Why You Need Trello To Organize Your Business

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Today, I'm excited to pull back the curtain and share some personal insights and strategies that have been game-changers in my own adventure. More specifically, I want to talk about a productivity tool that has been my absolute lifesaver - Trello.

 Why Trello? 

You might have heard me refer to Trello as my "second brain," and trust me, it's not an exaggeration. In the whirlwind world of entrepreneurship, Trello has been my anchor, helping me systemize my creative chaos into structured success. Whether you're managing a customer relationship system or simply need a place to organize all your brilliant ideas, Trello can be that versatile tool in your arsenal. 

Despite the abundance of project management tools out there, none have resonated with me quite like Trello. Its intuitive design and sheer flexibility have allowed me to use its free version for over seven years without feeling the need to upgrade. Though I've recently upgraded to take advantage of its template creation feature, the free version is incredibly robust and capable.

As someone with a penchant for office supplies, I liken Trello to a digital version of sticky notes - organized, color-coded, and satisfyingly easy to navigate. Its integration with Google Drive further simplifies my workflow, making document access a breeze.

How I Use Trello in My Business

Any idea or anything I want to map out, or even just remember...goes on my Trello board.  Seriously. In the episode I walk you through all of my boards and the lists I have on there, but consolidating all my ideas into one place saves so much time and brain power!  My podcast has lists, my programs have lists, heck I even have a list of all my business info like my bio so I can quickly copy and paste it.

Business Blueprint

My "Business Blueprint" board on Trello is the heart and soul of my operation. It encompasses everything from my brand details, including short and long bios for quick access during collaborations or speaker applications, to my sprawling list of content and program ideas. It also houses my dreams and plans, neatly segmented monthly, making big-picture planning manageable and less overwhelming.

Client Management and Productivity

Beyond planning, Trello serves as a CRM for my network marketing business. It's a systematic way to track client interactions and follow-ups, contributing significantly to the scaling of my business.

Content and Idea Parking Lot

With designated boards for content planning, podcast ideas, and even dream collaborations, Trello is where my content strategy materializes. It's my go-to for brainstorming sessions, allowing me to drag and drop ideas into actionable plans with ease. Whenever I want some inspiration, I go to my Trello board! Idea I don't want to forget for five years from now? On the board!

A Tool for Everyone

I encourage you, whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, to give Trello or any project management tool that speaks to your workflow a try. The right tool can revolutionize the way you approach your business and ultimately, your life.

For those who resonate with my journey and are curious about incorporating Trello into your own business system, I've created a "Business Blueprint" Trello template. It distills years of my experience and experiments into a ready-to-use format to help kickstart your path to online business success.

Wrapping up, remember, the quest for work-life harmony is ongoing. Tools like Trello are just instruments in our larger orchestra of life, enabling us to compose our symphonies with more confidence and less chaos.

Now go and create and own your magic!

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