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Entrepreneur Holiday Gift Guide 2023

Holiday Gift Guide for Women Entrepreneurs

Tis the season!  Time to shop for your favorite entrepreneur friends...or TREAT YO SELF!

*This guide will contain affiliate links but I only share products I love and use or have used myself!


  1. Rocketbook for reusable places to make notes.
  2. MacBook Air  or The MacBook Pro. I had an Air for years and just got a new Pro in May and LOVE it. The storage is worth it. Pay extra for the most storage! LOL!
  3. Yeti Coffee Cup because we need some caffeine.
  4. Ring Light so you can show up on your videos looking amazing. It helps so much!
  5. Mobile Ring Light so you can show up on video looking good on the go.
  6. Clip-on Portable Mic for your lives and podcasting needs on the go. This is what I used for years doing my podcasts in the car!
  7. Amazon Gift Cards to buy all the things off your list. Who doesn't want a gift card?
  8. Light Waking Alarm Clock to wake up more naturally. It's nice to read by as well.
  9. Any Book from my Book List because personal...
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2023 My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things Podcast Links

These are the links and all the products mentioned on my Purpose and Pixie Dust Podcast, episode 232.

*Some of these links are affiliate links.


Peloton app and bike, get 60 day guest pass on the app here: or $100 off accessories with your bike or tread purchase:



My Apple Macbook Air


Disney candles- Magic Candle Company–for 20% off click here:


Princess Robe from Shop Disney:


Disney earrings from



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