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Empowering You as a Business Owner through Somatics, Embodiment & Breath featuring Kyla Gagnon

Are you new to somatics and what working with your body (instead of against it) can allow you to do in your life? We all know that when are in alignment and feel GOOD, our businesses reflect that. In my conversation with Kyla today, we dive into what somatics are, her journey as a somatics practitioner, and how releasing our emotions can truly transform our lives.


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From Fitness Trainer to Empowerment Coach: Kyla's Story

Kyla's evolution from a personal trainer to an empowerment coach is a testament to the power of self-discovery and following one's true calling. Hailing from the beautiful Vancouver Island, Kyla's initial love for fitness and connecting with people led her to a successful 15-year career in personal training. However, beneath the surface of this seemingly fulfilling path, she sensed a deeper calling—one that transcended the physical aspects of fitness and delved into...

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Understanding the Akashic Records: A Guide to Accessing Infinite Possibilities with Morgan Rockwell

This is an AI-transcript of episode 286 of the Purpose and Pixie Dust podcast.

Have you ever heard of the Akashic Records? In this episode of the Purpose in Pixie Dust podcast, Lindsey Dollinger talks to Morgan Rockwell, an Akashic Records practitioner and healer, about what they are and how they can be accessed. Morgan shares her journey from traditional Chinese medicine to discovering her gifts of intuition and becoming an Akashic Records practitioner. She explains that the Akashic Records are an energetic realm of infinite possibilities where every word, deed, thought, and action from the inception of one's soul is recorded.


The most valuable lesson from this episode is the importance of intuition and how everyone has it. Morgan emphasizes that intuition can be cultivated and used in business, particularly for empaths. She shares tips on how to clean energy fields and use visualization to contain negative energy. Additionally, she explains how the Akashic Records can...

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