Automation, Systems and ADHD with Mary-Elizabeth Wratten

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In this episode of the Purpose and Pixie Dust podcast, host Lindsay Dollinger interviews guest Mary Elizabeth, who shares her journey in network marketing and her experience with ADHD. Mary Elizabeth discusses how she used her diagnosis to her advantage as an entrepreneur, implementing systems and strategies to improve her business and personal life. She talks about using tools like Google Calendar, color-coded systems, and the Power List to stay focused and organized. The conversation also covers the benefits of using boards for productivity and the use of chatbots and automation in social media. Mary Elizabeth shares her morning and evening routines and recommends business and personal development books.
(00:00:00) - All right. Hello. I believe we are live, everyone. My name is Lindsay Dollinger. I'm the host of The Purpose and Pixie Dust podcast. And I'm super excited today for our guest, Mary Elizabeth, who I got to chat with. I think it was only a couple of weeks ago now, and we had a really awesome yeah, we had a really awesome chat and I'm just super excited to bring her to you today. So welcome to the show and would you please tell us a little bit about you, what you do and how you got started? Yeah, absolutely. Hi. Thank you, by the way, so much for having me here. I'm really excited. My name is Mary Elizabeth and I have been in the network marketing space for going into my third year now. I used to work in an E.R. I was there for 12.5 years, a medic for New York State. And in July of 2021, I went into a really bad flare with my autoimmune disease, which is called mixed connective tissue disease.

 (00:00:52) - And so it's 3 or 4 autoimmune diseases mixed in one. And so I basically went from being able to deadlift £250 at my highest for CrossFit to not being able to walk across my kitchen. And it really was a struggle for me because I was somebody who loved helping other people and I had to step out of my job on medical leave because I couldn't do that anymore. And so then kind of fast forward and, you know, things started shifting and changing and mandates were put in place. And I had to make a decision between my health and or my job. And I had no idea what I was going to do. But I knew that if I didn't work on my health first, that I wasn't going to be able to fully recover. And so I chose to resign. And that was so hard of a decision for me. But also the best decision, kind of a blessing in disguise. Um, because in the last two years when I dove into network marketing, then needing an income, I never looked back and not only haven't been able to heal, but I've been able to go to therapy.

 (00:01:52) - I was, you know, officially diagnosed with ADHD, which made so much more sense in my life. And I'm here with you guys today, so I'm really thankful for that. I love that. And I think that's such a theme with so many people that I have on the show is like, you know, something happened or you went through this like really hard time. And then because of the pivots and the journey, like, everything made sense like it, you know, it's that everything happens for a reason mentality. I definitely want to dive into the ADHD today because that is something that I feel like I'm seeing more and more adults being diagnosed with and just, you know, people kind of wondering like, how can this affect me? But I want to talk about your network marketing first. So had you already started with your company before you resigned from your full time job? I don't know if you said that or not. No, it's fine. So I actually had so while I was out on medical leave, I was thankful to have 3 or 4 months of long term sick leave saved up.

 (00:02:50) - But I was constantly, for years and years working at least one overtime shift. So my job in the E.R., I worked 12 hour nights, so £0.07 to 7 a.m. and it was almost standard for me to work one, if not two overtime shifts, just kind of bridge the gap. And so while I was thankful that I had medical leave and I was still getting a full paycheck, I wasn't getting the like the extra income that I would have gotten with working that overtime shift. And so when I joined, I've only ever been with two companies. My first company, when I joined them, my mom had said to me like I literally was looking all over the place. I was applying to these really random, like almost scammy, like work from home kind of jobs just to try to find a way to earn extra income. And my mom was with the company, my first company as well, and she said, What do you have to lose? You've told me for years, you don't have time.

 (00:03:42) - You're home, you're working on your health. You don't really have anything but time now. And I was like, All right, you got me. So I joined and I was only looking to make maybe 3 to $400 just to bridge that gap with the lack of overtime and then realized how lucrative it could be. And when I put my resignation in, I knew that I needed to make this work and I needed to find the ways to make it work because I wasn't going to go back and physically couldn't go back anyways. But I didn't want to be behind a job or a desk again because I saw the freedom that I could obtain by network marketing. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Love that. I say that a lot to, you know, teammates, friends, clients who are teachers like have time off or I'm like, Dude, use that time off or, you know, I broke my wrist in, oh my gosh, What year? 2017 had several surgeries and was also off work, at least healing through those.

(00:04:42) - I'm like, Hey, you know what? My left wrist is broken, but my right can still be on the phone and doing things. So yeah, I definitely like to take and run with those things, you know, even if they're not like the best circumstances, use that time wisely. Right? Um, okay, so let's dive in to how you were able to use ADHD to a year advantage as an entrepreneur. So I don't even know where to start with that, honestly. So maybe hopefully you do as the expert. But you know, walk us through maybe a little bit what that diagnosis looked like for you and then how you were able to use that to grow your business, how it is now. Yeah, for sure. So the whole kind of journey started back mean I've had it my whole life now that I know but the kind of journey into seeking an explanation or what was wrong sort of started in 2019 so. Pretty much that like first year of like, you know, world as we knew it was changing.

 (00:05:42) - And I started like I had been working out. I was doing a ton of fitness like then I stopped running because that's never really been my thing. And I started CrossFit and, um, but I started drinking and I started drinking a lot. And, you know, it's funny looking back because I thought it's fascinating to me now, but I actually thought that by being able to drink nearly a half a bottle of vodka and hold my liquor without like kind of losing, it was like a badge of honor, like I was cool. And nothing about that is cool, to be fair. Like, it's not a it's not anything I would suggest, but alcohol being a depressant, it wasn't actually helping me, but I sought it and was using it more and more because I felt my self be able to unmask, like to be able to drop that like stress. And it didn't actually work that way. It caused more so. It was kind of going into 2020 and had gone to my my provider, my physician, and I said, Listen, I can't do this anymore.

(00:06:51) - Like something is wrong and I don't feel good. I am sad, I am angry. I am just overwhelmed and don't know what's going on. And because of my use of alcohol, I finally and truly the tragedies. Thankfully, nobody died. But I would drive. And it was the biggest it was, you know, my husband would worry my is like everything. And I said I finally was able to, like, say out loud, I'm depressed. Like something is wrong. Like I am clearly depressed. Excuse me, depressed. And I need to find a way to fix this. And so that's when so fast forward into 2021, I had started using Effexor, which was really helpful for me. I started again changing my lifestyle. Then my flare happened, then I resigned and I started therapy. And so as I went through therapy, I started to understand, okay, I know I have anxiety, I know I have depression, but is there something else at play? And my therapist is incredible and I am so lucky to have found her.

(00:07:57) - And she said, wait a minute. Have you ever contemplated ADHD? Because so many women mask so well, especially in the corporate world, that it's not something that we're seeing as having, because the majority of people think that it's just a really hyperactive little boy. And I said, Well, I've seen a lot of stuff on it and I relate to it, but I wasn't diagnosed as a kid, so I'd like and she said, No, I really think this fits. She said, If you were able to actually accomplish what you want to accomplish in a day, would that decrease your anxiety and do you think that would make you less depressed? And I was like, Yeah, actually. So I went through the process. I went back to my provider and I said, This is what I like. I need an assessment. So we did an assessment and I pretty much ticked every single box for ADHD on the non hyperactive side. And that's how I got to the ADHD diagnosis part. So then becomes a question of do you use natural substance or do you use medication? There's a huge conversation, a huge topic, and I chose to use medication.

(00:09:02) - I use ten milligrams of Adderall. I can take it up to twice a day. And my life completely changed. I had no idea that. No, like the majority of people don't actually have a constant voice in their head. I didn't know that the majority of people don't have this dialogue that we all have that if you're neurodivergent you have. That's just all these voices, all these things making any decision almost impossible. So when I took my Adderall for the first time, my husband was at work. I called my brother and I said, Hey, I'm going to take this and I'm taking it before. Obviously, I don't know how I'm going to react. Just so you know, if I call you and I make no sense or I'm a pile on the floor or I'm running around like crazy, you know what's going on, right? So about 45 minutes after that, I'm standing in my living room. And I'm just, like, looking, like, kind of out the window at the curtain.

(00:09:55) - And I will never forget this. For the first time in my entire life. I was only thinking about that curtain. I didn't hear an inner dialogue. I didn't hear all these different voices of do this, do this, do this. Don't know what to do. I don't know. And that in and of itself. The medication, my therapy, and finding ways that in systems that work for me has completely changed my game for network marketing. Okay, I. As you're saying all that, I'm like hearing voices in my head and I'm like, oh, my God, I. I have thought for.

(00:10:32) - A while that I probably have ADHD, and that is part of my reason where I am like getting done a million things like all the time. Um, I'm so glad that she discovered that for you, you know, that she brought that up and recommended that and that you have found because I know the treatment portion. You know, I work with high school kids and I know just from talking to their parents can be really tricky to find one that works.

(00:11:01) - And so I'm really glad that that. Seemed to have been a seamless process, at least from what you were describing. You got.

(00:11:08) - Really lucky. Yeah, really lucky. Sure.

(00:11:11) - So what are some things that you tweaked because you mentioned you mentioned systems and I'm all about systems in my business. So what are some systems specifically that you found that you were able to start put in place that have really helped you, you know, business life? Both. Yeah.

(00:11:28) - So I think that everybody probably can relate to this, but specifically ADHD as well. We see a new notebook, we see a new calendar, and we're like, Oh my goodness, I got to have that right. And so then you have them and you've used maybe two pages and they're sitting on like the shelf. They're sitting, You're not right, You're not using them. And so a traditional calendar didn't work for me and especially with time, blah, blah, blah, blah, time blindness and the out of sight, out of mind or object and permanence.

(00:11:59) - Those two things are really big for me. I could literally be walking to come back upstairs and there would be something I need to bring upstairs and like, I physically won't see it because I'm too like in my head thinking about what I have to do when I get upstairs so I don't forget. So when I about six months after I started network marketing, I joined a coaching program and joined Frazer Brooks coaching program. And that was one of the biggest blessings because he makes things so simplistic. So one of the things he talks about in there is your Google calendar, and he talks about breaking things down into 15 minute blocks and then using kind of a color coded system. And I've been a color coder for a long time. It helps me visually see things. And so 15 minute blocks were two short time periods for me though, because especially if we're hyper focusing, I won't even see anything else. It could be hours. So I adjusted that accordingly and how I was able to put time blocks in for me to do work.

(00:12:55) - But then I found time blocking wasn't really working for me because I go over the time and then I would feel frustrated and I would feel behind. So. I always mention everybody's name of the systems I started to use because I feel like it's fair. So I found Andy Forcillo's power list, which was really cool. So very simply put, it has five things. You write down those five things that are going to help you progress in your business. It's not like do the laundry. It's like five things that will help you move the needle and you write those same things down until they become a habit. And then you can write down something else. Again, that wasn't the concept was great for me, but I would set the list down and then I would forget. So I created a really simple system for me because I found so much power in brain dumping. Brain dumping is where you take everything in your head and you just write it down. And so I combine the two. And now I have brain dumping on one side so I can get all the thoughts out of my head.

 (00:13:52) - And then I take a highlighter or pen something and I circle the five things that stick out the most to me and then put them on my list. And so then I know that I can get those things done for the day. And if I'm done, then that's great. If I want to do it again, I do it again. So it was one system, like I call it the ADHD ERs Daily List, but that was the one system that really helped. And boards is the other system.

(00:14:17) - Okay. Love that. I. Okay, let's. Let's talk about your planning. I actually have my I created my own as well, but I do hourly. I do hourly time blocks because the 15 minutes is too short for me too. But sometimes within the hour, like, I'll have like Peloton 30 minutes and then like, I'll break it up even further. And then I've done the top five for the day. I've also done top three. Yep. Um, I have done top three.

(00:14:51) - Probably.

(00:14:53) - Last year and a half or two years. But then when I get down to three then I'll add more, you know, because there are some depending on what the tasks are. That's what I tell people, just kind of depends on what the tasks are, because some days five is too much.

 (00:15:05) - Yeah. Oh yeah, absolutely.

(00:15:06) - Three is too much. You know, like to break them down into those smaller pieces. So love how you combine that to make it work for you, because that's exactly what I did and that's what I try to encourage people to do, to like take the best pieces of all of everyone's strategy and put it together. Something that works for you. Love that. Okay. Tell us what boards it is, because this is what we chatted about a couple weeks ago and all the cool stuff you were telling me that it does blows my mind. And if you're listening to this, I'm hoping Mary Elizabeth will come back and do a training for us sometime in my free group because, yeah, I've heard of people using it and I know some of my clients use it, but you explained it super well, so let's boards.

 (00:15:43) - Yeah, absolutely. So I can definitely give you, you know, the link and stuff to boards afterwards. I use boards for literally everything. So boards, very simply put, is an app that also turns into a keyboard text replacement, also a chrome or edge extension text replacement. So if you're a network marketing or direct sales, most of the time you're answering the same questions over and over or your reach outs are very similar and you're answering those over and over or sending the same messages to people. You may be tweaking things a little bit. And so, so many people use text shortcuts like text replacement with their phone. So, you know, with the iPhone, you can go into settings and you can put in a text replacement. And so maybe the shortcut is like, right. So if you type W, it comes out and says On my way, great concept. I if I'm not, it's not in front of me. I can't remember what my shortcut was. So without having a thousand lists, all my shortcuts, it didn't work.

*Speaker * (00:16:44) - Plus you can't use you can't put videos in there unless they're links. You can't necessarily do voice notes, things like that. So when I found boards, I was like, Oh my God. So it within the app you can literally add text voice notes, videos without a link. Like you don't have to upload them to Vimeo or YouTube. You can put images in there and then all of it literally becomes part of your keyboard. So you get a message in that says, you know, Hey, like I saw you posting online about your business, like, what do you do? Right? All of my information is right there. I'm not wasting a ton of time going through trying to find the scripts that I had in my notes. I'm you know, somebody said, oh, do you have any information on this product? Like, I would really love to know the ingredients or what have you like? Or does this product have caffeine in it? What one doesn't? All those images are in my boards.

*Speaker * (00:17:35) - So literally as I'm typing, I click the little globe on the left hand side or the keyboard. If you're on Android on the right hand side and it all pops up there, I have it all organized within folders. It makes like my like OCD or I joke like, Oh, right, because everything has to be in order. But I it's all right there. I don't have to look for anything. So one, the productivity goes up, but two, it makes it less overwhelming, you know, and it people talk about frustration. And and I learned this quote from Frazer. Right? You turn that frustration into fascination. And that's what I did with boards.

(00:18:11) - I love that creating systems. And then like I told my team many, many times, if you are answering the same question more than once, you need to have it saved somewhere. Like the answer saves, whether it's a text replacement, whether it's boards. Um, I didn't know you could do voice memos and videos and board.

(00:18:32) - Yeah, you can phone again. Voice notes, videos you now they've actually implemented so you there's something called pages within boards and so it comes up and looks like a mini website page. And so instead of having to go to Fiverr and pay someone or having to try to figure out how to build it on GoDaddy or whatever, like you can literally go in and you can add all of this content videos. There's something called buttons. So not only do you have a button where it could go to a website, but you can have your PayPal links, your WhatsApp link, like everything in there. And so say that you have someone who wants more information and they're ready to look at the opportunity, the product you can send them this boards page that comes up like a really professional looking website with all the information right there. And so I would rather get one message than I would get 17 messages because I probably won't look at all 17.

(00:19:27) - Yeah.

(00:19:27) - Yeah. Right. And so do you have to pay the boards? So boards is completely free? Let me rephrase.

 (00:19:34) - There are two parts to that. Boards. Boards is a free plan. And so you get the you get 100 free shares from the keyboard. The app itself is always free. If you want it to be, you can put as much content in there, everything that you want to do. The paid version allows you to do the videos, to do the voice notes. There's some other features, like if you have teams, then you can send out like announcements. So if I actually utilize that instead of Facebook group messages. So we have a team board, all the resources are in there for them. And then if there's something that's new, there's an update, there's a sale or whatever, then I can send out an announcement. There's no back and forth. Their phone isn't blowing up. It gives them the information. They can find it in the folders.

(00:20:18) - Oh, that's nice. I like it. There's no back and forth. I have a love hate relationship with group chats. Anyone knows that.

(00:20:25) - They're, like, all silenced on my phone if I stay in them at all. Um, and then I was just going to ask that piece about the team so you can invite your team members to see any of your boards as well and user stuff, just like, Yeah.

 (00:20:37) - So I actually built and manage Frazer's for his inner circle and we have.

(00:20:43) - No fancy didn't.

(00:20:45) - Even say it for that. It's just an easy example to you.

(00:20:47) - So yeah, that's true. That's awesome.

(00:20:49) - Thanks. He has, you know, there's 700 people in the team in his inner circle. And so with that, whoever wanted to join the board can and they have all their basic scripts. I actually used I like, I used GPT and I translated it into all of the languages that everybody has. So there's a folder of translated scripts for them so they can utilize those. And then, you know, there's updates there. His links are in there, like whatever we need for the inner circle and we can send out reminder messages.

(00:21:17) - So we have a clarity call every Monday. Right? And so we I just send out a quick reminder. And so many people have been like, oh my God, that was so helpful. My day got away from me. Like I swiped away my own reminder, you know, whatever. But it allows us to have so like an easy place for everybody to be able to find and do the productivity. Those IPAs are income producing activity. So in there I think there's almost 400 people. And so you can add as many people in your team as you want and you can build it out. And you know, like in mind, we have like a content calendar for the month. My one on one calendar link is there if they need to book a call and it makes it simplistic for everybody.

(00:21:56) - Yeah, yeah. Love it. That's like your hub instead of like a Facebook group or whatever. That's your hub.

 (00:22:01) - Well, it's not connected to meta, so if meta crashes, you don't lose anything.

(00:22:05) - Yeah. Yeah. Ooh, that's a good point to. All right. And you also mentioned Calendly. Are there any other systems that you're like, you got to try these?

(00:22:14) - Oh man. Okay. I mean, you and I could talk about systems probably all day, every day. So I'm a really big fan of AI as well. So I use ChatGPT like it is my best friend and right. And so it came to content planning and so many people just kind of like throw spaghetti at the wall and see if it sticks. And I needed a system to be able to not feel overwhelmed trying to post content. So I actually had ChatGPT build my content plan for me, for my platform. So for Facebook, for Instagram, for TikTok, tells me what carousels to do and you can expand on that. But the two systems that I then take from there and utilize as many chat and Metro pool. So Metro Cool is again, I pay for many chat. I don't use the premium plan on Metropole, I don't need to Metro Cool is a um, scheduling app or website that you can upload things to and then they'll schedule to your platforms for you.

(00:23:14) - So let's see. Facebook, business pages, Instagram. Uh, what? It's not. It's not Twitter. What are the X now or something, right? And then you can even schedule to TikTok. And so it makes that productivity so much easier. So when I learned how to use ChatGPT with Canva to bulk create content, I then can go in and schedule it. And you get with Metro schools free plan, you get 50 posts a month. So it it's amazing my stuff post like especially because I'm not an early riser I can have my posts go and they still will post and I don't I don't have to worry that I'm missing something.

(00:23:54) - Yeah I've heard people talk about Metro Cool before. Um, as a, as a nice scheduling platform. It does. Does it do video too? Yep.

*Speaker * (00:24:02) - And it does Instagram stories, which is incredible.

(00:24:05) - Yeah, that's really nice. I like that. Okay. And then the other one you mentioned many chat. What is many chat?

*Speaker * (00:24:11) - So many chat is a bot service so it can connect to multiple different things.

*Speaker * (00:24:16) - I do have it connected to my Facebook business page. But I utilize it the most for Instagram. So as somebody with ADHD, too many messages very much overwhelms me and trying to respond to so many people all the time can be overwhelming as well. So I'll use let's see, I'll use loops because that's an easy example. I use loops as they're kind of like earplugs, but they just bring down the noise decimal around you. And so I wanted to, to tell people about it because it's been helpful for me in social situations and, you know, going out to dinner or my stepson's basketball games where it's really loud. So I just made a real and I was talking about loops and how you could go with like what they were for, how you could find them. And I knew people were going to want to ask where they could find the information. And so the reason that many chat is so powerful is that you can actually set up an auto response to any comment based on a keyword. So anybody that comments on that reel and drop the word loop will then get an automatic message in their DMS.

(00:25:19) - And so that's working in the background for me while I'm doing other things. It's the same way with lead generation. So if I'm talking about why the business is great or I'm sharing someone else's story about the business and somebody wants to learn more information, they can drop a keyword or they can reply to a story with a keyword too. Just depends on what the system is. And then they're going to get an automated set of responses. And so. That's so powerful because how many times do we as network marketers reach out to people? And just that, you know, you have those conversations, you're building the relationship just to find out they never were interested in it to begin with. Right. And you feel like that's a time waster. But with many chat, I have it set up. So there's qualifying questions. So how many you know, how many hours a week do you have to work on earning an extra income? You know, are you coachable and open to learning new things? Great.

00:26:14) - That's awesome. Drop your email, drop your phone number, whatever kind of contact information you want it to gather. And then I can go into many chat and reach out to those people specifically and it's lead generating on the back end.

(00:26:24) - Yeah, I love that. I've seen a lot of creators and it's not always many chat, but I know a lot of people when they're like comment and they give you a certain keyword or an emoji to drop. I'm like, Oh, that's genius. Because then that bot is working in the background contacting them and like you said, just saving you that like one step. Obviously you're not a bot chatting to people all the time. You're still having those conversations, especially as your business is growing to certain levels. You want to have that time to spend for people who are are your quality leads. I totally understand that.

 (00:26:57) - Yeah. And I think one of my favorite features is that anytime someone tags me in a story, I can send them a thank you. And so if somebody is tagging me in a reel that I shared or a post that I shared or something, then it will send them a message and say, Thanks, I really appreciate your support.

 (00:27:14) - It means the most to me, like, And so for me right now, it's just I give them a free copy of that ADHD, the Daily list I made. Maybe it will help them, but it's a thank you because the people that are supporting you on social media, it doesn't matter whether they're going to be your business partner, a customer, but they're helping you grow. And I like to show that appreciation.

(00:27:36) - Oh, I love that. Yeah, that's super sweet. Okay, Like you said, we could talk about systems all day long. I loved our chat. I know this is going to be so helpful to so many people. So before we hop off, I have a few questions I like to ask my guests. Sure. And they're not anything crazy, but do you have a morning routine evening routine? Neither. Both. What's your what's your stance?

 (00:27:58) - Um, so as much as I would love to have a solid concrete routine, um, the one thing I do in the morning is I don't set a heart alarm.

(00:28:07) - I know that might sound weird, but if I have to set an alarm where I have to be up by a certain time, I actually don't sleep well. So kind of part of my night routine. But also my morning routine is I set what's I call it a soft alarm. So by 830 in the morning, my alarm will go off. Most of the time I'm awake before that. But I know that I'm not going to be anxious. So I get up. We all know that we're going to pick up our phones. I know so many people say they don't, but it makes me less stressed to just kind of look through any notifications to see if there's something I need to answer immediately. And then what I've really tried to implement, as much as it's difficult, is to eat something for breakfast. I'm not a morning eater. I never have been. But I have noticed over the last few days, even if it's just a piece of fruit, it helps me. And then my evening routine is simple.

 (00:28:55) - I use one of my products before bed and then. I allow myself to or I don't allow myself to read personal development at night because my brain won't shut off. So I read psychological thrillers because those are my favorite.

(00:29:10) - Because those will get you to sleep right away. Yeah, right. Yeah. I love that. That's interesting. I'm that way too. It kind of depends on the book. I try not to read anything too heavy or anything that like, but. I'm okay with mindset before bed, if that makes sense. Like I'm reading. We should all be millionaires right now. You read that one?

(00:29:34) - No, but it's on my list. Oh, my.

(00:29:36) - Gosh. Girl, you have to read it. So many people recommended it to me, and I understand why now. And it's one you could read before. But yeah, it's like storytelling throughout it, which is interesting. Which leads me into my next question. What is either the most your most recent? Favorite business book or like favorite business personal development book that you recommend to people?

(00:29:58) - Oh.

(00:30:00) - It's hard to pick one.

(00:30:02) - It is hard to pick one. Oh, man.

(00:30:07) - That's what can be your most recent one, too.

 (00:30:11) - So. Honestly there there are so many. There are so many. But. Honestly, Frazer's, I'm in. I've already reread his first.

(00:30:23) - Wondering if you were going to say.

 (00:30:25) - That. Yeah, It's like there are so many. Like I just Oh.

(00:30:31) - I mean, he knows his stuff. He is the network marketing. Like I've done a lot.

 (00:30:37) - But the thing is, is that it just makes it so simple. But like, so he has three and then he has his tracker but reread I Dare You. And it just gives the simple, simplistic steps to help someone who is even just like very just starting out the simple systems, right? I mean, you know, I'm reading I double dare you. But besides, like besides his I think one of the best books that I've ever read when it came to business was Get over your damn self.

(00:31:08) - Yeah, I think we talked about that. Did we.

 (00:31:10) - Talk? Think we.

(00:31:11) - Did. I think we did.

(00:31:12) - That's my that was my. Besides Fraser's books that I reread, that was my most recent, like, business book and that was like. That was eye opening.

(00:31:23) - Yeah, Yeah. I recommend that to all my ladies, especially in network marketing ladies. But yeah, honestly, anything. Because if you can get over yourself in business and like, this isn't about me, this is about something bigger, you can 100% build this.

 (00:31:36) - Yeah, you know, it almost mirrored what Fraser teaches, but the way that she led with the business to then referrals to then products, I was like, Oh, and it helps that system part of things to be like, Oh wait, I have a path.

(00:31:50) - Yeah, yeah, for sure. Yeah, I like that visualization as well. Okay. Last question. Your favorite place you've ever traveled or what's a place in your bucket list that you're like, I got to go.

(00:32:03) - Oh. Well, we're going to Dubai in 2024. Are you going.

(00:32:10) - To Frazier's thing? Yeah. Okay, good. Yeah. That's awesome.

(00:32:13) - Yeah. We're going to Dare to Dream. But so that's a bucket list. But one of the coolest places that we ever traveled was last year. We went in September to Maine, and it was not only like we were there for a week, we started in one place and then we and we ended in Bangor. But. It was so different because I grew up on the water but not the ocean. And so to see like the tides go out and all that stuff was fascinating. And it was when you travel, you get that mindset shift and you can see, you know, the opportunities and possibilities. But it was also because I have to be gluten free and dairy free for my autoimmune disease. And there are so few options around here. Yeah, yeah. And there were so many there. And that was really great because I saw the possibility of okay, like it, like there are places I can eat, you know, And like it was just, I felt included and that was really powerful in me.

(00:33:10) - Yeah. Where are you from again? Where do you.

(00:33:12) - Live? I live in upstate New York, so I'm from Alexandria Bay, which is right on the US Canadian border. But my husband is from about 40 minutes south, so yeah, that's where I grew up. Was in.

(00:33:25) - New York. I don't remember. I knew you were somewhere Midwest. Slash What would you call that?

*Speaker * (00:33:31) - East Coast.

(00:33:32) - East Coast. Thank you. Yeah, it's the same Middle East. And I'm like, that is not right.

*Speaker * (00:33:36) - Listen, geography is not my thing. So, no.

(00:33:39) - I knew it was in the Middle East. You're going to the Middle East when you go to Dubai. But. Okay. Anyway, um. Awesome. That sounds awesome. I we went to Maine. I don't even remember how old I was, but it's been a while. I was probably 10 or 11 and I know it was a bucket trip list for my mom. Might have been like 12. And I remember it was really cool.

(00:34:02) - And so I have to go back as an adult to check out.

(00:34:05) - Yeah, it was I'd never been there. And you know, I've been to a lot of places, but that it was really cool. That's that was my favorite place so far.

(00:34:12) - Oh, I love that so much. Well, again, thank you so, so much for your time and I will put all your links in the show notes. But for the lady listening to this as she's driving, how can she find you, connect with you, learn more about. Yeah.

 (00:34:25) - So on Facebook, it's Mary Elizabeth Wratten, on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. It is at the only Mary Elizabeth. So that's the handle for pretty much everything. And there's not too much on YouTube yet. That's a work in progress. But Instagram and TikTok are my jam.

(00:34:44) - Awesome. Love that so much. Well, thank you again. We really appreciate you.

 (00:34:48) - Thank you so much for having me.

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