Magical Membership for Women Entrepreneurs Member Spotlight: Joana Torres Alvarado

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Magical Membership for Women Entrepreneurs Member Spotlight: Joana Torres Alvarado

Meet Joana Torres Alvarado!

Joana is a founding member of Dare to Shine: The Magical Membership for Women Entrepreneurs. Hear about her and her business below!

What company are you partnered with or what's your business name?
Farmasi is the company! My business name is New Beginnings by jmak
Tell us more about you:
Started my real journey in our magical membership. Started with 10 ladies in my team enjoying the discounts and over a year later we are a team of 54 woman from USA, PR, MX, RD and Spain. Now we have Queens that not only enjoy the benefits of the products but also do the business opportunity as well. My Journey is far from being finish and I’m so thankful for the resources I’ve been able to unlock through our membership.
Use Joana's code to join the monthly membership: Enter code JOANA on the checkout page!
Tell us about your experience in the monthly Magical Membership for Women Entrepreneurs.
I’ve learned everything here. I felt confused, not sure how to work my direct sales business. The first 1:1 I had with Lindsay gave me hope and clarity. Since then I’ve been implementing and working my business with intention and everything is easier now. I’m thankful for the magical membership, the atmosphere is magical and the connections we make with each other are rewarding. We all understand each other. It makes a world of a difference when we surround ourselves with doers, visionaries and amazing woman.
What is your favorite part about being in the membership?
Love it all. But mostly love the replays because even in the business of life I can still reconnect, recharge and replay all of our offerings
Since you've joined the membership, how has your business changed?
We have grown in numbers and my offerings now to my team are more valuable, and intentional. Which I’ve learned through our membership.
What advice do you have for new entrepreneurs?
Join a membership that will add value to your business. It’s not until you start investing in your business that things really start to flow in your direction. Do the things messy, and forget about perfection. In the doing you will find clarity, direction and even more purpose. Surround yourself with the right community and see how you flourish.
How can others connect with you?
For more information on the membership, head to our page:

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