Purpose & Pixie Dust Podcast: Ep 188 [INTERVIEW] with Courtney Pappy: Growing a Thriving Business on Social Media from Zero

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Purpose & Pixie Dust Podcast: Ep 188 [INTERVIEW] with Courtney Pappy: Growing a Thriving Business on Social Media from Zero

This episode of the Purpose & Pixie Dust Podcast is an interview with a top Faster Way to Fat Loss Coach, Mrs. Courtney Pappy.  I found Courtney through her amazing Instagram brand and presence, and when I started working with her personally in April, I knew I had to bring her on the show! I hope you love this episode.

Transcription of the Interview, done with AI:

Hey girl, welcome to the Purpose and Pixie Dust podcast. The podcast where we dive deep into our passions, our purpose and really unlock our potential with some pixie dust thrown in. What is pixie dust? You might ask. It's the fun and joy that gets unlocked when you're creating and owning your magic. I'm Lindsay Dollinger, dog mama, Disney lover and high school Spanish teacher who has used my magic to grow my businesses while also working full time. I'm on a mission to help other women create and own your magic by building not only the business of your dreams but also the life of your dreams while still juggling life, your full time job and all the things. So if you want more than this provincial life, let's use our glass slippers to break those glass ceilings and Sprinkle lots of pixie dust into our lives and businesses. Let's do this.

All right, hi guys, welcome back to another podcast episode. I am super excited because I have a special guest here with us today. I have Miss Courtney Pappy Mrs Courtney Pappy, I guess to be technical to be technical. Um but Courtney go ahead and tell us a little bit about you what you do, how you got started doing what you do and then we're going to dive into all the things.

Sure, thank you so much for having me on here Lindsay. Um like Lindsay said, my name is Courtney Pappy. I am a health and wellness coach for the Faster Way. Um I've been coaching for two years and before that though I was in corporate world. Um I had two babies and I left all of that to be a stay at home mom. Well I started this journey to really take care of my health and prioritize that. Um in along that journey, I realized that there were so many other women that were struggling um to take care and prioritize themselves. So March of 2020, literally when the world shut down, I ran my first round of the faster way and the rest is history. Um so with no experience, no expertise, my, my degrees in political science, like, I have no business starting any kind of business, but I did it and it's been a huge success.

Yeah, so I came up guys just so you know, a little backstory, I found Courtney on instagram. Um probably I'm trying to remember it was either September or November of last year because I was at a team retreat and we were actually pulling up someone else's instagram profile to look at it. And when I started typing in Courtney, hers popped up because her instagram is so freaking awesome, so popped up. So I actually thought this was the one that, that they were trying to tell me to look at. So I was like, oh yeah, like this girl's instagram is amazing and then this guy looked over my shoulder, he's like, no, that's not the right Courtney and I was like, what? And so I went ahead and followed your instagram then and I kept going back to it because I was like dang, this girl's got it going on. Like she knows all the things. So that's actually how I found you regularly instagram.

That's a huge compliment because we all are just kind of like, wait, am I doing it right? Is this what I'm supposed to be doing? Is this? So it's everything is always changing. Yeah, Yeah, it is. So all right. So you got started, did you start, you must have signed up for the faster way than before the pandemic, right? Because okay, started in January of 2020. So January 4th I was the New Year's round because I was like, I'm gonna live my life through the holidays and then January, I'm going to get my act together. So that's what I did. And then the February recruitment came along. I did that and I had no idea that Covid was about to start. So I was like, this is a great time to start a business. It's gonna be so great. And it ended up working out because when the world shut down, everything did go virtual. So there's always a silver lining. Yeah, yeah, 100%.

So for those people who don't know, will you explain just super quickly what the Faster Way is in case he doesn't know.

Yeah. So the faster way is a six week program where I'm teaching you how to fuel your body using whole foods to burn fat, we pair that with 30 minute effective workouts and you'll get the community and accountability to really help sustain the results awesome.

So have you gotten to go to one of the coaching events, like the big conferences that they have since it's been pandemic life?

Yeah, so they actually had a leadership retreat weekend um that I went to, that was my first ever one in July of 21. Um and that was game changing because it was only 100 of us coaches. And so when you get in community after, especially after 2020, when you get together and you start talking, that is invaluable, right? So then they had their very large conference um just in February of 2022, I guess I've been to two conferences. Um so yeah, it really, and those are a little bit bigger, those are around 300 coaches altogether. But I really think because of when I started having a virtual community is so valuable and then getting in person just like kind of seals those relationships. But yeah, just creating those relationships no matter if it's virtual or in person. Yeah, 100%. Um I love conference, like I'm a conference junkie, I'm like, give me all the conferences, whether it's online, online is great. But yeah, those in person, I feel like really seal the deal and I know a lot of people probably have summer conferences coming up or um I do feel like some companies do like the january february ones as well to get people re energized for the new year.

So I love how you talked about the virtual community because I know you run a V. I. P. Group and then you also have a facebook group for your clients. Um Tell us just a little bit about like how you show up in there and how you interact with your clients to really build those relationships. Because I feel like you do a really awesome job of letting everyone get to know you but also supporting everyone online in those closed spaces.

Sure. Yeah. So basically what I'm doing on my social media is just giving you like a taste of what it would be like to work with me. So I'll go on my stories and talk about what's going on. I'll go and share things that are coming up and really I'm not giving away too necessarily much, but it's just enough for you to be like mm I want to be in one of those groups. Like I want to do that with her and really it's not necessarily any magic secret sauce when you put like minded women that are all working towards the goal together. The attitudes different. The vibe is different. The energy is different. And I think you as a leader. I've heard this once you can either basically lead them or you can be the boss, right? And I don't want to be the boss in charge of everything. I want to be the leader, I want to be the one setting the example. So I set the tone, I set the energy and then the rest kind of follows. But I really do feel like that instead of being in charge, I just want to be in the leadership role like, hey, look what I'm doing, I'll lead by example and y'all come alongside me and we're gonna do this together. And I think everybody wants to feel a part of something, right? We want to feel a part of something that's bigger than us. It's bigger than our four walls, especially as a stay at home mom. Um, you're always looking to be like, okay, well yeah, there's me and there's all of our routines and chores and things we've got to get done, but I'm also making sure that my health is a priority. Um, so really sharing on social media what's going on that way? It's kind of like a taste of what it would be like. And then in the group setting the tone leading by example, always stepping out doing a lot of things that are uncomfortable, right? There's a lot of things I've done in the past two years that I would have said, I will never, there is no way. So a lot of it is outside of your comfort zone. But whenever you work on social media, I say like my job, it kind of is social media, everything is always changing so you can either adapt or get left behind.

Oh, I love that. Yes. Um, and so speaking of that, have you primarily built your business on instagram? Like have you always naturally gravitated toward instagram or were you like a facebook girl? Like what, what does that look like?

So when I started coaching, I had a couple 100 followers on instagram. I would post pictures of just us personal every day. I didn't have facebook, I deleted it because remember I came from corporate so I didn't anybody like I called in sick to be looking at my facebook of me at the beach. So I didn't even have facebook. Um, and when I started, one of the things that faster way taught me is that you have to speak to your ideal client where she's at, where is your ideal client at? Right. Mine is on instagram. So that is where I pour a lot of my time into 75% of my time goes to instagram now the other 25 this is just since 2022 is tiktok in january. I just started going all in on Tiktok because you think it's the younger generation and it's not, I mean, yeah, a lot of them on there. But there's a lot of old, 30 40 fifties women that are in there on Tiktok. So I've recently started pouring a lot more energy into it. And once again, it's the same mindset if you have this and I feel like it's not that I jumped into Tiktok soon. It's once you've got a good feel for one platform, go out and do another one. Hey girl, I hope you are loving this episode as much as I am. I love recording these every week for you. And so I just really, really hope you're getting a lot of value out of it today.

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Don't get stagnant. Don't get stuck in the same one because you're gonna get new eyeballs new audiences. Um, and it's just a different feel of, we call it Tiktok the Wild Wild west because anything goes over there. Okay. So do you post the same things then on instagram and Tiktok or what's your Tiktok strategy look like? Sure. Um, so no, yes and no, yes, I do. They don't perform as well. Um I have apps and everything to get rid of the watermarks if you know anything about repurposing or reselling. Um, but I do post what I put on instagram on Tiktok and then I'm also creating original content that is native to Tiktok because Tiktok is smart, they do not really want instagram stuff over there. They know the links. Um and to be honest, Tiktok is so much easier to create content than instagram instagram is really like you have to be, it's, it's very curated. Um I go over to Tiktok, I can literally post a five second video of me doing like dead lifts or bicep curls or something and put some catchy phrase and 20,000 views instagram that would be, that would take so much more effort. So different strategy. But really what happened, my Tiktok strategy is when you find something that hits you keep doing it, keep repurposing it, say it differently because what's happening is they're following me and either they're finding motivation, they're finding encouragement and eventually I'm going to convert them. Okay.

Okay. And so I'm assuming that you're driving from Tiktok to instagram or do you, are you driving to a freebie?

Not necessarily a freebie would take, I'm still working, this is only my six month doing it, but it doesn't really work like that over there. They don't really like D. M. S. They don't really like, you just give links. Um are you gonna have one link in your bio and I realized people aren't really clicking on it. So comments, I'm constantly driving them to D. M. S. Because you need to get them into conversation, right? Especially depending on the price point of what you're selling, you've got to get them into a conversation that way you can solve their problems. Um So yeah, it's, I would say 90% of the time, I'm literally saying, send me a DM on I. G. And then if they do that, that just turned them in from like a warm lead to a hot lead because they just Which platforms to try to get ahold of you. Yeah.

Yeah, I love that. You're you're like, yes, I've got another comeback. I mean, it takes a lot of work. I don't want to take talk is a lot of work just in that aspect because you can't stay on the platform and start to get into conversation and I think how they want it, they don't want you sitting there dominque, they want you scrolling and creating, yep, yep. 100%. I love that. Yeah, I had heard you say, I don't even remember where, but I heard you say somewhere, maybe it was in your I. G. Stories that you had just recently started Tiktok and we're we're driving traffic from there and I was like, oh, I have to make sure to ask her about that because I feel like that's a question that a lot of people get asked um or a lot of people ask rather is, you know, I'm already doing, I g should I repurpose stuff? Should I be creating new things?

So thank you so much for sharing that. Um So busy mom, I know you have two little girls, they are so freaking adorable guys, you have to follow Courtney and look at her stories, look at her content cause she has her two little girls on there. Um but how do you do all of the things? Because I feel like you are always going, but you're also pouring into your clients, I'm sure to your coaches as well. So what does your schedule look like? What is, how do you balance? And I know there's no such thing as balance, but how do you do all the things? The short answer is that I hired out. Um as I started realizing that I was dropping balls because you'll realize it and the scariest thing is that first hire and then you're like, well, wait, who do I hire to help me? So I was realizing that I couldn't do it all and I was growing in. Amanda Tress, the CEO of Faster Way, told us that that leadership retreat, you can either have control or you can have growth, you can't have both. So you get to decide whether you want to have control of everything or you can have growth and delegate and so that's what I started doing and slowly I added on um and kept hiring because you're right, you can't do it all, not if you want to grow a sustainable successful business and actually have a life right foremost. I'm a stay at home mom now I did put my girls in school, I call it school, it's like daycare. Um my oldest is about to start kindergarten though but I would use that time that they were in school to really get down to content creation, that's my zone of genius right? You have you ever heard of the zones of like excellence? Whatever your joy, excellence, genius, whatever you're really good at do that first, we tend to gravitate and this is just people in general, we always want to gravitate towards the easiest task but the easiest task isn't moving the needle right? So we've gotta go to what is actually going to move the needle. Um So I hired out, that's the first and foremost, so if you hear me talking about things that I'm doing, I've got going on, I probably have somebody else doing it and that's just a that's just being completely transparent but if you're not to the point where you can hire out, stay in your zone of genius, stop doing the little many things that you think like creating a pretty website creating um just things that like people aren't concerned if you get to know your ideal client and what they need, you work on solving those problems and the sales um right, we're not just trying to like create this pretty atmosphere, I'm in it to create um and attract and change lives.

Oh I love that and I love that you were so open about that because so many people, I feel like our delegating but never at least never share it behind the scenes and so women are watching and they're like oh my gosh, there's no way I could do all of that because I can't even handle what I'm doing right now and then it scares off people from wanting to join, you know?

Yeah, and I think that is taboo because it's almost like women don't want to talk about being successful, it's very rare that you hear him talk about being successful, being at the top of their game, doing this because you're right first and foremost, I am a wife and a mom and I also want to say that that was my work life, I also have a lot of help in my personal, so I've got grandparents that are extremely close to take the girls if they're not in school, I've got a husband, he comes home every night, he just works a typical um hourly jobs. So I'm not working with different circumstances. I do want to point that out that I do have a lot of support personally and then of course business wise and that's how I think it has to be in order to sustain any kind of like Momentum because burnout is real. I don't care who you are, I don't care how much you love what you're doing. You don't take a break, you don't take rest. You don't have help. You're just on the path to burn out 100%. And I've been there done that and that's, that's one of the things I like to talk about now on the podcast and I'm like, girl, you gotta stop now a hard stop now. Just figured out because it's no fun. Um what are some things that you delegate just curious in your business and personal life? You mentioned both. Yeah, sure. So personal. I'll start with that because that's easy as school. I enrolled the girls in school even though I still call myself a stay at home mom, My oldest one went two or three days all day and my youngest one went to half days. So even though it was only four hours if you think about that as a stay at home mom, having that time to just go to your computer and work is game changing now if you don't have that and you're still working a full time job. I would say what I would do is power hour and that's one hour of focused work every single day to move the needle, not scrolling, not commenting, not doing any of that move the needle. Um So I have that at school and then of course I have grandparents that I'll call up all the time and say hey can you take the girls, hey can you take the girls? And they're like yes so having help like that. Um I don't have any other help. Like I still clean my own house, I still cook, I still go to the grocery store but that's because I have all that help second my business. The first thing I did was a virtual assistant. So I had to get out of the back end of my business. If I'm going to be the face of my business, I had to get out of the back and not only that, I'm not good at any of that. Like I don't want reports, I don't want to do any of that. So she handles all kinds of back end reporting. Um All of my commissions that are coming in, she handles emails. So all of that. I'm creating all of the emails, she's sending it and organizing and all that. So um that's the first thing. Second thing was called a client specialist and that really helps um create that bond and create that level of support that maybe I can always provide. So I have a client specialist who helps me take care of my clients. Um and really what that's doing is making sure that each of them feels loved on special included. And it's funny because nobody has ever said, hmm, I wonder if that's Courtney responding or not, and that's what I always hear. It's like, well, if I let this go, it might not look or sound like me, right? Nobody's paying that much attention. They just want to see your name as a response and they are so excited now, some things as I get as I grow bigger, you might know it's not me, but that's totally okay because what I want you to know is that you're still in the right place, you still have me as your leader and we're still working towards the same goal, but I also know that in order to keep going, I've got to take care of myself, and that means getting that off my plate. Um And then the third thing is a marketing team. So that was my most recent hire because I had to grow big enough to even afford it. What doing is they're helping me create content, helping me with ideas, helping me create trends, helping me create graphics, all of that. Um I remember bootstrapping it in Canberra by myself, creating whatever I thought I could um and some things come easier than others. So those are the three main hires um after that it would just kind of be expanding those roles like letting my V. A. Take on more letting my hiring more clients specialists um expanding that as far as as far as what I do goes. I love that.

Oh my gosh. Um there's so much organization and like thought and strategy. I feel like that you put into this too which I I really admire. Um And where did you find these people? Was it like fiber were they recommended to you? How did you go about finding the hires?

They're other faster way coaches. So that's why I say the virtual community is really unmatched tap into it. Um And what's happening is that some other faster way coaches, Maybe this isn't a full time job for them or maybe they're on your team, it's just not full time and they still want to make income right? Your help support their lives as well by hiring them. So it's like a it's just a ripple effect. So they're all three all faster way coaches that are also certified that are also running their rounds but they're also helping me build my team. Oh my gosh I love that, that's so fun and it's so interesting and I feel like that's one of the things that's kind of special about the faster way because a lot of women listening to this might be involved in network marketing and there might be a few more rules with that with network marketing where like you can't hire, pay certain things and I love the flexibility of the faster way that they're like, no, you're making people's lives better. You're making your life better. Like let's go, let's do these do the same. That drew me to coaching was the flexibility. It's, and what you're hearing me do is I'm creating my own business. I'm running my own business faster ways. Not looking over my shoulder like big brother telling me what I can and can't do in that aspect. It's your business, you grow it as much as you can, we're here to support you and give you everything now. You run with it. Yeah.

Yeah. So was there a certain point in your coaching career so far that you can remember where you were like, oh my gosh, like this is the real deal. Like I'm actually like, this is gonna be like something big. Do you know what I mean?

Like that Aha moment, it was the month that I made. So there's an investment to become a coach, right? That investment was really big when we were on one income and we were, I had two babies. I was a stay at home mom. I didn't make a dollar to my name. So we had to go pull that investment out of savings to pay for me to even become a coach and little by little I would make monthly, I would make back what I was towards my investment. But one month I made more than my original investment and I was like, oh my word, believe this and that's when it hit me, this is not a hobby. And if you treat it like a hobby, you're gonna get paid like a hobby. You treat it like a business, you're gonna get paid like a business. That's awesome. So did you start with reels is our real, is like your primary source of social or like tell us when you started with them because I feel like you are super good at reels, you are always doing them. And I'm sure that's a huge reason that you probably grew as well have grown recently on instagram is your reels. Yeah, it definitely is. And with Tiktok I cannot even like, because what's happening is as soon as I'm driving them over there automatically following me. So that would never even find me on instagram are now being driven over by Tiktok. But yes, really is my primary when they first came out with it, I was so scared. I was like, this is so weird lip sinking to this, whatever viral trend there was. Um, but yeah, and really, really showing personality and niche. So I think there's a good combination of both because if I just talked about faster way 24 7, there's a lot of people that would be like, but if I share my real life right? And maybe follow me because I'm a stay at home mom and you see what I'm eating and all of that. And then all of a sudden you see me start talking about faster away. You're like, Well if she does it, so it's got to be a combination of both. If you're just talking about your business, 24/7 think about it. People get on social media to be social, they want to relate, they want to, they don't necessarily want to be sold to you can sell to them because they are on there anyways. But if you get on there with the intent to really just build relationships, get in conversations. It's a game changer. So knowing your niche niche down as much as you can. And then also doing personality, love it, Love it. You're like taking like I feel like all my questions that I had like prepared, you're already answering and I'm like dang this girl is on it.

All right. So for the mom who is listening, who is like, I really want to get started with something, but I'm really scared. There's something holding me back. Give her like a little pep talk. Like what would you tell her?

Oh my you have no idea how good it can be until you start. All of us are gonna say, I don't think I can do it. Nobody's gonna buy from me. I'm not qualified. Every single thing that you can, reason I'm not gonna make back my investment. I'm not gonna hit my goals, I'm not gonna. And that mindset will keep you there. It's all a mindset game. If you're in the mindset of glass half empty, I don't know if this can work your right, right? I'm reading the book called the psychology of winning and it literally is all in what you believe. What are your limiting beliefs about yourself? And I think surrounding yourself with encouraging positive people that are actually working towards their goals. It does change things for you because you're like, whoa, if that if she can do it, so can I. Um and the second thing is, it was put on your heart for a reason, right? If you have it on your heart to go do something and you are living out your purpose and you were showing up in that every single day, it's a game changer, you're unstoppable. So lean into your purpose, lean into what you're being called, what your heart's being tugged on because I promise you, it's not that any of us got lucky. Okay, none of us got lucky. We all put in the work consistency. We showed up every single day. And yes, the hard work does pay off, but none of us just like, oh, this turned out great. I just fell in my lab. Yeah, yeah.

Love it, Love it. And I think that's one of the things that I connected with you so much on is I love so full disclaimer, I don't think I ever said this, I was in a round of Courtney's faster way um program in april of this year, beginning of april I think I think was when it was didn't completely fall in love with, it completely fell in love with her. So I'm actually going through my coach certification myself and joining her team. But I think one of the things that I really connected with you on is that you kept saying like memories over macros, it doesn't have to be perfect.

So it's like not all or nothing and I feel like so much in not only my health journey but also my business journey, it's really easy to get in your mind and be like, okay, well if I'm, if I'm not, you know, able to work my business for an hour today that I'm just not gonna show up or you know, and it's like that all or nothing mentality um mixed with a little bit of tough love to like, you have to put in the work, like if nothing good is ever gonna come to you and so I just really love that.

Yeah, yeah, no, I just wanted to let you know that so morning routine, this is one question and then we'll get wrapped up here that I like to ask my guest, do you have a morning routine and or an evening routine and what does that look like and it's totally fine if the answer is no to I do somewhat I mean we're on summer break right now so look so much different. We'll stay in our pajamas till 10 some days and Normally we used to have to be out the door by 7:30 PM. Um But what it looks like for me is that my husband's out the door before I'm even awake so he's gone, it's all on me. Um And now that the girls are home with me if I'm up I'm normally trying to work or work out before they get up if I can. Um So it's really really setting my day up not waking up with them and then trying to hustle and run around and do all of that. Try to do one of the two because both will set me up for success if I get in an hour of work, great if I get in a workout great and then the other one I try to do during nap time. Now I feel like I'm consistently kind of on my phone all day doing like little quick things, responding to D. M. S. And all that. But that's kind of my morning routine is getting up, starting my day off in one way or the other doing some quiet time drinking a coffee all of that then they wake up and it's go time whatever we're doing that day but here's what happens if you don't have things planned out and you're winging it every single day, you're not gonna have this like piece of like showing up, getting things done on a monday because you don't even know what you're posting, right? We didn't really talk about batch content or like patching content, but a lot that really does help with my marketing team hasn't created anything and it's on me that day, I just go to my draft and post something because I've already created it, there's no stress. Um it's natural. So I'm just doing the things that I know I need to do um and then I guess having fun now that it's summer and then this will look different in august and I think remembering that each season can look different no matter what you're going through, it could look a lot different. Maybe you've got a lot of activities or camps or whatever is going on so it looks different for you right now, but just get through right now and then in a couple of months it'll look different again and then you'll adapt again and it really, it really does come down to mindset and what you put on yourself because you're right, the overwhelmed can feel a lot like, oh my gosh, I have to do all this, so you do nothing, You're so right, like anything, but that's not getting you anywhere. So something is always better than nothing. I absolutely love that.

Alright, rapid fire question around what is your favorite vacation destination? Um Well I got married in ST Lucia and that probably was the prettiest place I've ever ever been. I just love it. Oh my gosh, love that. I've heard it's beautiful down there. I have not been to ST Lucia and have you lived in florida your whole life, whole life. Born and raised, my husband born and raised and we moved out like outside of the city limits of Jacksonville but we're still very close to all the family. Okay, that's so nice. Yeah, because I noticed you said grandparents, I was assuming we're probably we're probably there um best personal development book that you have read. Mm might be a hard one or you can do the last one. Oh the psychology of winning. I'm reading it right now and it's literally just changing that so much of what we're working towards is we want to know what's the secret sauce? Like what is she doing that? I'm not what's going on and honestly could just be her mindset about what she thinks is possible for her. I love that. Sorry, my house phone is ringing. I have a house phone because we're out in the middle of nowhere. Yeah, I don't have cell service. We have a house phone too. Um Now now I'm like all track o favorite season mm I like summer but I don't like to sweat. So I like to go to the beach? But I don't like sweating? I'm the worst. I don't like it's different for you if you're in florida because like for me the summer is like, like that's like my one warm time of the year here in Ohio. Whereas in florida, you guys have that like, I mean not all the, you know, not year round but around. It's hot year round and some people love that and I guess I'm just used to it. But probably the beach and the pool days. I mean that's kind of why we live in florida because that so yeah, probably summer. Yeah, 100%. Alright.

And very last question. Um what is one? And we kind of did this already a little bit earlier, but one piece of advice that you have for someone who is maybe feeling overwhelmed or feeling burnt out and you're like, Okay girl, let's do this.

Yeah. I would say one show up exactly where you're at just show up consistently. Because what happens is we show up when we feel motivated and then we don't show up and we're lacking the consistency and people feel that on the other side. You're like, wait, didn't I see her a week ago. Like now she wants to talk about this again. Show up and show up on the days you don't feel like it? Um And really, really, really lean into who you're serving remember your why? Why did you start, Who are you serving? What problems are you solving for her when content creation feels overwhelming. Go back to your ideal client and remember why you started and who you're trying to help? Yeah, I love that. Oh my gosh guys, you're gonna have to go back and re listen to this episode several times and take notes. You look for a little pep talk because Courtney is full of all that. And okay, Courtney tell us where everyone can connect with you. And I'll also link all that in the show notes guys, so you can just quickly click on it.

Sure, it's at Courtney Pappy on instagram. At Courtney Pappy on Tiktok and just Courtney Pappy on facebook. But I live really on instagram. Um so yeah, that's where you can find me awesome.

Well thank you so much girl, I really appreciate this. This was this was such a great conversation. You are so welcome. It's so good to talk to you Lindsay. Yes, you too. Bye bye. Thanks. And that's a wrap on today's episode. I hope you're leaving today inspired princess to create own and spread your magic to the world. If you found by you in this episode or no, a girlfriend who needs to hear it, would you screenshot it and send it to her and if you're feeling really generous, pop it up on your I. G stories and tag me at Lindsay Dollinger. So I can see you loved it and tell you thank you. I appreciate you. Now let's go do some amazing things. Bye bye. 


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