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A supportive community to hold you accountable 


You'll be a member of our supportive community in a Facebook group to post your challenges and what you're working on to hold you accountable

Monthly Productivity Call & Monthly Coworking Call

 Each month join a 1-hr productivity call where we check in on everyone's progress and be held accountable for our goals.  The end of the month, there will be a live Zoom coworking call where we will work together for an hour on tasks we need to get done.

Included access to my Six Figure Social Selling Planner and Tracker


Thousands of women have used this planner and tracker system and training to stay focused and take their business to the next level.

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"Lindsay has been a godsend to me, keeping me on track and accountable for doing the things for my business. I appreciate not only her but the whole group, for the support and love that they've given me over this past year, and I am so happy to continue working with them in 2023. Attending my first business retreats with Lindsay and the girls was the most mind-blowing push I could have ever gotten. Thank you Lindsay for being an amazing coach and helping me do the things. 🥰💜"


"Lindsay is the Queen of Systems! If you want to become more organized, increase your productivity and create systems in your business she is your girl!! I have never met someone more organized & who can pack more productivity into 1 day than Lindsay. She [was] the top 1% of her company for a reason. "