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5 Things I'm Focusing On for my Business in 2024

Check out the video of the full recording of this for a deeper dive into each of my areas of focus. It's on YouTube here.

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5 Things I'm Focusing On for my Business in 2024


  1. My Mastermind I’m in

     I'm focusing on learning all the things, being present, doing the tasks. This might mean scheduling in times to listen to the replay and finding another member to do them with me. I will utilize all the resources included, too!

  2. Love Your Business Summit 

    It's a priority of mine the beginning of 2024 to commit to this Summit: Making it awesome, growing my email list, getting VIP sales; Intentional collaborations and networking with the attendees and the speakers. 

  3. Intentional Social Media Marketing

    For me, this is Reels, Videos, Stories, Pinterest; batching and repurposing. To help me with Pinterest, I bought Tara's PinPerks course...

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