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Protect Your Brand Like a Boss: Andrea Sager Breaks Down the Legal Essentials for Small Businesses

In this podcast episode, Lindsey Dollinger interviews Andrea Sager, the founder and CEO of Legalpreneur. Andrea shares her journey from wanting a big law firm job to starting her own law firm after getting fired. She emphasizes the importance of small business owners getting their legal matters in order, including forming an LLC and protecting their intellectual property through trademarks and copyrights. Andrea also discusses the need for terms of use and a privacy policy on websites. They also touch on the specific needs of network marketers and the importance of separate LLCs for different aspects of the business. Andrea Sager is an author and the CEO/Founder of Legalpreneur, a legal tech startup that focuses on helping small businesses cover their assets and get lawyered up and also helping solo attorneys build the law firm of their dreams. While working at a corporate firm, Andrea noticed a gap in the legal industry – no one was catering to the small, innovative...

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