[INTERVIEW]: All things SEO, websites, and one-to-many model with guest, Lauren Gaggioli

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Cover of Purpose and Pixie Dust epsiode 260: [INTERVIEW]: All things SEO, websites, and one-to-many model with guest, Lauren Gaggioli
This is the AI-transcribed blog for episode 260 of the Purpose and Pixie Dust Podcast: [INTERVIEW]: All things SEO, websites, and one-to-many model with guest, Lauren Gaggioli
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Join Lindsay as she interviews Lauren Gaggioli, and they talk all things starting and how to use your own website to get new clients and traffic, and stay relevant. Additionally, they talk about how to move from the one-on-one client model to one-to-many and the advantages of that to be able to scale your business.

Key takeaways:

  • Free ways to find the keywords relevant to your niche
  • Options for website hosting platforms
  • What is SEO and why it's important

Hey girl, welcome to the purpose of Pixie Dust podcast, the podcast where we dive deep into our passions, our purpose and really unlock our potential with some Pixie dust thrown in. What is Pixie dust? You might ask, it's the fun and joy that gets unlocked when you're creating and owning your magic. I'm Lindsay Dollinger dog, Mama Disney lover, and high school Spanish teacher who has used my magic to grow my businesses while also working full time. I'm on a mission to help other women create and own your magic by building not only the business of your dreams, but also the life of your dreams while still juggling life, your full time job and all the things. So if you want more than this provincial life, let's use our glass slippers to break those glass ceilings and Sprinkle lots of Pixie dust into our lives and businesses. Let's do this.

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Hi everyone. I believe we are live. My name is Lindsay Dollinger. I'm the host of the Purpose and Pixie Dust Podcast. And I am so excited for you to meet our guest today, Lauren. So Lauren tell us all the things, tell us who you are, what you do, how you do, what you're doing. So that's a loaded question. I could, that'll just be the rest of the show. So I'm Lauren Gaggioli. That's how you say the last name. Um And I am an entrepreneur based out of here in Washington and um I got started as an actress if we want to go on the way back machine. Um So when I moved to L A, after graduating from N Y U with my degree in theater, which as a type a person was maybe not the right move. Um I realized I needed a J O B and so I started tutoring ACT and S A T found that I really enjoyed the journey of teaching, which I'm sure is a common thread here for your listeners. And um really love kind of being outside a traditional school setting and kind of doing it on my own and, and getting to like exercise that entrepreneurial side. And so I started with a large company, went in home tutoring on my own. So that was my first business venture, was in home tutoring. And then one of my clients actually was like, hey, why aren't you on Twitter? It was a dad of a student and I was shocked and he really opened my eyes to a lot of the creative things that were happening with online education back in 2013. So I started listening to folks like Michael Hyatt when he was talking about like, so media more than anything else and Pat Flynn, uh smart, passive income and logging as many hours as I did in the car. I got a lot of free education. And in 21 went online with my A C T and S A T offerings doing asynchronous courses iterated on those a couple of times, then sold that company Back in 21. So out of test prep completely and sort of took stock of where I was and what I wanted to do. And um I decided that one of the things I love the most about online entrepreneurship is kind of the game around organic marketing and around getting in Google's good graces. And so I found in content catalyst, which is a program where it's essentially um organic marketing strategy and implementation because that's the part that I think a lot of entrepreneurs struggle with. They can look at the high level strategy and then go okay. I know what I have to do and there's only so many hours in a day. So once you have clients or you're trying to serve folks in your communities, it can be really hard to do the implementation that keeps people pouring into those programs. And so that's where I come in with an SEO copywriter. We exercise, uh you know, we execute a whole plan and we go through a bunch of different exercises to get to a data backed plan and then we implement, implement, implement for you. So that's what I'm doing right now. I love it. And it's so much fun pieces of that. I don't know if I knew about the test prep. Oh Yeah, like I don't think I connected that like I knew you were involved somehow with online schooling, but I wasn't sure exactly what it was. So that's so cool. Yeah. So a lot there, right? Like the journey is, is crazy. But I love it. Like the online space is so fun and it makes sense that you started with Twitter because of that educational realm because there's so much active like activity on Twitter even still to this day the education community. Um okay. So, and do you own an agency now? So we are, I have partnerships with copywriters. So I execute the strategy. I come up with, I do the keyword research and then I come up with the strategy. I also have done with you offerings as well because I know that it's not in every starting entrepreneur budget, but it's the kind of thing that I think we look at social a lot and go oh this is fun. Like this is a really quick way to drum up business and it works well for some people. Some people are really geared towards that. Um I realized with test prep but it wasn't a great way for me to go because I was selling broccoli. No one wants to play in that world with broccoli, you know. Yeah. Okay. So let's talk about implementation. Okay, like you said, that's one thing that a lot of people like we know what to do, but then we don't actually do it. So what are some strategies or some ways that you help your clients with that implementation. So I think, you know, with our clients essentially, what we do is we take all the burden of research off of them. We see the, we say you don't have to learn anything about SEO. We're happy to share with you what we know if you want to learn it and take it and run with it and happy to be educators. I love that part of the journey. But I also know that's not what a lot of people want, they want to pay for ease, they want to pay for. Just take it off my plate, please. Um And so all of the keyword research, you know, obviously there's touch points, we don't say like, and now this is our thing like we, we make sure it's in alignment with everybody's direction and what they're, what they're looking to do. But essentially my, my main copywriter and I, we just passed the ball back and forth. I say this is this strategy for this piece here. The key words were targeting and then she goes, she writes, she sends it to the client, they approve and then often the client will put it on their site themselves. But that is an additional service that we offer if you don't want to do that either. So we tried to make it, it is positioned in such a way that it was really easy for folks to say yes. So it's a seven month contract. We equally distribute across the seven months, the whole cost of the project. Instead of saying it takes one month to do keyword research, here's your bill. So, you know, spreading the cost out and making sure that everybody has the ability to say yes or budget accordingly for our contracts. Um was a huge part of it and how we position it. And then in terms of the implementation itself, um you know, if people want to D I Y it, there are a lot of ways to learn about S E O that are out there like just really easy. I mean, if you search seo, not surprisingly SEO companies will show up. So there's really quality information out there. If you want to find it, you just google it and you can learn what you need to know to get started. Um And what I always say and what I try to implement my own business is if you're going to go it alone instead of saying I'll do this when I get through X Y and Z for a client, you start putting 21 minutes to an hour up front of work time towards your stuff because there will never be any time left in that time bank at the end of the day. So it's going to expand, it's gonna eat up the time that you want to put towards your company. So you have to flip the script and you have to start putting it first. It's kind of the same idea of like Mike Markowitz profit first, how you take your profit first? It's the same sort of mental trick of like, I just, this is never gonna work if I wait for the decks to be cleared. So just get out there and just start doing for yourself. Um, I follow a couple other coaches who they talk about, like, doing your stuff first and they call it like CEO times. You have your CEO time. Oh yeah, getting part of the day and then you do your client work and work for, you know, in your business or whatever but or on other people's businesses but making sure that you get yours done first. I think it's a great reminder for all of us especially. 

CEO time, I am going to file that because that, that's exactly what we need, right? Never enough time left over for we started talking and then I realized some of our listeners might not even know what is SEO.

Oh, what a great question. Yes. Go back to the basics. So SEO is search engine optimization. You might also hear people talk about SEO search engine marketing and essentially the idea behind it is when you have a burning question. Yeah, Mike crowdsourced your friends, right? But when you need the answer now you go to Google, right? You, you type that question into Google And so the idea is how do you answer the questions that are being asked in Google in such a way that you position yourself as an authority as a contributor in that space. And also ideally when appropriate position your services or your products as the next right step. And so maybe it's getting on your email list, maybe it's actually purchasing from you, but you want to take strangers on the internet and make them lifelong friends. And so that's, that's the premise behind organic marketing includes SEO. It includes social, includes a lot of different um ways, but it's a differentiation from uh organic is a differentiation from paid so paid ads, you know, whether they're run on social or through Google or, or what have you. Yeah. Now a lot of things that I hear a lot of people who are listening to my show, our network marketers or just starting out in their business and a lot of times people don't necessarily want to pay for a website. What are your kind of? Yeah, like what's your regarding website not having a website? Are there any tips for starting out to make that cost a little lower? What, what would you tell someone if they're approaching you as a client?

Yeah, I think what I would say is if you wanna get into Google's Good graces, you have to have a website. It's your storefront, right? It is, it is you, you plant your flag and you say, hey, Google, I'm here to help people with X and Google says, oh, and then they send you people, they're not like, unless you are just going gangbusters, you're probably not going to get found through social channel through Google, right?  So I think it's a necessary cost of business. One of the beautiful things, one of things I love the most about the online space is the really, really, really low barrier to entry, right? It's super low and you want to save money, build your own website. There are a lot of tools that you can use to do that. Well, um square space. This is probably the easiest that I know of that balances S C O offerings plus simplicity um to my knowledge and I haven't spent a lot of time researching it, but to my knowledge, which is significantly less effective when it comes to search engine optimization. So you want to just get in and get started. I think squarespace is a fantastic option. If you know, you want to offer paid courses down the line, you really want to kind of have these um beautiful shiny storefronts, then it may be worth it to you to engage in the learning curve that is getting into wordpress. I've been in wordpress since day one. I paid for someone to build my initial site um for higher scores because back then it was not secure to take payment with like, I didn't know coding. And so, like, I really wanted somebody who knew what they were doing. Now, there are a lot of plug-in place um through Stripe and, and different shops or different parts that you can set up in wordpress that make it more viable for you to do more of the work yourself. But even though I paid for that initial site because I knew how robust I wanted it to be because I knew I wanted the courses to live on that website because I knew I wanted the payment to come through that website. I made sure I was in wordpress from day one and then I learned how to do everything else. Anything that was like super technical, I farmed out but everything else, it was sweat equity. So, um, I highly recommend learning it because it will save you time and money in the long run. So I did a wordpress site but I hosted it on Blue Host. I don't know if you're familiar, but it took forever. It took me like, I mean, probably a good six months of working most evenings to have it look like how I wanted it to look. Like youtube videos. Like I was not farming it out. Yeah, we asked someone at some point. Um, it's a local lady who does like websites and she did like a free call with me to, to answer one question that I could not figure out um, but I wanted to know it because I do feel like that learning curve is important for like, you know, under making sure you understand kind of your own site and how it works. Like, even if you hire parts of it out, like, I, you know, I've heard people say that before. I keep saying, like, I'm trying to, like, put the water in my head, but that's all right. You want to understand the backend logistics to your website, whether you're sitting there with someone as they're working on it or they walk you through it. But I do think that's super important too.

Absolutely. Absolutely. And blue host, I will say, I know they've had trouble in the past. I think I was with them initially. I'm now on WP engine. But um things that can make it a little easier thrive themes has some really lovely dragon drop divvy builder through elegant themes is another dragon drop interface. There are things you can layer on top of wordpress that make it a bit more user friendly. Um I'm a thrive themes girl, they just have so many built in capabilities that I I, you know, pull in occasionally pop ups and things like that where you don't have to be loading up a ton of different plug ins, but you can make it look exactly how you want. Um There is a learning curve and also I think some people will just go like, but I don't want to design fine. Have somebody help you kind of judge it, right. Have a designer come in and give you the templates that then you leverage and put in your own copy and things like that. There are ways to streamline it. But if you do not understand how the store, it's like not having the keys to your storefront. And so if you don't know how it works, you are going to pay more in the long run to have a site that looks the way you want it to and sites these days have to be very dynamic, right? You need fresh content. You can't just put up a static site and be like this is it, you at some point have to be curating content there and, and making it pretty, especially if you want Google to send you traffic, right? Um Now I used to be, you know, are they pretty well? I think they're very well regarded in, in the course space. I have them a control freak. So when I put my sights on my site, I put them behind a paywall and all that and they lived on my site, I didn't have any of the, any of the like third parties. Again, that wasn't really an option when I was starting out. 

You know, I had a lot of people say, like I should do courses in spaces that have like their own storefront and their own marketing arm, but then you're not getting paid as much, right? So, tools evolve and I think really what it comes down to is making the right choice for you at a moment. Um in the moment based on what's available and understanding, uh sometimes understanding how they're getting paid is helpful. Like a one time payment to a plug in. Sounds good until you realize that if you pay every year, then they probably have cash to keep the lights on and support going. So I'm willing in certain instances to pay a little bit more for a service that I know is on a, from a business standpoint is sound. Um, and that's just something to think about. Like when you get things for quote free or for a lower cost or a one time fee, it might not actually be as, as good as it seems. So, really do a little, a little digging before you commit to a tool and then once you commit, just stop researching because jumping around is the kiss of death. There are so many options. Pick the one that seems right based on decent research and then just ride one horse, don't try and write 21.

I'm guilty of this. So I started with a job in 21 and then I was like, oh, this one looks like a hobby and it's cheaper. I'm like, oh, this makes sense. So I not only paid for a year of, um, it was final. Gorgeous FG funnels. Okay. So I like the name. I know. Right. It's two women and they're awesome. And they do, um, I don't know if they have a podcast but they put out a lot of good content online. They do a conference, all this stuff. And so I was like, oh, they seem, you know, this is really legit and so I paid it, it was about, probably about half of what I paid job. E then I took the rest of that money and hired someone to transform everything on my site over. It was a hot mess. It was a hot mess. And I got in there and like we were talking, I, although I hired someone to transfer the stuff, I still wanted to be able to use the platform. So yeah, and in trying to build, you know, funnels that we're supposed to be a lot easier and trying to make my website look the way I wanted to. And it was way more coding. It reminded me more of my wordpress Blue Host days than my cage abby days where it was drag and drop and very done for you. And I ended up it was a total waste of money. I never even, I kept in my job the whole time. So I am very much sticking to that now where I am blinders on, I am not looking at other competitors because I found my one, you know, what I mean? It works for me. It works for what I'm doing. I'm comfortable with it. I can do it myself. Yeah. Convenience is worth paying for. How many hours are you giving up to save a little bit of time? How much do you charge an hour? You can start to make that, like, exchange. I think the other thing to think about, you know, right now I'm really interested in circle memberships, but I keep looking at it. I'm like, I don't have a community yet. Like this would be really stupid for me to buy now. But as I start to launch courses again, and as I start to move forward with that and as I started to build my email list and all the things I am going to be kind of keeping my finger on the pulse. In fact, one thing that I am doing as a part of after I do this launch of my next course, I am going to go okay. At what point do I have a tipping point in my business? But be a number of clients or a monthly revenue, consistency of like three months or six months at a certain point where I go. Okay. And now the door is open for me to consider this again because I'm the kind of person who like when I have the to do in my head, I either do it or I sit there and just think about it and it's constant like this horrible scrolling loop. Doom Yes. Who needs to Doom scroll? I've got a, to do list to scroll through a lot of things that I have not done. Um, and so it helps me to, like, have that locker of like, this door doesn't open until right. And then once I kind of lock that down, then I'm like, okay, now I can work towards that next school and kind of make it stepping stones instead of all the things.

No, I got it. I was looking at um I like the Circle app but have you looked at Mighty Networks? Yeah, that's the one that if I ever were to transfer, I would go in there and I had that decided like a year ago and I actually almost paid for it with my current membership. And it was so funny because Kajabi acquired, I think it was called Community but maybe not because that's a text. Yeah, that was one wasn't there, I think. Yeah, they acquired them and so they have rolled out and they now have a membership component already there. And so I'm like, oh well that was a sign. So now I'm not letting myself look at my and all that again because that's, you know, that's in there.

So and I think it's interesting because when you're serving clients, you want to know about the solutions. But there's that shiny object syndrome of like I need to know, like level so that people who are at different tiers of experience or expertise or need. Can I can, I can say there's, there's  squarespace, there's  wordpress, there's this, that and the other, you know, you want to be able to offer that and have knowledge of it. But I think it kind of goes to that, like, just in time learning, like, wait until you have the question from the client. Otherwise, like for me, I'll just want to get all the stuff. Like I want the tech, I want that new thing. Yeah, I need to shut the door on it.

Now. I have a client who is starting her website for the first time. She is a tutor and coach, an academic coach. What kind of tips do you have for her on? So I think she just has the static page right now and we were just talking about blogs SEO and adding fresh content in there. Would you recommend that she have a blog where she's adding content as well so that she can be searched?

Yes. But Um I think the thing that's kind of interesting is what we think people are asking and what they really are asking like what they're really typing into Google. So the easiest way to see if your hunch is correct is to start typing your question into Google and you get that drop down of the top 21 like similar queries. Um go and look at those, see what languages in there. Like, you don't have to sign up for anything. You don't have to do anything. Go there and look at what the exact language that people are using and if nothing shows up, try something else, see where you're going to get like more populated list. Um, keywords everywhere is a free, I think it's a plug in and so you can, I don't use it personally, but it comes highly recommended. Um You can get in and you will start finding keywords everywhere. Like when you're searching, that'll give you a list of keywords and stuff. The thing to keep in mind is you want Keywords with some search volume, right? So I like to look first for newbies, 13-21 is kind of a good range. That's the how many times it's being searched a month.  And then you want to find keyword difficulties that are very low. And so every, you know, software that does this does, does sort of slightly different things. Um HRS that I use does a 21 to 21 scale. If you're in the Google keyword planner, it's going to give you low, medium high, only target low. You want to find the low hanging fruit and sometimes you'll be totally blown away. So you mentioned network marketers. I have a Beachbody coach that I work with. I cannot believe the opportunity in the beach body space. It's ridiculous. Like I thought, oh gosh, there's so many Beachbody coaches, everybody is going to be doing this. Sometimes you look at it and go. How is that a low key word? Like it's zero. How and some of them are getting 608 115 100 searches a month. And so I think keeping in mind like sometimes we go, I want the best, right? So we go for the thing with a huge search volume. It's like a what's the difficulty of ranking for that? How many other people are gunning for that same term? But also be can you serve those clients? Like if you're a 1-1 coach, you can't write, you can't serve 1500 clients a month. Can you serve, you know, and obviously it's a percentage game, right? You have to bring them in and you have to convert them and all that. So yes, you want to, this is like top of the funnel, right? You want to bring in the higher, higher volume but don't pooh pooh lower search volumes, particularly if the difficulty is significantly lower. And then you're gonna want to learn a little bit about on page seo and how to rank and the different things that Google is looking for and then execute, execute, execute, execute, just rinse and repeat. And what I also recommend it as a social strategy When you write a post, create 13-5 evergreen sort of looks at that, like how could you feature that single post through different lenses and make those your evergreen posts that are in your queue in your rotation that go out through social once a month, so that you're constantly driving your social followers back to that post that hopefully at the end has a very clear called action of sign up for my email list or, you know, something more compelling than that. You know, nobody needs more email. They want what you're going to give them. So a lead magnet of some sort or a direct when it's appropriate a direct call to work with you. And here's how I solve this problem. And let's hop on a discovery call or whatever the case may be.

So is SEO going to be important in our lead magnets or more so in whatever is driving them to the lead magnet?

It can be. So, Lindsay, you know about my wish post you answered, answered the question. So I have a post that's going to go alive about the things you wish you knew before you became an entrepreneur, solopreneurs, online entrepreneur. However, you want to say it, what are, what are the lessons we wish we knew? What are the things that resonate with you about the list I've curated. And I'm just gathering data right now. When I sit down to write that I will be targeting something along the lines of advice for new entrepreneurs advice for solopreneurs. I'm going to do the keyword research at that time. I know that there is sort of, you know, a grouping of keywords around that and this is going to be the evergreen post that I'm going to create an E-book as well behind it and continually feed everybody is going to get to participate. I'm an updated quarterly that is going to be something that is a driver of opt ins as well because I will give a highlight. I will feature other entrepreneurs and I will give people the opportunity to get even more tips and advice and also be featured in a future edition. So it can be and then sometimes, you know, with test prep, I had the insider's guide to the ACT and SAT 35 strategies for raising your score, improving your score is definitely something that people are searching for. But it's also a really easy way to be like, listen, you're on a site asking questions about how many times can you take the A C T? When is the S A T? Clearly, you also want a higher score. So here's the freebie. So even though that freebie isn't optimized for those improving scores, keywords, it's a natural progression and something I know everybody wants thinking about the potential client. And then as a part of having that, there's a whole sequence behind it that converts to clients special savings. I love that. I love that. One other thing I was just gonna say I mentioned earlier, thrive themes, thrive ultimatum is how I built that. And essentially it creates a time triggered. It was a pain in the rump to create like trying to track the tags and who clicks what and when was a nightmare to set up. But I was featured in USA today, one of their like inserts I had written a whole article and this was the thing and I was like, I have to have this done and so I did it for me and today still drives purchases, but I did it through thrive there like time bound. Um There thrive leads how it integrates with thrive ultimatum where you can do an evergreen campaign and people are offered this single sale price once and after it's done, it's done, it locks down and they can't get that one again. So, like, I didn't, I mean, I assumed there was other places that did it but I didn't know other websites that did stuff like that. It's like the times. Yeah, that's really cool. I haven't been that out with a job yet. I don't know if it can do that. That's probably something I would have to buy and integrate in for sure. Potentially.

Yeah. Yeah. Well, cool. I want to learn more about that later. But yeah, I know, I know that list we were talking about. You had talked you had mentioned briefly with your A C T business about the working one on one versus the one? Too many concepts. Can you kind of explained to us how that scaling allowed you to build that business as big as it was? And how I'm assuming you're doing that with your business is now essentially because you're not doing all that done for you, you're adding some other stuff. So why is that important for us as entrepreneurs to be able to do that?

Um I have a three year old and a five year old and I home school and I also want to have a life. So the what it depends, right? Like it got to the point where I was pricing myself out Um of doing 1-1 because my calendar was full and I still had people banging down the door. Um and so it was really, really difficult to turn students. I knew needed help away because I knew I could help them like that. That was really the thing. It was, it was like I was turning away clients, I didn't want to work with. It was like, I genuinely love helping people. That's why I do what I do. I think all of us are probably drawn in a similar fashion. And so there can be this mindset thing that happens when you go, I'm going to go on too many. I'm going to lose my special touch. And actually When you know what you do so well, because you've done 1-1 for so long that you can anticipate questions. You can build something pretty slick on the E-course side that is hugely compelling. So for A C T and S A T, I had a lot of 1 to 1 options built in um like group calls and I was like, trying to make myself available, like trying to kind of bridge the gap with a lot more personal touch and nobody would engage, like people would buy the package that has four private tutoring sessions and not use them. And I'm like banging down the door, like I'm here. Can I meet you? And they're like, no, we're good. Like you paid for it. Yeah, it's okay. And so what I ended up finding out is that because I knew all the ways every student miss worked every question and because I addressed that in the way I taught you had no questions. They saved them time. I saved them money because I didn't have, didn't have to pay as much to get all of my knowledge and They were succeeding. They were getting tremendous results. And so I think 1-1 is really important before you build a course. Do not just head online and start building out courses like that is, that is a kiss of death. You got to work with people and be able to, and know them so well that you anticipate what their needs are and when you are at that place where you can do it in your sleep, package it up. Put it in a course.

Love that. I love that so much. Did you ever do small group?

I did not. Well, I, I taught classes initially. So the way it worked, I worked with the National company. The way it works is you worked in a classroom and then you tutored. Um, so they actually slotted me in, after my training were like, we have a tutoring need and you can fit the bill. So you go and tutor and teach classes. So I was doing both. I really like cohorts and that's actually something I'm thinking of starting to offer the kind of done with you in the next year. I'm going to start offering that with S A, oh, but I want to serve more clients and the thing about sc, oh, that's tricky is that it does take, you know, a year to really see significant traction when you're doing all the things. Right. Which is kind of crazy. So, it's one of those, like, put your head down, do it and look up in a year and you'll be shocked. Um, which is a good thing. Yeah.

Yeah. Oh, my gosh. That's so cool. Okay. There's so much I feel like we could talk forever and ever well, talking to you is just so fun. So, keep it going by the way we ran the Disney Marathon together this year we met whose Momentum Mastermind weekend back in October with Lou Mongello, which you guys have heard me, I've had, I feel like six or seven people from that weekend on the show like the whole union. Um But anyway, Lauren, I like to ask a couple of rapid fire questions at the end if you would be willing. Okay. So first question, what is the best personal or professional development book you have read just recently?

Chill and Prosper by Denise Duffield. Thomas used to be ChillPreneurs or I listen to it. First of all, she's Australian. Amazing to just hear her. But listen to that book interesting. I feel like I might have that upstairs. I don't know what I love it. I have a box of books that I haven't gotten to, but that was one that I was like I listen to it on runs. It like just calms me.

Okay. Good to know. Good to know that to the list. If I don't know, I'm gonna have to go check upstairs. Favorite vacation spot?

Disney World. I am feeling magical. I'm ready. You're getting started. Like look at my shirt. I was like, it's perfect. We should have had like matching ears on. Why didn't we know next time? Um Oh my gosh. What's another question that I normally ask my oh morning or nighttime routine or neither or both?

I have children, either get up when they get up, go to bed as soon as possible after we didn't even talk about the whole aspect of like how you're the one man show doing all the things because that, that is a lot of the people myself included in my business, but we will have a different time. But it's, it's rough like doing all this stuff. But like you said, heads down, it's worth it. It absolutely is worth it. It lights me up and that when it doesn't, that's when I go. All right, this is something that farm out or quit doing.

Yeah, I love that. And last thing, what is one piece of advice for the woman listening to this who's like, okay, I'm ready to either do a website or take the one I have and make it a little bit better. What's one piece of advice you have for him? I know that's really loaded.

I think at the end of the day we have to remember. It's not about us. We're, we're bridge, we help connect other people with some sort of solution that is our job. And so when we're writing, think about them have that avatar in mind, right? For them, it can feel so my nickname is low. It can feel like the low show, right? Like it's me, it's, it's just about me. It's not about me. It's about you. And if I don't make you feel that then, then we're lost. Like then I'm not the solution for you. And so stand in, in what you do be, be honest, be above board, you know, shine a light on how you help. But at the end of the day, it's about them and you're either going to be the right fit right now, not right now or maybe never and that's on them. But as long as you frame it appropriately and draw in the right people. Yeah. To the clients you resonate with, then the rest will take care of itself. Oh, I love that so much. And I was just reading or maybe wasn't a podcast and that was kind of their message as well. Like we got to stop making it so much about us. It's about the transformations of the lives you're changing. And I was like, that's such a good reminder because it can be so easy to get stuck in that, you know, about me, especially on social media for me anyway, like it's a lot to talk to your person instead of the other way around. It's hard because we're talking heads often. It's hard to know when that other person isn't there if you're struggling with it, try and find a 1 to 1 client because that will fill you back up. Right. That was the thing that was so panicky at first when I went online, I was like, no one's talking to me, I want to help them, but I was helping them just in a different way and I built it so well that I paid my mortgage for the two weeks that I was on vacation in London. Right. Like, this is the power of online and I was still doing my job and living my life and, like, I could do both and I'm such a yes and girl. So, like, the fact that you can do it all was like, I'm in the right space. Yeah, it is. And then you're like, oh, and I can do that too and I can like just keep going. It gives you ability to do more and have a greater impact. Yeah. Yeah, I love it. That's totally what has drawn me to the coaching space as well. Absolutely. OK. Lauren, where can everyone connect with you? And don't worry guys, I'll make sure to put this in the show notes. You guys can just click on it but tell us all the places. So best place if you just want to connect is Instagram. I love Instagram, but I'm there for personal reasons. So I'll share what I'm doing in business, but also you're going to see my kids. So if that sounds interesting at Lauren Gaggioli, um my website, if you want to learn more about sort of what I do, how I help. I have a course about purpose that's coming up. I'm going to be launching that on May 1st, it's called Big Why Life. And it's about creating like a resonant statement that he helps you stay on track and moving towards your purpose. And so it's a slightly different look at some of the mindset stuff, um, that I've been learning over the years, uh, so bigwhy.com. And then if you want to participate in the things you wish you knew, um, and potentially have your information and your website with a link back to your website, which is an important SEO metric. If you want to have the opportunity to be a part of that, you come over to www.laurengaggioli.com/wish if you put your email in there, I'm not adding you to my email list. There's an opportunity to do that at the end, but it's purely so I can let you know if you're featured. So if that sounds like something you'd be interested in engaging with, then come on over. It'd be really awesome to hear what you have to say. Lindsay gave some great answers. I know she's going to be featured. So happy. So funny, you posted that and I was out of town. Um And so like, I saved it and I, I remember to do it like two days after that. I was like, I hope it's still open like it was like an ongoing thing for in perpetuity is the thought right now. That could change. Right. Well, see that's our flexibility is, yes, it is. And also, isn't it lovely? All right. Thank you so much for your time. I know this is gonna be an episode that people are going to go back and listen to over and over again and I hope that people take a screenshot of this, share it on your social and your stories tagged both of us on Instagram and we would love to keep the conversation going. Absolutely. Thank you so much Lindsay. I really appreciate it. You're so welcome friend. Bye bye.

And that's a wrap on today's episode. I hope you're leaving today Inspired, Princess, to create, own and spread your magic to the world. If you found value in this episode or know a girlfriend who needs to hear it, would you screenshot it and send it to her and if you're feeling really generous, pop it up on your I G stories and tag me at LindsayDollinger so I can see you loved it and tell you. Thank you. I appreciate you. Now, let's go do some amazing things. Bye bye.



About Lauren: Lauren is a digital solopreneur, podcaster, and writer. When she's not homeschooling her two kids or training for her next runDisney race, you can find her channeling strong Molly Weasley vibes - knitting a new sweater, puttering in her garden, and cooking up a storm in her home just outside Seattle.


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