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Finding Balance in Business: Embracing the Masculine and Feminine with Bec Cuzzillo

This blog goes with episode 308 of the Purpose and Pixie Dust Podcast.

You can listen here at this player or find the podcast wherever you listen to your podcasts! 

In our recent episode, I had the pleasure of welcoming a spiritual business coach from the beautiful east coast of Australia, Bec Cuzzillo. This blog post is a recap of our enlightening conversation, where we delved into her journey, her business strategies, and her unique approach to helping spiritual women entrepreneurs. Be sure to listen to the podcast for the full episode.

A Journey of Spiritual Entrepreneurship

Our guest started her entrepreneurial journey over seven years ago, making candles as a creative outlet. As her candle business grew, she transitioned into full-time entrepreneurship, infusing her candles with a spiritual vibe, thanks to her background as a trained reiki healer. This led her to launch goddess workshops and eventually transition into spiritual life coaching.

She also shared her...

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