Top Podcasts for Women in Direct Sales and Social Selling

personal development podcasts Aug 22, 2020

Podcasts are an amazing method to listen to and absorb some quality free content. You may have read my other two blog posts on the podcasts I love and listen to to help build my brand, business, and personally develop. As I’ve grown my business and narrowed my focus the past few years, I have really honed in on a few podcasts I listen to weekly that are specifically geared toward women (and men, most of them) in direct sales, network marketing, MLMs, social selling, etc. Whatever you want to call it, you know what I mean!

Here’s my top list as of 2020 of what I listen to daily and weekly! Let me know if there are ones you love that I need to add.

  1. The Social Selling Sisterhood Podcast by Lindsay Dollinger. Okay, I know, I know, this may seem like cheating but yes, I even listen to my own podcast…mainly because I want to make sure it sounds okay, BUT I also relisten as a way to remind myself about the advice I’m giving to others to!
  2. Your Virtual Upline Podcast by Bob Heilig. Bob is a very heart-driven teacher and he is basically the male version of what I aspire to do (help women grow their businesses the right way and scale). I never miss an episode and he now shares two a week! A longer one earlier in the week and a short biz tip Friday. He also offers leadership training programs.
  3. The People’s Mentor Podcast with Jessie Lee Ward. Jessie Lee (affiliated with Pruvit) is my jam and since Covid started, she has been doing five podcasts a week. A lot of them are recordings of trainings she does for her own team and other teams (she did a training for my Color Street team in April and it was recorded and on the podcast!). Her trainings are amazing and she is one of the two women in network marketing who have podcasts who I call mentors (they don’t know it, but I follow their every moves in business).
  4. Making Chic Happen with Melanie Mitro (my other woman business mentor) and Katie Ursta. These women are top network marketers with Beachbody so I started following them back in my BB days. The have their own Facebook group coaching program (The Chic Community) and also do a variety of coaching programs.
  5. Network Marketing Breakthroughs with Rob Sperry. He, like Bob Heilig, really speak about building a business in a very authentic and what I feel like is the “right” way. He has a lot of interviews on his show which I find interesting as well. Rob also has a variety of training programs available, and his latest book, Recruiting Your Way to 6 Figures, is one of the best I’ve ever read for my business and features women from my team. Highly recommend!
  6. Network Marketing Ninja Podcast with Frazier Brooks. Frazier has a thick accent and knows his business, which I love. He shares a lot about growing the right way on social media and also has a lot of guest interviews which are fun to follow.
  7. Build Your Tribe with Chalene and Brock Johnson. This one is not entirely for just MLMers but is definitely social selling and has a ton of great tips and tricks. I linked Chalene’s other podcast, the Chalene Show, before in my previous post about podcasts here if you want to check it out, too.
  8. Your Push Coach with Josh Coats. I will admit, I don’t listen to all of his but I do follow Josh online and do a lot of his free trainings. He really targets Beachbody coaches and when I was working with them, I did one of his paid push groups. He is super motivational and some of the things he talks about can be applied to any company!
  9. She’s Here for It with Abby Cappa. Abby made it to the top of her company as the youngest person to do so. Her episodes are usually pretty short and also faith-based, so if that sounds like your cup of tea, check her out!

Now you may be looking at the list and get overwhelmed. I encourage you to start at the top and work your way down. List to a couple episodes from each one and decide which ones vibe with you, your personality, your business and your goals. Make those your priorities to listen to and most importantly, take ACTION on. Friend, listening to these is great and all, but if you don’t set aside time to actually implement what you learn, they are pointless.

Don’t forget that!

Now go and get subscribing, and take some massive action, girl!



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