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Magical Membership for Women Entrepreneurs Member Spotlight: Justine Falch

Justine Falch a founding member of Dare to Shine: The Magical Membership for Women Entrepreneurs. Hear about her and her business below!

What company are you partnered with or what's your business name?
Mary Kay
Tell us more about you:
Justine is celebrating 20 years of her business April 2023! Right now she is working on achieving National Queen’s Court of Sales for the third time. She has already earned two Mary Kay diamonds from the last two years. In her years in business, she has earned star consultant 18 times, with five of those being at the highest level or pearl consultant. Over the years, Justine has earned many prizes for her sales. She has also had the opportunity lead trainings on virtual facials, tracking goals, customer relationships, social media marketing, and more!
Use Justine's code to join the monthly membership: Go to this link directly to join with her discount code: USE CODE JUSTINE at checkout here https://www.lindsaydollinger.com/a/2147501269/TkEonTUA
Tell us about your experience in the Magical Membership for Women Entrepreneurs.
Working with Lindsay has been fantastic! She puts together fantastic trainings for us. As a busy woman, I love that everything is available for replay, so I can catch it at a time that works for my schedule!
What is your favorite part of being in the Membership?
Since you joined the Membership, how has your business grown? 
Joining the membership has really helped with my consistency… and a tracked goal grows! I love interacting with the other women in the membership and how supportive the group is!
What advice do you have for NEW entrepreneurs?
Find a mentor, be consistent, have a plan… and work that plan. You have to actual work your business for it to work. It’s hard work owning your own business, but if you will be your best CEO and employee, then you’ll find so many wins.
How can others connect with you?

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