Entrepreneur Holiday Gift Guide 2023

computer entrepreneurship gifts podcasting resources supplies Dec 15, 2023
Entrepreneur Holiday Gift Guide 2023

Holiday Gift Guide for Women Entrepreneurs

Tis the season!  Time to shop for your favorite entrepreneur friends...or TREAT YO SELF!

*This guide will contain affiliate links but I only share products I love and use or have used myself!


  1. Rocketbook for reusable places to make notes.
  2. MacBook Air  or The MacBook Pro. I had an Air for years and just got a new Pro in May and LOVE it. The storage is worth it. Pay extra for the most storage! LOL!
  3. Yeti Coffee Cup because we need some caffeine.
  4. Ring Light so you can show up on your videos looking amazing. It helps so much!
  5. Mobile Ring Light so you can show up on video looking good on the go.
  6. Clip-on Portable Mic for your lives and podcasting needs on the go. This is what I used for years doing my podcasts in the car!
  7. Amazon Gift Cards to buy all the things off your list. Who doesn't want a gift card?
  8. Light Waking Alarm Clock to wake up more naturally. It's nice to read by as well.
  9. Any Book from my Book List because personal development is important.
  10. Affirmation Cards. Some faves are here and here to help you call in your desires
  11. For a step further, these are my fave Oracle cards.
  12.   Post-it notes to help you plan your big ideas. I am obsessed with post-its.
  13. My Planner and tracker system because you need better productivity. 
  14. Gallon Water Bottle to get in that H2O that I know you’re lacking! Gotta stay hydrated!
  15. A Peloton Bike: Use my code 8EB784 when checking out for a free accessory bundle. I am obsessed with my Peloton. The app is also worth getting if you don't get the bike. I love the on demand strength, meditation, and walking/running classes. Oh, and stretches!
  16. Lunch Box in case you take your lunch or snacks places.
  17. Blue Light Blocking Glasses to help your eyes and head avoid the bad light from your computer and devices. I wear these anytime I'm at my computer and definitely at night (and watching TV).
  18. A FabFitFun box just for funsies. I love getting pampered with fun new products every month!
  19. Laptop stand to raise your laptop to be more eye level.  Lowers the number of chiropractor visits you need. (HA!)
  20. Rose gold envelopes and mailers if you ship things out to clients.
  21. Thank you cards for your clients.
  22. Check out App Sumo for their programs. I bought my podcast hosting license there and several other subscriptions!
  23.  My Confident and Ambitious Mastermind for taking those business goals and making them a reality! :) No, but really. INVEST IN YOURSELF!
  24. Walking Pad to get those steps in. I love mine with my standing desk.  It makes me more energized, too.
  25.  Standing Desk (Wide enough to fit over my walking pad). 
  26.  Wireless Mouse because who likes a laptop mouse?
  27. 10x is Easier than 2x Book is seriously a great book for business mindset. My fave I read this year!
  28.  New Printer because how long does a printer last these days anyhow?
  29.  Graphics from Socially Inclined to make your social media easier. They have a lot of options to help you.
  30.  Primally Pure deodorant (I use the Blue Tansy or the Charcoal)...no more toxins here! Use code LINDSD10 for 10% off your order.

 What is on your holiday entrepreneur wish list this year? Email me and let me know!


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