4 C's To Grow Your Online Social Selling and Network Marketing Business FAST

balance community connections consistency content direct sales growth membership network marketing personal development planner planning podcast social selling time blocking Mar 01, 2022

I like to make my business the most simple it can be.  Over the years of crafting exactly how I've built my teams, my businesses, and the Social Selling Sisterhood, I realized my success can be simply narrowed down to the 4 C's: Content, Connections, Community and Consistency (and through in lots of dedication and drive, too). I'm going to break down below what these four Cs look like in my business to help you picture what this could look like for you, as well!


Content in my business is not just creating content, but also being choosy about what content I consume (and how much time I spend consuming it). As a general rule, I give myself 80% of the time to actively work my business and create action on what I've learned, and 20% of the time to consume content.  

Ways I consume content include:

  • Listening to podcasts while driving to and from work, getting ready in the AM, working out, or cleaning (time when it would be hard for me to work my business)
  • Time spent in my mastermind calls or working with my coach
  • Reading a book before bed
  • Occasionally popping on a free training I've signed up for (I'm way picky about which of these I spend time on)

Most days the first thing I do for my business is listening to a podcast, but on the weekends I choose to create content before I consume.  I listen to what my body is telling me and know when I need inspired and when I'm ready to roll!  Creating content is so important because this is how you create authority and new people find you.

Ways I create content:



Relationships are the lifeline in your business.  It's called network marketing or social selling for a reason--time to grow your network and get social! This is coming from a self-proclaimed introvert as well--if I can do it, so can you! :)

Do this in an authentic way to you, but overall this looks like commenting and interacting with other people on social media.  Comment back when they interact with you! Get in messages chatting about what you really enjoy--the business side will come, I promise. Don't rush this! It's a long game, not a sprint.



Community can look like a lot of things but most humans crave community and a sense of belonging. Is your page or your group a safe place? Do you promote positivity? Are there clear boundaries?  Share about the communities you are a part of to your followers. Showcase happy clients and teammates.  People are watching and will always remember how you made them feel!  If you are on a team and are missing that community, or just want more, I invite you to check out my Magical Membership for Social Sellers! I'm OBSESSED with the community there.  Find communities where you feel valued and that are not a waste of time. That's a huge tip right there: if you aren't getting tons of value from something, don't waste your time!



You've heard it before but it really is so true.  Showing up regularly helps you be visible in all the places so you're top of mind for people, but it also shows you're a legitimate business owner--and you are, right?  Planning helps a lot with consistency. I time block and be sure to schedule in personal time and my business time to get the maximum amount done each week. Check out my digital planner and tracker system if you haven't yet to really help you with consistency!  Last bonus tip with consistency: if you don't have an accountability partner yet or aren't in my membership or working with me one on one, find a way to be held accountable. It's sooo worth it and sometimes a little nudge or check-in is all you need to get to the next level!

If you found this helpful, share it with a teammate or a friend! Your business gets to be SIMPLE and FUN, but it does take the 4 Cs to get there.

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