{INTERVIEW} Courtney Wendzicki on The Journey of Entrepreneurship and ALL Things Branding

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{INTERVIEW} Courtney Wendzicki on The Journey of Entrepreneurship and ALL Things Branding

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{INTERVIEW} Courtney Wendzicki on The Journey of Entrepreneurship and ALL Things Branding
Hey girl, welcome to the Purpose and Pixie Dust podcast, the podcast where we dive deep into our passions, our purpose and really unlock our potential with some pixie dust thrown in. What is pixie dust? You might ask. It's the fun and joy that gets unlocked when you're creating and owning your magic. I'm Lindsay, Dollinger dog, mama, Disney lover and high school Spanish teacher who has used my magic to grow businesses while also working full time. I'm on a mission to help other women create and own your magic by building not only the business of your dreams but also the life of your dreams while still juggling life, your full time job and all the things. So if you want more than this provincial life, let's use our glass slippers to break those glass ceilings and Sprinkle lots of pixie dust into our lives and businesses. Let's do this.
Hello, Hello, welcome back to another podcast. Recording of the purpose. Oh my gosh, almost brought the name of my podcast. I did that the other day to the Purpose and Pixie Dust podcast in my defense. You guys know I rebranded, so I have to like get in that gear and actually our guest today is one of the ladies who helped me with my rebrand. So you've heard me talk about her before, I'm super excited for you to know Courtney. So Courtney, thank you so much and welcome to our show.
Yes, thank you so much for having me. It's obviously an honor since I did some work with you for you and I've totally done the same that you just did because I to change the name of my podcast and I like you, you have to like get in the rhythm of it. Yeah, you do. And even like I batch my episode, so it's been a while since I have like recorded another batch of them. So it's like, it leaves your mind briefly for a second.
Um so Courtney tell us all about you, who you are, where you're from, what you do, and we're just gonna dive right in with your story.
Yeah, so I'm Courtney Wendzicki, I am a wife and a mom. Um my husband and I have been together for 5. 5 years, almost like married for 5. 5 years. Um We have a four year old son, we have a dog and about me professionally, it's, it's a very complicated story, so we'll see, you know, if more meant much of that needs to come up. Um but right now, what I do is I'm a full time entrepreneur, small business owner. My businesses Confetti Worthy Media where I um it's kind of two fold. It's like I have two silos of the business, One is the branding and design aspect um where I do like what I did for you, um, you know, helping people with grandkids, their podcast designs, logos, etcetera. And then the second silo of the business is social media focused. Um where I will help you with your Instagram, strategy, your posting strategy or your content creation.
Okay, I love that. So tell us how like how did you get into branding or Instagram? Like I feel like they're, they're connected, but I also feel like they could also be two sides of things. So I feel like there's a good story there on how, how you got.
Yeah, so for me, it's just a common, like an interest, an interest in both, right? Like I'm interested in both. Um and what's interesting is if we go back, you know, all the way to like when I was in college and stuff and I had this interest in communications, marketing, my degrees in public relations. Um, I thought that I wanted to do something in that realm. Um, but then it's one of those things where it's like after college I got stuck in just like the, I don't know, the normal corporate culture like grind or I don't know if grinds the right word, but just like I got one job that was not in any of those fields and then I just continued to progress further and further away from those types of things. Further from like a natural pivot away. Yeah, like it wasn't intentional, but it just gradually took me away and, but then I would find myself and no matter what job I did, if there was anything. So typically what I would land myself in is like office manager secretary or somebody who's kind of has the ability to do miscellaneous types of task. And so I'd find myself volunteering and or doing things like, oh, can you like assist us with our Facebook page or can you design the company newsletter or can you, you know, make a pretty flyer for the Christmas party? So it's like the, the little seeds kept being planted no matter which job it was that I had. And so then when it came time for me to create my own business, I was like, can I do both of those things? Can I do just make it my business?
I love that. Well, because you had already been building up that skill set and it was something I'm assuming you really enjoyed because I feel like I can feel that energy and your programming just from working with you and then I love that that you just kind of made it your own because you combine those two things now. Have you always had both sides of your business or have you just added on one? Like, did you start focusing on one or did you do both at the beginning?
I feel like I did both pretty much right from the get go. I think actually the branding and design came first. Um and it was, it wasn't that I didn't enjoy it and I love doing it, but it was more just so um people were complimenting me on my podcast covers specifically. It was and I was like, and then complaining that they didn't want to make their own and I was like, well I'll make your own like I'll do it for you. Like I like doing it. So then that kind of started and just like, let me do this for you and I can learn, earn a little money on the side from doing that.
I love that. So your podcast actually came first.
Yes, podcast was before. Okay, I wasn't aware of that. Okay, tell us how the podcast came about. Yeah. So um, so my business launched in December of 2021, so we're about 10 months into that my podcast, I started in June of 2020. Oh my gosh, so about the same time as mine, I was July 2020. Yeah, okay. And at that time I knew because of just being in the personal development space that like, oh I want to do my own thing. I want to be an entrepreneur but as we so commonly here it's like, but I don't know what that thing is or what I would do.
Hey girl, I'm popping in here really quickly to tell you about a company that I have found that I'm obsessed with gut personal, it is a female founded and owned all the products are FDA tested and improved and the female founder was a registered, well is a registered dietitian with years of experience healing women's gut symptoms and improving our gut health. Um I love that. It is female founded funded and staffed and it is the first personalized supplements allowing you to create a customized protocol to address your symptoms, support your healing and optimize your gut health. I personally took the test online and there's a free quiz. It's the only thing that I know of that has a free quiz like this and it goes through and some of the questions about your sleep um Acne all sorts of things. You know, we don't even think about those being tied to our gut health, but they are. And so one of the things that I am obsessed with is the rescue supplements and this is for seasonal allergies like woods. Um So I've been using them for a while. I've seen some amazing results for them. So if you have seasonal allergies, that's one thing that I definitely want you to check out another product that I use as the healer. I use the soother. So definitely go online and take the free quiz, see what they tell you and then know that you get free shipping over $99. You get 20% off if you use my code off of subscriptions and 10% off of any one time orders. So I highly recommend that you go check it out, go to www.gutpersonal.com/LindsayD. I will have that link in the show notes. You can also just go to their website and then type in code Lindsay D. At check out. Um And that's L I N D S A Y. So that you can get that percentage off. So check it out. Let me know what your quiz says, what you ordered. Take a screenshot share with me, I'd love to talk to you about it and I hope you love the products as much as I do.
So it's like, I'll just do the podcast, be like a fun hobby. Yeah. So I actually sort of the same way with my business. Like I did a free group first because I was talking myself out of the podcast and then I did the podcast and then I'm like, okay now I need something that I can send people to or away, people can work with me. So my my journey kind of um I guess progressed in that same way.
That's so interesting because I haven't heard many people that that did the podcast before they had, you know, a business, like a product right?
Yeah, a lot of times it is the other way around. And you know, sometimes I find to that um like for example, I'm I'm actually um have my second podcast right now. So I did one for a whole year and then I have my second one right now that's more business and entrepreneurship based and what's interesting and kind of frustrating, but I'm trying to let that go is that because I now am full time in my business, the podcast is kind of becoming secondary, but it's like I have to focus on like the business aspects and like the income producing things. Whereas I say you're a business owner and you've owned your business and the generating income for two or three years and then you start your podcast, you're already in the flow and have the systems of how your business makes money earns money. And then the podcast can be like a cherry on top. Yeah. Yeah, I feel that too because I'm like, I I will focus on like my podcast. So Tuesdays are my podcasting days when I do everything related to my podcast and then I'll feel super like accomplished in my business. I'm like, except I didn't do anything today to actually earn money. I had to do that at some point in time. Mm hmm. So I totally feel that.
So what are some ways I guess let's just transition to that. So what are some ways that you set up your schedule or do you not like, are you still working on that with um you know, balancing Because I know you do a lot with your kiddo too. And I feel like you're doing all the things. So what does that look like for you?
Yeah, it's been specifically over the last five months since I've been full time. It's been something that is ever changing. It's kind of like this puzzle that I'm continuing to like take apart and put it back together to see how it works best. Like I have toyed around with the idea of, okay, like just this one day a week is going to be my podcast day, something you know, to that effect. Um, right now what I'm trying to look at, I actually have it up in my, on my wall in front of me is like a number of hours per week per thing. And so then when I go to schedule in my calendar, I'm like, okay, wait, you already have like five hours of one on one client stuff. You can't do any more one on one client stuff this week.
Yeah, that makes sense. Well, and especially with you since you do have so many of those one on one projects and I know we chatted about this in the D. M. S. Where you're like, I'm going to start a wait list because I can only take a certain people and I think that boundary is probably super important for you with your business model. Yeah. And I think that until I figure out what's the thing that's the most profitable, What's the thing that brings me the most joy right now? I'm still really figuring that out. Yeah. Yeah. Well you're only five months into full time too. Like I feel like that's totally allowed. I feel though that like me like a year and a half ago would have been like, I wouldn't have thought that that was right, right?
Well, and that's part of our growth as just as humans, right? With that personal development peace and also our growth as entrepreneurs, just making sure that we allow that grace for ourselves, right? So I know you do a lot of personal development work. What does that look like or what has that looks like for you? And um how has that been important in your journey?
So I started or got into that realm at the end of 2019 and my goodness in hindsight, what a freaking blessing. Because then 2020 happened. And like, I just, I mean if you're if you're somebody like, I feel like a lot of the women who listen to your podcasts are then also like personal development don't want to use the term junkies, but like we love it. We listen to the yeah, most of us are, and without just that constant encouragement positivity. Um, I don't know, and for me specifically, it wasn't just like, Oh, it was also new being a new mom. Um my son is four, so I had him in the middle of 2018 and quite frankly, it's just been one of those things that like I just don't like there's some mothers who are just like, oh, I'm like, naturally meant to do this. Like, I'm so good at this, like being a mom is the best thing ever. That's not me actually really struggle with it. It's really hard. I love my son to pieces, but I just mentally, I don't feel that I've been able to handle it in the way that I wish I could or would have in personal development specifically being able to connect with other moms in the personal development space has been like just the best relief ever to make me feel like not alone. And it's also one of those things too where I feel like any time you're doing like hard work or working on yourself, you kind of maybe like step backwards a little bit before you step forwards or the whole concept of like I did an instagram post about this like pulling the arrow back before you then release it and it propels forward. I feel like that's what personal development feels like sometimes. So it's like you got to get down to the hard nasty stuff to then get to the really good stuff. I feel like there's so much in our lives that is like that too, you know, we have to go through like the challenges and stuff to get better to get to that next level the majority of the time whether that's, you know, it's gonna look different for everyone and I think that self awareness that you were just talking about about your mother, her journey and you know,
I think that's one of the things that I know I really connect with you with and I'm sure a lot of other people do too because that's the stuff that a lot of people is not willing to share. You know, like how many people are willing to share that like being a mom is hard and not just hard and like I guess like the normal things that people are talking about if that makes any, what do you mean? Like it's okay to admit that you struggle with it and that it's not been the happiest best times all the time. I think that's I commend you for that, I don't know.
Um and I think my own journey with personal development, not I'm not a mom, but I know it helped me in my day job a lot because you know, I'm a teacher and a lot of the stuff that we're encouraged to read is like teacher books, like How to be a teacher, How to be a better educator, students, which I think all that's important just like, you know, your your typical business book is important, but those ones about leadership and yourself and your energy and all of that like completely shifted how I responded to people. I'm like these are these are the books that people need to do. Like, you know, and I'm not saying that I'm perfect by any means, but I'm like it has helped so much with how I react and how I process things and who I blame for things if anyone and you know taking that like just that awareness, that self awareness I think is so huge.
Yeah, I think that that's honestly one of my biggest like takeaways or like growth things that I've seen from personal development is the awareness piece too, like I might not know what to do about it or what to say, but I'm aware of it. Yeah, yeah and I think just our society and you know in a whole, I think that is one of the huge things that is missing from a lot of people are just that awareness and because with that awareness becomes that you know that responsibility and like the responsibility is on us to either change our perception on things or actually change the thing like do the work, do the, do you know, I totally agree
Now, what did it look like for you when you finally became a full time entrepreneur? Was it like a cut and dry, like we're starting this, was there a reason you know that?
Yeah, no great question um I feel like that and everybody wants to know that right? Like how did you do this? Um so I had in the summer of 2021, my husband and I have decided that I would go from working full time to part time at my regular job, my corporate job, my office job, call it whatever you want. Um So that was the first step I guess you could say it was going back full time to part time mostly. So our family could learn to live financially on less income Which is so smart. I think like everyone who says that they did it like cut and dry. I'm like girl.
Yeah that's a that's a lot of pressure to replace. I don't care what you, if you make 30,000 a year or 100,000 a year, that's still a lot of pressure for you to all of a sudden just make up that agreed. So that was the first step and then the second step for specifically when it became spring of this year was two fold and that one it was going to be uh tax return season time. So we're like okay we'll fund my business on the back end with tax return which my husband and I have always gotten and this is where there's like a fun plot twist. Um And then the other part was my husband was going to be getting um a not a raise but a bonus at work that was that was promised um you know granted now in hindsight it was just verbally. Um So what happened was I left the part time job and not only did we not get a tax return but we actually owed and my husband didn't get his bonus what now? Okay, okay keep going, keep going. Like I can, I just knew when you were saying this, I was like, oh no, this is not gonna end up well okay. So we just talked about having no pressure on you. So now Now the pressure even though so, and like I'm all about transparency. So I was making from my part time job $1,800 $900 a month. That's what I was bringing the money between the tax return, which we had always gotten Always, I don't know what we did different and then the money from my husband's bonus was going to set us up for a solid 2-3 months. Worst case scenario if my husband or my husband, if my business didn't make any money. Okay. Well now I have to make money.
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So what did you do after you had your oh crap moment?
Yeah. So yeah, definitely had an oh crap moment. So I had launched my first offering, which was an intro to Instagram course prior to leaving my job. That was in the middle of February and so I just went balls to the walls and was like, okay, I'm going to continue to offer this month after month. You know, I know that it works. People bought it so I'm gonna do that again. So I did that two more times. I did it in April I did it in May. Um, I did sell spots. I didn't sell as many spots as I wanted to though, I was like 06 people bought the first time. Eight people by the second time 12 people will buy the third time.
That's not how like business always work well and I feel like that's what we're always taught, like your first one will be the worst and then it will get better and better and better and I love that you're saying that because I think so much, so many times we can feel like failures if that does not happen for us, like Yeah, yeah and I'm so learning now in hindsight a lot of times.
Your first launch of whatever it is, a membership, your first podcast episode, your first course that will do really well because there's like a bunch of hype around it, people are excited to work with you. Um But so I did, I did that, I ran that for three rounds and then I did a super crazy thing and while we didn't have any money enrolled in a program that costs thousands of dollars that was going to help me strategize and figure out how to do this whole thing because I wanted to learn and I wanted to learn quick because I did not want to go back to working for somebody else. Okay before you dive into that, what kind of about that That program was that your first time paying someone to teach you? Was that your first coaching experience?
2nd second.
Okay. Okay. When was your first?
My first was um at the beginning of this year, uh, to whom we both know her program side by school was my first time investing in.
Gotcha. Okay. Alright. So then we went to the second program and super scary investment and then what happened?
Um and I mean I'm literally talking like, so when I said, you know my husband didn't have didn't get the bonus, we had 20 on on our for our taxes etc. We also have been on this like debt paying journey. So like we are just throwing money in a, in a great way but our choice to throw all of our money as debt. So when I tell you like I didn't have money from in a savings account that I bought this program, I didn't, I bought this program on a payment plan where you pay weekly like I was like if I have to go door dash this week to pay for next week and that's what I'll do. Um and I mean the program ended up being, I mean just the best, the best thing ever. The best thing ever for myself personally and professionally for my business. Okay, why is that? Tell us? Tell us all the things. So what the program did, I think first of all something I've really learned to and for pricing for my own things and advice for women listening people need to feel kind of stretched to then show up. Hence what, how many free Facebook groups are there that you maybe don't show up to. I mean, yeah, there's valuable content and stuff like you will, how many of them are there to, whereas maybe if I'm not a part of one, but say there's a Facebook group or something that you're a part of that cost like $80 a month. You're probably going to make sure you show up for that stuff versus the free stuff because it's free. I'm not invested because I knew I had so much money on the line. This particular program, there was three calls every single week, which is a lot. I didn't want to wake up to every one of them. Didn't want to waste my money. I love that. Yeah. Yeah. So you showed up. It was good, good, good quality content. But you were actually also showing up and doing the work. Yeah. Because you could, and there was many people, so this particular program, Um, my class that went through it, there was 50 or 55 of us. There was probably a third of the people that go through or went through and they didn't see results or see anything because it's just kind of like, I'll show up to one of the three calls each week. Oh, she assigned homework. But I like, you know, I have a family and I have another job, like I'm not going to do the homework, but like if you do the homework, you can see results and the whole whole premise of this particular program was to create a group coaching program. And while I did that, I also just tried so many other things throughout the process of just taking messy action. I hosted like a V. I. P. Day or offered a V. I. P. Day for the first time ever. I didn't even know what that was or that I could do that and just simply offering 3 to 4 hours of my time to help somebody with their Instagram strategy boom, 3 to $400 in my account. Like action. So even though this project this, it wasn't of course, what do you call a program that even though this program was the purpose was creating your group program, you still saw results another place in your business and yeah. Is it because you were taking strategy from that program or was it more like you were just showing up at a different level? Like you were finally stepping into that entrepreneur was a little bit of both. Maybe I think both and I think just being surrounded with other people who want to do the same thing and that's, that's another space where like, you know, like where Facebook groups and or you know, just other memberships are and can be great. You just have to surround yourself with other people who are trying to do the same thing. I mean that fire and that, um just that energy, the energy is, that's a great word for three whole months. That energy surrounding me was like, amazing. Well, and it's also that influence because if you're on there and you connect with other people in your cohort and you're seeing them show up and you're like, crap, I haven't been showing up, you know, like posting really awesome things I should start doing this to or they're seeing results. Maybe I should actually start, I think that's at least for me, that's a great motivator. I'm a little bit competitive too, so I'm like, yeah, you know, you see other people doing like crap, I can do that. Yes, 100%. Yeah. Okay, so how long was your program? It was three, it actually ended up being, so it's supposed to be 12 weeks ended up being 13, I think. Okay, um, so it just wrapped up, right? We had, like our graduation in the middle of July. Okay, okay, so at that time, have you kept your momentum going? So it has been, I actually just did a live with somebody about this, another person who graduated with me. The thing that's the hardest about then stepping out of that is because it's so busy and I'll use the word demanding then when you're out of it, it's kind of like, oh, how do I structure and make myself show up in that same way without Yes, yes, that's that's the word, yep, I get that. Well I know when I, not in my current coaching business, but with like when I was growing my network marketing businesses, what I then would do was like have an accountability partner, like find someone like running and trying to do something really pretty similar to me to bounce ideas off of or check in weekly. Um But yeah, I don't, I agree. It's not the same as like a mentorship type situation, have those group calls and that accountability for sure. Yeah. One thing that, so in the, because it's the cohort is so big and there was 50 of us, they what they did this in this program, they split us into two teams and not that we were competing against each other, but there was team A and team B. And what that did, what is it helped us be able to cultivate kind of, you know, closer, more intimate connections with, you know, I'm on team A. So I'm a little closer and you know, people in team A and the people who were in team A with me, we continued to do calls and then now we've actually invited Group B and ironically I'm the leader or whatever of the monthly calls and we're gonna meet, we do meet once a month, I love that to at least have some type of momentum and even if, say for the last three weeks you were like kind of off or fell off your wagon, then you have that monthly call with us and we're going to relight the fire under your butt. Yeah. Oh my gosh, I love that. I love that so much. Well and that's the beauty of collaborating and meeting people and networking is having, you know, people like that that you can do that sort of stuff with. Yeah. Now, okay, before we hop off, because I don't like to go much longer than a half an hour and I'm like, we've been talking about this like, I feel like we've just talking and I just looked at them like 25 minutes, we want to talk to you a little bit about branding because I feel like it is something that, um, maybe I don't want to say it's like used a lot in a way that it's not really doesn't really have to be like, people think of a lot of it being like, you know, just your color or just your font and there's so much more to branding. I feel like, so when you're working with a client, um, and they're like, I want you to help me develop my brand, what sort of pieces go into that? Oh yeah, and this is um, this is even evolved just since I've done your brand kit and as with anything right, get better and narrow in. So asking so many questions, you know, like for example, like, well let's use yours, like you were like, I, I love and want pink and purple awesome. Another element though of yours was you were like, I like the glitter. I like the sparkle, your whole concept here is like magic and like believing in things while there could also be this person who's like, I love and want pink and purple, but they want like sunset, like yoga, like very tranquil type vibes. I'm gonna create something very different for that person than the person who wants. Like I'm going to Disney world and like, yeah, Yeah, that totally makes sense. So it's like the whole vibe, like you're encompassing the whole vibe of a person, which I imagine can be really difficult to really narrow down on it, especially if you don't know the person that I mean. Yeah, that's one of the reasons to with it. I don't know if you remember, I don't even remember how long our whole process was for creating. Um, I feel like it was about a month only because I had some travel and you booked out a couple weeks or something. Um, like on a zoom call when I was still in school in May remember lunch and then I think you got started in june beginning of june when I was at Disney. Yes, I remember. Yeah. Well, and so I think two and that's one of the reasons why I've said for anybody who I'm going to do that full experience with like where I do your logo come up with your personality, maybe even do something I want to incorporate now is the values um what are your brand values and why are those your brand values? If we do that before I even go and design something for you, even if I've never met you before, 100% so, and I think that is a key piece there, that I think a lot of people mess out on, is that your values what you stand for, what you don't stand for, because that's so much of us, even if we don't aren't conscious of it, you know what I mean? So who needs a brand? I think any person who is showing up on social media, not even if you have an established business business, if you just have a podcast, if you consider yourself an influencer, you want to be an influencer, if you have a blog, I mean you don't need to be making money to have a brand. I think that the word brand and business should live separately for one another. Yeah, I love that, I love that. Well, and I know when we were talking, we were talking about like the purpose and pixie dust brand, I'm like, it's basically me, you know, like which one to pick the logo for? And I'm like, well just do me because I am that, you know, like we're kind of mutually exclusive of each other at least online and how we show up. So I love the whole visualization of, you know when somebody's trying to toy with that, like if you have, you know, you have a business, a podcast, blog, et cetera, but then like at the core of it is you, I love the visualization of like here's this umbrella and you are at the top of the umbrella and then underneath of the umbrella. So like, you know, like we did your logo like for your first and your last name, like it's the Lindsay Dollinger brand underneath the umbrella lives purpose and yeah, I love that well, and I like that visualization to just for business in general, like your umbrella of like the things that you offer, like there's you and your core, you know, your core offering or whatnot. And then you have your other pieces too. Yeah, I mean if we not that it would have been wrong by any means, but say your brand was focused on purpose and pixie dust. But then Lindsay wants to come and create, I don't know, I'm just gonna use something totally out of left field, but like home decor, you then have to create a whole new brand around that. Whereas the way you have it now keep your home decor stuff a name lives under. Yes. And this is what I tell my clients, especially my ladies in network marketing so much as I'm like, your brand is not your product, like you are your brand and that is how I have been able to pivot and you as well transition, add things in so seamlessly to your business because I'm not X, Y Z product right into you. Yes. Yes. And that's why I think branding is so important. Like 100% Okay, so how can everyone connect with you? Because now that they've listened to this, they probably want to blanket. Amazing. Amazing. So yes, I am on Instagram. Um like I mentioned, my business name is Confetti worthy media and I do have an Instagram for that. However, it's kind of just a placeholder. So as we were just talking about um my name, Courtney Wendzicki. That's my personal brand, that's where everything that I do lives. So at Courtney underscore underscore wins icky on Instagram um is where you can come find me. And literally the link in my bio has um, connections and information for everything that I do from the brand kit to the social media strategy stuff. Perfect. Perfect. Yeah. We didn't even get to dive into that. We'll have to do another another podcaster and I do live or something where we talk about social media strategy because I feel like that's like we could talk about that for hours probably. I mean that's They're both so deep. Well and even branding, like, I feel like we just scraped the surface of 100% with this. Um, but guys, I will link all of that in the show notes. So it's clickable for you if you're watching this online video, it was already in the notes. So you can go ahead and click on the caption on that and Courtney, thank you so much for your time. I appreciate it so much. Thank you. I'm so thankful to be here. Yes. Have a great night, you two. And that's a wrap on today's episode. I hope you're leaving today inspired princess to create own and spread your magic to the world. If you found by you in this episode or No, a girlfriend who needs to hear it, would you screenshot it and send it to her and if you're feeling really generous, pop it up on your I. G stories and tag me at Lindsay Dollinger so I can see you loved it. And tell you. Thank you. I appreciate you. Now let's go do some amazing things. Bye bye.

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