Ep 230: [INTERVIEW] Balancing Business, Marriage & Your Community feat. Megan. Yelaney

balance branding challenges community connections consistency direct sales network marketing personal development podcast Feb 28, 2023
This week's episode, we dive deep into balancing business and marriage: real convos about building a business while navigating hardships of marriage & tragedy.  We also talked about brand building and pivoting into new businesses that started with a foundation in network marketing but has led to a sustainable (and successful) coaching business.

This is an AI transcript of Episode 230 of the Purpose and Pixie Dust Podcast.[INTERVIEW] Balancing Business, Marriage & Your Community with guest, Megan Yelaney.

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All right. I believe we are live. Hello. Hello, everyone Welcome back to another Purpose and Pixie dust podcast. I'm super excited for today's guest, you guys to meet her and to learn from her today. So I'm Lindsay Dollinger, I'm the host of this show and we have Megan Yelaney. Am I saying that right? Yelaney, correct? Perfect. Most people get it wrong. I'm very impressed. I have listened to Megan's podcast for a really long time. That's actually how we connected is we're both in a podcast, mentoring um group, I guess cohort together. And anyway, I already had known, quote unquote, known Megan from listening to her podcast And so when she had talked about doing a podcast, I was like, oh my gosh, yes, I have to do this. So that's probably one of the first podcasts that I listened to actually, um very first started like listening to, you know, the whole podcasting world when my, when my mind got opened up to it. Um yeah, thank you so much for being on the show and tell us a little bit more about you. Are you? What do you do? All the things.

Thank you. Thank you for having me, I love podcasting, it's hands down my favorite thing to do and have good conversations with good people, so yeah, happy to be here. Um I am a podcaster speaker and business mentor, I really focus on helping women remodel their businesses so that it can support their their home lives, their marriages. I say thrive in your business as much as your bank, sorry thrive in your marriage as much as your bank, like that's really my goal um just because of my story and my remodel to really support my family life but still build a really successful business. Um and then I also help people come up with what I call my unique coaching method or there unique framework, how can you stand out from everyone else out there, doing something very similar sounding, There is definitely unique spin you can have and that can really lead the way for a lot of your offer is your content planning a lot in your business. So I work on helping people define that and really like lock that in, so yeah, it's a hodgepodge of fun stuff over here. So when did you get started in the whole coaching business realm? Yeah, Gosh, I technically started in the coaching realm in 2011, the end of 2011, I signed up for network marketing company because I had been selling me products for a year not knowing you can make money, I was just like getting everyone to do it because I was changed my life. I was like, everyone needs to do this. And I was like, wait, I could've been making money this full time. So I dove in uh and I really love, love, love that business, It was awesome. I thought that was the end. All be all I said, I'm going to be a millionaire code, that's what it's gonna be. And then a few years later I got the itch and I was like, all right, I think there's something else out there. Like it was a great Start. I absolutely love the company, still use their products and it was a really great experience and such a great way to get started in business. I think you learned so many fundamentals and you want me to create a product. And so I learned so much from that experience. But then in like 2016, I started to get an itch and I was like, I want to create my own. So I built that up to a very successful business and my husband was able to quit his job, he was pursuing his own business on the side. So we were like, you know, live an entrepreneur life traveling and all that. And so for me to go wait, I don't know if I want to do this anymore, I want to start something new is a little scary, but now here we are, you know, 56 years later, um we've built a million dollar company and we have a pretty well known brand and we're helping so so many people just be themselves on social media essentially and build their businesses by being uniquely who they are. Um but I got my start in 2011. So it's been a hot minute since we've been doing this. Yeah. And I don't think I remembered that you started in network marketing because I did as well. And I think that there are so many people that I've interviewed who also started in network marketing and I think that's such an important thing to remember, especially for everyone out there who, because I feel like network marketing can be such a misunderstood industry. Um but it really is such like an awesome way for women to get their foot in the door of some sort of business and learn to take advantage of a lot of those trainings and things that network marketing companies offer and then do their own thing and take it to the next level. So I really love that. Yeah, I know a lot of people who got started network marketing is very common. So yeah, well in case to who is in charge of our podcast did as well, which is so funny. Yeah. Beachbody was my first company too, it's awesome. Yeah. Again like love the company. I had a great, I had a great experience with them. It wasn't like I don't like it wasn't that at all it was just like there's more I meant to do. You know? I understand. Yeah. 100%. Okay. Talk to us a little bit. You kind of mentioned already about how your business pivoted and changed like what did that remodel look like? Yeah. Oh my gosh, so it's kind of funny because I you know you I never had a traditional 9 to 5. I I did like background work on film and television and cocktail waitressing. I was and still have a performer, musical theater and so I never had like a 9 to 5, it was more like a six a.m. To nine p.m. Kind of thing for four days a week. But you leave a 9 to 5, let's say two go into your own business and before you know it you're working a 9 to 5 but actually like 12 hour days. And that's kind of what happened. I grew pretty quickly in my third business of I went from network marketing to health and wellness and then to business coaching because that's really what I should have been doing the whole time. You know network marketing, you only do really well if you're building the business. And so once I open to that I was like addicted to it, I was like wait this is it, this is like my calling. So I'm supposed to do my marriage is also struggling a lot of that time. So it was like a distraction for me to just, let's just go on and on and on this because I'm good at this, you know, let's hold on to what I'm good at. So there were some unhealthy and healthy coping mechanisms happening during that time, but I went all in and it showed in my income in my growth, like my business five times in one year. It was wild how much it grew from all those years of building from network marketing that definitely helped. So I never said it wasn't overnight at all. It just kind of seemed it in a sense. Um but it really took off which was amazing, but all of a sudden like I look at my business and I'm like it cannot run without me, I am in every piece of this, if I'm sick if I'm not there things crash and burn. Um and at that point and this is something I share a lot about my story and my husband and I had separated for six months and when we got back together it was like you've got to change stuff around like I don't see you and when I do see you, you're exhausted and drained and tired all the time and I just needed to change a lot around and so that was one of the bigger pivots that I've made, not industry wise, like obviously from network Mark two health coaching with industry pivot and then from health to business and industry pivot, but this is more so the way I did business, the way I showed up, the way I sold, the way I launched all of that kind of stuff and I had to get rid of a lot of programs. I had to change how much access people had to me in certain programs. I leaned into more evergreen style selling and not as much life launching, so much had to change. And now I'm at this uh, uh, the pivot point now where I'm wanting to get more into speaking and podcasting and brand deals and sponsorships. So now I'm in a whole other pivot and it's like really exciting. And also so scary because I have no clue what I'm doing so many ways. I'm like, I don't know what this next stage looks like cause I've never done it before. So it's very exciting but scary at the same time, so many, many pivots along the way. I love that and I love how you are so like authentic and raw about sharing that like your marriage wasn't perfect and you're like taking your portion of the blame for that with. Like I was throwing yourself into my business instead of dealing with the things that I could have been dealing with. So what kind of advice do you have for those of us listening who are in a relationship or not even a significant other? Maybe it's you're throwing yourself in your business to avoid, you know, day job, like all the sorts, let's talk a little bit about that, about that. Some Yeah, that's a for sure. It's such a great question because I think I just actually recorded an episode about this. Like how sometimes work can be such a great coping mechanism and it gives us a purpose, right? When we're feeling really defeated, especially if you're dealing with grief or loss. But if you're if you're not processing your feelings and you're just escaping them with work, that's when it can turn into an unhealthy coping mechanism if you will. Right? And so that's really what was going on? For me, it was definitely an escape in some great ways, but it was also like, oh I'm just literally ignoring a lot of the stuff that's happening and then once we separated it did give us that time to go, okay, where was my blame? Where was it? Um what do we need to both work on together and separately so that when we're back together, we can work on this together. So some things that I would really recommend doing is if you're, if you feel like you're regulating your mood with your business. Um and your or I should say if your mood is regulated based on your business, that's when you want to take a look at it. Like if you have a great month, you are on a high and you're so happy. But if you have a client leave a contract or clients are just struggling or there's a season or there's a recession or the economy is not going great. Like if if your business and your mood is so affected by that, that's when I would go okay something that's a sign in my opinion because entrepreneurship is so up and down, you know, it's a roller coaster, literally that book is so accurate and if we're only happy when our business is doing well and when we're making lots of money, then those inevitable downturns where our mood is totally regulated by it and I realized my entire worth was tied to my business and my success and there was a point where I only felt worthy and good and like I'm a good enough human if I was making a certain amount of money and that's when I was like, I don't like that, I don't like that my whole being is based on how much income I'm bringing in. I can't control that. There's so many things out of my control around that And I can say with full confidence today, like I've gotten rid of so many things like we're rebuilding back to get where we were financially, but in such a different way and I am more at peace and happier than I ever was when I was making crazy money every month because I was drained and my whole worth was based off of how much I was making that makes sense 100%. And I have definitely recognized that tendency in myself because my love languages recognition. So yeah. Hi. Oh yeah, I'm like, yes, next rank next day. Like next like going, yeah, every incentive, like it's that competitive, you know, that competitiveness and I know it's for me, like those sorts of things can be really hard to detach your worth and yourself from those statements. Um, so what advice would you have if someone is like, okay, I recognize myself in that balancing, you know, your relationship with your business. What did you find that you kind of mentioned a little bit with changing your product structure a little bit, but maybe the woman listening, what could she do? Yeah, I mean first honestly is have a really honest talk with your partner or the, the relationship, whatever it is, It could be a family member. It could be a, when you're, I mean, I guess with your kids it's a little bit different, but, but have a honest conversation about, hey, here's like why I'm in this, here's my goal with this and really relate it back to your goal as a family, as a unit. Like to strengthen what you can do with them, like your experiences because a lot of times I think people are not that they're not supportive, but they don't understand it because they're not in it. And so they don't see that vision and we assume that they see it, they're like, oh, well I told them that it's like, have you really told them it though, have you really sat them down and said, here's where I see this going, get them in it with you and not that they need to be in the business and doing things on the side with you, it's not that it's just like have them buy into the vision with you because if they don't, it's gonna feel like so separate and that's really where my husband and I were, we were very separate with our businesses that was like my win, his win, and it was never together, but now it's like he gets just as excited about the growth of the business, I get excited about, he's a professional poker player, so like when he does poker games and like supporting him, I don't understand what happens, I don't know, poker at all, but but I'm like, yes, that's amazing, you know? And so I found that when you can have them by into the vision with you, it's so much easier to be motivated to have those like work sessions, you need to have be really focused, but then when you're not working, actually be off, and I guess that would be my second piece of advice is once you sit down and have that that talk about like, here's the vision. this is what we're doing together, set boundaries like set work hours and set some boundaries to actually stick to them because I think we set work showers all the time and then ignore them. So I'm reading atomic habits right now. So it's very much in my head, such a good book and like set some cues and triggers so that if you cannot not pick up your phone when you're with your family, put it in another room, when you're with your family, like get rid of those um those temptations if you will and really try to have your work, your work and your personal life, personal life as much as you can. I love that, those are, those are great and I love that book to um is that your first Yeah, first time and I do a lot of that, like accidentally I guess, or maybe from other things I've heard, but it's like when you hear it from this perspective, I'm like, oh this makes so much sense. And I just love his perspective of like it's not willpower, it's not grit, it's not someone more motivated or dedicated. It's like your environment and setting yourself up for success, but like, oh that's so much, so much better than like shaming yourself into doing something like that. It's so simple to like that simple tweak and you're like, oh my gosh, that makes it so much easier. Yeah, I love it, I really do. It's great. Okay, so I would love to talk because you mentioned about how your businesses pivoted and changed so much over the years, but you still have maintained, I feel like your brand, your community and I know that's a huge part of your coaching method. So um talk to us about like why that's important, how you have been able to do that because like I said, we do have a lot of network marketers to listen to the show and I know for some of them they will be pivoting and growing and doing different things, why brand, you know, I'm building a community right now. So important for that. Yeah. Oh I love that. And yeah, that's something that when I look back, I'm like oh this brand has been the same for many years. That's pretty cool. Like I didn't have to change just because my business changed dramatically. Like from fitness coaching to business coaching, completely different industry, same brand. Pretty awkward brand. And even when I was in network marketing, my team, we were called heart rate heroes. But I um we would always say where the awkward like awkwardly us, I think we would say the word awkward was in there. So it actually did start back in network marketing and really when you're thinking about your brand, you want to think like what is your bigger mission overall and try not like this is where you want to be very general and vague goddess li like usually it's like get as specific as possible. But here it's like what's your overall mission and vision? And for me, if I want people to show up as fully as themselves unapologetically like hearing awkwardness and all take it or leave it whether that's in their health, whether that's in their business, whether that's in the network marketing company so that it can span everything. So if you have that like bigger purpose and vision that is a little bit more vague sounding, it can go with you throughout everything and then you're basing your brand on who you are at your core and your values versus and your personality versus something that's gonna change every single time you pivot and not that your personality and your values don't change, they might adapt and grow as you learn new things and take on new roles in life when you get married, if you have kids, like obviously huge life, life changes will change those things. But at your core, most people I know their values are their values. Those don't usually change that much. So I when you build it off of that, it's always always relevant. You never have to actually change. I haven't had to change my brand at all. It's only strengthened honestly because it was based off of my values at my core and my bigger overall vision if that makes sense? Yeah, 100% now in 2011 when you got started? Were you a facebook girl instagram girl? What did your social media look like compared to now? Oh yeah. Oh my gosh. 2011. Yeah, I remember I did my first post on Facebook, my facebook personal page which I think is technically illegal. Like I don't think you're allowed to, I don't think we're allowed to do that, but I never got in trouble. I don't know anyone who's gotten in trouble for that, but I don't think you're allowed to. Um and all. I used my Facebook personal page for I remember the first post I did, it was like taking 3 to 5 people, you know the typical post that we were taught to do. It works. It was my first one and not as many people are doing it at the time, so it definitely works, which is great. Um does not work now. People I promised you got to be more original than that, but it was Facebook personal. And then I think I started on Instagram like dabbling in 2012, but not until like 2014 did I really start using it and 2014, that's honestly when my business took off. But for network marketing I built it all on my Facebook personal page pretty much in my Facebook group, that was it. And now Facebook groups very different now. Yeah. So what does that look like now? What's your primary um I guess we have a primary community because you have your podcast as well. So where are all your communities? How do you manage that with your brand? Yeah, I would say the, the podcast is the number one place definitely that I feel like I built the community. Um, and I like refer to my people and my best stuff is there for sure. So it's, the podcast is definitely number one and I would say second is Instagram. Um, right now I have a Facebook group and you know, sometimes it's popping and sometimes it's on fire and sometimes very quiet in there. And I've had like, I've taken courses, I've had Facebook group with experts and it's, I think that's just the nature of a lot of those groups. Unless you're like a huge group that has a lot of promotions, It's just how it's gonna be. And I kind of like accepted that and it goes through seasons, you know, but I do have a community there. But I say the podcast and then my Instagram are the two biggest places and were recently on Tiktok but expanding in a slightly different way, focusing more on like the marriage and business aspect and honestly having a lot of fun. Like that's just like a fun app in my opinion. I love that. And so then are you directing your Tiktok traffic to your Instagram? Like how are you or is that just kind of like a fun like exposure piece for you right now right now, I have my Instagram linked on my, on my Tiktok, if you can have, you know, everyone can have their Instagram linked, but I have the link in my bio on, on Tiktok is my podcast actually page. So it's my like website for the podcast because that's really where I want to drive people to is the podcast and then within the show notes and the ads and all that, people can opt in for the email list and, and everything. So it's really driving traffic to the podcast right now. I'll go through seasons though where like if I want, if I'm running a challenge or if I want to drive traffic to a freebie, I'll switch out the link. But that's pretty much where I'm sending people now from to talk for the lady who is listening to this or um, I guess there's a gentleman who listen to this too, but I always just talk to my woman, my woman listeners, um, who has been thinking maybe about starting a podcast, but wasn't quite sure how to make that a business or make it a part of her business. Can you kind of share how you did that with your podcast from when you started to where it is now? Yeah, totally. I think the easiest way to get started with your podcasts, like relating it to your business is have the content be around your business. So if you like, normally let's say if you would post on Instagram three times a week and one of them was like a really in depth carousel educational type post, do a really big expansion on your podcast that week. And so that's what I started doing is instead of approaching it, like, what am I going to post on Instagram this week, I went, okay, what is the podcast gonna be? And then how will my other content support that? So that was the lead? Like the podcast was the lead and if I was in launch for something or wanted to warm people up for something, say if I had to launch in two months from now, I would have about six weeks out, very intentional content that was speaking to that ideal client so that they were getting warmed up through the podcast and by the time we launched it was like, oh, they already had six weeks of this kind of stuff. So I honestly think it helps you plan your content so much easier, so much easier because it's like the anchor content if you will, and you can do this with a blog too, and then you can have everything else would be like mini versions, whether it's a really good um, case it does, it's really great whether it's really a good post, like a quote post, you know, one of those really viral type quotes that drives traffic or if it's a real or if it's just an audio clips and video of the interview. Um but I'm like, wow, it's so much easier to play my content now because of my podcast. I totally agree with my, my sister just pulled in so my dog is probably gonna park like just talk quick before I meet myself. Like I love it. I know. Um Yeah, and the thing that I love and I love that you mentioned blogging too is that like kind of like long form content that they, that we can stick around for. So I guess a YouTube video could be something similar as well, but that stuff that we can find and then you can pull your little pieces out of I think is so genius. And so you are, you are switching your focus, you said on finding like sponsors and things like that from your podcast to start monetizing even more correct. That's what yeah, that's the goal. Like I really, our goal is to grow the podcast to start to get sponsors speaking. We're actually starting a new series in January that I think is really gonna be the catalyst called couple conversations and so we're gonna interview my husband and I are gonna interview other entrepreneur couples and basically like what's the artist? I know I'm so excited, I was lit, I can't wait. I just, all I want to do is be on interviews all day. Like that's my favorite thing is like what's been a really tough times and they're gonna be very honest and like why are you still together basically? Like what it helps you stay together? Business and entrepreneurship is not easy to do with marriage. It's hard, it's like a whole other layer on top of already marriage being hard, so um it's gonna be really fun excited for what we have lined up with that. So that's the goal is like, that helps really, really grow the podcast um in a different way and a different avenue and then hopefully dive into all the other fun stuff with sponsors and brand deals and all that jazz. So totally different than Anyway, I've made money before. So very new territory serving. I love that. And how long has your podcast been around? About three years, which is wild. Yeah, so it's so interesting because I feel like, like when we listen to other shows and stuff and then we get the idea for starting our own show, we think that we have to have all of these things in place, you know, that's already have sponsors and we already have to have, you know, freebies and maybe even an email list and all of this stuff, but I'm sure you didn't have all that starting out, right? No, my gosh, I did have an email list. Like my business was pretty set up by the time I launched 2019 was like a big growth here for me. So I had an email list and I would email my list about my podcast, but no spot. I still don't have sponsors three years later. Like I never tried to get sponsors. I wasn't intentional about that. Um and also the way I was building was very much more like how can this lead to my group programs and my launches versus how can I just grow a really great like community. And I feel like over the last year we've switched to that, which is why it has grown um because it wasn't just like, oh, driving traffic to offers, that's what it was before, which that was the purpose before and now the purpose has changed a bit, but no, you don't need, honestly, if I could put any advice to anyone, it's like get started as soon as possible the podcast, like it could be so cheap or free, you just have to take your hosting site and especially if you want to build a loyal community that is like die hard and wants to come listen every week. Like you gotta start talking, you gotta start talking and you're gonna get better and better and like you're never gonna have everything lined up. You don't need it lined up well. And I feel like it's, if it's like your thing, like I feel like it is a lot simpler, at least for me than, you know, jumping necessarily on a normal video or like sitting down writing blog posts. Like I would rather talk on a podcast all day long. Like I wish I would have started sooner than I did, You know? So it's so much easier sometimes for not everyone on. Obviously some people feel feel more confident writing, but most people liked talked to lately. They're like, I just feel like if I could just speak it, people get it, but it's like putting it into words on text, it's tough. Sometimes. I'm like, yeah, my podcast is great and you just haven't talked with someone. It's wonderful. Yeah, yeah. Um, talk to us a little bit about how you officially switched from network marketing to your business coaching. Like was it something kind of dry that you decided to do? Did you make it like an announcement? But like what did that look like? Yeah, you know, it's so funny. I'm actually talking to one of my really good friends right now who is on my team technically in network marketing, still one of my best friends and started his life coaching business is past year and he's like, it's actually like done pretty decent. I see the potential here and I'm like, yeah, I know. Um, and, and he's kind of having that balance of like, okay, but this is fully supporting me. And so I kind of looked at it, this is my approach, right? Might not be for everyone, but I looked at my network marketing business as okay now that's my 9 to 5. I'm trying to leave right and not leave like I'm still technically a distributor and I still bring in passive income from all those years of building it and I use the product but that I don't need the income anymore. And so I was like okay if I was gonna build my business from scratch and I have, you know, I'm lucky I have this to support myself financially while I am, what would I do? And for me personally, again, it depends on how you're utilizing your business. If you want to approach network marketing is more an affiliate business then you totally can do that. But for me because I was driving in a business coaching, I felt very torn and I felt like I had one leg here and one leg there and I was like 50 50 and I said I need to go 100 I need to go all in on one because for me doing the 50 50 wasn't working. And so I actually put my again don't recommend this to everyone necessarily. It was what I needed to do, I had my direct deposit going to an I didn't see so that I thought I was like not making any money basically. And for some reason like visually when you don't see that security come in that lit a fire even though I know it's in the southern town. I know I can easily access it. It's like hard for me to go see it. Uh, that lit a fire under me and I was like, okay, I've got to make this other business work. And that changed everything. I went all in on that. I really started it from scratch but utilizing my audience. I already built and that's what I recommend to anyone who's listening to this. You've already built some type of community and you have some social presence. If you've been using social media for network marketing, I didn't have to change that much right over time I did start to with the new things and personally for me, I didn't do a big, like I'm not doing Beachbody anymore. I didn't do a big announcement post. I just started talking about my next offer. That's really it. I wasn't like, hey, big thing when I did switch from fitness and health to business, I kind of did a little bit of announcement because it was just a different niche and I knew I'd lose a lot of people, which was fine. Um, but the first transition was actually very similar audience that I was talking to was helping mama. So I just started talking about my new offers. I started talking to that a new ideal client or similar ideal client and didn't make a big deal about it, if that makes sense. And that seemed to work pretty well for me. Yeah, I love that. And I feel like that's such a like takes the pressure off of you, like you're like, I'm just like that's the other thing that interests me and this other thing that I'm doing and then you just kind of start winning another thing. Um Also genius about making your check go somewhere else and like, like putting that pressure on yourself just a little bit like it's a tiny bit like I know it's there, but visually seeing it, it's like that comfort blanket. And I was like this comfort blanket is holding me back from actually going all in and I've seen this with so many people I've worked with where like they'll lose their job or they'll get a big pay cut or whatever and then their business takes off because they were like half asking it. Yeah, they didn't have to because that yeah. And I mean, I can think of myself in that moment too because I'm still a full time high school Spanish teacher. So I know that that like I feel like in my mind I'm like, oh I'm like, maybe I need to start putting that in another bank account and that'll light, you know, like a little bit because that's such yeah, I think clients and I've had um you know, other people that I look up to who their business really takes off when they've lost the job, how to pay cut, You know, something like big like that has happened because I do think that can motivate you a ton. I'm like, all right, I got to work, it's got to make something work, you know, I got to do it. So what before we hop off of here? Because I don't want to take too much of your time because I appreciate it so much. But what is one piece of advice that you have for the woman who is Looking forward to 20, next year? And it's like, you know, it's time for me like to go all in on my business or I'm going to make this pivot or something, you know, something that's feeling just a little bit bigger than what she's currently doing. You know what to tell her. Oh, I would say, I think the biggest piece of advice I'd give right now and it's very timely for me. So I'm giving it to myself to um is don't just rinse and repeat necessarily what's worked in the past? Like take a really good look and go, how do I actually want to show up every day, what conversations do I want to be having? What kind of content am I excited to create? Because a lot of times when we're doing year planning, we just kind of look at what we did or like, okay, I did this, I just want to scale this, right? Maybe I got five people in this program now. I want to get 50 next year. And by the end of it we look and we're like, I actually don't really love the program though and that's actually stopping us from feeling it. And so I just see this happen a lot. So I recommend going, how do I actually want to spend my time? What do I want to be talking about? Like what will get me excited and how can I create offers and ways to make money that align with that versus just rinsing and repeating because then sure you can make some money, but if you're like not excited about how you're showing up every day, what's the point? If you're like this is fine, then how the difference in a 9 to 5 that you're not that excited about that alignment pieces so huge and I've been there done that two or I've been working with a coach myself, like not right now, but in the past where um we've been working together on an offer and you know, she'll tell me one thing and I'm like, yeah, that's good, that's good. And then the more I think about it, I'm like, that's not like I find myself not talking about it or whatever because it's not aligned with me. And I think that that's an important reminder if any time, you know, we're really feeling stuck or we're feeling like that resistance, it's probably that you're out of alignment with whatever it is that you're doing and really being aware that yeah, I think you had a good point. Like even if a mentor, I say this to my clients all the time, I'm like hey if I give you a piece of advice or I give you suggestions because I'm like, oh there's such an I do this today on a three, I'm running this three week mini mastermind for like planning for 2023 I have a suggestion for someone because I'm like oh my gosh, you could thrive in this niche and they're mulling it over to me and I said hey, if this doesn't feel right, don't do it, like you can't say no to me, it's okay. I said no to my coaches to like they're not the end all be all, they don't have all the perfect answers, They're just throwing out ideas. So I love that you said that because like I think we sometimes think we have to follow everything. Exactly. It's like trust your gut to its there for a reason. Yeah. And I think so many times we can push that intuition aside because it sounds ideal with you know what someone is telling us or this is what we should be doing. But like that intuition is there for a reason. Um yeah, I love you. So you're reading atomic habits right now. Are you reading anything else? Or you like a one book at a time kind of gal no, I'm like a four book at a time. I was wondering, well right now I'm reading, I'm reading Atomic Habits, The surrender experiment by Michael Singer. Yeah, if you have you read Untethered Soul he wrote that. I love it because I love learning through story um like if someone just tells me their story, there's so many nuggets in there and it's basically a story about his surrendering and meditation and all of that is so good. Um I definitely needed this year so I was like I need to surrender to life happening. So I'm going to read this book, Game changing. Absolutely loving it. And then I'm just reading fiction books because I'm a big fantasy fiction book. I'm reading a Court of Thorns and Roses series. I'm in the last book for the second time so that's just awesome.

I'm reading the last Outlander book so I totally get that to everyone telling me I need to read that. So that's gonna be on next for me because I've been hearing a lot about that.

Have you watched the show on Netflix? You know, that's why they're like if you haven't watched it yet, read the book and then go watch it.

I was like okay yeah, I did it in the opposite order. Um which I'm okay with because I really love the show too, but if you're yeah, if you're like a Historical fiction kind of well kind of historical kind of fantasy. But yeah, yeah, I looked at you that's why I asked, I was like, are you one book or a four book kind of person because all the book, it's different times a day. Like I'll go in the morning, I'll read like personal growth and then like at night when I want to wind down, I read my fantasy book and the exact same way. That's so funny. Okay, so tell us all the places that we can connect with you and guys, I'll be sure to put this in the show notes so you can just click and places awesome.

Thank you so much for having me. Um yeah, the sense you're listening to a podcast already, the Pretty Awkward Entrepreneur podcast is definitely definitely where my best stuff is. Hands down the most transparent, the most honest. So the pretty awkward entrepreneur podcast. Uh, and then instagram at Megan Yelaney. It's M E G A N Y E L A and why? Those are probably the main places that you can come say hi, awesome. Well yes, everyone go check her out. Like I said, I have been following, I'm pretty sure probably since you launched your podcast. Oh my God, I love it. Yeah. Following your podcast, longtime listener right here. So absolutely love it. Um, so everyone go and check that out and Megan again. Thanks so much for your time. We really appreciate you. Yeah, thanks for having me. You're so welcome.

And that's a wrap on today's episode. I hope you're leaving today inspired princess to create and own and spread your magic to the world. If you found value in this episode or no, a girlfriend who needs to hear it, would you screenshot it and send it to her and if you're feeling really generous, pop it up on your IG. Stories and tag me at Lindsay Dollinger so I can see you loved it. And tell you. Thank you. I appreciate you. Now let's go do some amazing things. Bye bye.

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