Podcast Episode 175: Do it MESSY

consistency dream business mindset May 23, 2022

Transcription of episode 175 of the Social Selling Sisterhood podcast for show notes (created by AI):

Good afternoon, good evening. It is good morning for me. I am driving to work because you can probably hear. It's so interesting because I had a fun conversation with my podcasting coach, I guess it was this week. Gosh, this week, it seems so long. It is May here in the world if you're listening to this real time, I'm a high school teacher and so like there's just a lot going on in the month of May, we're wrapping up, I think we have two full weeks of school left. So two weeks from today will be my last day of work for the school year.

So a lot of exciting things around that, a lot of stress and anxiety around that just with um you know, well I'm going to dive further into that in a minute, but then I also am making some big moves with this podcast. So stay tuned. We are going to be having a podcast relaunching party coming up in, I'm assuming june. it'll be either late May, early june depending on how quickly I can get the ball rolling on these big ideas for some changes that I have in the podcast. So you're hearing it here first and I'm just like, I'm just super pumped. And I hope that you will stick around for the ride as we transition this show slightly. It's not even a huge shift to be perfectly honest. It's more like an energy shift for me. But anyway, I was talking about podcasting coach this week. And she was just saying, you know, how often do you do episodes? And I said, I have my, my main episode on Monday is the one I consider like my main episode. That's where I will put guest interviews. That's where I will put important trainings or chats that I want to have with my listeners. And then Thursdays, I do a biz tip Thursday or like a quick mindset tip and I do them in my car usually. And it's so interesting because I think I've mentioned you guys before, if you listen to this for a long time at the VA one time who was super. Like, she just did not like my car um, biz tip episodes. She said the audio was poor quality and it is, it is everything she said was truthful, but I just told her I'm not going to stop doing them because like this is me and I want to show women that it's possible to build whatever you're wanting to build podcast business. Um Gosh, I don't know, change your finances, whatever it is possible to do those things in like your small pockets of time and to fit things in if they are important to you and if you make them a priority. So my, my podcasting coach when I was chatting with her was like, you know, I really love that you do those in the car. Um I don't know if she knew that I was actually driving and there was a road noise. I didn't tell her that, so maybe she would disagree now. But she's like, you know, it's just really showing the women that are listening to your podcast. Like this is a come along with me podcast. Like I'm showing you how I am building this business in this life of my dreams exactly how I am doing it. And one of the ways that I'm doing it is by using my time wisely, like I'm recording this podcast. It will take me realistically five minutes from download to put it with my intro to upload it onto the site, paste over my show notes that I put in right, just a little quick blurb and I don't write long show nuts. You know, I don't, I don't want to say this is not a professional podcast, but I don't, I don't pay people money to do it.  I've thought about it and podcasting um I'll just be completely up front with you guys podcasting managers who really are managing your podcast, editing it, putting the show notes, um those big, beautiful long show notes and then making sure that it gets posted places, you know a lot of them, it's anywhere from $500 to $2000 a month, like $2000 a month is my entire school of paycheck, like it is my full time, you know like that's just not gonna happen so I'm also sharing that with you, might that happen someday sure, but I also want to be financially responsible and know that like isn't necessary for me to pay someone to do that when I can get the info out there, it might be a little messy, it's not as clear and beautiful as you know the general culture show for example, but oh there is traffic, this is not going out on a Friday morning um but yeah like it is possible to, to do those things that you want to do without breaking the bank without making it perfect and beautiful and you know all those things um and and that's what I want to show you on the show. So yeah, I do my podcast episodes Thursdays, they're loud, I'm on the highway, I drive a Honda Civic. If anyone else here drives a Honda Civic, I drive a Honda Civic so there is road noise um, but I just want and this is a super quick episode, like I, I try to keep them, they're not usually the short, but you know, gosh now I have coins jingling, like why is there all these noises? Um, but I just want to show you that it is possible to fit your business in, in small pockets of time. It is possible for you to still show up consistently without paying people to, to do different things for you now that being said, I am not at all opposed to delegating and if you listen to this podcast way back when I started a couple of years ago, I was super huge on delegating and I still am, I'm just not currently delegating, let me think about this, I don't think I'm currently delegating anything that is just because I have really cleaned up my offer. Sweet. I have gotten really clear on exactly what I want to do now in the next phase of my business. Once I relaunch, once I open up my mastermind, you're hearing it here first, my mastermind for the fall. Um, once I start really, really growing my business and focusing and honing in on exactly where I'm going in the next step in the next level. Delegating is coming back in the picture, but I have been able to really streamline my systems, like super streamlined, my symptoms, systems, not my symptoms, my systems, so I have created email templates that I pull up. So if you're on my email list and if you're not to make sure you get on my email list, um, I have some free downloads and my links and if not you can just send me a quick dM and I can make sure you get on there. But if you just go to my website, Lindsay Gallagher dot com, there's some freebies there. So when you sign up for freebies, you get on the email list. But anyway, so if you're on my email list, you know, I have a weekly thoughts from Lindsay, like template email basically I send out and um, it reminds people to join the podcast. It reminds people to um, join the magical membership. My monthly membership for women who are growing businesses online. So that's probably you. So you are invited. It is a super low cost membership. I show up big in there, so I really encourage you to check it out. Um, but I always have those buttons at the bottom of that email. I have some pictures, my socials. So once I got that set up, I realized I didn't need someone else to like write my emails for me. Is that if that makes sense at this stage where I'm at right now. Uh, same thing with my content creation, I have a bunch of templates that I have made on Canberra for a new podcast episode for a quote different things. So it literally takes me two seconds, I open up the app or actually I really don't like the camera app, I do it on my website but I opened it up and um since I have taken the time to make those templates, it saves me a lot of time, you know, to turn around and um put that info out there. So just by, by fitting my business into the pockets of the day, I really hope that I'm showing you that it is possible You can put things out there that are not 100% perfect, you don't have to be paying the big bucks right out of the gate, especially if you were starting something new, um you know to have someone be doing your work for you because I do think that there is something really huge and this kind of turned into delegating a delegating podcast, I didn't mean to, but I do think there's something really huge to be said for doing everything in your business first, before you outsource it and pay someone else pay a V A pay someone on fiber, pay whatever to do it for you. Now, if you are playing around with Canberra for example and you really want to make an awesome cover photo and you're like, man, this is just not like my zone a genius, I really would like to pay someone 5, 10 whatever dollars to make me a cute cover photo and like that's something different if that makes sense. But you know when you're emailing out people, when you're making your podcast, like I feel like that has to be you and you really have to get a really down pat before you can even start thinking about you know paying someone else to help you with that. But anyway, again that wasn't really where I was planning on going with that. The whole idea behind this podcast is just do it messy. You know, if you have something that you really want to do, stop putting it off because we have one life to live, you know I say this all the time if you've been on, if you've been listening to me for a while, we have one life to live like why are we holding back? Why are we like what are we afraid of? Are we afraid that someone's gonna tell? Yeah, people have told me they don't like the Thursday episodes because they're loud. Other people have told me they really love them because they're short, sweet and to the point so do that thing that you know it's going to maybe take your business forward. You never know if you don't try be consistent show up and do the thing. Alright friend, I hope you loved this. Like I said I am so excited for a lot of really big changes and big things coming your way with my business rebrand. So I hope you're following me over on Instagram, Facebook. I hope you are in our podcast, listener community. Um make sure you get to all those places, turn your notifications on get on my email list so that you can hear all the exciting things coming up soon because it is going to be An epic end of 2022. I can just feel it. Alright, talk to you soon. Bye!



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