Have your first vendor event? Here’s some tips!

There’s something totally intimidating after you’ve just signed up for your first vendor event, craft show, etc. and now you’ve paid and you’re like…”Now, what?” Here are some quick tips to help you plan for your day in advance so it goes smoothly and you make your vendor fee back in profit…and then some! The linked items below are affiliate links but I only link items I really love and use! Thanks for supporting this website by clicking through the links. Now on to the tips.

Solicit help

Unless it’s a very small vendor event, you’re going to want to have a back up person with you to help. It’s especially nice to have someone with you to help unload and reload your supplies which I’ll list below. Additionally, it’s nice to be able to run to the bathroom or grab a quick bite to eat without worrying about leaving your tables unattended. As an added bonus, when your booth gets really busy, having a helper...

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