Building Relationships 101 to Grow Your Business: Episode 240 of the Purpose and Pixie Dust Podcast

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This is an AI-produced transcript of episode 240 of the Purpose and Pixie Dust podcast: Building Relationships 101 to Grow your Business.

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Hey girl, welcome to the Purpose and Pixie Dust podcast, the podcast where we dive deep into our passions, our purpose and really unlock our potential with some pixie dust thrown in. What is pixie dust? You might ask, it's the fun and joy that gets unlocked when you're creating and owning your magic. I'm Lindsay Dollinger dog, mama, Disney lover and high school Spanish teacher who has used my magic to grow businesses while also working full time. I'm on a mission to help other women create and own your magic by building not only the business of your dreams, but also the life of your dreams while still juggling life, your full time job and all the things. So if you want more than this provincial life, let's use our glass slippers to break those glass ceilings and Sprinkle lots of pixie dust into our lives and businesses. Let's do this.

Hello, Hello, welcome back to another episode of the purpose and pixie dust podcast and Lindsay Dollinger and I want to talk to you today about building relationships. It is one of the things that is so vital, so important to growing your business and honestly the quickest way possible, in my opinion. And that's about relationships. And I think for a lot of us it can we can really get in our heads about what does relationship building look like, especially online because we don't want to be weird and sleazy and sales and we hear those words all the time, so it can get in your head and really stop you from making these big strides in your business. So I want to talk, you know, a few things about why relationships are important and how we can do that, so I don't care what your business is. I would love for you to change your mindset and to think that you are in the relationship building business, okay? So people are buying your product and your service, but they're buying it from you because you're you, because they have created a relationship with you where they want to create a relationship with you, they want to be in your realm because for the majority of us, people could get services that are are products that are similar or the same, um but you're adding your own twist to it and again they want that proximity to you. So people buy from us because they connect with us. People buy from us because they trust us, they know your why and they want to support it, so are you sharing your why are you sharing? You know why you love your products, why you created the service, you did what, you know your journey and how you have gotten there, you know, that's a huge, huge component of the relationship building, I would say like the foundation of relationship building. People want to buy from you because you make them laugh. People want to buy from you because they know you're serious, you actually show up and you're treating your business like a business and they want to help you succeed. They want to support your, your vision, your mission and you're being consistent and they want to reward that people want to buy from you because maybe you send them personal messages just saying hi or asking how they're doing and you treat them like a friend and like a human being before you ever ever, ever sell to them, People continue buying from you because you have personally thanked them for their orders and you make them feel special, you make them feel seen and they want to keep that going. People want to buy from you because they know you they know what you love, they know that you love traveling, that you love Spain, that you love Disney, they know that you're into your peloton bike. They know that self care is really important to you. They know that you share a similar religion then as them, they know that you are family oriented, just like they are, you know, you get my drift, but people are going to connect with all of those facets of you that you share. So I encourage you be social, be, you know, be personal, share those pieces of you because those are those connections that people are going to feel really deeply about and then they're going to want to again strengthen that relationship in one of those ways that they can strengthen that relationship is by being your client or your customer. Um, okay, so all of this takes time in relationship. Like this is not something that you can do overnight, but you can definitely start today and be really intentional and really strategic about that. Even if you've never used facebook instagram Youtube, Tiktok Pinterest whatever your site of choice is to grow your business before. And this has taken me years. Like I have been building up my social media presence literally probably over 10 years really strategically. Um so when I started my business is, you know, depending on what your social media strategy has been, what it is looked like, how well you've been building these relationships up prior to your business. Like this is going to affect how quickly your business can get running. Um, but you know, it's start now, don't, don't compare your beginning to my middle or you know, my journey. Um because we all start somewhere and it all takes us different amounts of times. So how can we build this relationships? I have a really, really nice, easy method that I've used to actually have a trail o training on it on my Youtube that I will link in the show notes. Um, but basically I make a connection with people in some sort of way. So this is uh commenting on their posts, there videos. Their stories, Stories is a really great way to do that and I do that intentionally for a certain amount of time. That feels really good and then once I get to know these people, then I invite them to something, this could be sharing a freebie that I have? This could be inviting them to try out a product. Product that I have. This could be inviting them to literally check out something that is getting them basically into your funnel in your business. And then the next step is following up, you know, follow up, How did they like that freebie? Did they watch your training, have they tried your products yet, making sure that you don't skip that step? And then the last one is to keep engaging with them. So, engage, engage, engage, engage. What does engagement mean talking to them again? This is all about talking, communicating, sending them loves, because when you're giving them love on their content on their stories, you're asking questions, you're really getting to know them. Not only are they going to reciprocate that to you. Um and if they're not, then they're not your people, right? We don't need to waste time on people that are not our people, but that engagement then will keep people um you know, remembering you and you top of mind when it is time for them to get a new product, when it is time for them to finally higher that business coach, they're going to think of you some other things that you can do for building relationships, make sure you're showing up on social post on your personal profile. I see a lot of people forgetting this this vital step, you know on your personal profile, you can be personal. So what are you up to? What's your next trip? What are you reading? What are you deciding between on your next manicure? Like which one? What's what's your favorite pair of running shoes? What are you passionate about, share those things So that people get to know all sides of you, if you have a V. I. P. Group or a free group for your product or service, make sure you are posting something in there. I almost want to say daily if it is something that you really want to become a community. Um But don't make every post about something you're selling, right? So go live as you're getting ready to chat with people do a coffee chat. Um Do you hate lives then then post a picture with your coffee and ask how they drink theirs. And you know just doing things like that just to again really build those relationships so that you make connections with people. And then you'll be surprised how many people then after that will message you like a picture and then like this made me think of you because I was gonna make coffee at Starbucks this morning and this couple of just like yours that you did in your live last week. Like people remember stuff like this. Um And this is how you know you're building an amazing community and if your engagement slow, especially in those closed groups, ask someone to comment on your post, you know, ask a friend to comment on them. Um as someone that's in there, you know, to comment on them, but you have to ask that's that invite invite portion of those building relationships and building connections. Um and I've had other other podcast episodes on, you know, V. I. P. Groups, um play a game in your group, you know, do a giveaway sponsor something, do something fun, mix it up, ask your if your network marketing, ask your sponsor for some ideas, ask your accountability partner for some ideas. Get into other groups that are really hopping and look and see what they're doing. You know, what kind of posts are they posting that are getting engagement, you know, how do they maybe originally build that? Are they doing things like giveaways and events, stuff like that or not, like, you know, really trying to observe and see what other people are doing can be really helpful for that for building groups. And then the last piece of this for building relationship is I like to take 10 minutes a day. It does not have to be long longer than this, but 10 minutes a day. And being really intentional in sending PMS to people. This is not invites. This is just like hey Christy just wanted to pop in your inbox and say hi. Um I saw you have a Disney trip coming up. I hope you have an amazing trip or something that is personal about that message that they can see that is obviously not copy and pasted that you have paid attention to something that they have posted. Um, and you know, it's just, it's just personal. And so that's how you create lifetime loyal customers, clients, friends, you know, even if they're not buying from you, they'll refer people down the road, right? Or they'll continue to give you love and shout outs on your posts. So do not skip this. People have to know you care about them or they're not going to care about anything that you're doing, let's see. And very last thing with building relationships. And again, I've mentioned this already but don't get discouraged. This is going to take time you're rocking it now that we are moving into a post covid world. You know, all of these tips that I just gave can also be applied to in person things that you do. So that workout class, you go to that crafting class, You know, when you, I don't know your work, when you go to your, your kids gymnastics practice and you're sitting in the room with other moms waiting, you know, the waiting area with other moms. Um, you know, it doesn't, it doesn't really matter like the mode whether it's online or in person, but doing these things, you know, making those connections really caring about other people following up with them, but also making sure you're inviting them to things too. Like making sure that they know that you are their nail girl. You make crafts, you design really cool t shirts, you tutor kids math, like making sure that they also know what you do and and inviting them when appropriate to to support you in that and so that you can serve them as well, is that missing piece that we can't forget to do because we are in business. So if you do these things, this is how you're gonna build your business the right way. You should never feel sales or family doing this. And this is how we build relationships that are going to last forever and get us really, really amazing results in our business. So go out there creating on your magic. I know this was super short, sweet and to the point but I'm really loving these really concise episodes lately. So now you can take the other 10 minutes that you were going to use listening to podcasts today and do what I said and go out there and build some relationships. I hope you have an amazing day and I will talk to you so so soon. And that's a wrap on today's episode. I hope you're leaving today inspired princess to create own and spread your magic to the world if you found by you in this episode or no, a girlfriend who needs to hear it, would you screenshot it and send it to her and if you're feeling really generous, pop it up on your IG. Stories and tag me at Lindsay Dollinger so I can see you loved it and tell you. Thank you. I appreciate you. Now let's go do some amazing things. Bye bye.

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