Empowering You as a Business Owner through Somatics, Embodiment & Breath featuring Kyla Gagnon

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Are you new to somatics and what working with your body (instead of against it) can allow you to do in your life? We all know that when are in alignment and feel GOOD, our businesses reflect that. In my conversation with Kyla today, we dive into what somatics are, her journey as a somatics practitioner, and how releasing our emotions can truly transform our lives.


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From Fitness Trainer to Empowerment Coach: Kyla's Story

Kyla's evolution from a personal trainer to an empowerment coach is a testament to the power of self-discovery and following one's true calling. Hailing from the beautiful Vancouver Island, Kyla's initial love for fitness and connecting with people led her to a successful 15-year career in personal training. However, beneath the surface of this seemingly fulfilling path, she sensed a deeper calling—one that transcended the physical aspects of fitness and delved into the emotional and spiritual well-being of her clients.

The Turning Point: Discovering Breathwork

It was in 2019 that Kyla's life took a pivotal turn. Invited to a breathwork class, she experienced a profound awakening that reshaped her entire career trajectory. This wasn't the breathwork she thought she knew from yoga; it was something entirely different, something transformative. It was this experience that propelled her to study under a master teacher for three years, ultimately leading her to leave the fitness industry and embark on a year of self-exploration.

The Essence of Somatics and Breathwork

For those unfamiliar with these practices, let me share the wisdom Kyla imparted during our conversation. Somatics, derived from the Greek word 'soma,' refers to the body in its wholeness—encompassing the physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual layers of our being. Unlike traditional talk therapy, which often keeps us in the realm of thought, somatic therapy invites us to access the wisdom stored within our bodies.

Breathwork, on the other hand, is a powerful practice that utilizes conscious breathing patterns to release emotional blockages, foster healing, and unlock a deeper connection with oneself. It's a tool that can lead to life-altering experiences, as Kyla herself can attest.

Creating Clarity and Space for Entrepreneurial Women

One of the most profound insights Kyla shared was the analogy of the glass bottle. Our bodies, like bottles, are containers for our life experiences. As business owners and entrepreneurs, it's crucial to create space within ourselves to tap into our creative flow and feminine energy. This clarity is not just beneficial—it's essential for success. If not, just like the glass, we break.

Navigating Relationships and Setting Boundaries

Kyla also opened up about the personal challenges of entrepreneurship, particularly in relationships with family members who may not understand or support this unconventional path. The key, she advises, is setting boundaries and cherishing the support of those who uplift and celebrate your journey, and not expecting acceptance from those who don't.

Kyla's Offerings: Embodiment and Community

During our talk, Kyla introduced her seven-day somatics embodiment and breathwork program designed to guide women on their path to empowerment. She also spoke about "The Essentials," her community membership that provides practices and resources for those seeking to deepen their somatic experience. And for our listeners, she generously offered a discount code to access these transformative tools.


Rapid-Fire Insights

To wrap up our conversation, I asked Kyla a series of rapid-fire questions, uncovering her favorite personal development book, her morning routine, and her dream bucket list destination. Each answer provided a glimpse into the practices and philosophies that shape her life and work.

Final Thoughts

As we concluded our interview, I couldn't help but feel grateful for the vulnerability and wisdom Kayla shared with us. Her journey is a beacon of inspiration for anyone seeking to align with their purpose and harness the transformative power of somatic practices. I encourage you all to reach out to Kayla, explore her offerings, and embark on your own journey to empowerment.

Remember, the path to self-discovery and empowerment is unique for each of us, but it's the courageous steps we take towards understanding ourselves that truly ignite the magic within. Until next time, keep chasing your purpose with all the pixie dust you can gather.


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