Really? It is, yeah, because social media is so flooded with people competing for your attention and so many different platforms. It's 81, it's either 81 or 89. Such a high number, which makes sense. Honestly, when you start thinking about it, when you're like, okay, how many times do I have to say the same thing over and over and over again for people to understand, I'm like, goes back to post those outfits again, you know, you can't post about it once and assume that everyone has seen it because they have not and that's like, what I feel like so many people say, like, even some of the people on my team and you know, stuff like that they'll be like but I already showed that they already or they already know my entire inventory or whatever it may be that you sell like they already know that they already know. They don't money on the fact that I can post those outfits right now right now. And I told you I post them five times. I 100% will sell at least one piece from the outfit tonight. If I posted them again, 100%. It happens every single time. How many different And you might not even have like an idea of how many different ways or idea like if this makes sense, if this question makes sense ways do you have to sell? Like if I was like Melissa, you need to sell 10 pieces today. How many different ways I it was?

The possibilities are endless honestly. And again, it's because I step out of the box too. I really do like I like I just yesterday because it was like I got to a point where it's like, you know like you get yourself into a point where you're like I'm doing the same thing over and over and over again. I'm bored with it. I don't want them to be bored with it. So it's like, so I would say that like yesterday I did pay your age, like I haven't done your age in like years honestly. It was like so it's just something so easy because like I'm like that girl to that it's like passive I. P. A. S on a night where like you just did a million things, you're exhausted, you'll still sit by your phone. But like you don't want to go live and you don't, you know, like you interact with everybody, but like I don't want to show you my face right now because I look like hot mess express and I'm just not in the mood and I'm not going to give you that energy that you need. So if I do a fun post that puts my energy into it, pay rage. You know, and then it works and they haven't seen it in a while and then they buy it. I sell every day. I love it. I love that answer.

Guys listen to what she said again. I sell every day. And the magic of that is that I legitimately never feel like sold to in your group. I never get that same feeling because you're doing all the things that you mentioned, I joke around them. I'm like, I am the worst salesperson in the entire world. Like someone, they'll be like, oh my gosh, I love this, I'm like, no, you don't. And they're like, what? I'm like, you don't like this this and this and they're like, but that makes you a good salesperson because you know your audience so now you know your audience and you can tell them what they will and they will not like but sometimes I even sell twice a day. I strive for once, sometimes twice, but absolutely, and you know, sometimes it'll be like you sell nothing. Okay, move on. That'll be the day where I'm going to go for a second, IPA, I'm gonna try again. Now do you plan these out in advance, or is this just like a spur of the moment? Like do you have, what's your schedule look like or your routine look like I am? You would think like I sometimes I come off as extremely organized. I am not, I want to be, I have like this whole thought process. I'm like, oh my goodness, I'm gonna Yeah, no, most of the time, like sometimes I do a big fundraiser every year in May, that's all planned out. Normally I do a big fundraiser in april that's planned out. Um black Friday, like big events I try to plan in advance for, but on like a weekly basis, it's sorted by the seat of my pants, but I have a list for myself of different things that I can like go to. I also like in my phone, I have my favorites and I know where I have like pictures that I've used before and it just, it makes it a little bit easier.

Like, oh my goodness, I can do that right now and then I could just do it really, I love that. The idea of the go to list I think is genius. Um I was talking to a client of mine about doing that even for content because when people, it works to have stuff is super, super planned out and I'm kind of the same way as you. Like I and it's so funny because I could have it all planned out and I did that during the pandemic for a while, but like if it didn't feel energetically, like it was something that I needed to say that day, then I would, I wouldn't say it anyway and I do my own thing. Um and then I was recently, well not recently actually, actually not recently at all, but I was out of training this year and the woman was breaking it up into types kind of like your personality type sort of, but it was just kind of like what you described, like I really want things to be organized and I have like my backup list and I know what I could post if I wanted to, but I prefer to kind of fly by this and I'm the same way actually like, I'll teach you to be organized all day long, but I'll tell you how I also prefer to run my business and that's I prefer to post whatever. I'm feeling that day, but I also feel like that is again authentic. Like that's the whole point of that. So it's like, but I also truly believe too, so I do have some things that I do every single week at the same time, every single week, I do tumblers on Tuesday, so it's tumbler Tuesday, they know to be looking for that on Tuesday at 12 o'clock every single week, I don't fail that Wednesday. I do a lunch link, same thing, like, so it's like they're looking for certain things every other week, I do a mega link, so consistency, again, that's where that falls in, so when you're consistent on that, look they absolutely, you're, you're training them, your training them to know that on Tuesdays this is going to happen on Wednesdays, this is going to happen on Mondays, I'm gonna fly by the seat of my pants and we have no idea what's going to happen, it's a surprise for everyone, you know, and they know that I love that, love that so much. So if you are listening to these guys and you're like, I'm not the person who is super organized and does it, it's okay, you can still be successful and not not having everything. Yes, exactly. Um talk to us a little bit about, so you, you you talk about your business and how you have to do that energetically? Do you have one question always like to ask my guest, do you have a morning routine ish and nighttime routine ish or things that you like to get done? You mentioned some daily I. P. A. S every day or um or is it, no, is it just kind of like whatever you're feeling like it's pretty much whatever I'm feeling like I have now um I did have a job for 19 years. I did the same thing for 19 years. I did permits and ceo, so it's like, it was something that I was comfortable in um 4. 5 years ago now I was let go and now this is what I'm doing full time. Um So the structure of getting up and going somewhere every day is gone for me, which is good and bad in the same breath because you know, it's a lot easier to stay in your pajamas all day and all that kind of stuff. But I make a conscious effort every day like because I like to sleep and I'm a night owl, so I like to sleep during the morning, so like I make a conscious effort that my alarm is set for a certain time and I will never sleep later than my alarm. So I allow myself to sleep until my alarm and sometimes I get up earlier or whatever, but I'll never sleep later than that and then at night I'm up till all the hours of the night, it's terrible, but that's just the way that I work and that's the way I work best. I also schedule all of my posts late at night because it's now closer to the next day and it seems again more authentic.

So like as much as like I have a post every morning at nine o'clock I'm gonna say 50% of the time I'm still in bed sleeping. I'm not gonna lie to you, I really am, I'm sleeping but I'm telling you that this is what my day is going to be like which is, I'm not lying. But so you don't know, I don't really have like a daily schedule. I just try to like I said I try to post at 9, 12, 5 and eight every single day no matter what whatever it may be at that time but I do that and then um you know with the shipping and that kind of stuff. So it's like but my day as far as my business, I should be doing more. But can we we can all be doing more at all times. There's other things like I mean if you step foot in this room right now you would cry because I have boxes that I really just need to like put on hangers, everything's inventory. But I have it in box like I'm and then when you see like you get overwhelmed you can't start somewhere, you're like yeah we're good, we're good, we're good, we'll just wait till tomorrow, tomorrow's another day. I love it. I love it.

What was the other question. Oh favorite personal development book? You have friends, You have a favorite. I don't even know that. I have a favorite. What's your favorite? Okay, to be fair, I don't have one favorite either. I have several favorites. But what's a good one that you would recommend to someone? Maybe starting out? Um why can't I think of like my brain is like Right now I'm so engulfed in Colleen Hoover's books. I have like my, my I know yeah, Melissa, I really did guys and I have blown through 10 books in less than two months and I'm going for my second, my 11th tomorrow. So how many does she even have a lot? She has tons, tons. I haven't, I haven't fallen down that rabbit hole yet. I'm not letting myself don't yet. I mean I would wait till next summer for you because I read them in a day and you'll be like, oh now I need to read another. So I have quite a few and I know like, so one of the big trainers is Danelle Delgado. So like her book. Um I Choose Joy, I think it's called, is that what it's called? So like that's really good to, to, you know, do your gratitude and stuff like that. I really enjoy that. So if I had to pick one right now, I would say that one. For sure. Okay, okay, awesome. I don't think we've had anyone say that one yet guys. So definitely check that out and I love the gratitude piece. Um that is one thing that was introduced to me for the first time in Lularoe. My up line was very big on like counting your blessings and more so helping me through the customer service side because that was my first real experience, you know, making my customers like truly happy because my, my company before that if they weren't happy it was because they weren't working out like, you know, I was a health coach, it was different than them getting an outfit and not liking it and dealing with different things like that and that aspect of it. Yes. And I can be hotheaded sometimes I don't know if anyone knows about me, I can get a little snarky and especially after teaching all day and then coming home and getting like a snarky email about something and so she was so good and I still to this day I'm like Colleen you helped me so much to learn how to respond to people because I was like, oh my gosh, this girl said this like I'm going to talk and she's like Lindsay no you're not, you're gonna bless and release and I'm like I'm gonna what you're gonna bless and release and like you're gonna be nice and the customers right? And oh girl, like that took so much will like to this day that has probably taught me more and it helps and it helps me so much with my dealing with parents at school who it's a customer service thing when you're a teacher and you're dealing with parents, you know? And so anyway. Yeah well all your relationships yeah, I've always said, I think personal development has had such a huge impact and I wish it was like encouraged and more professions versus like in school as a teacher we get like teacher books and I'm like I don't like I want the, you know, I want the stuff that I have found in my network marketing world because that's what good leadership stuff, you know, it really is though.

Like I have learned so much like even like I never was outgoing, I didn't really like, you know, I didn't really communicate with people, I just sort of did my thing and that one about my business and now like it's such a different world like and it's you know, like I interact with people differently, I have no problem like I went to a training all by myself and I have no problem just like sitting with a group of girls and just chatting with them like I've never done that before, you know, like don't get me wrong, there's going to still be the people out there that are going to drive you absolutely insane or have that whatever, but I'm better at it now where I'm just like whatever and I walk away like you said, blessing release like it's you know, it's one part of your day, it really means absolutely nothing. Walk away. Yeah, I love that. That and the gratitude for all of the whole journey, not just the good stuff. Well I tell people all the time too and it's not even just because of Jenelle, it's more just in general like they're having a bad day. Like I said, I communicate with people on the all the time, they message me, we talked, we chatted out and they're like, this is the worst day of my life. I'm like, I need to pick three things that happened that was good. So I know you're doing that right now to absolutely love. But I said, can you pick three things that happened that were good today? I was like, they may seem so silly but pick three things that were good today and they did and immediately lift your spirits like, okay, so it's not that bad. Right. Right. Yeah, it is. It's a really good reminder and a really good grounder I think because too, I will sometimes to make myself sit there until I can like, what am I grateful for today? And I won't let myself say the same thing as the day before. So I'm not always like my dog, my dad, you know those really specific things and I'm like, I will sit here on this couch until I think until I can think of at least three if not five. Like I do it to like I didn't hit red lights today when I was really angry and driving like there was no light so at least that was helpful. Yeah. Oh my gosh, that's hysterical. I need to start. I haven't done driving ones yet. I should do some driving ones thankfully I didn't shake my fist of fury at anyone. That's awesome. You guys are hearing all kinds of about my temper today on surprise.

Well Melissa, I freaking love this. Thank you so much for sharing with us guys. Um Where? Oh yeah, you're so welcome girl anytime. Um Where can everyone find you? What's the name of your group? And I will link everything in the show notes too. So guys, you can just click and go over so you can find Melissa shop with her, see what she's doing, connect with her. She is seriously the sweetest and provides the best customer service of any of my lulu retailer friends. Um but where can they find you? I try, we call it Penfold prime. I try to get things out within 24 hours. Like I really, I really do. So everything is basically under lularoe Melissa Penfold. P. E. N. F. O. L. D. Um It's in, I have a group that's where I usually do all of my stuff. My business pages where I'll go live from. I have Instagram but I don't post a lot, but it's there sometimes and I'll be able to tell you about big things on there too. But everything's under lularoe Melissa Penfold. Yeah, definitely check out her group guys because it is gold. All right Melissa, I hope you have a fabulous night and thank you again so much for being on. Thank you for having me. Hi and that's a wrap on today's episode. I hope you're leaving today inspired Princess to create own and spread your magic to the world. If you found by you in this episode or no, a girlfriend who needs to hear it, would you screenshot it and send it to her and if you're feeling really generous, pop it up on your I. G. Stories and tag me at Lindsay Dollinger so I can see you loved it and tell you thank you. I appreciate you. Now let's go do some amazing things bye, bye!


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