Business & Life Lessons from Momentum Weekend Part One (Purpose and Pixie Dust Podcast, Episode 220)

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This is a blog post transcription of episode 220 of the Purpose and Pixie Dust Podcast, Business & Life Lessons from Momentum Weekend Part One. It was transcribed through AI.


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Hey girl, welcome to the Purpose and Pixie Dust Podcast. The podcast where we dive deep into our passions, our purpose and really unlock our potential with some pixie dust thrown in. What is pixie dust? You might ask. It's the fun and joy that gets unlocked when you're creating and owning your magic. I'm Lindsay, Dollinger dog, mama, Disney lover and high school Spanish teacher who has used my magic to grow businesses while also working full time. I'm on a mission to help other women create and own your magic by building not only the business of your dreams, but also the life of your dreams while still juggling life, your full time job and all the things. So if you want more than this provincial life, let's use our glass slippers to break those glass ceilings and Sprinkle lots of pixie dust into our lives and businesses. Let's do this.


Hello. So I wanted to share about some takeaways that I had from this past weekend, amazing event that I went to, it was called momentum. It was put on by Lou Mongello from the W. D. W. Radio podcast, but he literally has an empire now, which is actually one of my, one of my takeaways from um my experience, but I literally sat down and typed out a list and this list. I feel like doesn't even touch the surface of what I learned and what I experienced this weekend. Um so this is gonna be a two part episode. I know I'm going to divide it. So this is the 1st 10 things that I learned from momentum weekend this weekend. Um let me just give you a little back story. I had known that Lou did these sorts of business retreats. Um well this wasn't his retreat, this was his conference that he did it, he calls it a mastermind, it's 50 people. Um to me it was kind of a mixture between a business mastermind and a conference, just like on a whole other level, which was really, really cool. So I found out about these in probably March. Um and I don't even remember how to be honest, I think he posted in his stories or someone else posted in their stories and I saw he was doing a business retreat the following weekend, which if you know me, I'm all about retreats, I'm like obsessed with retreats. And so when I found out about that, I looked into it um and he didn't have any spots left because you know, it was super last minute, which is totally fine. So then I saw that he did this conference and so I emailed him about it and I was like, hey, do you know like the link, the eventbrite link isn't working, He's like that because it's not up yet because I was like trying to register in like March for this October event, I don't even think he opened it up for registration until sometime in the summer. He's like, don't worry, I'll let you know, it was like bugging him via email and it opened and he happened to post in his Instagram stories that day that he was looking for speakers and I was like, oh my gosh, I had just put on my vision board, not even my vision board, but like my goal is that I wanted to speak at a conference every month, like long term goal and this summer I applied and was accepted to be a speaker at the blog conference and that happened in September in Ohio and I knew this was in October and I also um was a like the speaker Panelist for a beauty boost event in May. So I kind of took the summer off my speaking gigs. Um but I was just thinking like, oh my gosh, this could be like, like my next step, like my next big thing. Um I'm like, but this guy is like, has one of, if not the most popular Disney world podcast, he has a huge following, super, super famous has all of these assets in his business. Like, like basically he's like dream mentor. Uh so I was really in my head about applying to be a speaker. I finally did it, I waited until the very last day, I was so sick when I was doing this application with bronchitis, I'm like, you know, I feel like my energy is not in this. So I kind of, to be honest, like half asked the application uh and I didn't hear anything for like a week. I'm like, oh, this is fine. Like I wasn't really expecting to be picked to be truthfully honest with you. That was my mindset going in. So he emailed me and I got the email when I was out with my sister and I was like, oh my gosh, he wants to hop on a call with me. And I immediately, the mean girl in my head went to what he wants to happen to call me to tell me that, you know, he like, thank you for applying, but like we don't really need you. And my sister gave me this look, she was like, what do you mean? Why would he do that? He's not going to do a call with you if he doesn't think you have some sort of potential where you might be a good speaker. So I booked a call with him almost immediately. It was scheduled for like the times didn't work for the next day, but it was like the following morning, it was like a Saturday morning. Um, had gotten up and worked out and I had like not time blocked appropriately. So I got done with my workout like 10 minutes ahead of time and I'm like, Oh my gosh, I'm in this like tank top, you know, sweaty hair. And I looked at my sister, I'm like, should I go put makeup on? And she looks me in the eye and she's like, do you want this? And I was like, yes, she's like, go put Mascara on like, okay fine. I ran upstairs, put mascara on super quick, go back downstairs. And so my tank top and thank goodness this guy that hops on this zoom is like, he's like, sorry, I'm in my Saturday, like lazy outfit. I've got a t shirt on like you and I'm like, oh my gosh, no, this is perfect. This is totally my vibe. And like one of the first things out of his mouth was like, I would love to have you speak at momentum. This is my vision and I'm like, oh my gosh, like I was literally worried about nothing, which was really exciting. Um, so secured my spot.

Speaking of momentum and before we even went, I was one of maybe about a dozen speakers, so the event was set up Saturday and Sunday in Orlando, Florida, seven a.m. to six p.m. Although we went over both nights actually don't know what time it ended for sure on Sunday because I left a little bit early because it did go over and um, Friday night before he had like a meet and greet for the speakers, which I'm so glad he did because that helped me so much with like as soon as I went, as soon as I went to the meet and greet and which I also guys considered not going because I was at Magic Kingdom and Epcot that day and I was like, man, I really just want to hang out at the park with my sister and her friend and you know, I like networking, but believe it or not, I can be a really huge introvert, so I was like, I don't know about this.

So that was probably, maybe I didn't even write this down, but my first lesson was if you were invited to network to meet the people, you know from someone who is a mentor of yours and you know that you're going to be surrounded by people who are further along in their business than you, you know, and it makes you uncomfortable, do it, like go and do it. So I went um and everyone was so nice, I got to hear people's like backstory and hear a little bit about their businesses and how they got started and like there was such cool people there guys, like such cool people, but the really cool thing was as like I fit in so well that I never once had a moment of self doubt, like the one guy said to me on Saturday before my presentation, he was like, are you nervous? And I looked at him and I was like, well I really wasn't until you asked me that and now I'm wondering if I should be, So now I feel like I'm nervous um but just super nice people and I'm so glad I did that because that helps me be more comfortable I think for the day the next day and kind of gave me like you can read people's vibes really easily, right? So um you know, read the vibe of the room, trust your gut, so I did that um and then we got started on Saturday morning, like I said seven a.m. To six p.m. And when I left, so I presented on Saturday afternoon after lunch lunch was included. It was awesome. It was at the Hilton Disney Springs Great Hotel right across from the Springs, awesome. At the end of the day I took an Uber met my sister and her friend at Epcot, and I literally like not from bad energy or anything, but just because like I mentioned, I'm an introvert from being like super laser focused and engaged and providing feedback to people and asking feedback and just really being present, like super present in the moment, during the workshops on Saturday I left and I actually felt physically ill, like I was nauseous. I kept taking Pepto Bismol because I'm like I'm powering through. Um and so I almost don't even go to Epcot when I got to Epcot, I walked around a little bit which is so funny because you're surrounded by tons of people but I wasn't really talking to people and as I wasn't talking like I could feel my body like slowly relaxing and um when I met up with my sister, one of the first things I said to her was like, you know, I don't really feel well. I don't know if I'm staying for fireworks and stuff and then we walked around and got some food and I was like, I'm fine out. So I just needed that time to decompress.

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And so one of the things that I am obsessed with is the rescue supplements and this is for seasonal allergies like woods. Um, so I've been using them for a while I've seen some amazing results for them. So if you have seasonal allergies, that's one thing that I definitely want you to check out another product that I use as the healer, I use the soother. So definitely go online and take the free quiz, see what they tell you and then know that you get free shipping over $99 you get 20% off if you use my code off of subscriptions and 10% off of any one time orders. So I highly recommend that you go check it out, go to I will have that link in the show notes. You can also just go to their website and then type in code LindsayD . At check out. Um And that's L. I. N. D. S. A. Y. So that you can get that percentage off. So check it out, let me know what your quiz says, what you ordered. Take a screenshot share with me, I'd love to talk to you about it and I hope you love the products as much as I do. And then you know we stayed at Epcot watched the harmonious show, which I absolutely love, went back to the hotel, slept like a log and did the whole thing again the next day. Which the next day I will argue was even more incredible than the first day we had an amazing speaker. His name is Duncan Wardle, he was the former Vice president of creativity and innovation at the Walt Disney company. And so he was our speaker, he was supposed to do an hour and a half keynote, he did it like it was over three hours, it was awesome, it was so cool. Um more on that later, but I'm gonna go ahead. So that's just kind of like an overview of the weekend, what it kind of looked like. So you can kind of like picture it was there at the Hilton hotel and so here and no order, literally no order at all and like I said, I'm going to do 10 today, so I'm actually gonna, I'm looking, I'm looking at my paper, so um the first one and we kind of talked about this already and I've talked about this in other episodes, but force yourself to level up, it's going to be uncomfortable, you're going to have those moments of self doubt, some people call it imposter syndrome, y'all know, I don't like that word, but you're going to have those moments. Don't question yourself, Just put yourself in those rooms where you have to level up, you know, invest in yourself in the way that you're going to level up, insert yourself in the conversation with your the title of your job, um the title of your company, you are the CEO of that company, whatever it is, right? And so just leveling up and viewing yourself in a different sort of way can make a huge difference in your confidence, how you show up, um you know what you're willing to share and be vulnerable with other people about and get that back, which leads me into my second lesson, is to be vulnerable about what you need to learn, where you can improve, you know where you're stuck and ask others for help and others people ideas and input. Um one of the tools that Duncan presented about on Sunday morning was this like brainstorming exercise and he was saying like, when you're brainstorming with other people don't be behind um a table, don't do it over zoom if you can help from it and like someone throws out an idea and everyone is dead focused on that idea. We're not focused on how we could make the idea like different or our own or sharing that yet, like table, that thought and run with that person's idea. And he was saying, instead of saying like no, but or yes, but taking basically that word but out and saying yes and so like, so if you want to brainstorm with your teammates on how you guys can, can make more sales, like, okay, I'm gonna have, you know, four events this month. Yes and a theme could be this yes and we can do this. So I feel like it's such a powerful exercise that we can do and I'm actually going to figure out a way to do this within my magical membership for women entrepreneurs community. So if you want in there for this activity, I think it's gonna be awesome where you just get everybody pouring into you and really focusing on your business ideas on how to make it better, um and then you're gonna go to the next person and the next person, so that's a really cool activity. I think you could do with your team with your business bestie with accountability buddies, anything like that. Um the other thing with that is this is lesson number three, have a parking lot for your ideas. So these are your ideas that are your big ideas or ideas that you want to eventually get to, that you want to implement, but maybe it's not right now or it's just somewhere that you have a list of everything that you can go back to. Um so like for example, one of the things that I like to do in my trailer board, I have a parking lot, so to speak, where I kind of just brain stump brain dump content ideas and I have a list as well where all the things that I want to eventually do in my business or all the different ways, I could make money, you know, you can have this for lots but have it all organized in one place so that you can go back and look at it and get inspiration and then decide like, okay this is my next step in my business. It makes logical sense. Um You can also organize things by level of importance or and or where you can make the most impact the quickest. So if you have a monetary goal for this month for this quarter for this year and you haven't hit it yet or maybe you're not on track for it yet, then you're gonna go look at your parking lot of ideas and be like okay where do I make the most income the fastest? How can I impact more women's life? The quickest and biggest way possible. And sometimes like for me a lot of times with that impact especially it's one on one coaching or it's my small group coaching containers, my V. I. P. Strategy days, things like that. Um where I know I can make the most impact on someone's business and like the quickest, most streamlined way possible. Step four know how you recharge. So for me uh like I mentioned that was not talking to anyone for a while, I was taking a walk um when we had like there were like 10 to 15 minutes like coffee, bathroom breaks built in the day. Both days, I did those things, but then I went and stood outside in the sun by the pool, it was it was right outside the door and I didn't talk to people and sometimes like at lunch I talked to people you know and I it's not that I was like being antisocial, but I just knew I had been sitting all this time and absorbing all this information and I need to go outside and I need to process things. Um I also used that time to respond to any text messages or emails I had gotten so that I could be completely present when I needed to be present, which I think is really important. Other thing I took the day that I came back from the conference off, not because I needed to uh you know our plane got in the night before, just fine and I wasn't anticipating any delays or anything like that, it's just I knew I needed the time to decompress to rest because I was going to be all in and all present. Um and I had, you know, I I purposely scheduled a couple of doctors appointments for the afternoon so I could take a sick day and that was my mental health day, like so where can you schedule those in and how can you make that look for you? Um I also got a massage, like it was much needed, so know how you recharge, like I'm introverted and I needed to process things in a different way than someone who's extroverted leave with a game plan, so stop going to trainings and you know, your mastermind calls and your accountability calls and your one on one calls with me with your coach, whoever without a game plan, like know your next steps before you leave uh and schedule them in. So like I knew that I was going to record this podcast today. Um I wrote down one of the things that I did and I don't want to talk about it too much today, but I contacted um an affiliate to be an affiliate of theirs for affiliate marketing, you know, I know what you're going to do and like actually implement it and do it Step six or thought six, right, your big goals and dreams down every day and also have a task list of three things to do each day. These are not things on your everyday have to do life list. Okay, this is not doing laundry dishes, feeding your dog, walking the dog, you know, picking up the kids from school, that's not your top three things. Your three things are things that are moving your personal and your business goals forward. So, um I'll just share mine, One of mine is a certain income goal and it is leaving my teaching job by the end of the 20, school year. Really scary big goal for me. However, so I know that to do that. When I write down my big goals and dreams every day, then my task list needs to be three things that are moving me toward that goal every day. So this could be pitching people to be on podcast collaboration, so I can get in front of different audiences and make my audience bigger. This could be writing an email, so I'm visible in my audience, this could be a piece of content, recording a podcast, you know, things that are actively moving my business forward um and a big thing for me is selling because there's a I don't sell very much and that is on on my radar to do um and to sell every day, like do you know, you can work with me, do you know, you can join my magical membership for women entrepreneurs and get trainings and content accountability for me and other amazing guest trainers like you may or may not have like why aren't you and your girlfriend? Right, so you know those are the things like I need to be promoting that every stinkin day, so what do you need to be doing every day to move your business and your life, your dreams forward kind of mentioned this one was already a lot of these have to do with each other, but next up is write down a list of who you can collaborate with and how you can get in their sphere of influence in front of their audience and when you do collaborate with them, make it about them, like it's not about you when you collaborate with other people because they're sharing their audience with you. So when you collaborate with people, shout it out, share it, tell them, thank you, send them a gift, send them a voice memo share. You know four weeks later when that person is promoting their offer, product share that out and like really get to be in a good business relationship with those people and it can completely change your business, have a business card. So one of the cool things about this weekend was we were encouraged to bring business cards which I actually didn't have new ones made and I'm like oh crap, I gotta go, I gotta go make some. So I went on to Campbell and I made them and they turned out wonderfully by the way um but the business cards are really cool to trade a lot of people still do do them and then you can leave them places, you can send them with people, you can put a little Q. R. Code. I made my business cards this time around with my picture on the front and I think that was a really nice touch, I'm really glad I did that. So can you update your business cards? Can you have a physical business card and then promote yourself? Because it's I found it was almost easier when I knew I had those business cards in my purse when I was talking to someone to be like oh my gosh hey let me give you my card, it's all the ways you can connect with me, let's stay in touch versus like you're having a conversation. I feel like sometimes it can be clunky like pulling out your phone, Oh do you have Facebook? Let me follow you on Facebook. Let me find you on Instagram. Right? So I don't know, I don't know your opinion on that, but I liked the business cards and promoting myself this weekend. We kind of talked about the ninth lesson already as well in regards to collaboration, but just with your clients, I want you to really think about this. How can you serve people mindset versus how can they serve and help you? So going into business, you know what's the book? There's some book by Simon Sinek. Maybe it's the why something about your, why I can't think of it right now, but I think that was that one, but he dives deep into two leading with a servant heart. Like with service. I feel like that's totally not that book, but maybe another one by him. But anyway, um you know, just when you lead with service, you're really going to have people love you and know your heart and become your biggest biggest biggest fans, which is not what it's about, right? It's about creating that impact and changing other lives, but you're going to see an entire shift in energy if you're focusing on how you can serve and help other people versus how can I serve and help myself and number 10 also kind of goes in with that and this is where we're gonna wrap it up today because I don't want to make this too long because like I said, it's gonna be a part two, build a following that loves you and the way you're going to do that is by showing up just like you are uh serving other people, showing up consistently, showing your voice in your face on camera and just sharing your heart, you know, all the other things are important, the branding and the email messaging and all your marketing strategy being consistent, creating quality content, making connections with people, but all of those things create you, building a following, the absolutely freaking loves you and that is how you're going to see growth. That's how you're going to have people organically sharing about you and telling their friends about you, you know that word wrap mouth referral is so important, right? Just so so important. So why aren't we doing that more? Okay, so I'm gonna do a really quick recap of the 10 momentum lessons for the day, force yourself to level up, be vulnerable about what you need to learn and improve on, have a parking lot of ideas and organize them by level of importance and where you can make impact quickest know how you recharge and actually do it, leave with a game plan, write your big goals and dreams down every day and have a three item task list, make a collaboration list, how can you get to collab with them and when you do collab with them. Make it about them have business cards and promote yourself, serve other people and build a following that loves you. So that wraps up the first day. I would love love love if you would screen shot this message or message my gosh my brains, right, screenshot this podcast as you're listening to right now in your app and put it in your Facebook and Instagram stories and tagged me but also tag lumen jello, I will put him in the show notes, his Instagram page so that he knows how much I got out of this because this is what I'm saying. I am helping serve him because he served me so well this weekend and I want to to give that things back. So I want other people to know and look him up as well. So you know it's a two way street when we get maybe that's it. Maybe the book is something about giving, it is something about giving and I will remember it as soon as I push end. Um but you know, gosh, what is that book? But when you give, when you give more you will always receive right so share this out, promote this tag me and lou and I'm sure we will will give you a share and give you some gratitude and thank you back. So I hope you love these lessons. Look for part two next week and have a fabulous night I guess it's not night maybe for you day morning have a great rest of your day. Go out there and create and own your magic by by and that's a wrap on today's episode. I hope you're leaving today inspired princess to create own and spread your magic to the world. If you found by you in this episode or no a girlfriend who needs to hear it would you screenshot it and send it to her and if you're feeling really generous pop it up on your I. G. Stories and tag me at Lindsay Dollinger so I can see you loved it and tell you thank you I appreciate you. Now let's go do some amazing things bye bye



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