Daily Journaling and Dreams Writing In Your Business

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This is an AI transcription of episode 203 of the Purpose and Pixie Dust podcast!

Hey girl, welcome to the Purpose and Pixie Dust podcast, the podcast where we dive deep into our passions, our purpose and really unlock our potential with some pixie dust thrown in. What is pixie dust you might ask, it's the fun and joy that gets unlocked when you're creating and owning your magic. I'm Lindsay Dollinger dog, mama, Disney lover and high school Spanish teacher who has used my magic to grow businesses while also working full time. I'm on a mission to help other women create and own your magic by building not only the business of your dreams, but also the life of your dreams while still juggling life, your full time job and all the things. So if you want more than this provincial life, let's use our glass slippers to break those glass ceilings and Sprinkle lots of pixie dust into our lives and businesses. Let's do this.

Hello, welcome back to another busy Thursday episode of the purpose of this podcast. I'm Lindsay Dollinger podcast hosted this show and it is currently a Friday afternoon when I'm recording this. I am leaving school after our first full week of students and say my brain is a little fried is an understatement. So hopefully I leave you inspired by the end of this podcast to really tweak something with your morning routine that I have added back in this week that I have done inconsistently in the past few years.

So what I added back in this week Is not really journaling per se, but making sure that I am actually writing down at least five things that I am grateful for and I don't allow myself to repeat anything from the previous day. So writing down five things I'm grateful for in the morning and then at the same time copying my 10 big goals and dreams for my life and these are all like kind of different stages of my life which always a second. So um and there's something else that I do, oh and then at the very bottom of my journal, I write down the goal that I'm currently focusing on and I write the goals as though they have already happened. So for example, um and I do this, I've done this on my own newspaper, I've done this in my direct sales done right and tracker system that you can grab my website. I have done this in Rachel Hollis's Start Today Journal, I've done it like in a variety of ways before in the past so you can do whatever works for you if you don't have any of those things kind of papers fine um or google doc but I find there's something like really energetically high vibe about writing it down physically on tenant paper. So that's just me. But what I started out and I put it all together is the five things that I'm grateful for today, I added like a six month because I was thinking of it and like I don't want this to be anything fluffy, I wanted to be like legitimate in that moment as I'm like sitting with myself being really present the things that I'm like, wow, this is like a real blessing today or yesterday since I had written my gratitude in the morning from the previous day so I can use anything from the previous day as well. So maybe it's how I'm feeling like I talked about a really good run that I had one morning like that I had the night before, you know, good sleep a roof over my head. Um doggy kisses from my dog, she's so sweet, you know, just like little things, um a stable job that I'm able to have, that I have some financial freedom to be able to build the coaching business of my train. Um so just different things like that. Start with gratitude And then I write down my 10 goals as the day it happened. So um I forget, I forget the exact phrase that is like type in the journal that I've been currently using, the one that I'm doing right now is a start today journal that from Rachel Hollis target line um that I'm actually finishing up 2020 so I did just really consistently for about three months, 2020. Um so I have some pages left in this journal, so I'm just gonna finish this before I started something, you know, something new and it's really helped me get grounded and like remind myself consciously in the morning, like what I am working for. So like one of my examples is a certain amount in my bank account. So instead of saying like I'm going to have this amount I write, I have this amount and then I write more and more because I want to open that up for that abundance and really kind of like sit with it um and feel how it feels. We have another thing that I'm being intentional about is I had a breath work session last night for the very first time. My friend Jen is getting certified and breath work, so I did a session with her and I have also going back to school and intentional about sleep meditation every night before I go to bed, I do it on my telephone app. Um I actually have a free trial link of that if you want to try it, I will take it in the show notes for you. I love their meditations, I love all the work out. Um I've also been using, I'll put on their running workout and I don't necessarily always follow them per se, but I've come the running workouts in the background as I've been training for a marathon um just to have someone like to feel that community to feel like someone's talking to me and cheering me on, you know, the coaches and the workout in the good workout song. So, same kind of idea with the meditation is it's becoming part of a habit is becoming routine for me as I go to bed and it's also a good reminder for me to get off my phone. Um and so I've been putting on those meditations and just really being becoming more self aware and that's what I feel like I have been doing as well when I'm writing out my goals as though I've already achieved that, that's why I have, I've been writing down, I have this much money for more in my savings account, that's what my goal, another goal. I am a full time entrepreneur and so I write down those those pieces, you know, I have seven streams of income for more and by writing that for more, I'm really opening up subconsciously my mind to those possibilities and not limiting myself in any sort of way because I hear a lot, can I even say a lot like become a six figure business owner and a lot of people just think you know, $100,000 like, but I don't want to limit myself to that and I don't think you should either. So a lot of my goals that I have written down are I have or I am blah blah blah or more just to put it out into the universe and to invite those opportunities into my life. So I've been doing that and then I've been marking the one goal like rewriting out so that the goal that I'm currently focusing on is written on my paper twice and then I took my journal away and I actually have been taking the journal to work and I do it. The very first thing I do when I get to work in the morning, when I get my teaching job, my teaching day hasn't started yet. So I don't feel bad doing it and I open up my journal because it's nice and quiet. I put on some nice music and it literally takes me, I don't know, two minutes, three minutes to do. And then I feel really good about that and I can go about my day And when I get pockets of time in my day where I'm able to do things. I think about my one goal, like my one thing that I'm currently focusing on the most and it's not to say that I won't be doing other little steps towards the other 10 goals that I have written on there because some of them are business goals, some our personal goals, some of them are relationship goals. So it doesn't mean that I'm not doing little things toward all those, all those goals, that makes sense. But I want one to be my main okay. And I think when we have one goal, that is our main focus, that's how we're able to get things done. So my visited for you today is to try this out because I have been saying the gratitude and I still do, I say the gratitude in my head before I get out of my bed in the morning. I always want to do that as soon as I wake up, say something I'm thankful for before anything of the day gets in my way, you know, before my dog makes you go out in the rain, let her out, you know, anything like that. So not just saying things or thinking, but actually writing them down. So right down gratitude right down your tent poles and so they have already happened and then take one that is your goal that you are going to focus on right now and just see how that feels. You know, set a reminder on your phone every morning. Maybe you're gonna do it in the morning as soon as you get up. You know, maybe you can do it after you get out of shower once you get to work. Like I do, you get to pick that. I would encourage you to become really consistent about doing this and just see what happens, See how you feel and see if you notice any shift in your behavior and your mindset and I'd love to hear about it, report back, that's your homework, report back to me. Um, in terms of episode of surprise that you think this might help because I think it's going to help more people than you even realize and I think it will help you more than you realize if you take consistent with it. I know back when I did this for a few months, 2020, it really helps. Like it helped me really go in. I really felt as though I knew exactly what I was working toward and so I was able to create small daily actions, work towards the goal and then I was also practicing that gratitude. So. let me know if you have any questions. I hope you have a fabulous day, Go forth and create and own your panic. We'll talk to your friends and that's a wrap on today's episode. I hope you're leaving today inspired princess to create own and spread your magic to the world. If you found by you in this episode or no, a girlfriend who needs to hear it, would you screenshot it and send it to her and if you're feeling really generous, pop it up on your I. G stories and tag me at Lindsay Dollinger so I can see you loved it and tell you thank you. I appreciate you. Now let's go do some amazing things bye bye!

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