Unleashing Your Magic: Building Your Dream Business at a Disney Retreat

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Hosting a Magical Business Retreat: A Journey of Discovery and Growth

I'm excited to share my recent experience hosting a Disney business retreat in Orlando, Florida! This retreat was a unique opportunity for women to create and own their magic while building their dream businesses. Listen to the full podcast episode wherever you listen to the Purpose and Pixie Dust podcast, or you can listen here:

The Journey Begins

My journey to Orlando started with a last-minute flight alongside my sister. We arrived two nights before the retreat, and the next day was filled with visits to all four parks, breakfast with an attendee and a friend, and a trip to Epcot. Picking up the retreat food took longer than expected before heading to the Airbnb where the retreat would take place. Despite the challenge of fitting all the supplies into the car, we managed to do it!  Whew!

The Retreat Experience

Once the attendees arrived, we had a buffer hour to unpack and get everything organized. It was a hot day, and everyone was eager to cool off in the pool. We spent time sharing about our businesses and getting to know each other. I can't quite remember if we did goal setting that night or if we started it the next day to be honest, but I know the vibe and energy was high, and we were already having fun!

Unfortunately, I got sick on the first night of the retreat. However, I recovered in time to fully participate in the event, which I'm incredibly grateful for (and also made me realize having a helper aka my sister there, was a must!).

Guided Meditations and Finding Your Why

The retreat began with guided meditations on both Friday and Saturday mornings. This helped the participants get in touch with their minds and bodies. I then introduced a unique exercise called "finding your why." Participants partnered up and verbally expressed why their business or goals were important to them. The partners would then ask "why" repeatedly, delving deeper into the core reasons behind their motivations. This exercise was powerful, as it allowed participants to be vulnerable and discover the true essence of their purpose while allowing me to know that as well to be able to fully support them as their coach over the next two days.

Masterminding Sessions and Implementation Time

After the exercise, we engaged in masterminding sessions. Each participant had 45 minutes to discuss their business struggles and ideas, and receive feedback and ideas from the group. The diverse range of businesses represented led to fresh perspectives and lightbulb moments for everyone. At the end of each session, I provided 2 to 3 action steps for each participant to implement in their business which to me was key to helping =

One unique aspect of the retreat was the implementation time. Participants had the opportunity to work on their businesses and receive hands-on guidance from me. I even gave a quick tutorial on creating TikToks and reels, challenging everyone to make one before the day ended (and everyone did!)

The Power of Accountability and Positive Peer Influence

Reflecting on the retreat, I realized the importance of accountability in achieving business goals. Whether it's through a coach, mentor, mastermind, or accountability buddy, having someone to hold you accountable can be incredibly beneficial. However, as business owners, we need to take ownership and responsibility for our actions.

Being surrounded by like-minded individuals who are serious about their businesses can inspire and motivate one to step up their game. I encourage everyone to seek influence and ideas from people outside their industry, as this can bring fresh perspectives and help them stand out in their own businesses.

Regular Check-ins and Future Plans

Regularly checking in on tasks and goals is crucial for success. I suggest scheduling regular meetings with oneself to evaluate progress and make necessary adjustments. Discipline and commitment to one's goals are crucial for success, and holding oneself accountable is essential.

I'm excited about the possibility of planning a fall retreat in the future. I'm also looking forward to attending upcoming women's conferences, emphasizing the value of networking and the energy and focus these events provide.

Discipline, Focus, and Creating Your Own Magic

While it can be easy to come up with excuses, especially after a trip or when school is approaching, I refuse to let these excuses hold me back. I'm determined to stay laser-focused on my goals and I encourage you to join me in this discipline and focus.

While conferences are not necessary, they can be helpful in staying motivated and connected to others on a similar journey. I've signed up for two conferences and invite you to join me. Remember, discipline and drive are crucial. Motivation may not be present every day, but discipline and drive can be summoned to stay focused on our goals and dreams.

In conclusion, I hope you feel inspired to create, own, and spread your magic to the world. Share this post with a friend who may benefit from it and consider posting it on social media and tagging me. Remember, you have the power to make amazing things happen.


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