Finding Balance in Business: Embracing the Masculine and Feminine with Bec Cuzzillo

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This blog goes with episode 308 of the Purpose and Pixie Dust Podcast.

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In our recent episode, I had the pleasure of welcoming a spiritual business coach from the beautiful east coast of Australia, Bec Cuzzillo. This blog post is a recap of our enlightening conversation, where we delved into her journey, her business strategies, and her unique approach to helping spiritual women entrepreneurs. Be sure to listen to the podcast for the full episode.

A Journey of Spiritual Entrepreneurship

Our guest started her entrepreneurial journey over seven years ago, making candles as a creative outlet. As her candle business grew, she transitioned into full-time entrepreneurship, infusing her candles with a spiritual vibe, thanks to her background as a trained reiki healer. This led her to launch goddess workshops and eventually transition into spiritual life coaching.

She also shared her background as a food and travel blogger, which blended well with her business journey. She enjoys helping others in their transformation and healing journeys, and many of her clients are already established in their businesses. She offers programs for those looking to create consistent cash flow and for those ready to scale their businesses.

The Importance of Planning and Delegation

Bec Cuzzillo emphasized the importance of planning ahead and managing time effectively. She spends about ten hours a week on her business, planning separately from executing tasks. She believes in having a clear plan to hit the ground running and prioritize tasks for her team, clients, and business.

She revealed that she has two team members—a virtual assistant (VA) and a content manager—who work ten hours a month each. She highlighted the importance of getting help and outsourcing tasks, as it allows her to be more productive and efficient. She encourages others to do the same and not to compare themselves to those who may not be transparent about receiving assistance.

Personalization and Intuition in Business

Our guest shared her approach to helping clients scale their businesses in an aligned and energetic way. She emphasizes the importance of personalization and finding what works uniquely for each individual. She encourages clients to trust their intuition and differentiate between fear-based self-doubt and genuine intuition.

She also discussed the importance of understanding the "why" behind business decisions. By understanding the purpose and meaning behind their actions, clients can make more grounded and confident decisions. She believes in finding a balance between the masculine and feminine aspects of business, offering options to clients, and tailoring her approach according to clients' strengths and preferences.

Morning Routines, Favorite Books, and Travel Dreams

Our guest doesn't have a set morning or nightly routine due to having young kids, but she incorporates moments of pause and breath throughout her day. She practices habit stacking, such as listening to affirmations while showering or infusing her smoothie with positive intentions.

When asked about her favorite personal development book, she revealed that "The Alchemist" has been her favorite since she read it as a teenager. As a former travel blogger, she mentioned that she would love to go back to Europe and spend time in Paris, possibly for a month, to experience the Parisian life.

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Bec's Podcast is Feminine Fire with Bec Cuzzillo.

Remember, understanding the "why" behind your business decisions, finding a balance between the masculine and feminine aspects of business, and tailoring your approach according to your strengths and preferences are key to a successful spiritual business journey.


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