EPISODE 300!! Tribute to My Mentor, #BOSSLEE, Today

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In this podcast episode, host Lindsay Dollinger pays tribute to her mentor, Jessie Lee Ward, who recently passed away. Lindsay shares her admiration for Jessie Lee and how she was inspired by her mentorship and success in the network marketing industry. Lindsay discusses the impact Jessie Lee had on her business mindset, including the importance of positivity, being prepared, and setting boundaries. She encourages listeners to strive for greatness, find mentors, and study successful people. Lindsay also shares personal experiences with Jessie Lee and how she influenced her in various aspects of her life. The episode concludes with Lindsay expressing gratitude to Jessie Lee and encouraging listeners to make their own impact. Create and own your magic!



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(00:00:00) - Hey girl, welcome to the Purpose in Pixie Dust Podcast. The podcast where we dive deep into our passions, our purpose, and really unlock our potential With some pixie dust thrown in. What is pixie dust, you might ask? It's the fun and joy that gets unlocked when you're creating and owning your magic. I'm Lindsey Dillinger, Dog Mama, Disney lover and high school Spanish teacher who has used my magic to grow my businesses while also working full time. I'm on a mission to help other women create and own your magic by building not only the business of your dreams, but also the life of your dreams while still juggling life, your full time job, and all the things. So if you want more than this provincial life, let's use our glass slippers to break those glass ceilings and sprinkle lots of pixie dust into our lives. Hello. Hello. Welcome to episode 300 of The Purpose and Pixie Dust Podcast. I cannot believe we're at episode 300. It seems pretty surreal. I guess mathematically it makes a lot of sense since I used to do two episodes a week.

(00:01:07) - Maybe I'll go back to that. I'm not sure. I've been having some ideas really tug at my heart lately about, you know, topics and things to bring into the podcast. So we will see where it evolves. But I know there are so many of you listening who have been with me since this journey, since I pressed play in June 2020. And there are also so many of you who are new to my world or newer to my world. But regardless, either way, I just want to basically give you like this giant hug. So I'm literally like giving you a hug right now through the podcast, giving you a high five, telling you, thank you, thank you. Thank you so much for listening and supporting sharing this with a friend, leaving me a review, coming back every week, being a part of my world, subscribing to my emails, just like all of the things, no matter which of those things and hopefully all of those things that you have done. Thank you.

(00:02:02) - Thank you. Thank you. Just from the bottom of my heart. Thank you. It's just so crazy. And so I really didn't know because I knew I wanted this episode to be special. I really didn't know how I wanted it to go until recently. And I maybe, I don't know, maybe this was just like the universe timing being like, just wait, because you will know the perfect things to say when it when it comes up. But I like to be batched out. Like that is just something that I have found that especially since I have gone back to work. It's I'm it's full time high school Spanish teacher still. So you know going back to the classroom and August it's a big shift in energy and time productivity for me versus what I'm able to do during the summer when I'm when I don't have a full time job. Right. And and there's definitely pros and cons to that. But one of those things is that I really like to be prepped out. And so I'm recording this about a week before it drops a little more than a week.

(00:03:02) - I'm recording this on on a Sunday. And as soon as I get off of this, I get to start packing. I'm attending. Kacia If it's not her last name, it's not Fitzgerald anymore. Getmeri, her Empowerher conference in Denver next weekend, which will be last weekend. When you are listening to this because you're listening to this. It airs the Monday after that conference. So I get to pack for that and really start getting excited and focusing on that. But because of that, you will see I you know, I'm not going to wait until I get home from that conference to record an episode for the next morning, because I have definitely learned my lesson for that. But first of all, if you have left a rating and review for the show, check the Facebook group, check my socials for the giveaway that I promised for everyone who got a rating and review in. And if you have not yet done that, even though it will be too late for this giveaway, I plan on doing others and also it just really helps the show get seen by other women who are building their businesses while working full time, who are wanting to be in a community of like minded women to lift them up, empower them, learn system strategies, learn from other women who are in the trenches doing the things.

(00:04:17) - So I appreciate that. If you will just take a second, leave a review, also take a second and screenshot this and share this into your either IG or Facebook stories. Give me a tag and just so that, you know, other friends will, like I said, able to see that, oh, you listen to the show, I wonder what it's all about because that's the way we get the power of. What? What do you want to say? Positivity. I like to think of myself as a pretty positive person, but I just want to be there to cheer you on and be your cheerleader and your fairy godmother in your business to let you know that, yeah, the days are going to get tough sometimes, but I am here for you cheering you on always. And I think that's the message that all women need to hear. So on that note, what I wanted to do for episode 300 and it's it feels kind of strange to do this just because it is so new, like so newly happened.

(00:05:19) - But I wanted to give a tribute to a mentor of mine who just passed away. Her name is Jessie Lee Ward, and she was the top network marketer in the world, I'm pretty sure is what top income earning network marketer. I'm pretty sure it was in the world. Anyway, I want to share about her as my mentor for so many years and what I really, really loved and admired about her because I think these are all traits and skills and personality traits that I am still working to. Refine and get better at. And I hope that you are also on this same path as I was and I still currently am. So I fell into her world. Jessie Lee Ward was her name. She went by boss. Lee was not really her her alter ego, but kind of. So every time she got on to a podcast or a training live video back when I was very much following her, watching her all the time, she would say, I am hashtag bossy. And so she was building her brand, she was building her community that way.

(00:06:45) - And I really fell into her world first by finding her podcast, which is the People's Mentor podcast. It's still on Apple. You can go find it. There's like 500 and some episodes, I believe she, for a while there was doing them daily. She stopped doing them daily, I don't know, a year or maybe two years ago now, but it was doing it a little bit more infrequently. But I fell into her world when she was doing them daily and I was just finding and falling in love with business podcasts when this happened. So this was, I think 2018 and 2018 was when I joined the company that I am still partnered with, but it was the company that I ended up going to the top less than 1% with. But it was also when I had just left a previous company that I felt very betrayed by, not myself personally, but just what I signed up for. The ideals and everything did not mesh anymore. And it was very heartbreaking and sad for me. And I swore I was never going to get back into the network marketing industry.

(00:07:53) - So then I jumped back in with nail polish strips in April of 2018, and I was like, okay, if I'm doing this this time, this is going to be like my last hurrah. Basically, with network marketing, I'm going to do it. I'm going to do it big. So I found Jesse Lee's podcast. And I knew this was time for me to push and grow. And I didn't really have an an up line. And I've talked about this before, my sponsor. I just signed me up because I reached out to her and was like, Hey, I want to sign up to sell these. Like she didn't have any other teammates. She ended up quitting. I'm not even sure a couple months in, I think maybe, maybe a few more months than that never really grew the business. And then I got like bumped to her sponsor, who also was just not into it. However, she did have a large team and she was very uninterested. And I've talked about all this before and you guys know, I was pretty bitter about that.

(00:08:52) - So I really. Thought of me listening to Jessie Lee like she was the mentor and the upline that I really craved, but I didn't have like I lived for her podcast, driving to school and I soaked up everything. They brought me fire every day. I was excited to turn it on and sometimes the podcasts were like an hour long, so I would listen to the first half on the way to school and the second half and the way home, and I didn't have time really to listen to anyone else. So like she solely was in my ears for a really long time and I just loved her boldness. I loved her drive, her tenacity. I loved her, no bullshit ways. I very much. I very much aligned with all of that, especially if you know me personally, even outside of the podcast. I feel like sometimes they don't show that side of me as much on the podcast, but I'm very much my one of my previous up lines, nicknamed me hopefully lovingly, The Savage.

(00:09:58) - So I don't know, looking back, maybe that wasn't so lovingly, but it always seemed to be a fun, a fun little nickname. But I was the savage one in our group. And it's just I kind of live my life like that in general. So I was just very drawn to her and the success that she had gotten in several companies as well, but specifically and prove it. That's who she was with. By the time I started listening to her and, you know, it was like, we're taking no prisoners. Like we're going like, you know, all in or nothing. And I was super coachable. I was hungry for more. And I did what she said to do within reason. So I'll never forget when she shared how she would cancel dates, which let's be real, I'm not getting dates or wasn't getting dates then anyway. But she would cancel dates or doing fun things in her life. And one day she said she didn't let herself go to bed until she did all of her business tasks for the day.

(00:10:56) - And at one point in her journey, and probably very current currently as well, also meant that she wasn't doing those things if she didn't recruit a certain number of new people to her team that day, like herself personally, which to me was such a crazy like I couldn't even wrap my mind around anything like that because at the time I was maybe recruiting one person a month maybe. So I just like, I couldn't even fathom that. So I knew that I wasn't quite willing to do those things. You know, my discipline wasn't there. My belief in myself wasn't there. So I knew that I would never be the never the number one network marketer in the world. And that never really was my my dream, my goal, my ambition anyway. But I knew that if I did a portion of what she said and a well rounded portion like I couldn't skip, you know, the recruiting talks or I couldn't skip building community and just do content all day. For example, I knew that if I was very well rounded with with doing, I don't know, it probably wasn't even 50% of what she did in a day, to be honest, the way she would share what she was doing, but that I would get amazing results.

(00:12:10) - And I did. And, you know, it isn't solely obviously for her. I was listening to a lot of other people. I was investing myself in a mastermind in a one on one coach. But but the mentality was there. The mindset was there. I was going all in and she was showing me the path and that it could be done. And because I knew that it could be done. And she's, what, four years? No, two years younger than me. It could be done. It could be done by someone two years younger than me. And that's kind of all I ever really needed in my business was if someone else is doing it, I know I can do it too. Like in my business and in my life, You know, if someone else has run a marathon, I know I'm not going to die doing this. Like I just need to train and do the things. So. She taught me about boundaries. You know, she taught me through her podcasts, her trainings and things that I listened to.

(00:13:10) - That there's no such thing as a direct sales emergency and that it was okay for me not to answer these little questions that would be coming in from my teammates or even my customers at all hours of the night that it was okay for me to, you know, set up systems and send everyone to some some system that I had set up. And within our team, myself and another leader created something we called the Golden Dock, like the Golden Document that had every answer to every question that we had ever gotten from our team. And it was in there. Links to everything that you should buy when you get started. Everything was in this golden dock. It saved us so much time. And so those boundaries, no matter what your business is, you know, those boundaries and those systems are so, so huge. She taught me to be unapologetically me and bold. And that is something around this time that I was very much struggling with. Um, I'm pretty sure I've shared this on the show before too, but from 20 let me think of the years late 2015, school year, August 2015 until.

(00:14:20) - May of 20. 19. So for years he was there four years. I had a principal at work who was the most toxic boss I could ever imagine, sort of like Michael Scott in the office, except and I am not a huge office fan, so excuse me if I'm doing this analogy wrong, but I studied the office in and one of my college business classes. It was really fun. But to to not get too far into this, but this boss that I had was, you know, degrading and would say really horrible things to me. At one time, he put his hand in my face and told me to shut up in front of a student, which, like, blew my mind. And the worst part was it wasn't just my my main boss, but my assistant principal as well was equally toxic. I also got yelled at and told that I had to repeat after him that I was a subordinate and he was my boss. And it's still like I still have a lot of trauma around that, thankfully.

(00:15:45) - But but anyway, long story short, those four years, it's really when I really picked up network marketing and was going all in because I couldn't imagine staying in teaching. Like I could not imagine it. I could not imagine. Like I would cry every day when I left work. Sometimes I would cry at work like it was bad. And so hearing those things constantly from my men, the male supervisors that I had and and the one told me that no one liked me. No. No student like me, no parent, no teachers liked me were words that came out of his mouth one time. Another time it was that he just couldn't believe that students went abroad with me. Like, how could they stand being with me for two weeks? And they acted like they really enjoyed it when they came back and just all these things that just and I know they're not true, but, you know, when you hear them from people, it was just like a mind fuck to put it lightly. So anyway.

(00:16:51) - I found her. I found Jessie Lees podcast in 2018 and this was in the height of all of that and I would listen to it on my way to work. And it was such a reminder to me that it was okay to be the bold, fearless woman that I know I am. Like I didn't have to become smaller in order for my two bosses to like me or to tolerate me. I didn't have to do things that were against my moral compass or against what was written in my contract because they were trying to force me to do it and that that was okay. And so even not so much on a business level, but just hearing that from her helped me so much with my personal life. Like I'm almost like tearing up and I don't really tear up with that, but I kind of pushed that memory aside of that. But and I would listen to it in the car on the way home after I talked to my dad, because I always call my dad very first thing when I get in the car on my way home from work every day.

(00:17:50) - But I would I would turn it on and I would just listen to her and be like, okay, she can do that. I can do that. Like, I can inspire women. Like this is really what I want to do is I want to inspire other people to live their dreams. I don't want them to have to be driving to a 9 to 5 every day that they cry and that they hate and that they dread and that they know they're going to hear something bad or toxic about themselves. And so that's really where honestly, the shift came. Through me eventually that I loved network marketing, I loved my team, but the part that I loved about my team was coaching them and inspiring them and helping them build their online businesses. And she was such a huge, huge, huge part of that. And I have to give her credit for that because, yes, I am naturally a pretty confident person. If you have known me even before 2018, you would probably say the same things.

(00:18:48) - But there was definitely there has definitely been a shift in me since. Saying that Jesse Lee was my mentor, for sure. It's okay to go from good to great, my friend. I hope you know that, like, just because your life is good or just because your business is good or just because whatever xyz fill in the blank is good. It's okay if you want to make it great. It's okay if you want to be more, to have more. It's your life. Like it doesn't matter what society thinks, what someone tells you. You can be more. You can want more. You can chase your dreams and give zero. You know what's about what other people think of you. Listening to her lit a fire in me. And I want to spread that everywhere to everyone, because that is I mean, that's that's where I got my mission and my drive. And I won't even say where I got it, but it's where I allowed myself to see it, where it kind of like woke up because I was so lit up about changing women's lives and sharing this message.

(00:19:55) - But I had felt stuck and like I wasn't really shining and sharing. If I was just doing this, you know, in a small team space or if I was just doing this with my close friends or whatever, I wanted to be bigger. I wanted to spread my influence. And she showed me that it was beyond possible. Another thing that I would do, and I recommend that you do this with your mentors or other people that you admire in the business space is I watched how she did her private trials. Heck, I even ordered one from her knowing that I wasn't going to drink the prove it because I actually was a proven promoter. I know this will shock you between my Beachbody days, so this would have been probably 2016 and some other company, I think maybe Lularoe. But I was a private promoter and so I knew I didn't want to drink. It actually made me horribly sick. But I bought a trial from her like a trial pack on one of her live shows because I wanted to see exactly how she invoiced, if she followed up, how she followed up, how the package came, all of those things.

(00:21:06) - And then I used the things that I saw from her and other people. It wasn't just her, but I saw things that other people were doing. And I thought of ways that I could do those things with my team and my customers. So that's a huge thing I recommend for you to do with mentors or with other people in your space, in your industry, or not even in your industry. And then when I saw she was doing free trainings for teams, which was a pretty genius marketing strategy for her, and I have seen other people do that too. I figured she was doing with the other big name people did. And she was she had recorded a video and was streaming it prerecorded live as though they were live. So I actually had two different. Large name men do this in my team space. Large name men. I don't know if that made sense. Like the big names in network marketing for trainers, coaches, whatnot. For the network marketing space. Too big to men with big names in our fields.

(00:22:10) - And that's what they did. So they didn't ever actually, like interact really, truly authentically with people. It was definitely, definitely like a sales tactic. But not Jesse Lee. She didn't do that. She showed up on a Sunday morning for my team in a Zoom room and told us we all better have our cameras on to feed and give her good energy, which we all did. And she poured into us. I just looked at the recording. I found it. It was May 2020. She poured into us for over an hour. We got to ask questions and just brought the energy and the fire and I got to chat with her just a little bit before and as my team was trickling on and it was just so authentic and. So genuine. And she didn't sell. She didn't pitch anything. Nothing, nothing. And it was just wanting to share an impact. Other people and I don't know that she got any. I never heard of anyone on my team selling prove it. Or or even drinking.

(00:23:18) - Prove it. So I don't know that that ever helped her in that way, if you know that, you know what I mean. But. Dang like what a role model. And I do know that we all have to be very particular with her time. We all don't have time to give away for free all of the time like that. But she truly was just wanting to give back to the industry. There was a minimum. She asked that at least 25 people be on the call, which we got easily, and she poured into us like, How can you do that in your industry and make an impact in that sort of way? Because I just remember when she you know, we talked about that for weeks. First of all, I was so excited. Like I pumped that up in our team space. Like, you guys have no idea. We are having Jessie Lee Ward boss Lee on. I was so, so, so, so excited. She showed me what it was like to really differentiate myself and be different and that that it was okay.

(00:24:22) - She also helped me consider how I was treating my body. Hint I wasn't always treating it very well and still don't all the time. And that to show up as a top performer you have to prioritize sleep, you have to move your body, you have to fuel yourself. You have to drink water. ET cetera. ET cetera. When I started to podcast, I loved her episodes so much that she recorded from her phone on walks. She would be walking her dogs and sometimes, you know, you would hear on the episodes because she didn't edit them and she would be like saying hi to people as she passed them or she'd be talking to her dog. And that gave me so much permission to not have to feel like my episodes needed to be perfectly edited or that I could do them from the car. And so you might remember I haven't done it probably for eight months or so, but my Thursday episodes used to always be recorded from my car, and I remember my very first, I think it was my very first VA.

(00:25:30) - That I ever hired. It drove her insane. She was like, No one's going to listen to these. They're not edited, yada, yada. The the audio quality is so bad. Um, and then I got so much feedback from people who actually were my people that the car talks were their favorites. So I would love to know slide into my DMS. If you used to ever listen to my Thursday my biz tip Thursdays and the car talks, I would love to know if you liked them, if you'd like to see them come back. Um, because I just thought that was a really funny thing. How? I saw Jesse Lee not editing and not caring where she was recording, and she was one of the first people. And still to this day, maybe the only person that I listen to who was like that. And to me, that just opened up the doors and gave me full permission to do that myself. Because like she said and this I totally agree with Dunn is better than perfect, right? And so if I want to get out to the world, my content, my people aren't going to care if I'm recording it on a dog walk.

(00:26:40) - And you can hear some background noise outside, right? If not, it's not going to get done. And this is the way that I am using my time wisely to get stuff done. And that's 100% how I built my business and how I still continue to build my business. So these are just some of the things I was writing down to kind of really help myself process hearing that she passed away yesterday. So like I said, I'm recording this early for you guys, so it's just so heartbreaking for me and for you probably as well. If you are a network marketer and you knew maybe you even met her. I never met her in real life, but I'm just really sad for her friends, her family, obviously her dog years, her boyfriend, but also just the people and. Who are not going to be able to experience any more of her content live like she's going to obviously have left a huge legacy, which is something that I think a lot of us are after. Right. Your legacy.

(00:27:50) - How will you be remembered? For sure. For sure. For sure. She has changed the network marketing industry and really even the social sales industry online. But just like what a powerhouse. Like what a freaking powerhouse. And then I also want to remind you. Because this is just something that I was thinking as I was processing all this, as well as life is so short and I just want you to make sure that what you're doing is what you're passionate about. It lights you up, that you are making impact on the people that you want to be making an impact on. That you are planning time for yourself, that you're not pushing off those things for later or for after retirement or for for whatever date and time in the future that you're doing what you can be doing now to live your biggest fullest. Magical life. So playing the trip, you know, tell people how you really feel. And that goes the other way around, too. Like, I just fired my second social media manager in like two months, which I'll do another episode about that.

(00:29:06) - But, you know, life's too short. Stop hanging on to things that are not serving you, that are not fulfilling the purpose that they should be in your life. Take your walk outside, laugh. Plan in your business time and then shut the computer and unplug and and just really live this life fully. Because I think I think she was 34. I think Jessie Lee was 34. I saw one. I recall that said 35. I'm not sure when her birthday was. But anyway, I digress. She was young, way too young, way too tragic. But this is only scraping the surface of what I. Learned from this woman. The past five years since she has been my mentor, especially in the network marketing. When I was building my network marketing business. But even not, even if you're not in network marketing and you're listening to this, all of these things can definitely, hopefully be something that you can apply to your own life. Be more. Want more? Chase your dreams.

(00:30:13) - Go from good to great Know what you need to get done. Treat it seriously. Treat your business seriously and you will get those serious results. Create and own your magic. So thank you, Jesse Lee. If you're listening to this up there, I know you had a huge impact on me. And so, so, so, so, so many other people around the world whose hearts are breaking for you, but know that your impact did not go in vain. So take care. Friends and love you and I will see you next episode. And that's a wrap on today's episode. I hope you're leaving today. Inspired Princess to create, own and spread your magic to the world. If you found value in this episode or know a girlfriend who needs to hear it, would you screenshot it and send it to her? And if you're feeling really generous, pop it up on your IG stories and tag me at Lindsey Dillinger so I can see you loved it and tell you Thank you. I appreciate you.

(00:31:17) - Now let's go do some amazing things. Bye bye.

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