Episode 93- Using Video, Lives, and Reels to Upgrade your Social Media

direct sales podcasts Jul 29, 2021
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Yeah. Hi friend. Welcome to the social selling sisterhood podcast. I am Lindsay Dellinger and I have many titles. High school spanish teacher, dog mom, world traveler and direct seller. I empower women to run your direct sales business is the right way. So you can earn the money. You deserve to live the life of your dreams and travel the world. Now we got that out of the way. Let's get started. Mhm. Hello Social selling sister. What is up? Welcome back to another episode of the social selling sisterhood podcast. I am your host is Lindsay Dollinger and I am here today to talk to you just a little bit about live video. Um and I'm going to mention briefly live video in um well I guess, okay, never mind just the video because I was going to talk to you just briefly about rials slash tick tock. Uh and then about the power of live video because you saw probably by now the beginning of july when Instagram um and I'm gonna be talking more about instagram, but especially for the live video that's going to apply to your facebook profile as well. And even Pinterest with the ability of the shorts and with Youtube. I just got an email in my Youtube creator account about Youtube shorts. So anyway, I know that's an option. Let me make sure volumes up. Okay. Um I know that's an option and basically video just in general is such an amazing way to build that know like and trust factor with your audience, which is what we talk about all the time, right? You have to build that know like and trust in addition to those connections and those conversations that you're having with people. Um those can start those connections and conversations and then the other way around your connections and conversations then can be validated when people are looking at your accounts and they're seeing you show up on video and they're seeing you as an expert. They're seeing you and not even only as an expert, but as a real person, as someone who has the same struggles and the same wants and desires as everyone else. So the more human that you can be online sharing not only your vulnerabilities but your tips in your tricks and the things that get you through your everyday life, the more people are going to connect with you and they're going to want to work with you. So let me talk first, let's talk first about reels and tick tocks and I'm going to talk about them interchangeably, even though um, both instagram and Tiktok are definitely different platforms with different algorithms and all that stuff. So this isn't necessarily um going to dive down into those real deep specifics, but, and you know, this is probably coming, you probably know this is coming, You got to do these things okay, You've got to be showing up. So it's okay if you're not on Tiktok yet um or you're not on instagram yet, but I would love for you to pick one of those two platforms to focus on in the short video space, whichever one you feel more comfortable with. Um To me, both of the apps are pretty similar in creation. Uh so, you know, if you can make a tick tock, you can usually figure out how to make it real and vice versa. There's different things about the length of your video and um, you know, when you download a tiktok to save it, it's kind of hard to repurpose it without jumping through a bunch of steps to remove the tick tock logo from a tic tac, for example, in order to repurpose it to instagram reels and um we know that instagram reels likes and prefers for the algorithm for you to create the con the content to create the real directly in instagram. So that can kind of make it a little bit tricky to repurpose things. There are apps that you can pay and download to remove the tick tock watermark from your video, um in ways where you can like screen record your real and edit it and you know, things like that to put it on Tiktok, but in general, I would love for you just to pick one, Pick one And you know, have fun with it, play around with it. I haven't done really anywhere. I have been dancing or like, you know, acting crazy. Um I like a lot where I use other people's audio. Um I like a lot where I'm teaching things, where I'm giving some sort of a motivation and I still get to work on my real strategy. Like I listened to an awesome training this morning from brock johnson and Frazier brooks they were doing with fraser brooks is uh like his online summit that is going on at the time of my recording, which I believe I'm posting this on thursday for biz tip thursday. So you can still probably signed up and at least get one of the days for free, otherwise you have to pay for the recordings, I think. And I know I don't get any kickback from it, but I will tell you monday july 26 so that's totally dating this episode and I'm doing it, but that's fine. Um the training that he did with brock johnson, like I mentioned was really good about reels this morning. So, you know, take those trainings to heart, but like we always say in this podcast, and you know, if you follow me on instagram and the social selling sisterhood, you know that I say done is better than perfect and I just posted a cute graphic with that quote over on I. G on that social selling sisterhood account that I'm trying to grow. So head over there, give me a, like in a follow and I will do the same back to you. Um, and share those graphics out because I think they're really important messages done is better than perfect. You know, that's why a lot of my podcast, for example, are done in the car. The audio might not be the best, but I'm getting it done. So, same thing with reels, I would love for you to add a real or tic tac or preferably even both into your content creation this week. Look through, like I do a lot of fun Disney ones, my dog ones usually get a lot of views, so, you know, don't worry too much about the hashtag, put a couple hashtags on their, um, I've heard recently, you know, 4 to 5 hashtags ideal on a real, so put a couple, a few hashtags on their, give your followers some sort of a call to action in the caption. You know, follow me at, at Lindsay Dollinger at the social selling sisterhood, um, share this to your story. So tell people what to do. People need to be told what to do. And on that note, we're going to go over to live video because it's, it's pretty much the same idea, the same concept in your live video. You should have a caption that clearly says what is going on. Um if you're going live over on I. G. You can put all those hashtags like you. Normally what I personally don't use hashtags on facebook. You do, you boo, you know, whatever you want to do. Um but put your links, you know, put in the caption of the video for more information, click this link to request a sample. Glad to, you know, let people know what you want them to do. And then when you get in your life video, quickly introduce yourself, at least your name. If you don't have a title yet. You know, if you don't feel comfortable saying that you are a social media expert, a gut health expert, um a network marketing leader, whatever. Well yes, I would love to work on your confidence to get to that space. Um or maybe you're just not really sure what your nation's, that's totally cool. At least tell people who you are. You know, Hey everyone, this is Lindsay Dollinger. If you don't know me, I am coming to, you live from Ohio, you don't always have to do that. I know Frazer Brooks does that and he was saying today actually on his training this morning about live video, that he does that because he travels a lot. So that kind of allows people to see him traveling a lot even though travel isn't necessarily part of his, you know, of his niche are part of what he is promoting, but he works in that way and I really liked how he talks about that. Um, so give people an introduction, make sure you have good lighting for my life. So I actually recently hired a live video coach. I'm gonna get her on the podcast hopefully pretty soon. Um, but she was telling me about promoting my life videos more and I'm really bad about that. Like I even actually started promoting a live video that I was going to do tonight and then I was shopping at whole foods and it kind of dawned on me. I'm like, I should show everyone what I bought at whole foods today, that shooting my life video and I'm going to do it obviously when I got home from the grocery, which was not necessarily an ideal time for live video, which we'll talk about in a second. Um but it was convenient. It was on brand, it's what I really want to push right now and by push, I mean, you know, I joined a new company recently and I am really promoting that shift in my brand. So I want people to see me eating healthier, I want people to see the meal prep and what that looks like. Um and while I didn't talk about my products at all in my life video, which I discourage actually, so if you're only going to go live one time a week, do not make it product or business based, make it where you are giving value. So I shared with the people on my life video today, I picked up primal with the primal kitchen condiments and why I did it because they're less sugar there paleo, their non gmo they're gluten free. There are all these things that I was mentioning, there's no high fructose corn syrup on any of the stuff that I bought. And so for me it was worth it to pay a little bit extra money at whole foods when I went shopping Because of this. So I'm giving all of this value. It was probably about uh maybe a 20 minute video. Um I don't necessarily think you need to go any longer than that, but the way that live video views and I don't know if you've noticed this on Facebook, I just read this last week also. Um it looks like your views are down because people aren't counting as views on your live videos on facebook anymore unless they watch your live for at least a minute. So I don't want you to freak out about the number of use. I don't want you to look at it at all. Um, but I did have one person commenting on it live and to me that's a huge win. So then I went back after the live video was over. You know, I had my ring light up there, I had my um, I have like a little raised sort of thing, if that makes sense for my laptop to make it easier for me to type on. But I actually brought my laptop over, Streamed through stream yard, which I absolutely love stream Yarn, not put the link to that in the show notes because I do have a referral link for that to get $10 off for your first month. Um, but I streamed through Stream Yard on my laptop with my ring light on top of my stove because that was convenient and that, um, you know, allowed me to pull my groceries out of the bag, stick them in the fridge as we were talking. Um, so things can be like that. You know, it doesn't have to be, I didn't have a pretty backdrop, although a nice clean backdrop or a nice clean area behind you is definitely a deal. My house is super fluttered. So sometimes that happens and sometimes it doesn't. Um, but you know, doing a little bit of thought about it. Prepping people letting people know when your stories hanging to go live roughly at this time. Even if you can and stick to it, don't do what I did today, where I went like a little bit early. Um, but you know, it was a great way for me to put a pole up in my stories which which you want me to talk about on monday this or this. And then people were voting and I saw people were leaning one way and then I threw up another poll on a different picture of me. Okay, great. You want me to talk about this? Do you want tips and tricks or do you want stories? And people were voting on that? Um, and some people sent me messages and those people that our voting different ways. I know that those are connections and those are conversations that I can start making. Um And don't forget you can repurpose your videos. So if you take a live video, this is one of the really cool things that I love about doing lives. Um You can take a live video especially if you're teaching something and repurpose it so many ways. So you can download it. Upload it to a I. G. As an I. G. T. V. Uploaded to Youtube. Um as you know your static posts. So now you have a link that you can send people, if it's something even about your product or your niche, you can send that to them later. Um You can pull out, especially if you do a transcription. This makes it really easy, but you can pull out different little quotes that you said that maybe you didn't even realize you said there's something really cool for your V. A. To do. Um But you can pull out little quotes and make graphics out of it. You can repurpose that into a blog post. You can share that video in your next email that you send out to your email list. Right? Because not everyone's on social. So that is a really good reason to put it on Youtube so that you can have a Youtube link to send that Youtube link out to your email list. Um So there's just so many things that you can do with that live video but just remember you don't know who is watching. You do not get in your head if you need to. Especially if you need a reminder of the first few times. Because it gets it gets easier the more you do it just like anything that we do with our business, but put a couple of post it notes up around your phone or on your ring lighter on your computer, reminding you of the things like to introduce yourself, reminding you to do a call to action, reminding you to ask a couple questions or even like your bullet points have 3 to 5 things that you are going to talk about, teach about whatever. Unless it's something live like are not life random. Like I'm going to show you the, I don't know the Disney fireworks. Okay, that's something completely different. Right? But You know, 3-5 things that I'm going to teach and talk about. And on that note I'm gonna give you a couple ideas of things that you can do to go live. So you can do an introduction of yourself. Um you can share with people your journey people love to watch journey things, they love to hear um stories but they also love love to give um you know input and advice. So you can definitely ask people that on the live video drop below your favorite healthy swap, you know in the kitchen or something, how to do something in some sort of way, how to do blank without doing blank. Uh Lots of people want that, how to avoid X. Y. Z. Or putting a title like my top five ways to blank my top three ways to drink more water. Um Let's see, what else do I have on here. Yeah. How to start X. Y. Z. Here about a funny story that happened to me today or something, you know, I love sharing those um five steps to get more blank. You can talk about a movie, a book that you're reading and uh you guys know I'm obsessed with Jesse lee Ward. She is the people's mentors, she's the top woman in network marketing. She as especially in our profession, says so much on her podcast. If you have nothing to go live about, then you are not doing your personal development every day because if you're doing your personal development, you're at least listening to a podcast or you are reading a chapter or a few pages in a book. You have something to share and it's up to us guys to get out of our own mind and that we don't have anything to share because we do, you can share about a chapter in a book. So I'm reading um I think it's called Dare Dare greatly daring greatly by burn A brown, like the worst memory ever by the way. Um and so I'm reading that and it's all about vulnerability and putting yourself out there. So that is something that I could go live about. That's something that really appeals to a lot of people. Um I also like this morning, I had an awesome call with my friend jen who is diving into the world of human design. So she was reading my human design and giving me feedback on how like what my human design and I'm going to have her on the podcast by the way guys. But how to use my human design too. Really dial in on what I want in life and how I can use my human designed to work my business more efficiently. And I'm all over that and I can't wait to share that with people. So that's something I can go alive about my whole foods finds because a lot of people don't know for example, that stores a lot of stores and whole foods doesn't do this and I like this, but a lot of stores add colored dye to the salsa that they make the fresh salsa or the pre cut up fruits and vegetables. I noticed that at my, at my, my regular grocery store in town that I usually frequent, I was going to, I try to find efficient ways because I hate mail perhaps. So I like grabbed the fresh salsa and I happened to look at the ingredients and it's literally supposed to be like tomatoes and onions and whatever. And I looked at the ingredients and there's like 50 things in it and I'm like, why does it have red dye number, blah, blah, blah and something that's supposed to be fresh out. So anyway, a lot of people, I'm sure didn't know that because I didn't know that. So I share that on my life today. Um, you know, people are intrigued about lots of parts of your life, so don't think that just because something seems really basic to you, that someone else already knows it because I guarantee they don't also, you never know who could use some motivation. So if you're feeling especially energetic and that's one thing guys with live video, I tell my team when I tell my friends and my clients all the time, you know, bu times too. So if you're not having a good day, don't go live, don't make a real like do that ish tomorrow, right? Getting a better mind space. I don't care what you have to do. You have to dance, You have to glue that smile on your face. But if you go live and you're like, hey, my name is Lindsay and like basically I'm just doing this live so that you guys get to know me, who the heck wants to know that, you know, like, yes, no, like you don't have to be happy all the time. I'm not saying that at all, but I will say, I feel like things get magnified on video, so if you think that it looks kind of dark, it's gonna show up dark to people and people don't want to watch something that's dark. Okay, so you need to have some better lighting, same thing with your voice. If you don't have a little bit of energy, a little pep in your voice, people are going to tune in for like a second and be like, this girl is boring and jump right off okay. And I'm saying that with all the kindness and love in my heart so that you're aware of those things, but I also don't want it to get in your head, if that makes sense. So bu times too, you can do it, you know, pretend like you're in Miss America pageant and you're gonna put that smile on your face and you're going to, you know, just be, you would be the best version of you when you show up on your live video And it can be exhausting guys. Like, I got off my 20 minute video for whole foods and I was even smiling and stuff the whole time. Um but I definitely was like, who? Like, that took a lot of energy. Okay, so pick your most energetic time of the day when you go live or when you're making your wheels. Um and one thing that I like to and sorry, I'm like popping all over the place today, I'm totally aware, and we're going to wrap this up in a second because this is a big tip thursday and I like to make this shorter um with your reels I, this weekend I was home, I had like an hour, my phone was fully charged, which really kind of suck the juice out of my phone when I'm making them. Um and I was like, I'm just gonna batch reels for the entire weeks, but I don't have to worry about creating them. So I literally friends because I wanted some good natural lighting and it was also beautiful outside, I grabbed a tote bag and I threw in it like three different shirts, my mickey mouse ears, because I make rules about Disney, my thrive products, because I knew I wanted to make some product reels because I hadn't been making those yet my laptop, because I wanted to make some girl boss reels of people working like me working my business and like a notebook. So I put all my props in there and I took it out to the front porch, I took my dog out, I brought my tripod and I literally just popped the reels out. And the way I was able to do that was I allow myself, I don't know, maybe maybe a couple times a week to go to the reels page and just scroll down through and I click save on reels that speak to me that I would like to recreate and I re create them with my own twist, right? I say my own things slightly different. I might reuse the audio because that's one of the things that can help the algorithm. Um but I'm using my own things and I'm sharing my own things and I'm putting my own captions and all that jazz. Obviously I'm different than someone else. Everyone looks a little bit different, but I save them. So I have a ton of saved posts as inspiration so that when I was ready to match my reels, I pulled out my saved, I click use audio I put on my outfits, got everything ready and I popped these reels out. So I literally made, I don't know how many, like 8 to 10 reels in about an hour before, not even that long, probably 45 minutes before my phone died. So batch them out. You can do the same thing with live video ideas. Um, not actually, obviously making your life videos, but you write out a list of ideas. If I if you were just listening to this and you're like, oh, I could totally talk about a chapter of this book that I read. Or one thing I like to do, even for podcast ideas, I pull up my podcast app and I scroll down through and the titles of other people's podcasts spark inspiration in me. You know, one's about leadership. Okay, great. I can talk about X, Y Z. That I learned at a leadership training last week. Okay, so I don't think that you're stealing other people's ideas. I had someone say to me actually in grad school, but basically there's no original idea anymore. Um it's just essentially you put in your twist on different things, like obviously we're not taking things word for word and we're quoting and we're giving credit where credit is due, but don't let that get in your head either. And I feel like there was something else I was going to mention and I don't remember. So I hope this was helpful. I hope this gave you a little bit of um you know, some ideas, some motivation. Plan. Your next live video. Send me a message. Let me know when it is. Because girl, if you send me the link to that video, I'm going to be all over it, cheering you on, giving you all of the boost to the algorithm. I would love to do that for you. So please let me know the same thing with your real. Send me a real I'd love to comment on it, share it. Um tag me in it and I would love to do that for you. But we have to get visible. We have to show up on video. It is uncomfortable. It does sometimes take a little bit of planning but it will move our business forward so much quicker. And I think that's all what we want, what we all want. Right? All right. So find me over at the social selling sisterhood. I'm also on instagram at Lindsay doll anger. L I N D S A Y D O L I N G E R. Everything is linked to my link tree below. And also, don't forget you can head over to my website www dot Lindsay Dellinger dot com. Also linked in the show notes and um pick up my freebies, my daily task checklist, my personal development book list which I actually need to add even more books to as I have been reading more and has not been updated in a couple of months but it is on their free for you to grab. I have some affirmations, you can grab all sorts of stuff for free. And don't forget there is also the direct sales done, right planner and tracker system that comes with a little course on how to use it and my foundations of social selling. So I got all kinds of goodies for you up there. So let me know friends. If you love this podcast, if you would leave me a five star rating and just a little quick, I'm going to call it a love note, a review down below. Let me know what you love about my podcast. It would mean the world to me. And it really allows me to keep providing this value for you for free to keep motivating you. And I am so blessed that you let me in your ears today. So I hope you have a great day looking forward to connect with you all over social toxin. But by

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