Purpose & Pixie Dust Podcast: Ep 190 Six Figure Business Growth Strategies: Part One, Your Solid Plan

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Purpose & Pixie Dust Podcast: Ep 190 Six Figure Business Growth Strategies: Part One, Your Solid Plan

Transcription (done from AI) of this week's episode:

Hey girl, welcome to the purpose and pixie dust podcast. The podcast where we dive deep into our passions, our purpose and really unlock our potential with the pixie dust thrown in. What is pixie dust you might ask. It's the fun and joy that gets unlocked when you're creating and owning your magic. I'm Lindsay Dollinger dog, mama, Disney lover and high school spanish teacher who has used my magic to grow my businesses while also working full time. I'm on a mission to help other women create and own your magic by building not only the business of your dreams but also the life of your dreams while still juggling life, your full time job and all the things. So if you want more than this provincial life, let's use our glass slippers to break those glass ceilings and Sprinkle lots of pixie dust into our lives and businesses. Let's do this. Hello, Hello, welcome back to another episode of the podcast, Lindsay Dollinger here. I am super excited to bring you part one of a three part series that is going to be dropping here on the podcast and it is all about Your six figure strategy to help you grow and scale your dream business. So today is part one and today we're going to dive deep into having a plan which I know sounds like it's super basic, but there's actually a lot of pieces to having your plan. Once I started like sitting down and mapping out what we were going to talk about in today's podcast. Before I dive in though, I want to let you know that officially as of today, the doors to the Castle Ceo Collective are open for you to join. Okay, this is something that I want you to legit run over right now. Or as soon as you get down listening to this podcast, scroll down to the show notes, You will see the link for um, the sales page on there with all the information. I recorded a little video this afternoon and it's legit like me talking to you. Like we're friends about what the Castle Ceo collective is all about. It's going to be an extremely magical experience. I promise you that um, not everything is Disney themed in it actually very, very rarely are we actually diving deep into what Disney business itself looks like. Um, however, I do think that walt, Disney created an amazing empire that it's worth looking at what he has done business wise. Um, but that aside, there is a freaking awesome magical retreat at the very end of our mastermind time together. The mastermind is eight months long. We will kick off the beginning of september and I'm only taking 10 amazing women into the collective, the Castle Ceo collective. So as soon as those 10 spots are full, they're full ladies and you will not get a chance to do this for at least another year. Um, and I will guarantee you that when I open this up next year, the price is probably going to be doubled my coach this time. Um I still think she's just a little bit salty with me because I am putting the price point so low for the high touch access that you get to me for an entire eight months. I guarantee you, if you go all in, you work on all the skills that I show you and teach you. If you implement the strategies, if you show up to our calls, if you go all in in the collective, the Castle Ceo Collective, I keep switching my words collective mastermind. It's a mastermind. Mastermind is the highest level of support you can get if you show up, you will have your dream business, the foundations for you to continue to grow and scale and your if you don't already have a business, your business is going to be completely transformed in the eight months. I guarantee it, guarantee it because that same thing has happened to me and all the masterminds that I have been in and I have taken the best pieces of those that have really worked for me while also working a full time job and being a podcaster and taking care of my fur baby and traveling and showing up for you guys doing all those things and growing my business. I did all of that while still being in a mastermind and I'm telling you it can be completely transformative if you let it change your life. So the doors are open, please reach out. If you want a discovery call the link for those also on that page, if you want to find out if this is like 100% a good fit or you're a little bit nervous, I totally get that, but go check out the sales page again. We're only taking 10 amazing women and I hope one of those is you, so that being said, let's dive on into the episode.

So part one of your six figure strategy to help you scale and these are all things that we're going to really deep dive in when you are in the collective with me. However, I just want to give you kind of an overview of what I mean by having a legit plan. So we are looking at this as though you already have a business? Maybe you literally just sign up with a company and you're doing network marketing or direct sales, maybe you just have an idea, but you know, you have a product or service in mind that you're getting ready to launch two people or you already have been launching two people, but it's time to take it to the next level. And so I have some questions here for you that I want you to really think about, the first one is who do you need to talk to to get your business in front of the right, you know the right clients in front of the right audience. What is your audience or who is your audience? Who is your ideal person who is going to buy from you. So I'll give you an example. Um one of the companies that I have been partnered with is a health and fitness company, so for that one I need to be talking and I specifically all my businesses, I target women, you know, that's just my, my clientele because I am one, um but I need to talk to women who want to improve their quality of health, perhaps they want to lose fat, um maybe they're not sleeping well so I can pull out and I have an episode on this and I do a deep dive training as well into branding with your avatar in the membership, which is different than the collective.

The membership is a much lower price point, not as much access to me, but you're still getting some access and you're getting some trainings um but in that we really break down your ideal client avatar, you've probably heard that expression before, your ideal client avatar and so this is like who that person is, sometimes people will have you give them a name, Where do they hang out? How old are they? What are they like? What do they not like? But the important thing, I think is what are they searching on social media, what are some pain points that they are either talking to their friends about or their significant other about or they are Googling ways problems that they have that they really want to solve. Those are the people you need to talk to and so when you get really clear on that language and a lot of times this is pretty easy to do because you've probably had the same pain point when you started using or promoting your product, when you created, you're awesome cups that you sell on Etsy. Like why did you start creating them? Because you wanted something really cute to drink out of? Right and you are obsessed with Disney for example, or fun, catchy sayings and when you have a cute cup, you're more likely to get all your water in for the day. I don't know something like that. So we need to know who you need to talk to in order to show up and I have some ways um that I'm going to show you in just a second on ways to show up and do that. But who do you need to talk to? Okay, next thing and this is specifically like sales oriented, but you can break it down by like if you have a party goal, if you have a number of new clients goal, so maybe your personal trainer and your goal is to get um five new clients this month. So this question is, how many sales or customers do you need to hit your goal? So that can just be, you know, just a set number, I want to make $2,000 in sales this month.

Okay now once we have that and we're going for the sales question right now, what is your average sale when you do have a sale? What is your average sale? And if you don't know that, go back and look and you can do some quick math to figure out on average how much is an order when people order for you. And this is important because once we have that average then you can start working on creative ways to Upsell your clients to encourage them to add something else to your bundle to the bundle in for an additional $7 for an additional $100 whatever. You know, obviously depending on your price point, if your average sale is $20 you're not going to add in something probably for $100 for an upscale, it's not how that works. Um but you know what can you, once you have your average sale, you're able to really start visualizing, okay if my average sale is $40 and I want to make $2000 in sales this month, That's gonna be about 50 orders. All right. Now that I know I need 50 orders, I'm going to break it down weekly or daily. So it's like an order and a half a day and you can't really have half an order. So let's say two a day because if we have two a day then we're going to exceed that, right? We're going to have probably 60 orders, which would be awesome because now we're hitting our goal and going above and beyond.

The other reason I like to round up is especially in the beginning of the month and I've said this on several podcast episodes before, I like to try to front load my sales, my orders, you know the amount I'm working with clients. Um if you're in direct sales, the number of parties you're having toward the beginning of the month that way, you know you have hit your goal, your marker and everything toward the end of the month is just extra, which is awesome. So $40 a day times 50 orders or you could break that down 13 a week or if you have a bigger product and this is something those of you who are creating your own products and services I want you to think about, You could have 50 orders a. K. Usually that's 50 people or if you have maybe you're doing one on one coaching, health coaching, I don't know something web design. You could have 21 on one clients at $1,000 each. Now you only need to find two people versus finding 50 people. So that is like an advantage of like a small offer versus you know a bigger, you know a bigger high ticket offer. Now my women in direct sales who are listening to this, this is why I said you know, find out your average order and then be thinking, okay, what is an additional product that I can start really talking about or encouraging or offering to women instead of just being okay with their order when they when they send it into me or when we're talking about it, maybe I want to say. And for an additional $7 you can throw in and get an eyeliner, a lip liner, something like that. And then you won't have to pay shipping on it when you decide you need it in like two weeks. Right. I hate when I do that. I always, you know that's one good thing. Any time your company, if you're in direct sales, network marketing or even if you're not, some other places might have it if they ever had a free shipping for a certain amount, Always make sure your clients know about that because I know I'm all about that. Like if I have a $20 order but it's free shipping with $75 or more. I am guilty of going through the site and being like, Okay, What other things do I need for $55 that I can maybe stock up on now. So I don't have to pay you know like $18 shipping because I just hate paying. I think that's the Amazon prime of me. Um Alright, so how many sales are customers? You need to hit your goal once you have that, it is so much easier for you to say, Okay, if I need 50 people Then chances are I need to be exposed to at least at least 200 people. Okay, so how am I going to get exposed to 200 people? How are you going to get there? This is where on your paper, I want you to brain dump all the ways, any possible way you can think of that, you could get in front of that many people so that You could possibly get your 50 orders. So this could be, you know, you even brainstorming with a business partner with an accountability buddy. Um you could do this in a facebook group with people.

If you're in my membership, we do this in the membership. You know, how can you get ways can you get sales this week? So network marketers, parties, parties are a really great way to get in front of new people. If you're not in network marketing or even if you are events setting up affairs or vendor, events are a really great one, doing an event in a chiropractor or boutique, a coffee shop, doing a weekly live show on your social media, sending out emails, having a way to um if you've created a freebie to get people's emails and then you're taking them through an email sequence, like a welcome sequence. Welcome to you know, my email list. I'm Lindsay Dollinger, Here's what I'm all about. Here's ways you connect with me, here's ways you can work with me, etcetera. And then making sure that you are emailing that list semi regularly. Another great way to do this is with collaborations with other people because there's way more visibility on you and especially if you do not have competing products, they're going to fall in love with you that no, like trust factor and then when they need to reorder X, y Z, whatever they have or you're wearing your earrings that you make and they're in the video and someone comments on them, or maybe the person you're doing the live with says, oh my gosh, I love your earrings, tell us about them. And you're like, oh yeah, I make these, These are Disney earrings, that's a shout out to my sister. My sister makes handmade Disney earrings. They're super cute. Um I'll actually link her stuff in the show notes to, but her shop is called Bella Bling. Um so see she doesn't even know I'm shouting out right now, but collapse with other people if you have some biz besties that you can shout each other out. I love doing a female feature Friday where I shouted another business owner and tagged them lots of times, they re share that on their wall and its visibility for both of us and they didn't really even ask for it, right? And it's just something that I'm doing um to give positivity and love out to others. So you can definitely get creative here? Those are just some of the super basic ways, you know, you could do a different sales. I don't like to always rely on doing a sale because I do think you can train your audience to wait for them instead of paying regular price for things, but you can do fun, different themed events in your group if you have a group, um you can bundle things up in a different way, You can post on Pinterest and try to get new audience that way, you know, post on some different platforms, but just try some things out and don't don't overwhelm yourself with trying to do all of the things. So once you have your list you brain dumped all the possible ways that you can hit your goal now we need to pick one to focus on. So say you're gonna do the weekly live show, great, when's your live show going to be this week? How are you going to let people know about it? Are you going to post about it in your stories every day leading up to Wednesday, for example? Um are you going to do a countdown timer in your stories? Are you going to post about it on your feed? Where are you going live at? Are you going to personally Dm some people to try to get them on your show live to give you some love. Are you going to send out email reminders because you have an email list for people to check out your live email reminders to have people show up on lives is a really great idea I think and it's not used as much as I would like, like I know if I'm following someone and I enjoy watching their live videos and they send out a reminder live or a reminder email, I'm sorry or they do like a countdown to it. Like if it's some really big live, like I know I'm going to be on so don't forget and I've talked about this a lot. Don't forget the value of an email. An email should not be about selling all the time and emails also providing value and letting people know who you are, what's going on with your life, Here's ways you can connect with me. Did you see this X, y, z thing that happened and then you can have some sort of an invite as well for people to um you know, purchase from you. So my friend where your focus goes, your energy flows. So we have to focus on one thing and flow all of our good positive energy in that way so that we can make our plan a reality. So that is part one of our six figure strategy to help you scale. Like I said, we go super deep dive into that in the Castle Ceo Collective. That is just one little baby nugget of what we do. But working through that plan has always really helped me no matter what my business is has helped me deep dive and really get clear push on the noise out and know okay this is my goal, this is exactly what I have to be at my goal and then you can go back every week, you can do it daily. But that I feel like it's going to be kind of a lot or if you have some sort of tracker you can keep track in the tracker, you know how they do that thermometer When you're raising money for stuff and you can mark it off. You can totally do something like that too! My friend and client Justine with Mary Kay has one that she marks off for every $600 for her um court of sales that they do and I absolutely love that. So if you have something like that sure definitely mark it off but otherwise go back and reevaluate because you're going to have to look at your numbers. If you're being serious about your business we can't just go through our business and like oh yeah we did. I think I did 2000 last month. Yeah I think I did 1000 the month before maybe and I think I think my business is growing but I'm not really sure you know we want to look at that. Start looking at that. Start looking at are your clients repeat clients are the new clients every month. I wonder how we can turn our new clients into repeat clients. Like there's so many follow up questions when you start really deep diving into, you know, you're like the foundation, the nitty gritty of your business, which is some of the most fun things I think that there is to do in your business. But anyway, I'm going to let you go because I don't like to talk any longer than I have to because I know your time is super valuable.

Thank you so much for putting me in your earbuds today, Head on over to the page to check out all about the castle ceo collective because I really want you in there. If this is where you are supposed to be for the next eight months because it is going to be freaking magical and transformational. And also I just want to hang out with you at Disney World, let's be real. All right, I'll talk to you soon, friend. Bye bye. And that's a wrap on today's episode. I hope you're leaving today inspired princess to create own and spread your magic to the world. If you found by you in this episode or no, a girlfriend who needs to hear it, would you screenshot it and send it to her and if you're feeling really generous. Pop it up on your I =G stories and tag me at Lindsay Dollinger so I can see you loved it. And tell you, thank you. I appreciate you. Now let's go do some amazing things. Bye bye. 


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