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EPISODE 300!! Tribute to My Mentor, #BOSSLEE, Today

In this podcast episode, host Lindsay Dollinger pays tribute to her mentor, Jessie Lee Ward, who recently passed away. Lindsay shares her admiration for Jessie Lee and how she was inspired by her mentorship and success in the network marketing industry. Lindsay discusses the impact Jessie Lee had on her business mindset, including the importance of positivity, being prepared, and setting boundaries. She encourages listeners to strive for greatness, find mentors, and study successful people. Lindsay also shares personal experiences with Jessie Lee and how she influenced her in various aspects of her life. The episode concludes with Lindsay expressing gratitude to Jessie Lee and encouraging listeners to make their own impact. Create and own your magic!



This is an AI-produced transcript of episode 300 of the Purpose and Pixie Dust Podcast.  
Connect with Lindsay here: https://www.lindsaydollinger.com/links
(00:00:00) - Hey girl, welcome to the Purpose in...
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From Good to Great: How to Implement the Disney Model of Customer Service in Your Business

Listen in to this episode of the Purpose and Pixie Dust Podcast here:


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(00:00:00) - Hello. Welcome back to The Purpose and Pixie Dust podcast. I wanted to do a podcast today about customer service and because this is the purpose of Pixie Dust podcast, I wanted to go ahead and center it around using the Disney model of customer service in your business, because if you are familiar and hopefully you are with anything Disney related, whether it is the Disney parks, the Disney resorts, the Disney store, when you go in anything Disney related, they are well known for providing exceptional experiences to their guests. And I always love how they always call you guests and not clients or customers. I think that's really a fun and very intentional use of the word and part of their branding as well. But...

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5 Lessons for Entrepreneurs from The Lion King

Listen to episode 267 of the Purpose and Pixie Dust podcast, 5 Lessons for Entrepreneurs from The Lion King, here or wherever you listen to podcasts.



Here are five lessons we can learn from The Lion King that we can use as entrepreneurs:

  1. Embrace your past but focus on the future - Simba learned from his past mistakes and embraced his responsibilities as the future king. As entrepreneurs, we should learn from our past experiences but focus on the future and keep moving forward to achieve our goals.

  2. Build a strong support system - Simba had a strong support system with his friends Timon and Pumbaa who helped him get back on his feet after his exile. As entrepreneurs, we should surround ourselves with a strong support system of mentors, advisors, employees, and friends who can provide guidance and support in our entrepreneurial journey.

  3. Take calculated risks - Simba took a calculated risk by returning to Pride Rock to confront Scar and take his...

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